The Chest: A Cursed Hero Mod Apk New 2022*


So you Mean This Box is My Hero? Hyper-Inflation Idle RPG
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Super Planet
August 30, 2021
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The Chest: A Cursed Hero Mod Apk New 2022*

So, You Imply This Field is My Hero?

The Chest: A Cursed Hero Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

A hero who turned into a chest with a witch’s curse! Within the lonely journey of a chest searching for a witch to dispel the curse, the witch, Ellin, is with you as a better half!
Will the chest be capable of transform human once more?

The Chest: A Cursed Hero Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

■ Idle RPG with out regulate
See the fight spread with easy controls anytime, any place!

The Chest: A Cursed Hero Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

• Revel in simple and easy with computerized play, computerized searching, and automated farming!
• Earn gold and pieces repeatedly even offline!

The Chest: A Cursed Hero Mod Apk New 2022* unencumber

■ Hyper Spice up! Unstoppable Super-Power Enlargement Assist your individual chest get more potent and watch it alternate!

The Chest: A Cursed Hero Mod Apk New 2022* apk

• Beef up your stats with explosively expanding gold and defeat an impressive enemy in a single shot!
• Grow to be more potent through bettering your stats because of mythical apparatus and equipment!
• Card assortment that provides you with particular talents by means of gathering playing cards that are compatible a given challenge!

The Chest: A Cursed Hero Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

■ Global map: make monsters and dragons your allies
Strategic play that turns the most powerful enemy right into a spouse! Construct an impressive workforce with taking pictures and taming!

The Chest: A Cursed Hero Mod Apk New 2022*

• Purify infected minerals within the huge global map and discover the arena!
• Catch tough wild monsters by way of putting in traps and tame them as partners!
• Make the fearsome dragon your best friend and feature extra energy!

“Any explanation why to attend any more? Sign up for the journey of the Chest with the lovable significant other Ellin.”


40 comments on "The Chest: A Cursed Hero Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Romar says:

    Honestly just a trashy money farm filled with ads and in app purchases so they can farm your time and money. Anyone with a little know how could make this hot garbage within 2 weeks at most with some free assets. This is the kinda game you see get released on the play store again just under different names. I would not recommend wasting your time.

  2. jasper hofstee says:

    Alright this game is terrible. Not only the lag you WILL have but the design of the UI is terrible nothing feels intuitive and everything has is made out of big chunky blocks making you scroll and scroll combined with the lag The gameplay and missions are terrible you start with”upgrade damage to LV 20″ and a few missions later you jump to needing to upgrade to LV 100 there is no normal progreession

  3. Daniel Mills says:

    Crashed multiple times before even finishing tutorial. Have to agree to T&S every time you open the game. Tutorial screen doesn’t disappear once finished, leaving the game unplayable.

  4. Luis Gonzalez says:

    Um, not too sure about this one. I was interested in seeing how the chest would be the hero of this game, so I pre-registered and got it now, but it’s quite messy. Upgrades take too long to buy, I have to hold the button forever instead of a “max buy” button or something, but the auto upgrade for equipment is a nice feature. Some more options for quality would also be nice, since there’s always weapons flying around. Also, getting quest rewards takes forever. Less is more 😉

  5. Richard M says:

    Terms of use and Collection and use of personal info are in Korean and must be agreed to to play. Then I tried a ton of different ways and combinations to spell a nickname, they’re all invalid. From reading the other reviews it doesn’t get better after that.

  6. Charles Hoesel says:

    I pre-registered for this game because it sounded interesting. I can’t even get past the title screen because the agreements you’re supposed to accept blindly are completely in Korean! You shouldn’t be asked to translate every word of a document just understand what you’re agreeing to, or be expected to agree to things blindly. Removing from my phone until that is fixed.

  7. Rowan Hawthorne says:

    Latency is bad, touch zones frequently unresponsive, pretty bog-standard idle RPG. The biggest annoyance is the fact that taps frequently don’t register at all.

  8. Kelvin Tung says:

    The game is so buggy, and it is lagging the interface. I was playing for a short while, and the app lagged the OS, so I close it. And when I re-open the app, it doesn’t recall that I’ve got an account and need to re-register again! Poor design and UI/UX. Restart the game and crashed at stage 1-3. I’ve given up on the app. Poor checks before launch.

  9. Gene Bernadette says:

    I’ve been playing for 30 minutes now. The game is ridiculously addicting as the game gives generous rewards each clear at the dungeon. The graphics are attractive, although I would’ve like more substance to the story around Hero’s background (overall, that is my personal preference but great game!) The gameplay is something I haven’t tried– and I highly recommend it to new players to this genre.

