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December 1, 2022
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BoxLunch: Pop Culture Gifts Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Bring BoxLunch alongside all over the place you cross with the brand new and progressed BoxLunch App! BoxLunch is a civic-minded internet, app, and brick-and-mortar-based uniqueness store providing approved and non-licensed attire, equipment, household items, and collectibles for enthusiasts of every age. Plus, for each and every $10 spent, BoxLunch will assist supply a meal secured by means of Feeding America® on behalf of native member meals banks. #GetSomeGiveBack

BoxLunch: Popular Culture Presents Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* liberate

Obtain the glossy new BoxLunch App to experience those perks: Stepped forward app steadiness and velocity so you’ll simply browse popular culture merch.
Smarter seek capability that will help you in finding that very best reward. Find a close-by BoxLunch retailer anyplace you pass with the Discover a Retailer geolocation characteristic. E-book a BL Reservations appointment and safe a time to buy in-store.
Scan barcodes in-store to seek out buyer opinions and extra product knowledge. Temporarily save pieces for later for your wishlist with a easy faucet. Observe your order standing and replace your account data conveniently.
Be the primary to listen to about app-exclusive promotions, offers, reductions, restocks, and product drops by the use of pleasant push notifications. Organize your Lunch Specials Loyalty issues and rewards.

BoxLunch: Popular Culture Items Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

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40 comments on "BoxLunch: Pop Culture Gifts Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Rhys Deanda says:

    This is the most frustrating garbage app I’ve ever used! Let me clarify. I love the store and would love it if the store did exceedingly well. But this app needs an overhaul because there is a mountain of issues for buyers looking to purchase on the app. It takes too long to load, has kicked items out of my shopping cart so I can only have three items at a time, during checkout it always nullifies the shipping option I select when I added to next row’s info, said my boxlunch coupons are invalid when their website accepted to exact same code (copies and pasted), has upped the price of my order once payment info was accepted for no visible reason, and has refused to accept my Visa, to name a few of the issues I have had. Not to mention my most recent and current problem; I ordered two items Sept 15th and have yet to recieve one of the items! It’s been almost a month! Their shipping times are agonizingly slow and they have lost a lot of profit simply because this app and their website have been so irratating that I end up deciding the things in my cart aren’t worth the agitation. I love this store and that they are focused on giving back to the community – but if they want to make a significantly better profit things need to improve vastly!

  2. Elvyne Tammy says:

    They ship Funko Pop! merchandise the correct way so if you collect, they arrived in perfect condition, undamaged and flawless. You can tell they put in the extra effort to ensure you get exactly what you need. I’ll be shopping here for years. I highly recommend this company.

  3. Derwynn Fraine says:

    This is a great app for an amazingly awesome online store. Easy navigation. Nice, smooth transition between selections/pages. Crisp images. Have not had any crashes, force stops, or lag. Pretty much anything you can do on the desktop site, you can do in the mobile app, but better. 10/10 would download again.

  4. Deanie Cayci says:

    overall it’s a good app, but at the same time it doesn’t feel like an app, it feels “Websitey” and slow at times even with good wifi connection. At times when you exit the app and enter the app it loads all over again which can be really time consuming. Last thing that bothers me is that there’s no wish list, I preferably like to add stuff in my cart mainly because it’s more of a “I’ll purchase later” items, but you can’t do that, you have to remove all of your items and hope you can remember.

  5. Allison Wickley says:

    So many problems. Predictive search text should be removed because it doesn’t find the things you’re looking for. Another awful issue I’ve had is several times if you try to order something, it will take your saved address and think its overseas. You have to remove your saved addresses, log out and log back in and put in your address manually. A lengthy process that I was told would be fixed but this makes finding what you need and purchasing an annoying process. Also doesn’t sync with website.

  6. Tallie Kim says:

    Painful experience to shop using this app. There are not enough filters and categories. And then sometimes when you want to buy something you get an error that the product is unavailable but I was able to buy it on its own order so I can be charged double shipping?? And if I leave the app for a bit everything leaves my cart and I have to re-add it.

  7. Abbegail Lathan says:

    The app does not work. It offers navigation buttons and when you click them it says error cant find what you’re looking for. I tried to use a coupon on my 1st order that was sent to me on the same day and when I did it glitched out the entire order, when I took off the coupon and finally got the right amount to pay for it would not let me place my order. I tried the app and the website. There are some issues with both, will not be using this again.

