Summoners Clan Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Try collecting the Heroes of Summoners Clan
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May 20, 2022
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Summoners Clan Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Deploying heroes wisely as to the understanding of their camp and class will bring victory!
■ Assorted heroes of 7 camps and 9 classes
> The Goblin who always deal CRIT ATK when its HP is low
> The Snobbish Devil that gets stronger being alone
> The Beast who converts some of the taken DMG to HP
> The Chaser with an increased ATK SPD per each normal attack
> The Dark Mage who steals the opponent’s Mana with its normal attack.
Try applying the effects offered for each camp and class.

■ Rune adds unique skills to heroes
> Hero’s arrows penetrate enemies in ranged attacks
> Double attack at a certain chance
> When HP is lower than 0, equip a Rune that suits the revived hero and recovers HP partially
Equip Rune that matches each hero’s abilities!

■ Collect hundreds of equipment!
> Explore and conquer new fields! If the exploration is successful, the quantity and quality of the loots will be even better.
Explore faster and higher.

■ Strive for mastery with other summoners in the Arena
> Prove your strategy and the Heroes’ power! The winners will get the reward they well deserve.

■ There are also Rifts where you need to prove your strategy within a time limit!
> Defeat enemies pouring through the Rifts ASAP. You will be listed as a legendary in the higher Rifts.

The combination and deployment of Heroes! Application of equipment and skills! Victory won by grasping the opponent’s strategy!

Your strategy is soon to be a legend! Your Heroes await for your command in [Summoners Clan].

Come map out your strategy here Lord Summoner!
▶ Game Inquiries : [email protected]

– Privacy Policy :
– Service Operation Policy :
– Contact Developer : (070-8865-1186) Level 3, 16, Yanghwa-ro 12-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul
– Business Registration Number: 552-86-01407


40 comments on "Summoners Clan Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. John Karlo Cabug says:

    Makes my phone slow and force closes every few minutes.

  2. iAmPj says:

    Its fun. Pretty far in already without much summoning. Maybe make it so we get more gems? other than that the game is good.

  3. religion is fake says:

    Money hungry trash! First of all i been playing about an hr nd..let me say these devs are stingy with gems, all the prices they want for everything is expensive..also the battle pass is $44..ridiculous! This game is low budget, the graphics is horrible, the fighting animation is bland,the gatcha drop rate is horrible! Yea Uninstall!

  4. Gensuke Reidike says:

    Wth.. I cant log in.. New Update make the game worst.. It says “Reconnection Required” my net is stable..

  5. Ruby Sunheart says:

    It won’t even let me start the game it keeps kicking me out once it’s 100% loaded.

  6. Canadian Ginger says:

    Honestly a great game, not shy on giving premium currency, great gameplay and character design and some interesting features, worth a try.

  7. Leonardo Tironi says:

    The game is fun in the firsts levels. Then you just hit a rock, cuz summonning odds are so low and trash. You will probably only get an s or s+ if you summon 140 times, because then is guaranteed. You will get things from heros that not even heroes are, so just dismanle it or merge for another bad odd of getting one tier higher. Exp is basically non existent, you will need to wait more than one day to just get one level of one hero. Bad decisions, cuz the animations and battle mechanic is good.

  8. Terry Mccleland says:

    Crashes after loading constantly. One Star til fixed.

  9. Intro vert says:

    After playing it for an hour it has a slow start and low rewards, but also makes sense that the quest for those are easy. Login rewards will be available when you clear a few stages kinda takes long which I wish there was a 2x in beginning.

  10. Picasso Hoang says:

    Does this game run on potato server? Disconnect happens so many times.

  11. Mor Taub says:

    Can’t sync account with google play, cant transfer my 3 days progress to another device

  12. ItzNick says:

    Good game, but the summoning needs to be worked on. I spent $1 to get the first purchase pack. I scored 2 S rank heroes from the $1 pack! Well, after hitting level 20, I was offered a summoning pack of over 50 tokens and 3k diamonds for $45. I bought it and after summoning, I had only received Rank C & B heroes and items. Not only was I frustrated, but I had 10 S+ tokens that would give me a “greater chance” of scoring an S tier hero, which gave me C & B heroes. Guess my $1 was luckier than $45?

  13. DMan DimiO says:

    After the last 2 updates, i have encounteres several times of game crash, saying “The server connection is lost” while i still had internet connection. Changing the wifi or using mobile data is no difference. And also, the skip button at summoning screen is of no use since the last 2 updates. Please fix these soon.

