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October 31, 2022
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World of Kings Apk Download New*

World of Kings is a Three-D MMORPG masterpiece with Unbelievable graphics and Classic gameplay.

Global of Kings Apk Obtain New*

New Update 1. Open the new Racing Dungeon-Icyfire Ridge
2. We will open a new Trial——Nightmare Dread Three. The Tainted T4 set is open. Warriors can get the Tainted T4 set Portions by way of Collaborating in the Tournament trials: Nightmare Dread, Guild Dungeon: Tune of Tides. Four. The new Fallen Heroes Temple “Harma Temple” and the new Fallen Heroes Race “Orc” are opened.
In the Huge open International of Extra than 26 Square kilometers, you can Build your Personality freely and Make a selection from 6 races and 30 Advanced classes to Get started an Exciting Journey. Dozens of epic dungeons, More than a few bosses, Legendary guns and Ample loots are Ready for you and your Group. Warriors now are Ready to Transfer between all Categories Without limitation. More Nice contents are coming up in the new Model of Global of Kings – Awakening of the Earth.

International of Kings Apk Obtain New* mod apk

When the darkness hovers over Eastern land Once Once more, Furries Will have to to find the Method to save their Hometown the place they Have been born and grew up. Heroes, it is the time to unite with Furries to Clutch the artifact Again from NOX and Bring the Mild back for war-torn Jap land Once more! Warriors, are you In a position to Join the expedition with Furries?

International of Kings Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

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Global of Kings Apk Obtain New* release


Global of Kings Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

Dungeons: Extra than Five epic dungeons have been added into the new Model;
Simplified dungeon modes with Extra Nice dropped Pieces and gears;
Tank, healer, DPS, Carry out your Duties and make a Great group;
Get epic loots. The Tougher the dungeons are, the Better rewards you will get!

Global of Kings Apk Obtain New* apk mod

PvP: Masses of Adjustments have been made for Each elegance in the new Version to make PvP battles More balanced Call up your teammates to Construct a squad. Now you are Ready to Staff up with Friends to Fit in the Arena and battlefield; Start a duel anytime Any place, Observe your Combat Talents;
Real-time PvP Machine, Simplest the Strong ones May Survive; Massive multi-player battlefield. Guild battles of More than 100 avid gamers. Battle for honor!

International of Kings Apk Obtain New* apk

A Real magic World: Logo new race and newly added Elementary elegance 6 races possess Impartial Tales, 10 Elementary and 30 Advanced categories for you to Make a choice from;
New Level Cap is To be had now and Players can have new Skills when they Succeed in lvl Eighty. Loads of mounts and pets will Magnify your Collection; Massive open Global of 26 Square kilometers, Hundreds of NPCs, Discover the hidden Stories; Find beautiful sceneries and Discover Each and every corner of this World.


40 comments on "World of Kings Apk Download New*"

  1. Jody Audriana says:

    I like the game and the graphics but the attack button is to slow I only get maybe one hit while the enemy can hit me multiple times in a row so that really kills the game play for me. I know it’s just come out so that’s hopefully something that will be fixed but other then that I Really like it keep up the good work!! 😁 😁 👍👍

  2. Robin Wiley says:

    So yeah , first and foremost you can actually control your flying mount and fly around for fun so that’s a big plus for me , I haven’t seen another mobile mmo with this feature, I even found some armor on top of a castle. I wish I could disable auto combat completely as well as other auto features but I’m happy they can be turned off temporarily. and wow 4 race selection with genders and a ton of classes that also have class upgrades at level 40. Dungeons are fun and actually require some skill.

  3. Devin Dicky says:

    too much automation, and when you turn it off you lose the ability to locate quest objectives. ***edit*** understand it’s there to help, but some people enjoy questing and exploring, it’s part of the game they enjoy. there is the option to turn it off but like I said, you lose the quest objective on your map.

  4. Kolleen Bertrand says:

    excellent graphics and a great idea. however the UI is very small and very busy even on my Samsung 9 plus. also the game runs on auto so you don’t have to learn anything where to go what to do Etc the game does it for you. not a good idea if you want people to learn how to play and have a sense of accomplishment. trying to make it like Warcraft on a phone. way way way too much 2 do at once for a beginner

  5. Janella Jonty says:

    I chose to download World of Kings because visually it reminds me so much of World of Warcraft. There are four races to choose from and 9 initial classes to choose from but the promotion system essentially gives you a choice of 27 classes. Each of the classes are uniquely different and are not clones of each other. I did not initially like the auto-play thing but I quickly found that it can be turned on and off. Although I enjoy it while at work and can use the auto play in a safe environment.

