Taichi Panda: Heroes Premium Apk


Enter a world of fantasy, action, and pandas in the top MMO for mobile! 
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Snail Games USA Inc
July 5, 2022
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Taichi Panda: Heroes Premium Apk

Join the limitless and intense real-time fight in Desperation Survival Replace! As you hack, slash, and blast your approach with Lion Middle Roar, the new massive and robust, Mid-short vary fighter! He’s so excellent at AOE controlling and can indulge you in unique and dominative enjoy! Chinese language Zodiac Battlefield is at the cause, it’s your time to hit mythical. Conflict in opposition to competitors in an unlimited delusion international, staff up with buddies to discover the wild continent and raid Dungeons, and the new 12-players PvP Battleground. Can you develop into your self to an unstoppable fighter? Get started taking part in Taichi Panda: Heroes lately to write down your personal destiny!

Taichi Panda: Heroes Top class Apk apk mod 2022

Go back to the lovely Taichi Global

Taichi Panda: Heroes Top class Apk apk mod

Shuttle again to the times earlier than Taichi Panda, and uncover the thriving myth kingdom. Discover an infinite and thrilling global of bandits and brawlers, mystics and maniacs, all rendered in COMPUTER high quality graphics. Transform the real celestial champion as struggle, hack, bash, and minimize your strategy to riches and glory in a fast moving and Three-D motion journey!

Taichi Panda: Heroes Top rate Apk

Command your Military of Heroes

Taichi Panda: Heroes Top class Apk mod apk

Take regulate of a wide selection of distinctive and strong heroes with Taichi Panda: Heroes’ leading edge multi-character gadget. Accumulate your forces and select your squad to take the sector, combating thru unending hordes and abominable beasts to snatch the day. Mix’n’match your heroes and turn your primary personality to fit your technique.

Taichi Panda: Heroes Top rate Apk apk

Discover the A long way Corners of the Land

Taichi Panda: Heroes Top rate Apk apk mod new

Many wonders lay hidden around the continent, looking forward to heroes to find them! Project into the unknown and face the terrors that stay inside to discover riches, treasures, and glory in a large-scale open sport global. Combat along fellow gamers, tackle particular missions, and combat for survival with open participant on participant motion!

Taichi Panda: Heroes Top rate Apk unencumber

Sign up for Allies for Mythical Motion
Stake your allegiance and battle for honor, energy, or riches along pals in a web based motion journey! Tackle robust beasts of fantastic energy along allies, and battle to change into without equal champion with on-line Arenas. Sign up for with buddies in groups and Guilds to find your individual mythical Taichi journey!

==Connect== Discuss with our respectable website to be told extra about Taichi Panda Heroes: http://panda2.snail.com/en Sign up for the Taichi Panda Heroes neighborhood and be informed extra on Fb and our legit Discussion board: Fb Web page: https://www.fb.com/TaichiPanda2/ Group Discussion board: http://panda2bbs.snail.com


40 comments on "Taichi Panda: Heroes Premium Apk"

  1. Andrecka Bertilda says:

    guys u made my favorite game ever but u have to fix the lucky spin plzzzzzzzz it would mean a lot to me and probably many others also add more things to it make the free roam monsters a bit harder cause im Lv. 54 and i just one shot it all so its not fun playing with my friends cause im just killing everything or standing back so they can kill as well if you read this thx plz fix those things and i would say its a perfect game also gold is harder to get when u r higher lvs cause it takes more gold to lv up your items so can u also add something for gold as well. Plzzzzzz. Thx

  2. Albie Crespin says:

    4 star only cuz there’s a daily exp limit. therefore giving the 10x exp booster no meaning. in my view I won’t pay more than 500gems in the auction house let alone the 2-3k ppl ask for. I’ll be back to edit this once I remember some things. it’s so far, been impossible for me to complete any team required mini events.

  3. Bartholomew Tekle says:

    It looks like it’s getting better, but the game have few people playing now, and you know this is the best mmorpg for android, even it’s better than Taichi Panda 3, you should do more ads about this game, because few people know it.

