Airy – Women’s Fashion Apk Download New 2022 Version*


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October 4, 2021
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Airy – Women’s Fashion Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Welcome to Ethereal, your one-stop on-line buying groceries mall. We’re bringing you the newest and biggest in feminine model that includes one of the vital international’s favorite global manufacturers and architects.

Ethereal – Girls’s Style Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* liberate

Ethereal is a world e-commerce organisation based and positioned in metropolitan Hong Kong. Following up on our contemporary reputation growth, we’ve introduced warehouses in the united kingdom, US, Norway, and Australia, and are nonetheless having a look into launching extra – so be careful for that!


40 comments on "Airy – Women’s Fashion Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Hazel Murray says:

    There are so many fashion and clothes apps now adays that it takes something a little different to get you noticed. Personally I believe that this app that certain something, their clothing range is not all the same stuff you find everywhere else, they have fresh, vibrant fabrics and designs that you dont see in every shop window. Price wise they are great and their sales are amazing. Especially as they notify me if they see it’s something I’ve been searching for recently. I love Airy!!

  2. Delilah Jackson says:

    Just started using this app and after viewing an item instead of returning to that item I just viewed on the main page I am taken right back to the top again! Plus all the items have reshuffled. I tried two different ways of going back to browsing and got the same result 🤷 Another annoying thing is that while browsing the page will scroll back to the top, super fast, all by itself!? I found a pair of shoes I liked and they are available in ONE SIZE WTH. Everything is cheaper on Amazon.

  3. Mary Goetz says:

    I am so disappointed in these products. They were made with the cheapest material possible. It looks like im wearing a nightgown. I’m a very easy person to please but these products were awful. I was so excited cause I never spend much money on myself. So sad when I opened the packages. What a high letdown. I’m cancelling this app.

  4. Halle says:

    EXPENSIVE SHIPPING. Okay, I was super excited because I thought I found a rather inexpensive app/company because I am a college student and Im trying to develop my own style. I really thought this was it. I had high hopes, went to check out, then saw the $16.99 shipping (standard) on top of the order. So, all the sale prices basically mean nothing because it just gets covered by the shipping fee. Im gonna delete the app and save money. Swing and a miss.

  5. midge kg says:

    They ‘copy’ the design in the pictures. I made 3 separate orders and everything that arrived was just…terrible cut/material/quality they drag their heels when wanting to return things, i would not recommend this site at all.

  6. Heather Meeuwes says:

    Just putting in my first order. I love the selection of items in each category. They seem to have my size for most items I choose. That makes shopping more enjoyable. I’ve always been so small and have a hard time finding clothes that are in stock. What a pleasure to be able to get and go.😃

  7. Bekie Spark says:

    Order arrived in August. But needed to be returned due to sizing. That’s when problems started no paperwork to return items on messaging them asking for return address took many emails back and forth. Finally got an address but the refund offered was for less. In the end I lost out about £5. But as it had taken till mid Nov to get anywhere near sorted i took it. Im now closing account. Not happy with customer service given. VERY POOR.

  8. Leonie Pacini says:

    Uninstalled without purchasing. I thought the clothing looked great and the prices seemed reasonable. I had added a few items to my cart and was ready to check out……. then I saw the postage costs. I did not think that the postage price was worth it. In fact, it was more than some of the items that I was going to order.

  9. Hazel Anne Gange says:

    I like shopping with this app. Aside from a huge range of apparel, they also have lots of options for mode of payment. You can also easily track your order and they have an AMAZING customer support! One of my favorite apps to shop! ❤

  10. Geeta Agnihotri says:

    The app is basically not worth buying from I wasted 60 pounds buying things that were made from totally different material to the ones they show in the pictures but they cleverly describe the one they will be sending out in the description but Me & all my friends and people I know always use the picture when choosing whether to order or not I did not think a company would disgustingly show pictures of a well made top out of good material then send something made of different material. Dont use !

  11. Bobbi Phillips says:

    I just downloaded this site and I’m already in love with the selection of clothing. I’ll be sure to update thus when my order gets here. So far it’s a great deal, the tops are very reasonably priced. My only complaint is the shoe selection was very small, I think there was maybe 12 or 14 pairs, but not a deal breaker by any means for me.

  12. Kimberly Shaffar says:

    First time shopper, so far so good! The app design is a bit strange while checking out, kept saying one item in my cart when I had six. But it’ll be easy to get used to it! So, next is to rcv my order, so we’ll see about the quality & shipping.

  13. Lai says:

    Whoever organized Airy’s clothing style or whatever program they’re using, they should make a change. You’ll have better luck checking out any other clothing app/website. On the bright side, if your style of more flowy and fun and bright with a touch of old soul, I think this might be the app for you.

