Kohl’s – Shopping & Discounts Mod Apk New 2022*


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December 1, 2022
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Kohl’s – Shopping & Discounts Mod Apk New 2022*

Get on-line buying groceries offers, reductions and rewards with the Kohl’s app! From model to attractiveness, house furnishings, clothes, sneakers, electronics and extra, you’ll get admission to superb buying groceries offers and set up your Kohl’s account at the pass.

Kohl’s – Buying groceries & Reductions Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

Reductions, coupons and rewards make the Kohl’s app your go-to on-line buying groceries software. It’s filled with options that will help you in finding the most efficient offers, set up bills simply, and skim on-line and in retailer.

Kohl’s – Buying groceries & Reductions Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

Listed below are Five causes customers love our on-line buying groceries app:

Kohl’s – Buying groceries & Reductions Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

1. Kohl’s Pockets – all provides, rewards and coupons in a single position!
2. Store on-line or in retailer – use the app as a worth scanner, or browse offers at the pass. Three. Kohl’s Pay – We’re providing you with a more practical checkout with your entire gives & Kohl’s Money loaded into one QR code. Four. Buying groceries offers on the whole lot – Attractiveness, house, clothes, sneakers, furnishings, electronics & extra! Five. Kohl’s Money reminders – We’ll remind you when your rewards are about to run out, so that you by no means omit a deal once more.

Kohl’s – Buying groceries & Reductions Mod Apk New 2022* release

And there’s extra! With UNFASTENED TRANSPORT, wonderful buying groceries offers and LOOSE RETAILER PICKUP, the Kohl’s app is helping you store conveniently – and lower your expenses!

Kohl’s – Buying groceries & Reductions Mod Apk New 2022*

Our options come with:

Kohl’s – Buying groceries & Reductions Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new


Kohl’s – Buying groceries & Reductions Mod Apk New 2022* apk

Avoid wasting critical cash with Kohl’s Pockets. It assists in keeping your whole rewards, coupons, reductions, and provides in a single position – not more paper and less forgetting! Plus, we’ll remind you to make use of them ahead of they expire, so that you don’t omit out!
STORE ON-LINE OR IN RETAILER Store your native store’s stock, or use the app in retailer as a value scanner. Can’t in finding what you’re searching for in retailer? Purchase it at the app whilst you’re in retailer and get UNFASTENED delivery.


Kohl’s Pay is now sooner and more uncomplicated. Temporarily choose all of your coupons, reductions, financial savings provides, rewards and Kohl’s Money to load right into a unmarried scan QR code and breeze thru checkout.

Bills simply were given so much more straightforward. The app helps to keep you signed in so you’ll be able to briefly and simply test your Kohl’s Card stability and make bills.
From furnishings to good looks, clothes, footwear, house and electronics, you’ll store the whole thing and extra at the Kohl’s app!

Monitor your rewards stability and development towards your subsequent $5 praise.
Obtain the Kohl’s app as of late and uncover our massive vary of implausible merchandise and wonderful offers. From good looks to furnishings, type and toys, you’ll make sure you in finding one thing you like at an important value!


40 comments on "Kohl’s – Shopping & Discounts Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Dannia Ellice says:

    This app is horrible. I got a new phone and downloaded it. Within minutes I started getting pop up ads no matter if I was in the app or not. It completely corrupted my phone and I had to do a complete factory reset. When it wasn’t giving my phone a bug, it never worked right. No smooth transition between pages, it took forever to load, etc. Do not waste your time. They should invest money into the online app.

  2. Ivar Dossie says:

    Back button erases filters! After I go thru the trouble of filtering results, take a look at an article of clothing, decide I don’t want to add it to my cart, so I hit “back”, only to be brought back to the home page?! Have to start categories & filters all over again. Not to mention that I was signed out of my app. This update is the worst!

  3. Pit Blejan says:

    This review is negative only because of a recent problem. I have a galaxy S 8 phone. Recently I keep getting notifications that the Kohl’s app has stopped working when I am not working with the App. It seems to be running in the background and crashing all on it’s own and getting pop ups about it crashing at random times throughout the day is annoying. It also makes me wonder if it is interfering with my general use of my phone in some way but that’s just me wondering. I don’t know if it is. I have no use for this App on a daily basis. Just have it for my occassional shopping trips to Kohl’s but then it can be very useful for tracking you Kohl’s cash. Hey Kohl’s Tech Support – please fix the bug in this app.

  4. Lura Awstin says:

    I had to call in to complete my order because the app wouldn’t process my credit card. It would be nice if the SKU number would appear on the shopping cart so I can easily tell your rep what I ordered. The app seems a bit slow, but it is probably because we have lousy internet. It might be nice to optimize the page so text and thumbnails load a bit faster. Also, you should be able to set up an account from within the app (you have login but no new account set up). Thank you!

