Royal Knight Tales – Anime RPG Mod Apk


Lead royal guardian knights, battle in fantasy tales. Fun chibi anime MMO RPG.
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Ely Anime Games
November 29, 2022
4.4 And Up
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Royal Knight Tales – Anime RPG Mod Apk

Connect to a web based fable kingdom, acquire stunning lady knight heroes, lead troops in leading edge informal tactical battles, and sign up for a laugh extended family actions. Let’s play this easiest mixture of anime RPG and informal on-line MMOG video games in combination! No in-game Commercials. 😊 Beneficiant novice rewards together with SSR heroes, summon coupons, gemstones, and extra. Declare from in-game mail as you degree as much as Five, 10, 15, 20, and 25, they are going to definitely permit you to develop more potent speedy! Novice welcome pack code: newgamer
English language most effective. (Solo inglés) (Apenas inglês) (Que l’anglais) (Только английский)

Royal Knight Stories – Anime RPG Mod Apk apk mod new

Throughout the informal tactical fight, your parent knight heroes will lead their respective troop categories within the fight formations you assigned. Every hero additionally has two number one abilities. An Lively talent that you’ll be able to keep watch over the timing and every other Autocast ability that may auto-activate periodically all the way through fight. Expand your royal house fortress, defeat epic bosses, make/join a extended family, and save the dominion from chaos! Royal Knight Stories is the brand new anime RPG sport with informal MMORPG gameplay from the creators of the extremely acclaimed Sword Myth On-line. Numerous effort went into making this recreation, we’re satisfied to have long-term gamers who benefit from the sport, such a lot of gemstones, summons, and different rewards will also be received by way of enjoying day-to-day. 😁

Royal Knight Stories – Anime RPG Mod Apk release

We don’t open new servers incessantly, so simply play on the most recent one, and no worries. 😊

Royal Knight Stories – Anime RPG Mod Apk apk mod 2022

Practice our authentic Royal Knight Stories Fb web page for normal information and Message us on Fb for participant reinforce:

Royal Knight Stories – Anime RPG Mod Apk mod apk

Recreation Options:
👯 Stunning Anime Heroes 👯 You’ll recruit dozens of chibi lady knight heroes on this fable RPG. Every knight has their very own set of talents, magnificence, and retinue troops. Heroes may also be recruited by means of finishing Elite Phases, good friend gacha and elite gacha summon. Each persona is fantastically drawn in high quality anime taste, in case your love anime or chibi cool animated film artwork taste, it is a must-try!

Royal Knight Stories – Anime RPG Mod Apk

⚔️ Heroes Lead Retinue into Struggle ⚔️ Each and every knight hero within the chronicle has their distinctive retinue troops. The ones unswerving chibi infantrymen will practice and struggle along their heroes. Mage heroes can have spellcasters as troops, rider heroes may have knight troops, and flying heroes may even have dragon rider troops! As well as, troops will also be upgraded and developed, to begin with, that chibi Flying Horse Riders may just evolve into Flying Crusaders and even magnificent Dragon Riders according to your selection!

Royal Knight Stories – Anime RPG Mod Apk apk mod

🐲 Tactical Fight Parts 🐲
Use magnificence countering and formation to tactically combat your enemies within the chronicle. Fixed riders may be able to fee down the sword and protect foot infantrymen however spear squaddies can successfully counter them. Mages hiding at the back of the enemy formation may cause havoc in your troops if left unchecked, best possible use Flyers to swoop in and rate them down. All executed in anime chibi taste!

Royal Knight Stories – Anime RPG Mod Apk apk

💬 On-line MMOG Clans, Occasions, and Chats 💬 You’ll sign up for a extended family like in MMOG RPG and earn nice rewards via extended family occasions day by day. Co-op with different avid gamers to defeat extended family bosses and earn weekly presents. Clans can take over island castles within the weekly Skyland Wars and earn many rewards! Final however now not the least, you might be inspired to talk with different gamers on the planet chat or extended family chat, please be civil although. 😉

💎 Day-to-day Unfastened Gemstones & Rewards 💎
As in Sword Myth On-line, this chronicle fable RPG sport may be very rewarding to play each day. There are many tactics to earn Gem stones day-to-day, the primary time you transparent a degree, from day-to-day quests, login rewards and so forth. Login in to play each day is tips on how to advance rapid! We consider avid gamers will naturally top-up to beef up a recreation they love.

