OYSHO Apk Download New 2022 Version*


OYSHO - Lingerie, swimwear and sportswear
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December 1, 2022
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OYSHO Apk Download New 2022 Version*

The on-line retailer with recreation, undies, sleepwear, swimming gear, beachwear, shoes, and equipment collections from Oysho.

OYSHO Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

Obtain the loose app.

OYSHO Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

You’ll be able to achieve us at Buyer Service/Contact at Oysho.com with any questions.


40 comments on "OYSHO Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Miles Edena says:

    I truly love the app, and the app makes it super easy to find things and get good offers. It is super convenient for me to buy things and the delivery service is great as well, within the stated time, the packaging is great and all items come to you in a perfect state.

  2. Dyllon Fredderick says:

    The application is not opening after the first use. I have placed and paid an order And I want to follow it so I could know when it will arrive, but the application doesn’t start, it’s BUFFERING for an eternity. I have restarted the phone, but the same issue occurs. VERY DISAPPOINTED!

  3. Luisa Vassalo says:

    DO NOT BUY FROM THE APP. If by any chance you happen to have an issue with your order, their customer service is terrible. I ordered two leggings, total of 80 euros, that apparently the delivery company lost. In the app it says it was delivered, however nothing has been delivered. They opened an investigation, and I’ve been waiting for two weeks – no answer or solution has been given. I asked for a refund or replacement but all answers I get is that I have to wait.

  4. Szymon Stodolak says:

    Couldn’t get my order working on the website so downloaded the app. Purchase seemed okay and it was showing a 24 hour delivery time. 2 days later I called to find out that my purchase had been cancelled. Didnt get any notification about it and when I called I didnt hear any apologies. Very annoying experience. I dont think i will be buying from here again.

  5. Katherine Aebischer says:

    The CTAs disappear so I can’t select a size or add products to my bag, making it completely unusable. Finding options like my account are really difficult and products often aren’t in the categories I expect them to be. Prices for the same product differ from the website and if I’m on a product page and return to the listing page, I’m brought to the top page, and not to where I was previously viewing making me scroll all the way down again

  6. Stephanie Cooper says:

    The app crashes all the time and photos of the products are blank. You can’t see any of the pages they advertise on the opening page of the application so you are blindly searching for things you can’t even see. Impossible to buy from! I suggest the app designers stop trying to make it so fancy with lots of motion effects and instead focus on actually showing customers the products they are selling.

  7. Zhanna says:

    I ordered through this app before and it was amazing and so easy. For my surprise this time when I decided to place an order app doesn’t even work properly: very slow and shows errors. I probably will skip ordering this time, takes too much time to load anything. Please Oysho IT make it work again. It can be simpler, but function well.

  8. Sinemis Baker says:

    The android version is terrible to use, screen freeze in every 10 seconds. Scrolling up or down doesn’t work properly. Irrelevant pages pop up even though i don’t try to view them. Basically lots of bugs to fix.

  9. Raluca V says:

    Very disappointed about the new app version. It is almost impossible to scroll down. Even very carefully if you are, for sure you will activate the videos that are running on the home page.

  10. Verginia Stoyanova says:

    The app is quite slow and when I get to check out I can never complete it. You’ve been having this problem for months now and whenever I try to contact client service they are not available. Simply useless app! I just hope you’re not leaking my data…

  11. Alexandra Roditi says:

    Due to the videos, the app is slow and in some cases it freezes completely. It also takes time to load each product and you need to wait some time before you can scroll to other photos of the product. It dlalso does not seem to integrate with payment apps already installed on my device.

  12. Cristina Rusu says:

    The app is very slow and it freezes. the ordering is very difficult. It doesn’t have a “place the order” you have to tap all the screen until you figure it out. Also, it didn’t recognize my password and neither have i received the e-mail with the new password. However, i love the products, but please update the app !!!

  13. Magi Vetrushkova says:

    Overall, I like the design, everything was easy to search and find, but there are couple of things I found a little buggy. Firstly, the thing that was hard for me to deal with, was to display the Filter button at the bottom of the screen. I had to scroll multiple times to display it. Moreover after the fifth or sixth time selecting a category the button simply disappear. Secondly, after 10 minutes spent using the app, it was very difficult to continue due to slow loading and freezing sometimes.

  14. Marta Dumitrescu says:

    Although I generally love the app and the products, I’m thinking maybe the photos are at a high resolution as pages upload kind of slowly, so you cannot flip quickly through the app. On the other hand, maybe it helps to slow down a bit, it’s quite a crazy world out there😁.

  15. Ellie White says:

    Repeated issues with Ideal. Also the ‘what size am I?’ button pops up a second after the sizes do so you repeatedly select the wrong size (options all move up) and have to go back and start again. Otherwise good

  16. Kerem Hakan Krahn says:

    It slows down significantly after 5 minutes of browsing items. It comes to a standstill even. Categories are arbitrary. Makes no sense. Your total order price increases without any indication of why. Order confirmation page is a mess. Overlapping text.

  17. mojaksrzynkadospamu says:

    I wanted to place an order for 5 hours. It forced me to use an app. App was very lagging, pushing constant notifications getting timeouts. I could add products to my basket, but when placing orders it was saying me those were out of stock. Overall experience very bad, would not recommend.

  18. Aletta Géczi says:

    Bad performance and bad user experience. The app slows down and responds with extreme delay after using it for more than 5 mins. Trying to use it for more than that heated up my phone to the point I had to put it down, and this was the only app open.