  5. Vaughn Cherie says:

    The app is useful in store, but when I attempt to shop online, it is extremely slow. When I scroll down to view items, there is about a 4-5 second lag between the page moving. Sometimes I have to click multiple times for something to respond. I do like that when I’m in store, if I can’t see a price I can scan the item and know exactly what I’m paying.

  6. Brandelyn Joey says:

    the app is very very slow. I have uninstalled it and reinstalled the Kohl’s app more then once and it still drags. The pages freeze up or if you can scroll through them they go very very slow then will skip over a few items. this has been happening for way to long. please fix this app. I don’t rarely have time to get on a desk top computer so my phone is the best and quickest way to do my shopping.

  7. Suzann Karon says:

    The app seems to be slow to load and slow to transition between pages. The filter feature isn’t very helpful. For example, I was looking for childrens pajamas in a specific size which were available for pick up today. It said there were four options. I selected one and it was only available for delivery. I then checked all other options and NONE were available for pick up today. So, what’s the purpose of that filter option?

  8. Wulf Bartolomeo says:

    This app used to be great but I think a recent update has made it unusable. It takes too long to load, crashes often, and as soon as I try to scroll down it reloads & I have to wait forever just to see the items next in the list. I’m really disappointed & started using the Target app instead. Def not my preference but until it’s improved, it’s not user friendly on any level.

  9. Christeen Shirlene says:

    Difficult and frustrating to navigate through. It’s very hard to figure out where to view past transactions (including payments) on the app. Kohls needs to update the look and navigation. You’d think you could tap the back arrow to go to previous screen, but NOOO… you just get kicked out and have to sign back in. Please add more icons to access basic information!! Also…the availability of local store product is never accurate on the app. Pretty annoying. I just give up on it.

  10. Halley Daney says:

    I have the same problem with the screen freezing or crashing. It’s happening when scrolling through the pages of items for sale in any category. The other pages like the wallet, charge card, and coupons work fine. Today I’m clicking on the “end of season sale” and that first page of items never loads without error or freezing. Yep it’s frustrating but you guys don’t suck so just keeping working on it. Some reviewers are too harsh in their judgments. Have a great day

  11. Lyzbeth Shannyn says:

    Fix. The. Wallet. It doesn’t load at all sometimes, and when it does it’s not always accurate. Whoever is in charge of filling in the offers on the black “coupons” inside the app could do shoppers a favor and actually write out the offer clearly… every time. It’s laggy, it crashes and it goes haywire in the store, though it works better in-store if you turn on your location. It gets 2 stars because technically you can buy things with it.

  12. Carlisle Joycelyn says:

    Frustrating experience with this app. First, the notifications for deals are constant and there is no way to turn them off or reduce the amount through the app. Second, the schedule payment function for Kohls charge is broken. I thought I had scheduled a payment, choosing to pay off my balance. Thankfully I checked the website before my bill was due because there was no scheduled payment. I could have ended up with a late fee! Third, the email for the developer is wrong. Undeliverable.

  13. Eton Maddockson says:

    I don’t have a problem signing in but I haven’t been able to access my cart for a week now. It’s just a blank screen and I’ve reinstalled the app twice. It would help if Kohl’s actually gave us an easy option to contact them to provide feedback about their app, website, etc. so that they can be aware of/review/improve/fix issues. This app needs several other improvements, as well, it is outdated.

  14. Whitney Reyes says:

    This app is absolutely wonderful with all of its options including using the app to pay at the register. However, making payments is a nightmare. You don’t get any confirmation email and your payments are never listed as pending causing me to make double payments. It really needs to be updated in that area as well as the website. This has only been during the last three months. I used to get confirmation emails and I’ve always been able to see pending payments in the payment history. Please fix!

  15. Lisa Elias says:

    The app is ok, just missing a few key features. For example, there is no option to save an item, to purchase later. It needs a “save for later” option in the cart. I shop online A LOT, but don’t always want to purchase that day. I can create a list & reference the item that way, but more convenient if right on cart page. BUT…I do LOVE the way it tracks your Kohls cash, rewards, & coupons. Very helpful!

  16. David Schneider says:

    Often fails to load. Only a frame that says “Kohl’s” and everything is black. Very difficult to find items. Sometimes “Search” works and sometimes it doesn’t. When you finally do get a clothing item that comes in a variety of colors, when you select a color sometimes it will show the item and sometimes it won’t and just hangs. You have to close the app (no apparent way to close inside the app itself) and start all over. This app is almost worthless. More like a first Beta vesion.