  10. Joshua Delacruz says:

    Would love to try the game and it looks good but it keeps crashing. Can’t even do anything. I have decent specs on my phone so I don’t think that’s the issue. I can send you my device details if you give me a support email I can send them to. As well as other details you need to debug.

  11. Neilson Truong says:

    The game is horribly laggy and crashes if you try to do anything. It’s just another idle game, but here’s the kicker. The best gacha drops have a 0.017% rate. That’s one of the lowest I’ve ever heard of. It doesn’t matter if you inflate your rankings until SSS is your 6th highest, it’s as trash as C-tier drops in any other game because there is something better. The game really doesn’t deserve your attention in any way with this predatory scam.

  12. Ken Geller says:

    Concept was interesting as a differentiator, but execution missed. There is not much substance or story to the game outside of the initial premise and so I found myself bored and unmotivated to watch the tons of ads.

  13. Dante Hunter says:

    After trying several names, it finally accepted a name, the prologue is supposed to start, the entire phone and everything freezes for half minute then the game crashes. Fix the game and I will give it a second shot…

  14. Ben N says:

    Great game i think but the game itself still is buggy. Sometimes when i tap an item or option it doesnt respond. Crashes is happening too. Hope an update will fix this. 3 stars for now.

  15. Hunter Felch says:

    (I pre-ordered this or pre-registered) Okay I’m in love with it so far but it does every once in a while just freeze my phone and works again in like a minute but other than that I’m really liking it. Plus to be honest there aren’t many ads. Yeah to get an attack boost and to get more gems you can watch and add to do that but what game anymore doesn’t it’s how they make money. If you don’t want these extra things you don’t have to. There is the occasional ad here and there but barely ever.

  16. Silver Wolfe says:

    This game needs more polish than a bald guy’s head. It’s laggy as hell in everything you do, drop rates are abysmal, very heavily ad reliant for buffs and you need to spend at least $18-$20 just for an add-free experience because post-boss and buffs ads are their own bundles.

  17. SirIsaac says:

    An amazing game with very good concepts. Simple to figure out and not very demanding of people in general. The only problem is the game is very choppy on my device. It skips around and the animations aren’t smooth at all. I’ve played other super planet games and never had this issue. I’m not sure if it is my device or not, but It would definitely be a 5 star if it was smoother.

  18. Chew Head (SedBird) says:

    I dont see why all the hate, ad’s ARE optional or you can watch them and get free stuff. If the boss ad isnt your thing(and it doesnt happen all the time) you can spend 5$ to perm remove the ad’s. I like the game and find it being an interesting concept along with being able to capture monsters, get cards and fuse weps/chests. overall if you are into idle games this one is very fun and f2p friendly. Dev’s seem to work quick on fixing bugs so that really gives me hope for the game!

  19. Meta 1ShotSlave says:

    The game pretty fun but idk why it lags a lot. Too much thrown in the menu itself. Ads is optional. After a while i cannot watch ads for rewards and buff hope you do something about it.

  20. Khuency Rebayla says:

    Can’t play. It alaways crash. I just downloaded it a while ago and it already crashes 8 times. I though if I patiently wait for it to load it willwork but it won’t even go further after the first glasses girl. So disappointed

  21. CTW says:

    I played this game a bit and its highly fun. Although im not too far in and bhave now hit a issue. I have a 4 weapon chest with a fairly high 4 weapons but the only real damage im now doing is through crit despite damage being level 600+. However free ruby mining is a amazing feature. Many make you pay for it in high diamond prices it being free is a pleasent change. Keep up the good work and unique ideas and pls dont fall into another p2p game.

  22. Ahsien Reading (Saffari1) says:

    Unfortunately it crashes at the first dialog screen, can’t skip it or do anything else. Once this is fixed I’ll try it again so I can give a real review of a game rather than an image.

  23. Nsomniacs Dream says:

    Kind of different with the monster hunting but it’s a pretty basic “level up your stuff to reach higher levels” idle battler. The app itself frequently ignores my taps, and the menus will just freeze for no reason. I’m not gonna keep playing, it’s kind of annoying.

  24. Martin Neale says:

    Pre registered as it sounded interesting but now uninstalled, the amount and length of ads you need to watch to do anything is ridiculous, these ads are not really optional as you need the extra you get to make progress. If they balance this out better it may be worth another look.

  25. Destiny Love says:

    Good graphics and gameplay but i have a MASSIVE problem. It doesnt save my progress. Everytime i close and reopen the game it starts back at the tutoriel. All progress gone. Would really appreciate a fix.