  4. Chrystian Branda says:

    I’m not happy I no under tavern it says mount store but for some reason you are not fixing it and when I trying find a Match in pvp it takes way to long to load if you don’t want this game to run anymore get rid of it I’m sick of trying to find a game so I can get a dragon mount and never having the option to do so and all so if you want to put an option for a mount to be in the store it should lead you to what you want I wanted a wymer demon but it seems to be everytime it says go to the store and I do its not there fix your game or let it go

  5. Darnal Kadie says:

    Its an interesting game but the limit in experience when killing monsters is not ok please if you could just remove the limit

  6. Philip Lizandra says:

    guys..pls fix visual skills bug and hide pet,make it actually hide… this things make me quit..i love this game and ive spend a lot of real money in it..ty

  7. Daylon Ardine says:

    I’m loving this game It’s got good graphics and so far a good story I love how you can chain your regular attack with your special to pull off combos I like the idea of having a mix of Japanese with Chinese like the the monk you meet is Chinese but the spider lady is actually a monster from Japanese culture/folk lore hope to see more references like that I think it’s awesome as a side note I love how Max is his Katana flipped the right way with the sheeth the subs don’t match only thing I hate

  8. Anthasazia Romay says:

    it doesn’t even let me into the game at first it downloaded the files and when I reopen the game the files starts to download from the beginning.This happened for three times I just wasted my data

  9. Faer Brianne says:

    Its an overall good game but on Zoll Island, When i accomplished the mission with 3 stars, When i press confirm, it exits me out of the game. Very Dissatisfied

  10. Abbot Aesclin says:

    I’ve been playing this game for years I love it. I just dont like how certain parts of the game and story mode glitch out.

  11. Ginger Stiles says:

    My brother on this app it says it needs to update but it is not updating it keeps on saying restart client before this happened he was able to play it and how do you restart client on a Amazon tablet and it says error code 2. I think the game is good through.

  12. Ambelaine Farren says:

    Wasted My Time Downloading This At First The Game Is Running And Then When I Completed The Tutorial I Crashed Out Of The Game And I Done It Several Times And It Only Has The Same Result And There’s A Number On A Loading Screen (110) Before I Crash Out

  13. Millman Marjolaine says:

    Can’t get past tutorial. Just crashes and makes you start all over again

  14. Westbrook Sherly says:

    I’m getting the same error message as Chris 110 ing game freezes no way to contact support from what I see my opinion don’t Download as there is no support

  15. Fernando Tabag says:

    There must be a new game of this, new server or else new version of Taichi Panda 2. Because there are so many high VIP’s/ levels killing with no reason. They down you at all coz ur low level.

  16. - Razz - says:

    So I need gelp with chapter 9 Magma vein boss. Whenever I go through that ” portal ” it becomes all purple to me, and I cannot do anything. The whole screen becomes purple. But other than that, I really love this game🥰

  17. John Norvin says:

    I had the same issue like the others, it crashes every single time after the quest, after winning and then when you click the confirm it crashes, every single time, that’s why i can’t even play, fix it pleaseeeeeeeee

  18. Ernesto Salazar says:

    Graphics take alot of time..on hight graphics or low, dont play this game and the top up events is trash Lol this game is going bankrupt. Good bye! -from an loyal costumer.

  19. Fenris Strange says:

    Won’t play after the 1st battle Have reloaded it and same problem. Too bad, I have the other 2 games and really want all 3. Hope they fix it. This is an awesome series.

  20. Lelouch VI Britannia says:

    Amazing!! Quality just icant say how good this game is and i don’t even have to pay to have full fun unlike other games which pay to play , thank you so much for makeing such a magnifico masterpice.

  21. Shappiskar says:

    The MMORPG i would excpect to play. This WAS the best game i have ever played. It’s a shame Snail forgot about this game and ruined it with server merge. RIP. Snail developers, if you make new servers, please, don’t merge it with others.

  22. Matthew Batista says:

    It’s a fantastic game but it keeps on logging me out and it says the update is finished but it won’t let me in and it gets annoying it would have been five if not for that

  23. Awele says:

    Been playing for a while now. It’s a great game but hate to see how snail totally forgot about the game and puts minimal efforts into making it better. A player constantly attacks the server and despite numerous reports yall couldn’t do shii to a simple DOS attack. Glitches are still a regular occurrence🤦‍♂️

  24. Xavier Woods says:

    This game really isn’t glitchy. To those who glitch out it’s because of your device not the game. I gave four stars because u can’t grind for stuff all day u have to wait until the next day.