  14. Donna Brown says:

    The app and company both suck. I was apparently hacked and email address changed but I can’t even open an inquiry because it says th r new email address is also wrong. No orders show on app but I have 4 that supposedly have shipped and I cannot track as the tracking numbers I was given now say no record. I am pissed.

  15. Jules S says:

    poor quality fabrics used and cut. Returning the garments is ok if you have a printer to print tracking labels. But the most insulting part is they you don’t get a full refund I spent just over £33 and got back £22 due to tax. So can’t say I’m impressed with the whole experience and definitely won’t be ordering again and definitely will not be recommending to any of my family or friends.

  16. kerisphone jo says:

    Everytime I go to order something I come back to the app and the stuff is gone it is so annoying I think it is fake and I’m just so glad that it didn’t take my money. Oh and also when is add the coupon it raised my bill that amount not lowered it. I am really looking for a legit clothes app with good products but it seems more and more like a joke. Sorry airy fix it and let me know. Tell them your worse than wish in my eyes.

  17. Jackie Moreland says:

    The app experience is fine. I havent received my first order and its been 25 days. I got a message over a week ago that my shipment was in irving. I live very close to irving. I think prices are ok but there are discount stores close that you dont have to wait so long to handle your purchase. The waiting is too long. Hopefully it will be worth it.

  18. Whoopsy says:

    If it looks to good to be true then it is. Ordered and after not receiving a confirmation I sent a email to what was in my PayPal to find out what was going on. They said orders were delayed until the following month. Took alot of emails to get it canceled and refunded. They refunded 2 items then after multiple emails refunded the rest. Looks like I am very fortunate to get my money back at all. If you do a Google search for ZC Holdings (Hong Kong) you will see the many complaints.

  19. Jacqui Ward says:

    Clothing is cheap flimsy material and 2-3 sizes smaller than English sizes. Typical cheap Chinese tat! Customer services don’t understand what you are trying to say and it takes about 4 messages to get your point across. The clothes look great in the pictures but are NOTHING like it in real life. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY!

  20. Fonda Morris says:

    Love the vivid colors. Prices are very reasonable. My first order. Looking forward to receiving!!! ***Received first order, even though the material was some type of polyester, the many articles of clothing that I bought will be returned. Because to me the items looked and felt like a cheap garden flag. I believe that wearing the material would be cool in warm climates.***

  21. Tia Vincent says:

    Nothing was right took a very long time to arrive just to not get my money back and be told I can’t return the items due to hygiene are you kidding me I never even opened it to even try it on and can’t get my money back for clothes I’m not going to wear and spent too much money!!! Worst experience for first time online clothes shopping!!! 😒😤

  22. Florentina Pantiloiu says:

    I ordered some,what a disappointment…I don’t know how size S looks like where they doing these clothes, but they are huge,…most of them don’t match the pictures on the site,…the price is very cheap indeed, but the quality is the same…not happy with the app,block itself a lot,and worry-free return doesn’t work or it’s made to not work,as every time I tried to do it…it’s stop working …doesn’t worth it

  23. Yvonne Armit says:

    I love the Airy app because it’s easy to glide thru. I also love the prices, where else can you get such beautiful stylish clothes at unbeatable prices, nowhere that’s where. I try and get to the Airy app as much as possible but I’m so busy it’s a bit hard but I do scan the emails I get to check on the latest additions and any drops in prices which happens all the time. I highly recommend Airy everyone should download the app.

  24. Tina Miracle says:

    I really enjoy shopping from Airy. You offer great looking styles at such reasonable prices. I particularly like the Boho styles. And, let me say, my bank isn’t the only one that has my back. I had placed an order, but my bank of course, declined to pay unless I approved it by calling or texting letting them know that it was indeed me, the card holder, that was ordering. Being a Sunday, I was having trouble. Airy wanted proof also. Thank you for the security. Some would be annoyed. Not me. ❤

  25. Lori Schulz says:

    I absolutely love this site!! I have so many new outfits to choose from and they LOOK like they cost me a fortune BUT the prices cant be beat!!! This is one site you can trust and the packaging is great…items are folded neatly in separate zippered bags and all delivered at once. The only downside is the wait time …. normally takes a month via USPS.

  26. francesca fadda says:

    If you want what you see with this app you will be disappointed. The pictures are enhanced and not as described…… Fraudulent selling. Sending back what you ordered is difficult with this app. When trying to obtain a return lable, unless you print it first time around, you dont get a second chance. You also will NOT have a full refund. Zero rating for such a poor company.