  19. Anastasia Barantseva says:

    The most awful app for user, that I’ve ever used. Half of the buttons are not working. You can’t press anything. It takes very long until smth appear. App throws you out time after time. Online chat never works! The size guide is not useful for customer (you see source/program codes instead of country). When you try to figure out your size that suits you – after some steps(measure here & etc), the app writes – ok, we know your size now – and it doesn’t show which!!! And a lot more mistakes..

  20. Andreea Cozarev says:

    Unusable app. The app is laggy & freezes constantly. Can not be used even for basic navigation. Somebody thought it was cute to do a cool UI, but it’s not ergonomical & ends up being confusing on top of everything. I just wanted to order something from Oysho, I guess I’ll have to go to the phisical store to get anything. Very bad experience. The devs should stay away from “cutesy” design and develop an actual usable & working app.

  21. maroulisious says:

    The app freezes often whatever you do and it makes the whole experience kinda upsetting. Other than that, I have no complaints, had no problems with ordering or choosing the size.

  22. Olesja Lahtionova says:

    problems with the app and the web shop itself – impossible to make any purchases. the shopping cart just keeps on glitching either by constantly asking for my address, even though I have filled that in, or items just disappear from the cart. tried on different devices with different browsers – same result… horrible user experience.

  23. Mary F. says:

    Awful experience, one of the wors internet shopping carts and payment processing! Tried many times and at the end the products were not in the cart. Two orders cancelled. Money was paid, then the products were not in their stock…processed very later and my money was blocked in their account for almost a week. Lately I was able to order the same product… Seems there is still a lot to improve regarding stock, processing and payment… worst experience ever

  24. Jana Mares says:

    Terrible experience! All the shops are closed and we are depending on ordering online, took me over an hour to order 3 items on the app…always freezing or stopped working. If the cloths wouldn’t be so good, I would have given up! Please solve this issue, no one wants to see heavy videos, all we want is to buy the goods 🤯

  25. Diana says:

    The online store isn’t working. I’ve placed my items in the shopping cart but there is no way to place the order, continues to request an address and from there I can only go back to viewing the cart. Items in the shopping cart are not reserved, multiple times I found the item disappearing in less than 5 mins from the cart. Unfortunately online shopping isn’t smoother on the website. I contacted them and admitted chrome isn’t working for them, but unfortunately neither is Mozilla nor Edge.

  26. Ethne Tierney says:

    I have bought clothes from Oysho for a good few years, the quality of the clothes is great, but I just downloaded the app and browsing through products was a real nightmare. The app is so dysfunctional and its always crashing. I hope they improve it, because I wouldn’t shop through the app again because of this 🙁

  27. Daniela Racoviţă says:

    UNUSABLE. I can barely scroll trough products. It either has a lag or the images don’t load at all. Or it loads the wrong product. Sometimes it just freezes. I have a galaxy note 10+ up date on all softwares + a stable 5G connection / high speed wireless connection. So the issue is with the app optimisation. I cleared the app data and reinstalled, but it’s no use.

  28. karolina piotrowska says:

    I downloaded the app hoping I will get some more understanding of the products. Its so messy both on the website and the app. I’m trying to buy leggings and the information about which one I should choose for different type of sports, is not clear. So many options, different colours and they’re all called the same, are they the same? So confused!

  29. Jelena Lisica (lemon) says:

    The app is overall good. However, I was unable to enter my phone number because six-digit numbers are not accepted. Second, I would like to be able to wishlist items for which sizes are currently unavailable. Lastly, it would be nice to have the option to be notified when the preferred item (or size) is available.

  30. Liubou Dziomina says:

    I have the worst user experience with the app! Guys, do something with it. The products are good but the UX and application is really horrible. Ideal payment integration is not working No possibility to view the order already ordered or cancelled No possibility to choose another payment method if you fail with another one

  31. Ramona Chirica says:

    I have never encountered a worse UX design. I have lost more than 1 hour of my life trying to pay for an order. Am I supposed to guess which products that appear in stock are not actually in stock? And if they aren’t available why not automatically remove them from my shopping cart?? Incredible. Thank you though for helping me save money by not buying from Oysho!!!

  32. sheena chang says:

    No images load / cant add to bag after i tap to view product. Disappointing shopping experience 🙁 I’m on samsung note 20.

  33. Antonia Hajdinjak says:

    There are several items on sale – accessories that are shown as available, but when I tried to order it there was a notification that some items from my cart are not available anymore. First, out of several items it wasn’t clear which item isn’t available. Second, when I figured it out and removed the item out of the cart, it was still shown as available! So much confusion… Your QA team has work to do…

  34. Penny Kalligerou says:

    It gets stuck all the time! I cannot switch from the store to online shopping. Sometimes I cannot even see the pictures of the garments.

  35. Perihan Işınsu Akçetin says:

    UX is not great. Menu button location does not feel intuitive. Something is wrong with the payment flow, gets frozen in the process and requires repeat.

  36. Stanka Andraković says:

    Very complicated to use. Many tries before you get what you want

  37. Maya Speer says:

    Purchasing is fun and easy, but returning is impossible, many bugs on that part of the app

  38. Ioana Crauciuc says:

    Since a couple of updates ago, it doesn’t allow me to exit Store Mode. Can you please look into it? Otherwise, works just fine!

  39. Andreea Dan says:

    Very slaw, with a lot of bugs..

  40. Cassy Woodley says:

    Easy and perfect

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