Android Model Requirement: Android 7.0(Minimal), Android Nine.0+(Beneficial) Machine RAM: 3GB (Minimal), 4GB+ (Advisable) Garage: This fable RPG is roughly 0.6GB obtain and a complete of 0.8GB after set up, recommend 2GB loose.
Thank you for studying till the top, hope you benefit from the sport!


40 comments on "Royal Knight Tales – Anime RPG Mod Apk"

  1. Megainey Taniela says:

    Glad they fixed the stuck on 1st stage bug now, so many people gave 1 star rating because of it. I know this developer because I played Sword Fantasy Online before. They are a good developer, the game plays very smoothly now! I wasn’t disappointed, this game is very good! Troop classes can counter each other, different formation could affect battle win or loss, this adds a tactical layer to it.

  2. Leavry Saliyah says:

    Pre-Registered a month ago, been waiting for the release for a while now. I just played 2 hours straight. The graphics style is spot on, heroes are well designed and the level difficulty progress smoothly. Last but not the least, the story is very well written and engaging, it is so rare to see a game like this. I only recall a few games with well written stories. This is certainly one of them.

  3. Renney Leon says:

    I love the game! Although i did pre-register the game but missed its grand release becuase I was playing another anime game. I kind regret it now, that game became too demanding after a while. Now I picked up this game and feels a lot different and refreshed. A lovely fantasy art style and a satisfying experience along with being very generous with freebies and materials needed to upgrade new characters.

  4. Samp Fulks River says:

    The graphics are pretty nice, storyline is not bad either, the progress on story mode is smooth and mostly provides exp and upgrade mats. It is a RPG game, so you will need to upgrade everything in order to progress, and playing daily is the key to get stronger. Some of the bosses and levels are a bit on the difficult side, challenging to say at the least, overall decent game it just requires some patience to enjoy.

  5. lycan karthus says:

    Great game, I just love the characters. It does take good processing power to run tho. In addition, the game is extremely F2P friendly if you’re patient. If not, spending a small amount of money will get you level up faster.

  6. Eva Nelson says:

    Amazing game! The space required to play it is very low (under 1 GB total) and it has a lot of content and quite well designed system and stages for a casual anime game. I can confidently say this game is a 5/5 if you are trying to find a fun game that doesn’t take too much time every day or just a side game.

  7. Bricea Harris says:

    The game is being very very charitable with gems, heroes and summon coupons. Pvp is very friendly, arena, clan war are all rewards, no penalty for loss. Even in city attack your resources can’t be raided like in other games, at worst the production slows a little bit (you probably won’t even notice the difference). The game looks like alot of work has been done, a very nice RPG even if you just play casual.

  8. Young Leannon says:

    Nice graphics, it has an interesting story and many heroes in the game appear in the story. Overall gameplay is not bad if you like RPG mixed with a bit tactical battle.

  9. Sinclair Fawn says:

    Some pretty generous characters and the battle system is quite interesting. Troop formations and class counter do play a big role in the game, so upgrade your troops well. Also it doesn’t have the disadvantage in traditional strategy games where that you have to recruit or replenish lost troops. All heroes and troops are at full status every battle, it is more of a RPG heroes game in terms of gameplay.

  10. Marlo Candice Nicholas says:

    Deleted my old review as developers seem to be listening to the player base and have been trying to improve the game with updates and fix issues. The game had some issues in the past but it is great now, good graphics and gameplay. I just hope the dev team continues to stay on the path of improving this game moving forward. It is quite a fun and interest RPG, well worth investing some time to play.

  11. Teodoro Garmon says:

    Overall a fun rpg game, the recent update added a lot of content and fixed many issues with the game. The artwork is attractive and the story is decent. Hero summons rates are good, I got quite a few SSR and SSSR in a week of playing. For f2p, the game gives a lot of freebies every day, so you can progress at a decent rate. For spenders, it is worth it to invest a bit for the first recharge and monthly card. Overall a good anime game, worth playing.