  25. k7 says:

    This game is good and all but the reason i gave this a 1 is because after the match i get stuck in the loadong screen and it says 110 then after waiting for a bit i crash AND IT HAPPENS RIGHT AFTER A MATCH i really like the game but this is pisstaking

  26. MooMoo Cow says:

    Can you stop making new updates for events etc when YOU HAVEN’T FIXED THE 110 GLITCH TO GET PAST ZOLL ISLAND!! I was a fan of the game a while back but after I made a new account (over a year ago) I got the error 110 message and cant proceed past Zoll Island. I’ve seen loads of reviews with the same problem and over a year later you still haven’t fixed it. You keep updating the game with new features and don’t seem interested in sorting out the error which stops any new players joining.

  27. Deontay Johnson says:

    Good except for 1 thing i cant get pass zoll island every single time i get done with the level the game closes please fix this i am using my cell this is annoying this is my second time and keep exit the game when i comple the level 1more thing i would request 3 more heroes who can talk when you use them for these categories. 1battle 2magic 3support please and thankyou 1can you make the heroes darklauren and darkphoenix and keep the mount of the same name and make the lionlord talked

  28. Grizzly Bear says:

    I had to give up on it despite playing it for months due to a major bug in the story. One of the chapters repeatedly crashes upon completion and the game doesn’t recognize that the player finished it by killing the boss. So you get stuck there. The story is very important for players to progress and unlock certain features of the game. When I said something to the support team about it, they told me it was my phone’s fault. But others are having the issue as of now, so this isn’t looking good

  29. Tiler Lott says:

    110 error zolls Island will crash upon completion…. this has been left as a negative review countless times over many months, makes you wonder if they even.plan.on fixing it… well you can not progress through the game without completing that quest so the game is a waste of time until fixed.

  30. Klick Here says:

    Heavy bugs and unsolved issues + connection problems after recent update- games is about to die, was a great game tbh when it worked

  31. The Least of Man says:

    Still the same problems I had while playing when it first came out. You don’t fix the crashes lol. You have all this money but can’t fix the game. To optimize it. I can’t even choose the server I want it’s that ridiculous.

  32. larges_cousin says:

    I loved this game and I like it more than the first one bc you can interact with other players way more. Being able to interact with other players way more just makes the game so much more fun.

  33. Kyle Brown says:

    A good start. Seems fairly polished and has great controls, but I can’t get past the first tutorial mission. Once I kill the forest chief, the game crashes. Please fix this, I would love to continue the game! (I’m on a Galaxy Z flip3)

  34. Nicholas Whiting says:

    This could be a good game if it would let me play. Everytime I have downloaded it it lets me do the intro part and as I step in the portal it closes the game then will not so anything but go-to a blank white screen when I try load the game again wish y’all would fix this so I can try to see what it’s like because I like the way it’s looking like it will go just want to find out for myself

  35. jared breitenbach says:

    I’ve heard great things and even have other players in this I’m trying to join. But the app keeps closing no matter how many times I restart or re install this game. Please fix so I can play as well and I’ll join your paying player base.

  36. zac rogers says:

    There is an Error when trying to play a certain level blocking progress entirely. Developers no longer care about this game or the player base. Game is dead.

  37. Tristan England says:

    Fix this game. 1. Can’t complete Zoll Island because of a bug the developers don’t care enough to fix, as when the level completes the game crashes. 2. Many information screens are blank due to poor coding and lack of proper management 3. You can’t sell the items you want because the game insists they are useful 4.Tutorial is invasive and repetitive often not leaving you alone until you complete said objectives.

  38. Jeffrey Martinez says:

    This game is the bort game I ever see in my life elites control the game. I will give the game 0

  39. jayro camacho says:

    Devs, please fix the level, I’m starting to feel like you have given up on ur best game.

  40. Sruf says:

    Good game. You can easily recover your account if you bound it to facebook. Heroes are diverse and fun to use, abilities are pretty straight forward and also heroes’ place as healer, tank or damage. Solo experience is really good, being able to use your other heroes “summary” skill wich is basically what that hero is. A hero that heals itself with skills that damage the enemy will give you a lifesteal ability, a tank will give youba tank-like ability like DR or status imunity etc.

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