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RPG with a two-souled heroine! Discover the mystery behind the stone monuments!
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October 31, 2022
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RPG Ruinverse with Ads Apk Download New*

RPG with a two-souled heroine! Uncover the thriller at the back of the stone monuments!

RPG Ruinverse with Advertisements Apk Obtain New* apk mod

Apply Equipment, a kind-hearted transporter, and his vivacious early life buddy Allie as they group up with a third-rate swindler, a quack doctor, and a ditzy dwarf to commute the arena of their quest to avoid wasting Allie from a plight that threatens her very life whilst experiencing their moments of triumph and hardship in what is bound to be an unforgettable adventure for RPG fans in all places!

RPG Ruinverse with Advertisements Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

Unusually, Allie has the soul of some other being within her. On every occasion she comes into touch with Package, the souls transfer puts. What is going to occur to this bizarre celebration of their journey?

RPG Ruinverse with Commercials Apk Obtain New* liberate

Use the ability tree to allocate ability issues and concentrate on mastering a unmarried ability or various magic. With various distinctive bosses to move round, and strong apparatus dropped through enemies in turn-based battles, demanding situations are limitless.

RPG Ruinverse with Advertisements Apk Obtain New* mod apk

* This app incorporates commercials in some monitors. The sport itself will also be performed in its entirety free of charge.
* Commercials may also be got rid of via in-app purchases by means of buying the Advert Eliminator.

RPG Ruinverse with Advertisements Apk Obtain New* apk

[Supported OS]
– 6.0 and up
[Game Controller]
– Supported
– English, Eastern [SD Card Storage]
– Enabled (Save backup/transfer aren’t supported.)
[Non-Supported Devices]
This app has most often been examined to paintings on any cellular tool launched in Japan. We can’t ensure complete strengthen on different units. If in case you have the Developer Choices enabled on your instrument, please flip off the “Don’t stay actions” possibility in case of any factor. At the name display screen, a banner appearing newest KEMCO video games is also displayed however the recreation doesn’t have any commercials from Third events.

RPG Ruinverse with Advertisements Apk Obtain New*

Your use of the appliance calls for your settlement to the next EULA and ‘Privateness Coverage and spot’. If you don’t agree, please don’t obtain our utility.

RPG Ruinverse with Commercials Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

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40 comments on "RPG Ruinverse with Ads Apk Download New*"

  1. Mary Hanna says:

    It’s okay but, I’m not as attached to this as to your others. I like how Kit and Allie are kinda canon together though, I think that’s pretty sweet. I didn’t like that there wasn’t an island with metal monsters and I couldn’t synthesize weapons. I like I could get even starter weapons at higher levels though. I wish I could’ve saw Jolie plus change the difficulty. Also I’m curious to know more about the royal family here, like why is the prince called human? He even has smaller pointed ears.

  2. Paladin Apollo says:

    Another great game by Kemco. Amazing and unique combat system, entertaining story and characters, (although a bit basic for a Kemco game) great options, controls, planting system, and many other great things for a free mobile RPG. Most other reviews here are outdated or straight up wrong. There are no issues downloading or playing the game. The game loads fast and well every time. The only issues are some typos/transpation errors, and a couple of small details.

  3. Isai Saputra says:

    While its a good game (albeit a streamlined one), for some reason it slows down when i’m in a city. And also, once in a while the screen somehow blinks/flashes for no reason.

  4. Thomas Bittner says:

    I have all the characters, pretty good so far…..I’ll see how it progresses.All these games tend to want to do something different, when really simplicity is the best. New weapons, new armor, HP, MP….is all you need.

  5. Matthew Rowlett says:

    Fun… But a bit predictable, especially if you have played any OTHER Game from this developer… And why are the main protagonist ALWAYS human(essentially)? Why not a Therianthrope? Why not a lizard? Elf? Dwarf? Hell, even a magical housecat would be a nice change… Despite this, the gameplay is solid, the story is sound, and the replayability is… Well, there really isnt any. Its good… For a mobile game… My actual rating isnt 4 stars, its 4.5, but theres no option for that.