  8. Gustaf Ernestine says:

    Love the variety, very cute trinkets and a wide variety of apparel. They always have good discounts plus the Boxlunch money offer a good deal. My #1 choice of shopping pop culture items.

  9. Bobbie Woodman says:

    Great app, but like its sister apps (Torrid and Hot Topic), and it will slow down or freeze. Not made when making a Wishlist or searching through products to purchase or window shop. Needs a scan option where you can see prices from stores, as well as add items to Wishlist.

  10. Conswello Emerick says:

    Extremely difficult to use and won’t let you sign in or create an account. Even if the password field is entered, it says, “minimum password 8 characters” or something very close to that. I don’t recommend the website either. I ran into the same problem. Same thing for Hot Topic. When I tried to get help it redirected me on the app and website. I’d love to use the app if it gets fixed.

  11. sora147258369 says:

    Things that use to make the apps and site really nice. A wishlist that worked. Not having 15 different listings of the same Tee design on different colored Shrits, a long with 20 other Tees with 15 different colors to scroll through to look at stuff, it is not hard to put a pick your color option under one listing you already put different SKUS on every page that has sizing options on it. Just add color boxes to go with the sizes. Boxlunch is getting 2 because it still has sub categories.

  12. Rich Cote says:

    Not as twitchy/jumpy as their mobile site, but not that good either. Clicked on the “Shop Face Mask” & took me out of the app to their website through some kind of in-app browser where I wasn’t signed in. So when I add items to my cart, they don’t appear in app cart. So one must sign in again through the website in order to complete your purchase. What’s the point of the app then?…

  13. Disney Princess Mary Black says:

    I really do reck admin. I love it. U can reach out to customer service and they are wonderful about help out. I never had a promble with them at all and i believe i spend more on this app then i do anywhere else oh sorry and hot topic as well love love both of these apps. I am only speaking for myself i cant speak for everyone else.

  14. Noelle Silvamillion says:

    Please read my review guys. Go on the website and create your account there… then log into the app, yes there is a glitch, but until it gets fixed there’s your possible solution to this specific problem. It worked for me(employee)and worked for my Husband who just has a regular loyalty account. I really hope this helps someones frustration a little bit until they can get an update out and fix all the bugs. 💞📦🍱

  15. Yari says:

    Its been two days since I’ve been trying to purchase items through the app and its a disaster. I recieved a promo code for free shipping doesn’t work. Then I recieved a 25% discount promo for signing up with my email and it doesn’t work. Took the promos off to check out after fighting with it all day. Now it wont take my card!! Take my money dammit!!

  16. Tess Salman says:

    Love the content. However, on the app you can’t scroll through the list of licenses or whatever when you filter through the pop culture.. And when I try to add some things to my cart or favorite them it won’t let me. Says it’s unavailable.. But why would it be listed then? Yk? Idk if favorites are limited, lots of apps limit the amt of favorites which I don’t like. Hope they’re unlimited lol

  17. Sarah Merizalde says:

    The recent update for the app has cleaned up quite a few things. The app is cleaner, easier to use, if I jump between the website on the computer to the app on my phone my wishlist and my shopping cart are all in order and nothing is missing (which was a problem for me previously). Currently I am thoroughly pleased with the apps update and will be looking forward to using it for future purchases

  18. Dana Obst says:

    If you are going to have a ton of content that requires an extra 2$ shipping surcharge on top of regular shipping costs, then make it an option to disinclude such items with a filter. The shipping surcharge in general is disappointing; finding an item that you want and finding out that it costs extra when you go to add the item to your cart is deceitful. Not making a purchase on principle.

  19. Amanda Burbee says:

    I love Box Lunch but this app has some serious issues. For one it has all kinds of issues adding a credit card to my account. It always doubles up the numbers and you have to manually move the cursor since it backspaces after trying to correct it’s error. I’ve missed out on hard to get items due to this stupid error. My wishlist on the website doesn’t transfer to app, and when and when searching for some like Alice pin it gives me a million items unrelated. Fix this app

  20. Yesirell Feliciano Borras says:

    the app is always so smooth! though it bums me when I see items I like sold out, it does update quickly when items are sold out, so I have to give credit where credit is due. lol its super user friendly, clean, and straight forward. checking my account for my orders and rewards is so easy!

