GUESS Factory Mod Apk New 2022*


The GUESS Factory offers you exclusive rewards and an experience just for you.
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November 15, 2022
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GUESS Factory Mod Apk New 2022*

Enjoy 15 P.c Off and Loose Delivery in your first in-app acquire.

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40 comments on "GUESS Factory Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Gail Kasia says:

    It doesn’t allow me to type my password, therefore I can’t log in. Useless.

  2. Dora Aland says:

    This app is the worst. i first ordered something from them last summer. everything was fine but the last order that i made was on december the 10th. they lost my package and made me wait for a month or so (i did not recieve a cupon or anything for my next order like an apology). i then placed the order again on november the 10th. not even now, january 22, i didn’t get that blazer that i ordered. It has items that are no longer available when you order them.

  3. Karr Eland says:

    App closes often. Out of stock items continuously listed. When going back during a search to view another item, sort choices have to be reset over and over.

  4. Timthy Prescott says:

    App crashes before it opens. Useless.

  5. Skipper Stevana says:

    the discount code for first app purchase will not show up. uninstalled and reinstalled several times and nothing works

  6. Evin Braydan says:

    its so pathetic all the time.. my cart vanishes or it keeps updates since ages

  7. Devonia Traci says:

    Absolutely LOVE THIS APP! The daily chances to earn guess reward points on the spin the wheel game even without a purchase is amazing!😆😆😆! Keeps me coming back every day! Thanks Guess!

  8. Alecia Alexynthia says:

    Brutal. No features available. Emailed customer service and they are about as helpful as their app lol

  9. Hope Netty says:

    Since the update a few days ago the app keeps crashing every time I go into either my wishlist or my bag. How am I supposed to purchase anything if it keeps crashing? I use the web browser instead but I’d prefer to use the app. Please fix this. Also, my points say that they are pending and my points which give me a discount are also pending, I would like for this to actually work and to receive my discount as that is a perk I would like to actually utilize.

  10. Prair Franklyn says:

    I placed an order on Tuesday evening, but haven’t received any order confirmation and order shipment email. Don’t know when order is going to be shipped and I will receive it. Another issue is it doesn’t keep the applied filter or sorting criteria after opening an item to see details and going back. User has to apply the filter or sorting again. Which is very annoying. Very disappointed with Guess app.

  11. Heathcliff Phil says:

    Always unable to load the page & I’ve to uninstall it & reinstall it once again

  12. Ridley Botulf says:

    The app kept crashing after the update

  13. Govan Mikelle says:

    Ordered watches, 1 came the wrong color which was supposed to be blue and what I got was silver. I was going to ignore that but another package arrived and they sent me BOOTS instead of a watch! Never using this app again

  14. Jennifermay Quintilian says:

    The app will often not open. Once I place an order everything stays in my shopping cart as if I never purchased it. When sorting by size, the page shows no options but if you just change the size when looking at a specific item it shows in stock in the size I tried to sort by. Finally, after uninstalling the app and logging back in the app will finally reload but you have to keep uninstalling and reinstalling for it to update. This app has a lot of bugs that need to be worked out.

  15. Kendria Gaila says:

    Completely lost the challenge wheel under loyalty. Have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but nothing works. I used to love this app until last update. Y’all messed up a perfectly functioning app that I buy from at least once a month and now I’m uninstalling for good

  16. Davyn Jonn says:

    App keeps crashing whenever i try yo open it. And daily spin challenge also not working.

  17. Jersey Edwald says:

    The app was fine until the update. Why bother emailing you, when you won’t even respond back? I want my rewards wheel back. I sent you a pic and nothing. A bit unprofessional if you ask. If you can respond to someone here, then you can email someone.

  18. sherry rogers says:

    Love the clothes & deals.. just wish tracking was detail more.

  19. Joel “Superkitt” Adams says:

    Note 4, crashes a lot., redownloaded after 2 years, it still crashes

  20. Julia Del Degan says:

    It says enter zipcode instead of postal code and state instead of province. If its Canadian it has to have Canadisn settings Not American.

  21. Antonio Leon says:

    They have the best customer service experience I ever came across simply the best very surprised to find that a company cares so much for it’s customers. They will literally take their shirts off for their customers.

  22. Erica Villanueva says:

    Does not take my mastercard credit card payment,all the info is right and I have money on my card with no restrictions….frustrating. Gave up and closed the app.

  23. Shy Ann says:

    All these updates ruined the app! Wishlist cannot load, the checkout process doesn’t disclose shipping cost, just takes you straight to complete the purchase without reviewing. Very slow loading in every way!

  24. Ashley Martins says:

    I can’t use my loyalty points. It will not let me redeem them….very frustrating!!

  25. Angela says:

    My bag doesn’t even load. I thought the apl would be a help since the website has a problem as well. You can’t even view what’s in your bag. Everything was ok begin they did an update.

  26. Niki B. says:

    The app won’t let me checkout. All my information is correct. Every time I click on complete purchase, nothing happens.

  27. Yvette L. Hernandez says:

    App is super slow, it won’t let me change the birthday the app applied to me or my gender and when I press the back button it sends me to the main page instead of going back once. I just only installed the app.

  28. Jack Armitage says:

    For me it’s was great, ordered a guess slim logo wallet and came 2 days sooner than expected, couldn’t be happier with what I got

  29. Galaxia says:

    The discount for first purchase says it has a 15% off discount and free shipping. I tried to checkout and the shipping price was still there.

  30. grant meriwether says:

    I found their website and really liked their clothes. I tried to sign into the account I made with them but I can’t because there’s no option to sign in with google.

  31. Isabelle Minko says:

    The App closes often and is slow. I keep receiving notifications about male clothes, eventhough on my profile it’s female. I’ve seen more better shopping Apps than this one.

  32. Aisha Jones says:

    The app was doing good until it told me to update it and since I updated it I can’t even get into the app

  33. Lisa Ann says:

    App lags terribly, won’t go back to where you leave off after looking at something, and now I haven’t been able to open the app for the last week as it crashes.

  34. Stephanie L says:

    Doesnt load, i downloaded this app 2 times and it wont even open a page.

  35. sahibpreet singh says:

    So bad experience! I can’t see a single pic for all the things in this app.

  36. Shweta Terkar says:

    Don’t buy anything from Guess. As a part of black Friday sell, they are increasing the original price of the product and selling it at a discounted rate ! What a business strategy !

  37. Ryan Nichols says:

    I’ve been shopping on the website. Was excited to see the app, because I bought just about everything on the website already and the app has some different stuff. 5 minutes into it, frozen. And I haven’t been able to get it to work since. So frustrating. It’s like hello, I’m trying to give you money,

  38. Marnie says:

    I love this bran of clothing shoes etc since the 80s glad it’s still around

  39. Josh Rob says:

    Everytime I open the app and scan through in my attempt to order an item the app constantly freezes up on me then kicks me out

  40. Stephanie Wagner says:

    Love this app until recently. Literally stops working within seconds and is forced to shut down. The wish list is never saving the items you add. Even after saving them 4or 5 times. It’s like a mind of its own. The location for the pick up today in store, is never my location, But 250+ miles away. Just gets frustrating. Specially when you find an item and try to check out, then the app is forced to shut down and getting back on is basically impossible.

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