  6. john wexler says:

    Update– freezing issue fixed. Love the game and am killing it and being killed by strong bosses on the hardest setting. One boss in particular is cheap and dirty and am working on leveling up to beat it (gotta love the grind). Grinding us somewhat easy in this though it does get very repetitive.

  7. Kevin Sinley says:

    The game is stuck and cannot go anywhere outside without encountering a monster. So i literally cannot go anywhere. Plus the pop up ads are extremely annoying! Paying $9 to remove it is insane!

  8. Charles Philip Tabing says:

    Update: redownloaded and still same issue After handing over the passbooks and ggwtting on ship, screen turns black and thwn nothing. Any help? Is it because its free that their is no assistance? ____ Please help!! Great game. But now stuck. At the point where you can first get on a ship, i get transported but when they get on the ship, it turns to a black screen and gets stuck there. Pls help.

  9. Robert Reddish says:

    Fun game. Of the Kemco games I have tried I’ve enjoyed most. Only have a few hours in and am mostly enjoying the story and cast of characters so far. Only issue I am having is the constant ad pop up going into/out of menu, after battles, etc. It wouldn’t bother me as much but I’ve had the game lock up after an ad 3 times after battles, hopefully will be addressed in the future

  10. Ashley Johnson says:

    Really like playing the but there’s a glitch in the skill system. One of my skills says 60/10 and won’t let me upgrade, saying it’s at max. It wasn’t, I didn’t get the reward for maxing ny first skill. Please fix this as I really enjoy the game

  11. Ryan Filan says:

    It froze when I was in Royal City to depart with a ship outside the town. There is only a black screen, I cannot go on. Please fix!! Edit: No good news from the developer itself. The bug is still there. Edited: finally the bug has ben fixed. Thank you.

  12. Evan Krisno says:

    So far, good story and good char….but, just after start of story 29, after entering the ship to go to Turan continent, whole screen turns black….and that’s it. Nothing else. Unable to continue. A bug probably. I’m using Oppo A92 Edit: Finally updated the game, let see if no more bugs. Thx Kemco

  13. Irfan S, A says:

    the one who rate 4* or more,, I suggest you to play symphony of the origin of the same publisher, it shines more than this game, or at least how I remembered it. predestined RPG isn’t RPG at all,, exploring part isn’t affecting much. background shouldn’t be put just to fool people (me >.<) to try to interact with them. manual battle interface need improvements.though,it has interesting mechanism, like tactics for each character for autoplay,, then totally skip battles (after instant autoplay?).

  14. Dino Salinas says:

    I set the level to Expert and beat the final boss on level 267. Done /w normal ending. After playing through to true ending to grind some levels, my game crashed. Opened it, says my file is corrupted and needs to be downloaded again. Halfway through downloading, it keeps getting error messages. I downloaded again and again a number of times, still no good. Uninstalled. Trial tower reward is meh, arena items are lacking, and no metal island to farm exp, but I had fun. 500 text limit is annoying.

  15. James Marshall says:

    Great game. Can be quite challenging pending on the difficultly level. There is a fair amount of adds. At some point there will be adds that force you to reboot game to continue playing or go to their sight and download then reboot game.

  16. Nathanial Shupe says:

    Running the story ad-free. Amusing and lively. The mix of difficulty and grind seems fair so far. I haven’t figured a way to change the size of the mini map without going into options, but that’s my only gripe so far.

  17. Carlton Roberts says:

    Standard fare for a Kemco RPG, but I have to deduct a couple stars (I’d normally give it 4) b/c of how obnoxiously intrusive the ads are. I understand the need for them b/c monetization and what not, but they are shown so often that it really detracts from the overall game experience. Having one after you save or move from one area to another would have been fine. But you see one after every few battles! It’s honestly ridiculous and a real detriment to the overall experience of the game.