  26. Ahmad Azhari says:

    BS game, got stuck at the starting main mission so I decided to closed and reopen the game and i had to restart from scratch. Sent an email, and decided to keep playing to go as far as possible and played to the point my damage, crit dmg and crit chance reached 1,230 level and maxed out my D, C and B rank weapons. Went to settings and saved data. Closed the game to see the changes. And I have to restart all over again. Don’t bother playing this game. No point

  27. Clinton Festus says:

    Gameplay was doing fine for 30 min and then it kicked me out saying my connection was bad which is incorrect because my connection has no problem I even did a speed test and there were no problems now when I try to rejoin it keep saying “Gameserver connection fail” Please fix this it ruining the gameplay I would have given a 5 star if not for this

  28. Matthew Killcreas says:

    Good take on idleRPG. Quick to fix bugs. I would love to see a multiplayer aspect, maybe group bosses or some kind of competition/event. Some of the prices are a little too expensive compared to most games but this is absolutely playable without buying anything.

  29. Rob Newbold says:

    This is 100% an Ad Watching Simulator. I could handle it for a few days, but oh my gosh the ads. Every 30 seconds you’re watching one. There isn’t much of a point to this: there is no real gameplay. You just keep upgrading everything to ridiculous levels that are obviously meant to continually show you that you’re incredibly powerful. When in reality you are just starting the game at low levels. When I “play” it now I just feel like I’m being the victim of a con, or a bad scam.

  30. michael terry (ShadowMan) says:

    To whom this concerns. I cant get pass the nickname screen every name I put in is invalid. I want to play even with the update I still cant get pass it. Is there something I’m doing wrong? I will put the stars up once I can get in and play. As I’m currenlty eating it low due to the experience of the home screen which wont affect my experience of playing the actual game.

  31. Michael (Mikey) says:

    The game was semi decent for its type while it was actually working got an error on day 3 so missed almost all of that day, they fixed it in an update played two more days now when I go to log on it says error and says ban with korean writing next to it. I would not bother wasting your time or money with this company, it is not worth it.

  32. shoombabi says:

    Do not update to 1.04! Progress gets reset after closing the game! Otherwise was really enjoying this though extremely bummed to have lost many gems and an hour of my time. Edit: adequate compensation and a reasonably quick response time from the devs, but unfortunately a lot of people exploiting the game’s use of system clock instead of a server- based one. Kind of makes effort and paying meaningless for progress against rampant and easy cheating

  33. ghoulishtie says:

    Missed out on the last login bonus since it refreshes in the middle of the day for me and not overnight. There shouldn’t even be a “pass” mechanic for login stuff, no other idle game I’ve played does that. Thought this was an ok game, but not now. Uninstalled

  34. Josh Ernsteen says:

    The game appears to intesting to play, but I am unable to defeat the boss creature at the end of the tutorial using all of the available options to me in game. The game will just reset right before the boss to try again, and again with no prevail whatever.

  35. nofirstname nolastname says:

    ad generator, gets repetitive really quickly, not really very idle either, you are only constantly spending time grinding to tame pets you never catch and they decide how far you get. So to get stronger you have to actively play nonstop and watch ads nonestop. It gets old reaaaaal quick.

  36. Dane Sachs says:

    Incredibly unique spin on the Idle formula! Very refreshing systems and “heroes” to collect, gorgeous artwork, fast progression (at least so far), solid tutorialization, and bursting with charm! Perfect for casual players and idle vets that want something fresh! Incredibly f2p so far as well! Me and my girlfriend started it together and we’re both enjoying it!

  37. Brian Hardy says:

    Review Update 1: So, having played for a bit, it’s still a good time killer. I haven’t gotten my new wings yet, but it’s still lacking additional content, which might be in the works, who knows. One thing that would be nice is if there was a way of getting a buff for increased red gems instead of getting the standard 1, 2, 3, 4 from the random tamed monsters. It takes a REALLY long time to LB a weapon/chest. 300 RG for the 2nd tier is a bit of a grind in my book. Could be looked into.

  38. Andy Febrico Bintoro says:

    An idle game. You need to watch a lot of ads here. A typical idle RPG, you need to upgrade weapons which you need to open many chests to upgrade the tier, and also upgrade it’s current stats.

  39. Giulietta Juwono Seto says:

    The story itself is interesting, however I see there’s still many problems with this game. The first few minutes I entered the game crashed and every time a tutorial log pops up I can’t get rid of it, which forces me to quit the game and come back again. I’m not sure if the problem lies in the game or incompatibility with my device (I’m using an Android, OnePlus 5T). (This comment was back in July) Edit: Ok now it’s December, so I gave this game a second chance and now the bugs are gone~

  40. James Dawn says:

    The game seems generous with the f2p player, and the concept of a hero of unusual shape is interesting. There appears to be a fair amount of effort put into iterating upon old standard systems in this sort of game. Still, the game feels like it is lacking something to really retain my interest. I’ve probably played way too many games in this genre.😅

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