  6. Lillah Ayrica says:

    Overall a really good game. Graphics are really good, gameplay is easy to pick up, choice of character is pretty good as well. My only 2 critiques are that if you dont like a character, you can’t delete it and there needs to be a camera option where it locks behind the character. I find myself constantly readjusting the camera. This is particularly irritating. If the developers fixed that and nothing else, I would have given it 5 stars.

  7. Carmelo Lonnie says:

    Outstanding game. I have tried SEVERAL mobile mmos and this is the only one that I have stuck with. The graphics are amazing, UI is easy to navigate (takes some getting used to), progressively challenging, you CAN actually freely fly around the world, daily events and tasks for epic gear & mounts, and best of all… ITS NOT PAY TO WIN!!! I could keep going… It’s an all around great game and this is only the beginning! Its absolutely at least worth a try!

  8. Delisea Alyx says:

    Decent WoW clone, flawed by hand holding (auto questing) and an excessive number of currencies and shortcuts available in the store, which leads to a grindy experience at high levels. Some translation work needed. For mobile, a good effort in the genre, but lacks slightly in that true MMO feel, mostly due to auto questing causing a lack of interest in story, or exploration, and some things being tied to a stamina system. Overall, definitely worth trying the game if you like the genre.

  9. Kaleigh Sharene says:

    basically BFA. quests are too easy. But dungeons are good. I really don’t like that you can auto play. It doesn’t take too long to get flying mounts, which is awesome! But it feels meaningless because you can just teleport anyway. Here we have a beautiful open world but the immersion is ruined due to these factors. I also find the daily rewards annoying. you have to open multiple menus to collect everything. I’m still enjoying the dungeons, So I’m going to keep playing.

  10. Aesoburne Laz says:

    The overall gameplay and choices are very nice each of very diverse. It would be nice though if certain races had advantages over others. Even though there is an auto play function when you go into dungeons that will get you killed you do have to play it manually for a good portion of the game. So far I have two characters up to level 60 and I am enjoying it plus I like the flexibility in the different types of Healers and Tanks.

  11. Tiffaney Darnell says:

    While the game was running, I couldnt listen to anything through bluetooth, it just plays through my phone. Also when i pressed the volume buttons, they only changed “in-call volume”. Then I checked the permissions, and there were some weird things in there. Change audio settings, pair with bluetooth devices, close other apps, connect and disconnect from Wifi. Why would a game need those permissions? No thanks.

  12. Atheistan Jazmina says:

    So much to do, fun with a guild with a lot of things to accomplish together. I do wish the controls were more customizable. Using a mount manually is a disaster, its not in an efficient spot and should be movable as a separate entity. Also people that play on auto, are not useful in raids and dungeons. They just stand in damage and do terrible DPS. I would recommend modes with auto disabled.

  13. Avrell Gwilym says:

    The skills your character uses never change. from level one, up to sixty. The skill trees are only boosting percentages for your stats, resistances and skills. You cant use items you own for fashion. I have brand new gear and I cant even see it equipped. Way to many buttons. It’s a very overly complicated ui. You can spend money, but not for anything worthwhile. There are about six or seven different game currencies. The devs need to trim the fat.

  14. Jackquelin Carolann says:

    Auto Play but you can turn off auto use skills and auto move to target that helps a lot. Character Customization is a joke. Cant delete characters??? Um… what???? This is like, low level stuff guys wow. Overwhelming too many systems, like most Chinese MMOs so you already know what to expect. Cons out of the way, it’s a great game. Runs well, plays well, lots of awesome classes, etc. P2W yes, but its fun.

  15. Wulfweardsweorth Gwydion says:

    It’s a decent game. the only auto thing I’ve encountered is auto questing (where you run to your next quest objective instead of walking to it yourself). The reason I’m giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is the fact that there is no character deletion option and there should be. If you’re going to give people the option to make multiple characters, at least give them the option of deleting those characters if they so choose. There shouldn’t be any reason why this hasn’t been implemented yet.

  16. Merrill Rayder says:

    The battles are fun. The 72 starting character options are great. The visuals are stunning. The only problem is the dialogue. In fact, it’s so bad that the game is almost unplayable at times. It’s obvious English isn’t the first language of whoever wrote it, but even then, sometimes the typed up words and spoken words are completely different. If it could be fixed, it would honestly be one of my favourite games. Unfortunately, I doubt that it will ever happen.