  12. Michiko Huels says:

    I like how the game give each hero a troop class and you can upgrade to different path for higher tier troops. Don’t worry about making mistake, you can use Rebirth to reset heroes get resources back. The game starts a bit slow, just a little patience is needed. When you get further into the campaign, more of the game unlocks and it is more fun. Use the resources to level up hero troops, you will be fine, I reached level 20 in one day. I do recommend trying out this game.

  13. Deborah Polidore says:

    I enjoy the game. It works pretty well the game itself is entertaining. Especially the combat system is an innovative mix of heroes + troop classes, it puts a tactical layer to the game.

  14. Wallaker Freddie says:

    This little RPG game has beautiful heroes, well designed campaign stages, a smooth learning curve, a lot of content, and it gives a lot of freebies. Many SSR heroes are relatively easy to obtain. Everything is cool enough that I am willing to overlook some minor issues. I feel with this kind of good quality, this game should be a lot more popular. Nice work!

  15. Misael Eugene says:

    Not bad, art is nice, the battle is interesting enough with a lot of different troop classes. I am only on my first day at level 22, so I haven’t unlocked too many heroes yet. Hope it will be more fun later!

  16. Ahmad Blumberg says:

    This gotta be one of the better anime rpg games. Battle control is simple yet effective, planning and formation before battle is more important. Art is a mixture of chibi and anime, I think it is quite cute. It is potentially a waifu game considering maybe 70% of the heroes are females. Top up does give some nice perks but it is not pushy on money like some other games so f2p is certainly possible. Anyways, give it a try if you are looking for a game that casual fun and doesn’t take too much time every day.

  17. angelica lisa says:

    Played many RPG hero games before, this is my latest favorite! Beginner stages are easy but later stages require some team adjustment and tactical planning. Generous gems are given daily from quests and other rewards. The heroes are all quite unique and their skills have purpose, upgrade and power is certainly important but battle is not just about power. You could beat certainly beat someone with 10-20% more power with a good counter team. 5/5, you guys done well!

  18. Boyce Romeo says:

    Great for casual player, not a lot of grind. After you clear a stage, you can sweep it most of the time. Very fun gameplay overall, you can get quite a bit of entertainment even on the first day. I played daily and didn’t really hit any hard paywall that I can’t get past. Regardless, I bought the basic monthly card to support the dev since it gives free summon every day. The campaign adventure gives meaning rewards, hero shards are farmable daily in the elite mode. Overall, a fantastic tactical RPG game.

  19. Darrick Rickard says:

    Personally really like the game. I am a RPG veteran so the system is qutie easy for me to understand. It combines many welcome features and made them into one big fun game. Neat story and characters. The battle is great with troop class counter and tactical formations. I haven’t made it too far into the story yet (3rd day) but so far I’m enjoying it. I did buy the deal pack, cost me a few bucks but well worth it. It is a lot better than games I dumpped hundreds on before.

  20. Brandon Driver says:

    Was having a blast playing until you run into a wall. With the lack of coin assistance and gems, this turns out to be more of a PTP then a FTP type game. Fun for the first week but it’s looking more like a dud than a stud type game. ( Also, the lack of promo codes to help new players is annoying. There’s only one and it doesn’t really even help. )

  21. Tracey Jacobs says:

    Alright game, free to play friendly enough, a lot of gems and summon coupons, you will enjoy game very much as long as you don’t have the unrealistic expectation of being no. 1 by playing free. Even if you pay, it’s just a small amount needed to be higher rank.

  22. Harleigh Cotton Savanna says:

    One of the best anime game I’ve played! The combat system is good, yeah it could get a bit of learning in the beginning, but nothing really hard, once you get a hang of it, you could beat stages requiring much higher power! The elite stages can drop SSR hero shards every day so it’s a nice way to star up heroes without having to summon. Overall, great rpg game, 5/5.

  23. bonston suna Tina says:

    I will be honest. Usually I will get bored easily when playing rpg games and this is the only one that made me play for a week and still feel fun. It has greatly simplified a lot of daily grind by the Sweep function everywhere. (God I wish some other games also have it!). The battle system is pretty interesting once you understand

  24. Robbin Holloman says:

    A bit unusual but overall a good game with cute characters and fun gameplay. You can get various tokens by playing different game mode like arena, equipment tower, hunting etc. Then exchange tokens for upgrade resources in the Shop. There are in app purchases but optional. If you like to get a game you can play casual daily for long term, this is the right one for you.

