Saint Seiya Awakening: KOTZ Premium Apk

The Classic is Back! Burn your COSMO!!!
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May 20, 2022
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Saint Seiya Awakening: KOTZ Premium Apk

Dear gamers,

Saint Seiya Awakening: KOTZ Top class Apk liberate

Because of the trade of Facebook’s login coverage, Fb customers can proceed to log in to the sport with Fb provided that they have got downloaded the Fb shopper. You’ll additionally attempt to cross to our professional web page to bind your GTA account.

Saint Seiya Awakening: KOTZ Top class Apk mod apk

The Vintage is AGAIN! Burn Your COSMO!

Saint Seiya Awakening: KOTZ Top rate Apk apk mod 2022

Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac – The Hades Bankruptcy!

Saint Seiya Awakening: KOTZ Top class Apk

The formally approved hero assortment technique RPG according to Masami Kurumada’s famend Saint Seiya sequence is now to be had! Relive the epic saga, enriched with surprising landscapes and lovely graphics to carry all of your favourite Saints to existence in complete 3-D! Benefit from the authentic BGM from the display in addition to performances from the legit Jap voice actors for a in point of fact top quality audiovisual enjoy!

Saint Seiya Awakening: KOTZ Top class Apk apk mod

Accumulate each personality from the sequence! Mix ‘n match to create your individual methods. In Knights of the Zodiac, even the vulnerable can triumph over the robust! Check out a variety of enticing sport modes~

Saint Seiya Awakening: KOTZ Top class Apk apk

[Thirty-Five Years – The Go back of a Classic]

Saint Seiya Awakening: KOTZ Top rate Apk apk mod new

manga vintage returns in taste!
As a next-generation sport approved through Kurumada Productions,
Saint Seiya Awakening: Knights of the Zodiac permits you to revel in the time-honored combat manga like by no means ahead of, from the Galactic Duel to Sanctuary’s Twelve Temples; from Poseidon’s Temple, to the Wailing Wall, and in the end to Elysion!
Take a shuttle down reminiscence lane with vintage tracks equivalent to “Pegasus Myth.” Burn! My Cosmo, burn!

[Saints via the loads: In a position for Action]

Your favourite heroes and villains are all right here. Whether or not it’s the unstoppable Pegasus Seiya, the compassionate Andromeda Shun, the Twelve Gold Saints, the Specters, and even the Goddess Athena herself: they’re all ready so that you can summon them into struggle. The sport brings over 100 of Masami Kurumada’s authentic characters on your cell software. Witness the delivery of a brand new legend!

[Team Synergies & Epic Battles]
Construct your dream group from a complete choice of Saints, every with distinctive skills and characteristics. With the appropriate synergy, even Bronze Saints can defeat Gold Saint fighters! Use your technique and wits to say victory over the percentages! Unharness your Saint’s tough skills with simply the faucet of a finger and turn on their 7th Sense to liberate their true struggle attainable!

[Galactic Duels, World Select & Ban Duels]
Input the Galactic Duels level the place Saints struggle for the Gold Fabric! Take a look at your abilities in opposition to gamers from around the globe in real-time PvP battles with balanced matchmaking! Make the most of the Select & Ban duel machine followed from the MOBA style to take your method to the following degree!


40 comments on "Saint Seiya Awakening: KOTZ Premium Apk"

  1. Leal Oxford says:

    The gameplay is decent, but it has its flaws. Some of the social aspects are major flaws, as well. For example, if you start the game on one server and it fills up and a friend starts playing after it is already full, you can’t be friends with them since you are forced to be on different servers and there is no cross-server friend system or anything. Other than that, the game has been fine so far, aside from the fact that story segments are always on autoplay and it is often going by too fast to read. If auto-play on text advancement can be removed, that would be nice..

  2. Sian Kalysta says:

    Expected more… there is really no gift for preregister or any gift that would keep me going. Personally for my own opinion, I prefer having the developers give some type of generosity for all players such as; free gym, free summon that’s worth something, gameplay that were easy to pass and all of a sudden you can’t beat them. That right there killed the whole reasoning to continue to play. I don’t even have anything to level up, don’t even have a strong enough character to help beat the boss

  3. Kadia Laurean says:

    One of the best trip on memory lane you can experienced in a game. You can deliver the story with fidelity (much more than it’s Netflix counterpart) and the music, graphisms and variety of mini games makes it one of the best game I have ever played (on mobile). This game has been think through carefully. On the down side, there are too many loading screens & waiting time. Some offline capabilities would be nice. With highest graphics settings, be aware this game become a battery sucker.