  17. Diana Sabo says:

    Overall the app works pretty well, but sometimes the search yields results completely unrelated to what I was searching for. For example I just search for “airtight cupcake storage” and received storage options for Christmas ornaments and such! That’s really frustrating when it does that. Everything else works great though! But sometimes it’s less time consuming to search for things.

  18. Zosia says:

    So many glitches; freezes, then can’t find the page, problems loading, etc. I’ve used this app for years over several phones – it doesn’t matter. The app development is stuck in like 2010 or something. For example, you cannot click on an item in the cart to view item details, gives the “uhh oh” error screen. It’s always been like this. You have to find the item in the main search again if you want to look at the item details. So annoying and really shouldn’t be an issue.

  19. Deborah Golson says:

    The option to view rewards has been on the app for some time, but never has worked. You get an error message, “Oops! ….”. Also, sale prices in the feed are often different when you click to view the item. The price is higher than shown on the feed. I feel it wastes my time clicking to find out it’s price is higher than advertised on the feed.

  20. Lucy Flor says:

    Just use the website because trying to navigate this nightmare app is SO FRUSTRATING – categories constantly change, are different between men and women for some reason, and some don’t even show up (like socks) so you have to filter *every single time* you search. And God forbid you hit the back button, ’cause you’ll end up back on the home page, all your hard work lost and you have to start over. Often clicking on an item will get you an “Uh oh, something went wrong” and the app crashes.

  21. HolyJMJ says:

    Horrible. I’ve been in our local store 4 times now and the app freezes. The cashier can not go forward or backward. Ten minutes later I have to jump lines, re-ring everything, and pay with my debit card. The cashier is very apologetic, and I tried to be understanding. IF YOU WANT PEOPLE TO USE THE APP, THEN MAKE SURE IT ACTUALLY WORKS EVERY TIME! At this rate, I’m questioning if I’ll be back to shop or not. It’s just not worth the aggravation.

  22. Angelique Subia says:

    Comparatively, this app is very outdated. Pressing the back button automatically brings you home, searching for products is impossible, in store options are outdated. If you place an order for pickup in store and they don’t have it, it is automatically canceled and no other options to order it is provided. Item pictures and descriptions often do not supply enough info about products. If I didn’t have a credit card, I probably wouldn’t shop here anymore.

  23. Amber Bennett says:

    It’s useful if you know what you want or are scanning in store and looking for prices. Although I usually get a message that states the item isn’t available in the store I’m in despite scanning the tag of the item I’m holding. It doesn’t scan QR codes on items that only have QR instead of bar codes. The back button doesn’t take you back to search results, it goes back to home. Also you have to hit apply like 4x on filters. Now the app won’t connect to the server so I can’t do anything with it.

  24. Mark M says:

    Shopping cart doesn’t work. Says I have items, but when I tap on the cart icon, nothing is there and all that shows up is “saved for later” and when I tap that, it is blank too. I’ve always had issues with this app. Had to turn off all notifications for this app because it is spammy. What good is constant notifications about sales, discounts and Kohl’s cash if the shopping cart feature doesn’t even work properly. Lame.

  25. Bridge J. says:

    I haven’t been able to log in to the app in over two weeks. I get an error message to check my phone’s date & time settings which are correct. I tried to order online but I hate the functionality of the website. After searching for & adding several items to my cart…the check out process took me back to the app which I can’t use. I deleted the app and unsubscribed from emails. Online shopping is not supposed to be this aggravating!

  26. Arielle Wellons says:

    It’s very frustrating trying to shop for store pickup or free ship to store. Even if you use the filter correctly, it keeps bringing up far more items that are ineligible for these options, so you have to sort through a ton of things that won’t work before you find a few items that will. A number of the items are also out of stock, so why do they even come up?

  27. Kerri Pulley says:

    This app needs a lot of work. I’m always having to change my password which worries me (this is a consistent problem from other users as well. Sketchy, don’t you think?). Now the app won’t let me log in at all. I was logged out of the app after an update, tried putting in my old password and the app would not let me click ‘log in’ button once I finished typing the password. Used the internet browser to make a new password. The App still won’t let me log in. Frustrated with this constant issue!

  28. Trent Marquez Stevens says:

    You can manage your Kohl’s charge through the app, but for some reason the app doesn’t have the option to “remember you” or use fingerprint identification, so you’ll have to type in your username and password each time. Yes, it’s good security, but these options should have been implemented just like every other app. EDIT: After the last update I can no longer log in to my account, and even my saved password and username doesn’t work. This app is built to rob you.