  18. Hymns for Christ (Apologetics4Life) says:

    Some may find the characters funny, but one is a perv and I don’t like the story. The navigation is okay, graphics and art are fine but nothing special and the story is massively offbeat for kemco.

  19. Zeroth Dragon says:

    Its all fun up until you inevitably overlevel and the game gets too easy, so you decide to up the difficulty in the settings just to be rewarded a bit of challenge before you inevitably overlevel again. Characters are stereotypical, plot is anime cliche. Equipment management and customization seems downgraded compared to other Kemco games. Skill trees are kinda interesting? Unnecessarily complicated tho, its just different flavors of ‘more damage, and maybe a stat buff’.

  20. Terrell Yancy says:

    Growing berries is Absurd!!! 40% chance to get Ambrosia, but they just keep switching between Ultimate & Excellent. It is crazy & very frustrating! All 3 pots may fail 5 times in a row. I’m lucky if I get 1 after Ambrosia a day. This is straight ridiculous. Might as well not have this feature to reduce the frustration. Whoever even thought it was a good idea for them to just switch to 1 other berry after 3 hours of waiting is just crazy & was even thinking.

  21. Ragged Vagabond says:

    Too easy once you’ve got gear, battles become repetitive, but I think the battle system itself is actually great if the difficulty scale were a little more balanced. The story is interesting and engaging, the characters are quirky and fun and alive to an extent you just dont see in games anymore. If the game had more problem solving, more difficult and rare encounters, I would call this a masterpiece of this era. Ignore the review griping about ad frequency, they’re really not that bad.

  22. Dana Hilton says:

    Five stars for the story part that brought me here lol!!!! It was great, i had the old man stroke the foxs tail and he throughup all over him. Loving the great so far. Update: I kill Erebos and not sure how to get the true ending. But the game was truely great and I loved it. Thanks for the experience.

  23. Shell Crowder says:

    So. I really liked this game until I got to M. Spire. There is a glitch that will not allow me to walk one step through the dungeon without hitting a monster. I can’t proceed and I really don’t want to start all over again by uninstalling/reinstalling. Thanks for the first half of the game tho.

  24. Ace Super says:

    I love the game, story n in battle.. But the graphic…kinda make me boring you know….. Don’t you have any graphic improvement for game like this? Maybe just a little..😶.. I know simple graphic it’s ok for offline game like this. Just sometimes player like me not stay long to play. The graphic story so boring, I stop sometimes just bcoz of that. Lol. Sometimes I uninstall it even I not done the story. Like I say. ,ust the graphic makes player so boring. But, good job to make game like this 5*

  25. Emmy Sapinkopf says:

    It was just a touch buggy with some random encounters causing the game to freeze but other than that this game was pretty solid. If you don’t mind the advertising and you have plenty of patience this is a decent way to pass the time, especially for the price of nothing! Essentially plays like a sequel to Dragon Lapis.

  26. Bob Goldrick says:

    They seem to have fixed their network, installs just fine now. Game is great, story is good except for the parts that foreshadow too much(spoils the story, I knew who alvyn was by the second city). It is very reminiscient of early FF, like FF4. Those who are nostalgic about that sort of game will really enjoy this. The ads on this F2P version aren’t bad for the most part. But they try to play an ad every time you quit. This app never gets closed right because I refuse to watch one when quitting.

  27. karen karrot says:

    just an amazing beautiful game. very addictive. I enjoy all the graphics and gameplay in the game. I dont really mind the ads every few battles, its worth it. I think I finished the game up to defeating the seraph lord thrice on normal mode just to see the different ending, the game ended too soon and I dont have the chance to spend the tears that I collected. the fictional storyline is just so twisted and exciting. Keep up the great work and thank you for the free game. well done developers!