  4. Gildan Paiton says:

    It has the most beautiful graphics and a animation I’ve ever seen in a mobile game. Not only that, but it features the spectacular soundtrack of the original show. And to top it off, the story mode features new subplots and elements that are more loyal to the manga and add quite lot to the story if you are a fan of the franchise. With that said, the gameplay is exactly what one would expect from a mobile gacha team builder game. Still, it’s not necessarily pay to win. A good time waster.

  5. Adamson Cony says:

    I started playing the game and really liked what I saw. Storyline is intriguing and the overall gameplay ( graphics, battle animations, controls, ect… ) are all well designed and function smoothly. I started to really get into the leveling up and upgrade systems. I started to think the game was one that I could really get into playing. Then I ran into a major problem. No matter what I tried, the game WOULD NOT save my progress. And for this major reason I DO NOT recommend this game.

  6. Dimitrius Joia says:

    A lot of potential. Big down side are the servers getting full and you have to level up again in another server (quite absurd). Also, it is slightly too complex to evolve and manage itens, evolve the saints, etc. I feel that a mobile game should be a little more straight forward. But a really entertaining and addicting game.

  7. Ashlin Truly says:

    Game is pretty addictive and I love it a lot, despite the gold saint rates… It’s like one in a million chance. I’m rating this 1 stars, because I keep getting an error with this last update, and I can’t login. It just stays in the title screen with an error that says: “Authorization failed [Cause: MsdkErrorThirdError:40035]” please fix this. I want Arayashiki! When the error is fixed I will change my rating.

  8. Hardin Nichola says:

    Having played more than 100 days I can say that the game is good but it has several issues, specially regarding the translations, you can see a lot of mistakes and even bugs in texts all around. Plus the accelerated pace of the game regarding the Asian version has made it more complicated for new players and casual ones therefore the game is unbalanced.

  9. Albertine Franklin says:

    There’s too much going on with this game. I installed it a few times thinking that I’ll give it a try every time. The menu is too difficult to navigate; story, sub-story, dungeons and so on don’t make sense in having them. You can stick to one type of gameplay in order to make it simple, but NO. I’ve spent more time in navigating through the menus than actual playing. Gameplay is repetitive and upgrading characters is non-sense as it way too complicate.

  10. Madog Briseida says:

    Note 2 self: It’s a fun and eye candy game. And I just finished watching the anime on Netflix and here I’m. The only cons I could think of is the lagging ui respond and I’ve to watch the loading screen quite often. It’s getting on my nerves. If the game make it snappy with the loading and opening characters screen, ill give it a perfect score. Cheers for reading.

  11. Davine Dunstan says:

    This game is being rushed badly in order to put it on-par with the SEA version (released ONE YEAR before this global version). What started as a great game, has become a way to commercially abuse the players. Nowadays it is impossible to keep up to date without spending HUGE amounts of money, the way the game is being managed is a complete disaster (lots of in-game bugs, weird interactions, bad server that keeps disconnecting the players, etc). PD: when it was launched, we all enjoyed it and it truly deserved a 5* rating, but things have changed A LOT in less than a year.

  12. Annie Tanielle says:

    A great game is an understatement here. Absolutely fantastic! Great graphics, gameplay, and will have you coming back time and time again. A very enjoyable experience. I wish I could give the game 6 stars. Well done guys! What has happened? The game is now full of bugs, it freezes for no reason, I’ve got 3 AR gems and every time I try to access them, nothing works. I’ve uninstalled it, and trying to reinstall. Hopefully that will work. I love the game, and hopefully wont have to delete it

  13. Grayson Alyx says:

    Despite the game having a lot of potential, GT Arcade is ruining the player experience by introducing excessive pay to win mechanics and reducing the rewards compared to other versions of the same game in China and SEA. Hopefully they change things in the future, but until then it deserves no support or loyalty from the player base.

  14. Ethelreda Rockford says:

    Game full of bugs and awfull net code, you literally need to do everything at least 10 times for it to actually work, a lot of times you lose your chances at something because server can’t process the info, and a lot of times mechanics doesn’t work as intended, probably bad server info traffic. Also, probabilities are not public, so you can’t really decide if something is worth trying. It’s sad, because the game is not bad, and the Chinese version is not as insane as a cash-grabbing tool.

  15. Luca Vecchiattini says:

    Had to edit my review from 4 to 1 * due to the many many many bugs occurring. Please GT fix them and solve the AR gem pulling issue. Also the game is getting more and more unplayable due to the fact that always the same people are getting the best characters while F2P like me can’t get any of them. The work to be done here is huge so please get it on and clean this mess. Thank you.