  17. Fenton Jon says:

    The English in the game is so terrible that it’s often VERY confusing. The written dialog rarely matches the corresponding spoken dialog. You’ll frequently be told to seek out an NPC whose name in the quest is nothing even close to the name they’ve been given. There are 20 different ways to add stats to your character, which aren’t explained well. The main quest line REQUIRES you to be overpowered to advance it. On the other hand, the voice acting, combat, and class diversity are fantastic.

  18. Alwyn Cerella says:

    this game has a lot of potential but you have to remove the autopilot mode and the aoutocombat and also you need to let to sell gear and you must remove all the unnecessary buttons from the top of the screen it’s just a waste of game time and harmful the the game experience. do it like wow . super quality. I dont care to pay you per month but not for the game like it’s now (sorry now it’s unbaked and not good enough) p.s if you want me join to your team contact me.

  19. Chris Cordelia says:

    Nearly perfect, this game has just a few weak points. Visually, it’s gorgeous and bright, controls and music are beautiful. The story isn’t anything too new, but a good take on the classic good vs evil. The factions are great with a large amount of class types. The character creation is extremely limited but decent, and the armor that you gather isn’t visually represented at all. Your visual appearance is actually affected by purchased or won outfits and auto questing can be annoying.

  20. Diannie Candice says:

    I only just started playing but so far it’s great, it’s not autoplay dominated but the option is there, lots of chars races and types to choose from, you can even customize them a little. The only NOT so great thing is the graphics can be better. I will hang onto this game for awhile and hope to see improvement. Overall good job for now.

  21. Dannah Tybalt says:

    Love the open world, graphics, and custimization options; BUT theres no setting I can find to turn the auto attack off! I actually enjoy doing quests and killing mobs. It helps me learn my moves, combos, etc. There is a button to turn it off AFTER its already started auto attacking AND it automattically goes back to auto attack the very next part of the quest.

  22. Lannie Davian says:

    I’ve been playing this game now for almost a year have it installed in every single device with 4 different characters outstanding gameplay reminds me of the old school games that used to play on the PC. The only downside is some of the dailies are repetitive both easy to do. it isn’t aPay to play but it is a pay to upgrade or you can just grind it out like I have been doing and it works out just the same you’re able to do it within time. Over all graphics are good, Very easy to pick up and go

  23. Gaylen Kassia says:

    I enjoy the large free-roam of this world and the storyline is very good, good graphics for a mobile rpg, great variety of classes and guild mechanics. My complaints are that its very confusing with all the buttons and mechanics on screen, still dont understand it all. Also playing as any projectile class is a huge advantage and unfair to the close combat classes, because the game automatically sets your attack on a target so theres no way you can dodge an attack coming from 20feet away.

  24. TheBenvelope says:

    I’ve been on again off again with this game a few times. I enjoy it for the most part, but I get frustrated since I can’t delete characters when I just wanted to see what works best for me. Pvp and dungeons are fun and give me a WoW vibe hard except for the auto questing. Great job overall, I’d just fix the permanent characters that don’t work for me personally

  25. M B says:

    It’s not to bad,just wished the starting area for each race would be available to quest instead of playing the same story line with all races (boring). My main is only level 20 and so far I’m fascinated how many similarities are between this game and World of Warcraft,that’s what I like the most! There is a lot of automatic going on there,but it’s not always a bad thing I guess. Also wished that there would be less “Asian style” (costumes,pets ect) but oh well,there is worse out there for sure.

  26. Lifeshatter Lifeshatter says:

    Awesome! Reminds me of of wow I played, no its not exact but close enough for mobile! I have played much the game for a couple months and you have a choice of either taking it slow and learning your levels and skills 1 by 1 or to power through and jump to 80 within the week which makes seasoned players much happier. Yes there is micro transactions but none are needed. I changed my review due to update and auto questing is far less glitch filled, smooth, and quick now, keep up the good work!!

  27. Tim Eggers says:

    Vast beautiful world with many environments to explore. Quest, collect and battle with friends. An amazingly deep fantasy RPG experience. I only wish the screen font size was adjustable, it can be a little small on some screens. Otherwise absolutely worth the download, it will draw you into a beautiful world to explore!

  28. Kenneth Hernandez says:

    The game is awesome in every way except the Auto guidance and Combat. I’ve tried everything in the settings so that I just dont automatically move to go to a quest. But it doesn’t work. I don’t want a game that plays for me, is that even a game? Aside from that the world is big but feels good but not a lot of random quests around to do. If the Auto mechanics can be completely be turned off then I’ll come back to the game along with a bunch of side quest would be cool.