  27. Mandy Butcher says:

    Fantastic range of women’s plus size clothing. Ordered some previously and they were beautiful, comfortable, smart, well priced and very refreshing.. delivery was excellent, packaging very cool, each item was individually packed into zip bags, so no screwed up clothes which made a change. That’s why I’m back for some happy bunny 🐰

  28. N Kelly says:

    At first glance it looks like a good clothing app. This is not the case. The prices shown on the thumbnail do not necessarily match the item once you click on it. It only matches to a specific size and that is usually a small. It is misleading and should show a from and to price. e.g from £3.50 to £10.00. The models shown are reused with badly photoshopped clothing. Whole experience feels fake and I don’t trust it so won’t be buying. I will be deleting the app.

  29. Staysh E says:

    Easy app for ordering affordable fashion. Plus size and Mensware collection is pretty nice. I enjoy earning free points that can be used for discounts on purchases. And the packaging they use is very impressive.

  30. Patricia Buckley says:

    I love this App! It’s easy for me to navigate, and I’m finding some great deals for a badly needed update for my wardrobe. I’ve lost a lot of weight, and I’ve been able to help my clothes situation economically, and on a fixed income, I’m all about saving what I can! Shipping’s prompt too! 🙂

  31. Ildiko Hegyi says:

    I’m new to Airy Dress. Placed my order. Paid for the order. The amount went off my credit card. Two days later I get an email saying that due to the fact that I didn’t reply to their query they have cancelled my order and the amount will be refunded within 2 weeks. I didn’t get the query. I went into the app and saw that there was a little red dot on the ‘my account’ icon. Oh look, my query. Seriously guys, you just lost a client. I will not order from Airy Dress again.

  32. Linda Valkeith says:

    I’ve only recently started using Airy, very easy to use. Purchased a pair of boots from them, very quick delivery. You have the option of paying for items when you order them or buy now pay later which is very useful if you want something but don’t have the money to pay straight away. Will be using Airy again.

  33. Ewa Stefaniak-Keith says:

    Great choice of clothing at very reasonable price. I have now made 2 orders from this site. First was an absolute disaster – ordered a size too big but an excellent customer service offered some options to resolve it. One thing that is disappointing is that only good reviews are shown on the site. It’s a shame because honest reviews are so helpful.

  34. Mavis Hope says:

    Lovely stuff. Have to pay shipping so need to watch that but overall it is worth it for the quality of the stock. Not had to return anything so far and you’ve got bonuses and points to redeem. Still have the same opinion of the company however Courier used is ridiculous and now having trouble getting a refund of replacement as there is no option to speak with a person anywhere on any of the automated links and the courier photo clearly shows it not my letterbox.

  35. Sonya Mendez says:

    Love the styles, but after receiving in the mail, they’re not the same at all. Most have worse quality than cheap Halloween costumes! Some of them had unfinished edges with material and thread coming apart. The shoes are not the same at all, I thought they were like leather cause that’s what the pictures show, but actually they’re like cheap plastic. I’m glad it was free shipping to send back on the first order, but they didn’t give back the full amount I paid. I will NEVER order again.

  36. April Jervah says:

    I truly was happy when I found Airy. I really liked the different styles they offered and I bought a lot of things. What I learned is you have to pick your clothes wisely and you will enjoy them more. They offer you the type of materials (if you read and look) that you prefer or fit your frame the best. They describe if it’s stretchy or slightly stretchy. That what drew me to Airy.

  37. Zee Zio says:

    Buyer beware! I bought two pairs of shoes one I sent back it was twice my size. when I got the return it was a different type of heel on the shoe I noticed the merchandise is not like the picture. Therefore no real customer service only by email and you can’t really explain the problem with your merchandise you can only send back for free to get something different. The second time will be no free shipping. Also the ratings on the merchandise is false you can’t give a negative report 👎

  38. Julie McDonald says:

    Airy and airy dress both have some pretty cool clothes and shoes etc. The big problem is trying to order something from them there’s no way to do it. When you try to check out it just takes you around and around in circles of your information and checking out but you never get to actually check out.

  39. Jo Anne Ludwig Stinger says:

    Sizes fairly accurate. Read the “description” before selecting. Some are very nice fabrics but some are cheesy & cheap with a very poor fit. Shipping was outrageous for my 2nd order. More than the cost of what I bought (after coupon savings). No phone number, emails only. If it wasn’t for the cheap prices and ability to offset even those with points, I wouldn’t even bother with this seller. But I was happy with most of what I ordered.

  40. Tammy Hicks says:

    Only problem I’ve had is I ordered a pair of jeans that were perfect fit and length, fit great!! But then I ordered another pair, exactly the same! But it was 3 sizes to big!! Idk what happened, but the tags said they were supposed to be correct but they were not!!

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