  28. Ahmad Nobles says:

    Graphics are very good and controls are a little harder with the d-pad, but it’s still a great game. The shop needs work on pricing because the prices for items are a little pricey

  29. Paula Estes says:

    Cute enough game, just about 4 hours in right now. The only fault I’m finding is the walking speed, it’s so SLOW, almost made me not play because of it. Would be a great game if you could please make them move faster. UPDATE.. finished this game, the ONLY complaint is the SLOW walking speed, but plz don’t let that deter you from giving this game a try, it’s a great little rpg! I’m so glad I stuck it out, maybe my newest favorite from kemco yet!

  30. Clayton McGill (Pope Snarky) says:

    Poss. my least negative review in years (but I may’ve forgotten one)… I’d just like to note that Tapiroka is one drink I don’t fancy myself trying, should anyone ever come up with a RL version of it, even if I somehow manage to reach the age of 500 years. As for the game, it’s funny, w/a UI that’s new to me, apart from the onscreen joystick, of course — at least one FF adaptation for Android uses that, as an alt method of moving characters around. The FF bits don’t ruin it for me, though.

  31. Ella Zhang says:

    Much more fun than expected. It’s a great throwback to old 2D RPGs. Characters are designed well and the storyline is very engaging. The art and sprites are also well made. The menu, UI and minimap is a little clunky to navigate but easy enough to understand and use. The ads are not intrusive and it’s very easy to play through without any microtransactions. Easy 5/5.

  32. kristopher reed says:

    Great game, just one bug… likely due to age or something. The system time check no longer seems to detect midnight correctly and as such, fails to reset the daily missions and roulette game. For details, I’ve actually had it succeed twice in the hour, and fail three days running. Somethings glitchy with the games complex clock. I’ve also noticed a few dialog errors, but those seem to come with the genre as a whole. I do wish an explanation on ailments would have been included…

  33. RENE L. says:

    I love that it’s free! And I love that you can skip battles. The storyline wasn’t terrible and the characters were diverse. Only reason it got a 4 is it’s a little monotonous on the grinding for items and experience.

  34. IB0BI says:

    Game looks fun and I was enjoying playing for the couple hours I was able to. Now when loading it locks up at different places. The initial load screen, when I try to load my save and if it loads past those it locks up during play. Note 20. I know its not the newest phone but I have not had problems playing other games. Going to uninstall and try again in a couple months.

  35. Fang 24 says:

    So far in the game I’m having fun. It’s built pretty well from what I can tell you can beat the enemies without having to pay for some like plus 15 sword of overpowered like most games and there’s no pay to win feature. so far from what I can tell the only thing that holds the game back a bit is the pop-up ads. Yes they’re rare and yes I can pay to remove them but I always believe optional ads for rewards is infinitely better then pop up ads.

  36. Kathy Niebylski says:

    I would love to play, but saving breaks the game. When I went to save, it stopped working right after it saved. When I tried loading it up, it stopped working. When I pressed continue, it stopped working. What is it with saving that you guys don’t like?

  37. Jonathon M says:

    TLDR: Play Sword of Elpisia instead. It took me 24 hours to finish the main storyline, then 2-3 to finish the post game quests I didn’t like the game enough to max it out like I did in Elpisia. The story is good if predictable, but the physical assault (“Get off of me”, “No, your bones are mine”/”You’re too fluffy”) and indentured servitude was irritating. You get 5 characters and there isn’t a good delineation of their class. They could all be tanks or magic users or whatever.

  38. Robert Steer says:

    100% recommend it took me a month to finish so much gameplay such a great story love the characters and graphics and love how when I finished the game I could choose to have a happy ending and finish the game or the alternate ending which I’ve started now. Adds only pop up when im saving my game which are 5 seconds long per add

  39. John Backus says:

    The story was actually quite heartfelt and nice. I loved how each character ends up having some sort of growth to them. The music really gave emotion to the scenes, and the ending was really sweet. Like always, the game teaches you something, and I honestly enjoyed it.

  40. jason holmes says:

    So far the game is very good. A little heavy on ads but the game is good and knowing what to do without writing everything down is good. Just like the final fantasy games I played. Game story is interesting. Good job.

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