  16. Beck The Last Beatbender (SLICKBECK) says:

    Don’t get me wrong, the game is great. Graphics are astonishing, gameplay is cool, animations are to die for. But what kills this game is that it gets repetitive after a while, and it is more P2W than anything. In order to get any Saints fr, you have to spend money. I was lucky enough to get OP Saints from the jump, but you can’t do anything with them fr unless you are either grinding like a madman, or paying for EXP, Cosmo, etc. If you wanna compete, you gotta pay the money unfortunately.

  17. BlueFlame Prime says:

    The game is really fun. Follows the story of the original anime very well. Their are 3 problems, one is the characters models. They either don’t appear or when they do, if you turn them around their their cape or hair just glitches into the model. The 2nd thing is the astral gems, goal should give more, even when some players don’t have the strong enough characters to fight to get said rewards. Last is the summoning percentage, it should be better for players to get the character you want.

  18. Cristiano Ferreira says:

    The graphics are good, the characters are also good, but the game has become full pay to win recently, the new characters are useless without many skill power ups, so many people spending money and being more competitive, I don’t think I will continue playing this for a long time if things don’t change.

  19. Ludovic Agathe says:

    Though the game is great and very faithful to the franchise, some bugs make the experience less enjoyable. Moreover, some aspects of it ressemble an online casino and the dominant cash-player focus with obscure drop rates and apparent algorithms used in some event draws spoil the trust the developer may otherwise fully deserve. I would have rated 2 stars, but recent effort to fix issues need to be highlighted and praised. However, for new and free-to-play people, drop rates could be improved.

  20. Jhonathan Izquierdo says:

    It’s a good game but if you want to get the best things you’ll have to spend money, a few dollars wouldn’t be a problem but to get a decent character you have to farm a huge amount or resources, the game constantly suggests you that the better way is to pay to improve, every single thing to improve a character is a huge farming and at the beginning is fun but a couple of weeks after…. You get bored and frustrated.

  21. Gabriel Báez Rodríguez says:

    As a Saint Seiya fan, I enjoy a lot the game, been trustful sometimes it can be very frustrating trying to get a banner or character, but put time and effort in the game and you can progress. Trying to do something different also helps a little with the experience. And, most of the time, developers actually put attention to the players.

  22. Esteban Hermosilla says:

    Pay to win. I played a lot and I got to win some great pvp fights, but nearly every new character released unbalanced the game to the point it’s unfair for those without the latest characters (which is usually the case if you don’t buy summoning crystals). It’s a great game, but very frustrating if you don’t spend money, which I never did

  23. Guilherme Taffarel Bergamin says:

    Your ads are the worst. I mean, really. They are the most annoying thing I had ever seen in an ad. I just downloaded the game right now to say I will never play this game. Ads are supposed to attract people to the game and not completely hate it. And now it seems the game I play only shows ads from you. Long ass ads that we can’t skip with an annoying actor overreacting over a 2 star character in a probably gatcha game. Now out of muscular memory, I mute my phone every time I’m about to see an ad just in case it is one of yours and I even sometimes notice I’ve been doing this in places like YouTube, which doesn’t show me your ads. Your ads are driving me insane, please tone them down!

  24. Danilo Alves da Silva says:

    The game keeps changing the mechanics and item stores to force you buy items that was initially possible to obtain through quests or game money, and now you can basically obtain only by paying with real money, which is not cheap. If you have infinite money to expend on a game, go ahead and download it, else you’ll have better game option around…

  25. Ali Ahmed says:

    I have played this game last year and it was perfect and I enjoyed it a lot. And, recently I started playing again and picked up where I left before, and to my surprise was the crazy huge battery loss and drain it causes always. As soon as I open the app, I have 5 — 10% of battery loss, and with in minutes in the game there is a significant damage to the battery until I plugged in charging, and even though it still draining until it shows my battery 0% and it will not charge above that. Fix plz

  26. Juan Cabada says:

    I love the game, graphics, and characters. It’s just annoying when I update the game on play store, I log into the game n it doesnt let me click on nothing. Like freezes. Few restarts n clearing things, still nothing. Usually have to wait like a day or 2 to play. After that, it will say a new version needs update. Finally get to play. Need fixing. If updated on google play why not when u log in, should be synced I assume. Thank you.

  27. Alexandre Silva says:

    Okay, I’ve finally managed to play the game even with the infinite loading. The game is beautiful, the music is perfect and well respected from the anime. The gameplay is a pure classic rpg turn based, with incredible cutscenes. Sometimes the loading will never end and sometimes the game literally crash. By that, the game deserve your attention. Good game!