  29. K T says:

    I love having my Kohl’s cash, gift cards, Rewards, & offers all in one place, especially since I can’t keep track of the physical versions. The search function can be useful btw, but it can also be kind of clunky and frustrating. Edit: Since there are no more lists, I just add my ideas to the cart & compare them from there, but the product info, ratings, & reviews become unavailable once they are in the cart, making me take an extra step to search the items all over again to find that info.

  30. Brynn Walk says:

    This app makes shopping an abysmal experience. It constantly restarts for no reason. Not too mention it’s way harder to find anything you like since they took away the ability to save items you’re interested in to a favorites list! What sense did that even make??? They’ve definitely lost a lot of would be purchases from me and people I know because of the loss of that feature. I’ll see things I like, but as soon as I close the app, I’ve forgotten about it. Out of sight, out of mind.

  31. S. Kunzler says:

    I’m unable to get items to the cart. When I choose a color the add to cart will be green but when I choose a size, it spins and spins forever until I move on. I’ve finally deleted the app and reinstalled. It added one item then did it again with the next 5 until I gave up. I used to be able to put items in My List when this happened and add them from there but the Lists are gone now.

  32. Nova Lynn says:

    This app never works! God forbid you try to read reviews and look at the pictures they post…its ridiculous! I get a constant error message, when scrolling, or clicking on an item, and especially when trying to add items to my cart. Half the time, when I click my cart to cash out, the cart won’t even show up! I have to exit the whole app and reopen it, multiple times, when trying to cash out. It’s horrible!

  33. Shannon Koele says:

    Every time I want to use the app I have to reset my password. As of late, I haven’t been able to even do that because I never get an email to do it. Yet, you continue to send me emails to pay my bill and for promotions. This has been an ongoing issue for years and as of late has gotten worse! I have been a customer for years but the app has made my shopping experience dreadful. You have several reviews stating the same. LISTEN to your customers! You are losing out on business because of your app

  34. Jennifer Saylor says:

    Sketchy. I love the convenience of buying online and picking up at store. But it’s often glitchy – sometimes even error messages when I try to add to cart, etc. Recently, I can’t get it to keep my kohl’s charge info for quick reference and easy paying of my bill. It requires me to enter all the information every time! (Even though it seems like it’s supposed to be the same.) Last update is a thumbs down.

  35. Qu Mu says:

    Won’t let me sign in. Might have to get rid of this app, don’t need more apps taking up space on my phone. Quick update: refreshed the app but the app is really glitchy. I clicked on details for a coupon on an item, the screen went dark and froze up my phone. Also, there’s nothing shown on homepage. Went online and it’s doing the same thing on the website, can’t click nothing or else the screen will go black and phone freezes up. What’s the deal with that? Please fix

  36. Kim Perkins-Murillo says:

    Update 11/14/22 – they did an update. Same eternal loop of doom when trying to sign into the app. Unreal. Used to use all the time – about to uninstall… Idk what they did to this app, but all of a sudden you are forced to enter captcha codes until it forces a password reset. So you reset your password, and then it repeats the same madness over and over and over. I used to use this app all the time, and now I can’t use it at all. Uninstalling. Terribly disappointed.

  37. Azalea Rohrbaugh says:

    Kohl’s is literally the poorest made shopping app I have ever experienced. I am not exaggerating. I do enjoy shopping at Kohls in stores, and unfortunately made the decision to open a Kohls credit card. The entire card as far as your balance, paying bill, etc is all ran through this app. It’s horrible. The interface itself seems extremely outdated and difficult to navigate. I have issues logging in every single time I use the app. And this is coming from someone who shops online all the time.

  38. Birute Blotniene says:

    2022 REVIEW: Nothing changed after 4 years. Constantly crashing, a lot of glitches. 2018 REVIEW: App is crashing, cannot get into my shopping bag. To add the item, I am trying multiple times to press on it until it adds up. Adding the correct address for checkout still does’t let you to check out, even though I ordered multiple times before from my account. There is no correct explanation on the issue. I am really disappointed, not sure if after updates or what causes these issues.

  39. Brianna Worrell says:

    This is the worst app. Glitchy and error messages constantly causing you to not be able to add to cart. Not a fan that there aren’t pages when searching, you just constantly scroll forever. It makes it hard when trying to find a specific item you wanted to go back to, you can’t just find the page and go back. The main reason of this review is that once you have items in your cart and you click on it, you can’t see anything about the item anymore. Just how you’d receive it. Annoying!

  40. Michelle Brovey says:

    It is a bit unorganized when your looking for something. I wish they had a better comparison tool. For example I was looking for a steam cleaner for the carpet. It was overwhelming. I did like that they have women’s petite sizes online. These are the best pajamas I have ever owned!!!!!!!! Was frustrated I could not get the free shipping using my Khols cash.

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