Shakes & Fidget – The RPG Mod Apk


Epic Fantasy RPGs - Strategy AFK RPG Game. Become a Legendary PVP Hero!
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November 23, 2022
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Shakes & Fidget – The RPG Mod Apk

Shakes & Fidget is among the award-winning cool animated film role-playing video games set in medieval occasions, and it has greater than 50 million customers! That makes it one of the vital best video games in English-speaking nations. Sounds loopy? It’s!

Shakes & Fidget – The RPG Mod Apk

It began as a browser sport, and now you’ll be able to play Shakes & Fidget RPG at the pass at no cost! There are new updates continuously. Sign up for the unfastened MMOG global with hundreds of thousands of gamers world wide to rule the medieval international together with your distinctive hero. Obtain and play the joys, satirical, free-to-play role-playing recreation stuffed with journey, magic, dungeons, mythical monsters and epic quests lately! Some of the most sensible video games in English-speaking international locations!

Shakes & Fidget – The RPG Mod Apk apk mod

Turn into a Legend!

Shakes & Fidget – The RPG Mod Apk apk mod 2022

Amusing comedian characters with shiny feelings!

Shakes & Fidget – The RPG Mod Apk apk

On this amusing delusion role-playing sport you’ll be able to create and customise your personal medieval comedian personality, meet other characters to your adventure, enjoy loopy adventures, entire quests and earn rewards to succeed in the primary position within the Corridor of Reputation! Each and every animated personality has a novel and amusing taste with vibrant stats. Select your RPG hero strategically to turn out to be a legend.

Shakes & Fidget – The RPG Mod Apk apk mod new

That is no simple process as actual on-line avid gamers stand between you and your victory within the PVP Enviornment.

Shakes & Fidget – The RPG Mod Apk unencumber

Meet other heroes within the sport that offers you quests, satisfy guard tasks or simply play mini video games to cross the time whilst on quests to earn rewards and improve your hero for tough quests and adventures!

Shakes & Fidget – The RPG Mod Apk mod apk

Embark on Epic Quests!
In a position your guns and get ready your medieval comedian hero to struggle mythical monsters on robust quests. Within the tavern, you meet many particular characters on the lookout for heroes to embark on quests for rewards! Be certain your hero is able to combat legendary beasts and mythical monsters through customizing your hero and equipping her or him with the most efficient guns and armors. The nature’s stats additionally play crucial position within the quests! Be courageous and march on!
Construct your Citadel!

A citadel means that you can mine tough gemstones and teach infantrymen, archers and mages. Remember to strategically construct other facets of your castle to harvest the most productive rewards and feature cast defenses to offer protection to your citadel from enemy assaults.
Construct your Guild!
At the side of your guild associates, you grow to be more potent, extra invincible and to find lots of epic loot! Pass on quests, enjoy thrilling adventures, stage up, accumulate gold, acquire honor, be “overpowered” and develop into a residing medieval legend!
Battle in multiplayer PVP in Guild Wars and Enviornment together with your RPG Hero.
Combat different gamers in guild wars if you’re a part of a guild, or within the enviornment in case you are enjoying solo. As there are lots of proficient on-line avid gamers with their fierce tribes ready to defeat you, be for your guard at the adventure of younger hero!

Shakes & Fidget is a a laugh role-playing recreation for adults, youngsters and women! Sign up for Shakes & Fidget, the loose myth RPG and revel in:

* Distinctive comedian with animated glance and humor
* Hundreds of medieval guns and epic apparatus * PVE on my own and with buddies and likewise PVP towards different gamers * Thrilling quests and spooky dungeons
* Free-to-play and common loose updates

A one-time registration by the use of Google Play Video games, Fb Attach or an e-mail cope with and password is needed if you don’t have already got an account.


40 comments on "Shakes & Fidget – The RPG Mod Apk"

  1. George Norman says:

    Enjoying this game a lot. Fun game. Good for short bouts of game play and ever increasing challenges and unlocked sections in the world. Only real problem encountered was because we started in Steam, we could not validate email. Starting over in the web interface sucked but it was the only way to get out of being locked in Steam.

  2. Hailee Colonel says:

    This is just not my type of game. There is not much to do and the quests are just selecting between 3 choices and waiting. Any new content unlocking depends on your grinded level and only results in slight variations of previous options. The interface is fine on the PC, but on the browser it is clunky, both in landscape and portrait mode. I am guessing that if you are easily distracted or want to burn time every 5 minutes or so, it might be playable for you.

  3. Alasha Mickalla says:

    Spent 3 months questing and progressing as fast as possible. That, and “fighting” in the arena, is pretty much all you can do until you reach high levels (60-70). “Questing” is just a countdown until you get rewards. Basically no choices whatever you decide to do. No idea why it has 4.7 in rating honestly.

  4. Daley Raquele says:

    Cool game, heavily pay to win. I’ve played it before on a browser but left after seeing I need to get mushrooms to advance. Waiting times are boring, I can’t really call it a game. Art style is really nice and it in general is really addicting but there’s no sense behind it. There’s a lot you could implement during the loading times such as a treasure hunt on the loading screen for some extra coins or mushroom makes it more worth starting a quest.