  25. Cathy Henkes says:

    Enjoying playing this game very much, the battle controls are easy, half of the battle is won by the formation/heroes set up before battle. The graphics are decent if you like the anime art style.

  26. Willetta Gerlach says:

    It is a worthwhile game to download and play casually. There are some optional in game purchases that give more resources and let you grow faster but if you aren’t in a big hurry, get a monthly card and play daily is more than enough.

  27. Karron Cedrick says:

    Very nice game, based on summon RPG games but it has generous rates and an unique battle system. The hero and troop classes counter system actually work. Sometimes you could win against an opponent with somewhat higher power by simply switching formation and hero positions. Hero skills also adds into the tactical elements. Freebies wise it gives enough to grow at a decent rate everyday. If you want to grow faster, the basic monthly card is a good deal.

  28. Deandre Feeney says:

    The art style is good and gameplay is fun. Deal packs are within reasonable price range of $10 to $20, and considering the items and heroes inside, very good value.

  29. Sclkfox says:

    The artwork In this game is my favorite style. It has many different modes including pvp, guild, solo with a lot of content that is not thrown at you to fast. The game is generous with new characters and upgrades for those characters. There is a lot here with this game and it’s worth checking out!

  30. Sharman Hallowells says:

    It is actually quite good for a free to play game. The cutscene story is decent but not the focus. It gives quite a lot of free stuff daily and there are some really good deals for a few dollars. One quick note: Join an active clan is really important for the game experience! Check the Clan Boss server ranking, it is a good indication on the clan of top players belongs to.

  31. Steambud101 says:

    The game is incredibly stuttery and choppy, lags the whole time and crashes constantly. Never even got to play the game, skip the first cutscene and you’ll be at a black screen. The black screen was there for 37 hours, so it’s safe to say the games unplayable and I wont be supporting this developer ever again.

  32. Grace Gilbert says:

    I’ll be honest, I found this game quite distasteful. First off, the intro was confusing and nearly nonsensical. The story is dull and uninspired. The female character design are grossly sexualised and I found them very off-putting. I don’t mind some sexy characters but the art style is very anime-ish with the big eyes and weird proportions and…youthful faces. The only positive thing I can say about this game is that the battle system is fine, and I thought the chibi character models were cute.

  33. jenny darcy says:

    I love this game. You deploy heroes in different formations and they will lead troops to attack enemies but troops have counter so even if you have lower power, you can defeat somewhat stronger enemies with the right class and formation. The art style is anime cartoon, so if you don’t mind that, totally recommened.

  34. neyr Sr Van Hels says:

    Great game, please stick with this concept, I like collecting the girl knights, the battle system is also wonderful once you learned class counter and hero skills. You can use them effectively, making a big difference.

  35. Chauncey Leonel says:

    This anime game has a lot to offer, more features unlock as you level, it might be a bit confusing but once you learn what each one does, it’s really fun to play

  36. Racquel Labadie says:

    I found this game pretty enjoyable, I admit I am a fan of anime games. I know some other players just think anime games are childish, well I am an adult with a decent job so I think we are all free to like what we like. Don’t judge if you don’t like the style.

  37. Mila Heathcote says:

    Played for 1 month, some tips for beginners. 1. Troop levels are really important, do Team Boss. 2. You have plenty of stamina everyday, use them all to level up quick. 3. Join an active clan is important, check Clan Boss Rankings to find one. 4. If you can afford, some small top-up will go along way. Get Leon and Artemis as 1st top up reward, very low cost and efficient.

  38. Mitchel Duprey says:

    The game is nice and a great way to pass time. The gameplay is simple enough to pick up and fun to play around. The variety of anime characters is also amazing with all of their skills and troop classes, campaign story is interesting and skippable if you don’t want to read. However, there are some minor text display issues. Overall, it is a very fun game I think I would enjoy for a long time.

  39. Bradford Feest says:

    Wow, that’s unexpectedly for a game I never heard of. A really interesting anime game for mobile. Also, I like the story theme and battle feels like classic fantasy wars.

  40. sofia richards says:

    I really like the game, it’s very nice and I believe you can make it way way better too! Keep on your hard work!

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