  28. Leandro Tanzillo says:

    Great game. Fun and very well made. Balanced battles and can easily played as a F2P player, but don’t expect to be around the top competitive battles (these for sure must pay A LOT to win). It frustrates me how much this game keeps crashing and ruining the whole battle, since I need to turn off the game and start over. There are also always some bugs that come and go, specially after the updates on Wednesdays. I just don’t give a 5 stars due to the excessive crashes of the game.

  29. Manuel Silva says:

    The game is extremely pay to win. It is very hard for returning players, as their gear and saints are very quickly out of date and practically useless. It’s hard to have fun when not even grinding for stuff is enough. Should be easer to level up, to earn materials. You keep adding more and more mechanics and items while also making it harder and harder to earn them. It’s a shame, because the game was actually a lot of fun, but it’s impossible to return to it

  30. Chikher Freddy says:

    If I could give zero stars, I would. It caused my phone to lag heavily. Even after uninstalling the app I am still experiencing heavy lag in the phone. The game won’t even run fully! I have a Moto G7 Optimo Maxx with a SD card, and the app size is too big for even my phone. I do not advise ever getting this app due to the sheer size of said app. It takes up over 7 GB of space when normal apps just like this only take up 3GB and run perfectly fine!

  31. Dohko De Regil says:

    Like many games, it’s pay to win. It’s a great game, beautiful art, any Saint Seiya fan should play; just be patient because there’s a lot of bugs, f2p player need a lot of time to improve. Recently, developers started to improve the game, so give it a try.

  32. KrustySupersponge says:

    Was super lucky and got Hades during a summon. I recently unlocked Memoir I with him, as well as a few others. However, there’s no sound if I hit the play button, even though I’ve downloaded the memoir voice pack. This issue occurs with every single character I increase friendship level with. I hope this gets fixed, I really want to hear the characters speak during the memoirs

  33. Filipe Da Silva says:

    Let’s see, i stoped playing for like 1 year. I returned recently, and… The game still has the same issues; Unbalanced PVP matching system and terrible drop rates, 70+ plus summons and 1 S Grade Saint, really? You won’t changed this, obviously, but still. It is what it is. Might quit playing again, soon.

  34. Fabrice Rey says:

    Great game. Presses players a bit too much towards spending, especially regarding Saint upgrades. Limited ways to upgrade and develop each characters and all the ones available require off the chart attendance with rng thrown in to get there. The game is quite fantastic otherwise in story, atmosphere, art style and gameplay.

  35. jacques-yves gandolfo says:

    Great on the long go. Pay to win but after 3 months of playing free I can still feel rewarded for me efforts. I’ve got now a great line-up of saints. On the down side XP to levél up saints is really hard to get (it gets a little easier at higher lvl.) it has tones of daily quest and events but there is no easy way to get progress. Graphics are stunning. And the gameplay and line up strategy is intersting. The pvp match are though and you fight much stronger players than yourself… Happy so far

  36. moe_182 says:

    I have been playing this since the second banner of the game, have had fun not gonna lie but the game has become tedious, there are too many knights now, balancing on old chars is never done and is hidden behind a mechanic that is more rng based, meaning pay more $$$, there are too many ingame currencies, PVP is frustrating, PVE is abandoned, there are always bugs after EVERY update Don’t play this is not worth your time, not in the current state, it has become a cheap money grab

  37. Alejo Salcedo says:

    Just amazing, best turn based gacha, and if you are a fan of the anime, nothing stops you to fall in love with this game, unfortunately they are greedy as hell, changing review to 1 star. They just keep slapping fan base, very sad. EDIT: They went four steps backwards, but now they are 4 steps on the right direction, so changing to 3 stars. Time will tell. Back again to their shady way to do things.

  38. javier B says:

    Fan service. For players that have been playing this game for over a year, pve content is non existent and only pvp is available. Pvp is currently broken to the point that you can’t find a match and it freezes the game. It counts as a loss! So the only content that you can play doesn’t work. Not good. It’s been 2 weeks

  39. Francisco Javier says:

    Impossible impossible impossible totally impossible to play nowadays. As a player that used to play this game and came back after a while it is impossible to me play a match and enjoy playing with strategy, the reason: despite having the teams now they are no longer useful even against those who are beginner level. This game needs to balance the levels! Because you can’t even play the game like before anymore.

  40. Yuri Deus says:

    One of my favorite games, but with bugs that have been around for over a year, the main story has stopped for over a year, and bugs in PvP recently that take away the desire to play, I don’t recommend anyone playing until GTARCADE fixes it!

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