  21. Keturah Crowe says:

    App is easy enough to navigate but the share option doesn’t work properly. I’ll try to text a link to my husband and no link comes up, just a text saying “I just found this product.”. Why have a share option if you can’t really share the product link?

  22. Fernanda Mendoza Andrade says:

    I’m having trouble even opening up my cart. It immediately says an error occured and to check my network but my connection is fine. I’ve even tried logging off and back in but it keeps saying the same thing. Have no idea what to do.

  23. RickMorty C-137 says:

    I brought 2 items online at the same time. It took 3 buisness days to ship out 1 of the 2 items. Why did they ship separately? The second item still hasn’t shipped after 2 weeks so far. I emailed customer support and they won’t do anything. They won’t let me cancel the order, even when messaging them way before the 1st item shipped. Their online buisness is absolutely ridiculous. Unless you want your time wasted. Don’t buy online.

  24. Ryan Venson says:

    Worthless. Opened up the app. “FLASH SALE, 30% OFF” Clicked the ad, everything was, in fact, 20% off (on the actual website everything was 30). Wanted a Spirited Away shirt. Typed in “Spirited Away.” “No results found.” I’m quite sure they have Spirited Away shirts. Doesn’t seem to be any real need for the app.

  25. Joanna Andrade says:

    So many issues with this:/ wishlist never loads, doesn’t show you all items Available on the app version. Using Browser or Via a computer shows alot more : & now what has me writing this review is I cant check out {FacePlant}. It is giving me all types of errors via the app and online via browser upon attempting to check out. Did I mention when checking pick up Availability, it never loads smh

  26. Kiri says:

    I had issues with my shopping cart. The place order button would not appear in my cart most likely due to the sitewide promotion possibly being in the way with no option to close the promotion and I had to go through hoops (by playing with the accessibility options) to even get to the payment screen. Then it would not let me add my debit card. The button was there and highlighted but nothing happened when I clicked! So I was forced to get PayPal just to place my order. The merch is great though!

  27. jigenji1 says:

    I don’t usually leave reviews on here but this is the worst app ever. You can’t check out for some reason. You can’t use multiple coupons at once which is ridiculous because you can in-store. It’s not updated on what’s actually in stock or not. There’s no point of the app at all because the website is slightly better

  28. Rachel Schaefer says:

    I love boxlunch and anything I buy from them is anyways great quality. However this app is horrible! I have been trying to buy the items in my cart for over a month. 90% it will not load my cart saying “error loading bag”. When I did get it to finally load my bag it spent 10+ minutes loading and never actually took my payment. Im so frustrated because the items I want are not in the store and I can’t order them because this app won’t work!!

  29. Diana Johnson says:

    I really like this app. It’s really easy to use and pleasant. But if you add too much to your wishlist it won’t load and you’ll have to start over. So everything you saved will be deleted. And there is no warning.

  30. Talisha Mcchriston says:

    I’m having issues with my shopping cart. It says I have items in it but when I clock into it an error screen pops up and I can’t see anything or add anything to my cart. I have to go the website if I actually want to place an order.

  31. J.r.Alfaro Alfaro says:

    Selection and service are impeccable.

  32. Laurie Cutting says:

    Great, super friendly customer service!!! Always super helpful and knowledgeable.

  33. Elizabeth Corona says:

    The app is great but after I ordered something, I tried to look in my bag but it said my wifi was bad even tho it was good. Can you fix this problem?

  34. rose says:

    Not letting me add things to my cart says error nothing wrong with my network or wifi im starting to hate this app When trying to reset password it send the link to reset it yet when click on it it takes makes you enter your email again never got to reset my password I will not shop here nor make a new account this was a major headache it needs fixing

  35. Brian says:

    Not very fond of infinite scroll, it doesn’t save where you left off and you have to scroll all the way back to where you were. Also, there’s absolutely no point in having a wishlist if nothing you saved shows up.

  36. Yesenia Murillo says:

    Doesn’t let me checkout. Every time I try to checkout it says an error has occurred and won’t let me get pass that.

  37. Melinda Stumpf says:

    Everything was fine until I moved an item from my cart to my wishlist and now my wishlist is no where to be found.

  38. Selina Castillo says:

    I love the app! I love the store! I love you boxlunch!

  39. Nichelle Jackson says:

    If I can’t find an item or my size isn’t available in store, then I check the app. Convenient, fast, and a great way to waste time when waiting in line or for an appointment.

  40. Nathan Dibella says:

    Fantastic store and love the mission

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