  14. Tong Thao says:

    Fix Bug in new update 03/13/2022. When unequipping item game crashes.

  15. Jack Chew says:

    Keeps DC and reconnecting and the mission progress keeps resetting each DC, been trying to complete 5/5 G dungeon, DC on 3/5 and when reconnect went back to 0/5, spent almost 10 g dungeon tix now still 0/5

  16. Alex Bekiaris says:

    It’s decent, but this game has constant server issues.

  17. Pyrrhic. says:

    I start the game, the game says it needs an update, I hit ‘ok’, it comes here, it has no update. So… I can’t play lol. 😕 Uninstalled.

  18. zMrReaper Zz says:

    All I’m getting is constant networking issue and loading or the gear won’t equip hope devs will see this message

  19. Steven Massello says:

    Server stability, or lack thereof makes the game unplayable. Might be nice when that’s fixed.

  20. Thibault Magré says:

    Ok it is now much more stable than before, happy to see that a lot of work has been done in short time to fix this, thanks devs!

  21. Random Vid says:

    The game is good but every move disconnected from the server i hope you can fix your connection. And summoning are sucks spend lots of gem still no S or A hero

  22. Joe Andrus says:

    Fun at 1st, unless your willing to spend LOTS of money game progress come to a stop as soon as your new account bonus runs out. Can’t replay previous maps, and the game constantly disconnects when you do just about anything.

  23. Leong Mun says:

    Server connection is really terrible is like on stone age it will keep discconecting u every action will just keep lagging and keep disconnecting.

  24. Kevan Tan says:

    Tbh i didnt spend any money but im rank 50 pvp. So not rly a p2w game but seriously this game network is the worst i ever seen. My connection is perfectly fine but i kept having network weak issues and its rly fedup. This game has potential, wake tf up gameduo

  25. Phillip St-Jean says:

    I did it, so you don’t have to. – dont spend money. It’s a waste. This is f2p friendly. Pros: Strategy, Many Char’s, lots to do… Cons: Connection issues and bugs. Not complex, Summon chances are too low, progress is very slow, bosses are high HP to block progress and thats boring… boss attack areas make tanks pointless…. all in all, this is a good time sink for a patient player. But the devs need to polish this much much much much more.

  26. Aprianto Nugroho says:

    Very nice sir, last update so amazing, so smooth and less crush/eror/connection loss, good job for dev, keep spirit, please commend reviews, it can make people know if the dev are active

  27. TMK June says:

    Fun game. Honesty the grind ramp reminds me of o.g. maplestory back in the day and that’s why I enjoy it when I have the ability. Now the downside is the game is extremely buggy with the connection issues, network errors and update block screen that I seem to get every other update. I’d rate it alot higher but based on a coinflip of if I can play after a new update forces me to rate accordingly

  28. Zidhan Khaudry says:

    Why bother deleting my review Devs ? If u have time to do that u might as well try to improve the game and fix the connection issue

  29. Vicente O says:

    Too low pull rate and if you try to upgrade A grade characters they don’t even compare to LVL 30 S characters.

  30. Roach 0w0 says:

    The devs abandoned this game at this point. They don’t make any new content and the only updates we get recently is just the new microtransition packs.

  31. p88a says:

    Thank you very much for the beautiful game 😄


    Yeah this game should be drop dead already to much lagg even tho I’m in my wifi and no lag issue in others games , tsk can even manage to fix this , why bother releasing it either way 🤷

  33. Tubagus Luthfi F. says:

    Trash. 120 gem for c ratrity. Always connection problem.

  34. UNDEFIEND Man says:

    The game is good but there is no free gems or even 10 pulls for new players even though it was a gatcha game

  35. Guyin Hisownworld says:

    Lags a lot and makes device hot

  36. Ganda Sorata says:

    Heavy UI, menu game isnt smooth, tutorial mission to long. Its nice game, i like gameplay but this game very heavy to my device hope next update get better

  37. kirul aiman says:

    It a good game but some time it hard to connecting..

  38. Shandy Fauzan says:

    It have potential, and I’d love to like this game, but unfortunately just like what others have stated, the connection issue is severe. We can’t enjoy the game with constant disconnection from the game. It’s absurd. Such a shame, really.

  39. Blue Bean says:

    Please I love your game. Improve the game contents and connection. This game has potential.

  40. Su Hendra says:

    Mohon diperbaiki selalu Blank setelah loading arena,claim ads. 😵

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