  5. Jalen Kristianne says:

    The game has great graphics and a nice gameplay idea, but the levelling is absurdly slow also making it feel fairly pointless. The fortress feature seems unfinished, it lacks a gold production feature since it requires so much gold for almost everything or a resource exchange feature to be able to use excess resources. It feels like the developers never really tried playing the game for themselves otherwise I don’t understand how they weren’t bothered by these frustrating features.

  6. Selwin Jagger says:

    I got pretty addicted to play this game. It runs smooth and the things that you can do in the game keep me interested for hours on end. The only issue I have is lately it won’t load the tavern or shops. I can get into the game and see the leaderboard and micro transaction shop but any time I select something else it just endlessly loads with the mushroom icon. I’ve tried everything to fix including uninstalling the game but nothing works. Please fix this issie

  7. Jennie Colwyn says:

    For what the game is supposed to be (an idle game) it does an excelent job. However i believe some improvements could be made. On quests until the time is up, you just look at a cook scenery and thats nice but some sort of animation or demonstration of progress of actual questing would be nice. Adding new classes is great but more progressive updates need tobe made. Otherwise a great game!

  8. Rane Pelton says:

    Played 2 weeks, not a great time killer but better for jumping into the game for 5 minutes here and there. You do not actually play the quests. You select the quest with the reward you want and a timer counts down till the quest is over. They need to add a mini game to do while the quest runs (maybe something that adds bonus rewards to quest if you do well). Overall not bad but I’m already starting to get bored with the game.

  9. Amie Alley says:

    Boring. You literally watch a few screens repetitiously. There’s no actual combat, just 2 pictures with tiny icons going between. Couldn’t find the point in it. It’s clean, well styled, and has good satire, but fails to capture any attention. Take a 2D afk game but make yourself sit and watch the screen without having any input controls.

  10. John Arnold says:

    The game is a little to simple for my taste. Not too much customization, the game basically boils down to choosing 1 quest and waiting for the timer to end to select another quest. There’s honestly no real gameplay, lots of people seem to like it though. There’s nothing really wrong with the game itself, just too simple for me.

  11. Bogdan Lazar says:

    So, I see the appeal. But for me there are a couple infuriating things like everything is small and hard to press on a 6.5 inch phone. Also, it’s not stretched from left to right, it’s in a non wide screen resolution. And lastly, I struggle reading the stats of items because it’s shown right under my finger and can’t see it. So I have to always contort my fingers so somehow see the stats. Not the best experience.

  12. Brian B says:

    The game is fun in that so far, at lvl 43 and not yet in a guild, it usually only takes a couple minutes to play at a time. It could do better at pushing reminders to the player; I stumbled accidentally across the fortress, which makes a big difference in the game. Also, the Community Manager Leander was less than helpful and borderline arrogant in refusing to even consider that the game may have a glitch with City Guard. Big turnoff, almost uninstalled.

  13. Christopher Campbell says:

    Good so far, and there is alot to do, and they don’t push purchases on you, which is nice. The game could certainly do with more of a tutorial; I had to search out many answers and it took a bit to figure out how to correctly apply stats and figure out my character. Also, the missions take “x” amount of time, and while thats happening you are locked out of doing other things while waiting on the clock..minor annoyance. There also NEEDS to be an in game general chat!!! Still, very fun so far.

  14. The TigerishCave says:

    Pretty solid game, minor annoyance is constantly having a “notification” about the mushroom shop when there’s nothing there, my ocd makes me wanna click it everytime. It’s a long term semi-afk game, the cool thing though is you can have multiple characters and each character you have can all be in the same guild. The guild options and mechanics could use a bit of tweaking, also wish the combat was a bit more thrilling, I normally skip it. Even so I’ve enjoyed the game so far.

  15. SaraB1983 says:

    EDIT – I love this game! Super invested now! No more bugging like what’s mentioned below. Now I understand you have to PAY for stay upgrades no matter how often you level up which isn’t explained. If it could give you the amounts for things like that w/o you having to also pay for them that’d be great It’s fun-enough but there wasn’t much of a tutorial and it kept bugging. I would finish a quest only to not have received the gold or I’d get kicked off the server and it kept re-setting my stats.

  16. Manolis Giamiakis says:

    The game is perfect. I was playing years ago in server 1, now I found it again after many years and I started playing again, I just started from the phone now so I found one problem in the app, and some times (every day at least one time) when I am in the game it kicks me out with no reason and when I’m trying to join again I can’t, this happened many times in the past. 4/5 stars for now…if you fix it I will change it. Perfect game I suggest! (Old school)

  17. Manuel Fontes says:

    Nostalgic, simple, no ads, it just has that great RPG experience with a lot of fun easter eggs to keep you entertained.