  29. Alexander Omar says:

    After several attempts, the game continuously crashes at the same point. After the opening cinematic, during that load screen the app force closes every time. I’ve tried wifi, no wifi, restart phone, uninstalled and reinstalled numerous times to no avail. I have no idea what the game is like because I can’t get further than the first loading screen. I’m using a Google Pixel 5 XL and it’s up to date.

  30. Russell Campbell says:

    Leveled 2 characters to 80 and 1 to 73. In the middle of playing, my account was frozen “robot0909” for 3 years apparently. It’s an alright game, but I don’t think I’m interested in grinding, and purchasing upgrades if they just randomly get taken away on a whim. Can’t even contact customer support because I can’t log into my account. 1 star because 0 is not an option.

  31. Charlie says:

    As mentioned this game is HEAVILY borrowed from old world (pre-Cata) Warcraft. Very nostalgic for me. Great graphics and the story is immersing. It is, however very mis-leading to say it’s truly open world, as it is almost completely auto along the main story. You can’t deviate from the main path and find side quests and xp, for example. If you like auto MMOs (or games) you shouldn’t be gaming, instead watch TV. Great potential, but a very raw form. I will follow development.

  32. Krisu says:

    This game is decent. Lots of classes to choose from and flashy skills. Unfortunately, there is a lack of character customization and of course there is autoplay. IMO the best part was that the devs took time to develop different starting places for different races. The main story is incredibly cliché and quite stale. And of course, this game has Loli dwarves. That’s a bruh moment. It’s a bit sussy that the ratings jumped from 3.8 or something all the way to 4.5

  33. Chris Behnke says:

    This game deserves some credit for the things it does well. It has good variety in classes and races, auto game play that can be turned off and is not necessary to play it, well designed landscape and a lot of different systems. There are some minor gripes, but when you consider that it is a successfully implemented mmo with the requisite simplicity for mobile play, it’s pretty good. Don’t look for deep immersion, but if you’re after a quick and dirty mmo fix, this one is better than most.

  34. Andrew Carlisle says:

    I don’t understand the progression of this game. After maybe an hour of play I finished some quest that took me from level 10 straight to 70 and gave me a full set of gear, why? And the menus, good lord, it’s a cluster ****. There are so many different upgrade and exchange tabs that I can’t keep track of any of it. I thought the last game I played had too many, but this is a whole new level of ridiculous. If it weren’t for the “Improvements” icon I would have quit already.

  35. Jarrett Ingalls says:

    I’ve noticed its starting to become a pay to win. Earning gold is ridiculous, trying to farm materials needed to upgrade items is ridiculous, unless you pay money in game. I have played for over 2 years now and its just not the same, there is still so much they need to fix! I think it should be easy for everyone to be able to obtain 100k+ ratings without pay to win.

  36. Brian Hatzelhoffer says:

    This game holds a lot of elements that WoW has. Customization is very limited. There is autoplay but it’s non invasive. You can override it simply by using the controls and have full control over your character and what they do. So if you feel like being lazy and leveling up a character while you do something else you can. But if you want to actually play yourself, you can do that too. I hate autoplay but this game does it well.

  37. Levi Croker says:

    I like the graphics and gameplay. The story’s interesting enough. Character customization is a bit limited but that’s ok. I at least love that you can choose gender and race for each class. The only thing I dislike about this game is the auto feature; it takes away some of the fun of game. Don’t know what’s so hard in implementing objective marker/guidance system in mobile MMOs, or at least having auto as a complete choice instead of reactivating after every task…

  38. Greg Barnes says:

    Very glitchy game. Like when you move across the map you are actually floating. You also have to deal with non stop requirements for levels which don’t come, which means you log out and wait a day to hit the next milestone. In the end you spend more time running back and forth for quests than playing. then you hit that wall “reach X lvl to proceed”. Oh and lets not forget the first purchase packs end up giving you items you can’t use till lvl 70. Thats a trap to make you stay. Very boring

  39. Andrew Piccirilli says:

    The game is entirely auto play. I really tried hard to like the game because the classes and races look really cool and the graphics are similar to WoW. But I went into the settings and turned auto play off and it still played the game and fought for me. Auto play makes or breaks games for me this has the potential of being a 5 star game without it. I don’t want to watch a game play itself and if the multiplayer has auto play I don’t want to be running a dungeon etc with someone using it.

  40. Aaron Smith says:

    This game is very fun. My lower resting of the app has to fix with the fact that I had to reset my device (recommended by many tech experts to do at least once a year.) I lost all of my progress. I tried multiple fixes for this error and when none of them worked. I reached out to the devs three separate times and never received a response. For that reason, I’m moving on to other more reliable apps and games that don’t have this extremely frustrating problem.

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