  18. Mateusz Malicki says:

    Great and funny game but too much reliable to purchased mushrooms. If you want to keep up you have spend a lot of money. But I guess those are the times now.

  19. Kristjan Link says:

    A silly German game. Recently, only 5 ads work per day, then I watch them and nothing happens and the game continues after it as if nothing happened. I have tried clearing my data but to no avail. Anything I can do? I can submit a video about it.

  20. Ferenc Dulicsek says:

    It was a fantastic free to play game was for many years without too many bugs. Unfortunately the game turn to pay if you want some progress. Also the newer versions have many bugs and errors. Report them errors but not get answer 🙁

  21. Farkasvezer says:

    I am very disappointed with the game. My account had been locked because I had more than one character in 1 server. I had no idea of it,yeah its in the Eula but the game itself shouldn’t allow to make more. The other 2 character were 200+ levels I even bought the pro package for my berserker but 3 days later permabanned by support. I asked them if I could have the one character I paid for but then they banned the other one too for a week. The game is full with bugs and classes unbalanced.

  22. Štefan Géczi Tóth says:

    like 10 out of 10 cause there is everything that game stile is probably not for everyone but it is an awesome game where you are leveling and looting and collecting super items like gandalfs pipe or saurons ring or saurons hand with and without the ring it is amazing you can also have the wand of tom riddle and you are fiting with lot of super enemies

  23. Noah says:

    Usually play this on my pc; since I spend less time at home, it’s nice checking on my war mage on the road. The app is just as good as the browser option and I thoroughly enjoy the voice acting and the sound effects. Definitely a good pastime with well-drawn characters and many features to unlock. Tip: Try to make use of the weekend events – they often give you items that make the game much easier, especially if you have a f2p account 🙂

  24. Mert Eren Yurttaş says:

    Sometimes I cannot reach servers multiple times, it needs to be fixed. Other than that it is a pleasant game.

  25. Carlo Nimedez (Nolrac) says:

    I like the game, but cannot save my created character on mobile. Google play bugs out and cannot find characters even though I’m sure they are linked. Tried creating a new character from scratch, made a password and email, but no email even received. Tried several times to no avail. Edit: created a character using the web browser and linked my email there. Now I can use it on mobile. Linking a fresh account on mobile is buggy though.

  26. zuzimiko says:

    Starts out with fast leveling and next to no features but the longer you play the more it changes to the exact opposite.

  27. Mark Kondor says:

    P2W yet slow running, buggy and keeps hanging up. E.g. today I can’t log in, I get lagged off in 2 secs, the other day server was down, before it worked but 10 sec. reaction time to any action, etc. Would be OK if it was free, yet can’t finish catacombs before they expire without mushrooms ($$$ item), or buy reasonable gear or mount without it…

  28. Moustafa Abdelsalam says:

    Don’t play this game on mobile You can’t save your account This game not send mail for you to active Bad server This game is dead I will remove it And block it Don’t waste you time I played in server 58 Character name happy killer After play some days can’t login in my account I saved my account in Facebook and Google And write my email but nothing happen Now I lost my account and can’t access Very bad server to save your account

  29. Quinn Roberts says:

    Actually pointless. It’s literally just “start a quest and wait”. There’s literally no game play, it’s just menus. The 2 stars are for the art alone. The game is non existent.

  30. Manos Xezonakis says:

    Playing with money or not, this app is a great time sink. It has depth and it does not require great skill from the player to be a fun experience. Try it but give it a few days for the fun to kick in.

  31. Bára Hlůšková says:

    Through all these years – amazing, but…. what’s wrong with the servers lately? I can’t attack other players because the server always fall down

  32. Tyffanee Lavely says:

    Super fun. Just wish u could play it longer. Should be a way to buy more beer. Need more stuff to do also. I def recommend tho!

  33. Viktor S says:

    28.10 – everything works 🙂 26.10- Bug fix and performance? Last version can not be start and login to account. The worst version ever. Game was slow always but today … ou. Check it and fix it please.

  34. Joseph Black says:

    Been playing for a long time and I really really like the game good job people

  35. Carel Croukamp says:

    Great game. Loads of fun. Can play while doing other things. Casual game.

  36. David “dodi” says:

    It is an ok game, with not to much posibilities, but at least is not a pay to win and not consuming all your time to play

  37. N. Tillman says:

    Enjoying the game, at lv 26. Stress free character building in a humorous fantasy world. No forced ads, but can watch them if you want to skip some time requirements. Unfortunately, no real story line, just flavor text for random quests. Includes area to build your own fortress, and unlockable dungeons. Addictive but doesn’t consume your life.

  38. Andrea Smith says:

    Instead of new servers maybe fix the existing ones. Too many bugs!

  39. bullwyrk says:

    For 2 days can’t enter game. Sayed at the bottom connection problems. Tried everything (cleared cache and storage for play store and the game itself, restart and i have no issues with other games).

  40. Bradley Reed says:

    This game used to be great. But they keep adding new servers and never do anything to update the old servers. I haven’t been able to log in for over 24 hours and their support is silent.

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