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November 30, 2022
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RebirthM Mod Apk

Are you searching for a unfastened MMOG based totally open-field with fine quality graphics with quite a lot of gadgets?
is the solution you’ve ever noticed ahead of! Be certain sooner than enjoying with the former opinions!

RebirthM Mod Apk apk mod 2022

Simply set up and be happy to play!

RebirthM Mod Apk apk mod

* Be aware *
• We make stronger absolutely automated gameplay
(Searching for handbook play? take a look at the opposite recreation printed by means of Caret Video games)
• It must be up to date with an extra 1.85GB simply as soon as
• We don’t counsel underneath 2GB reminiscence, in fact, you’ll play, however the high quality is probably not just right

RebirthM Mod Apk apk

▶ Since 2018
• Such a lot of customers are taking part in got here from over 70 international locations • Over 1M customers meet this recreation

RebirthM Mod Apk

▶ Contents
• RvR, PvP, PvE, and so forth • Dungeons, Raid, Guild, Guild Warfare, and so forth • Lv.800 contents
• Change, Crafting, Improve, Enhancement, and so on • You’ll be able to get such a lot of pieces incorporated within the apparatus by means of taking part in. it’s free of charge • We’ve got common upkeep and enhancements • Need extra? Test it out with your individual RPG perception!

RebirthM Mod Apk apk mod new

▶ Languages
• Korean, English, Thai, Chinese language Simplified, Chinese language Conventional, Portugues
• Extra languages will likely be coming quickly

RebirthM Mod Apk liberate

▶ Guidebook

RebirthM Mod Apk mod apk

▶ Beef up • professional web page:
• mail: [email protected] (most 2 days)


40 comments on "RebirthM Mod Apk"

  1. Sherae Julianne says:

    the skill effect is not visible. trying to find the settings until i change all the setting to the highest but you still don’t see the skill effects. it only seems to hit without any effects and looks boring. if it’s bugs it should be repaired as soon as possible. for now I uninstalled it. just played 2 days and found this game boring and there are still a lot of bugs. maybe next time I will play again but not now. send report but no reply. CS/GM/DEV or what ever the name is stupid. thank you

  2. Carlson Leighton says:

    The game itself is outstanding. It’s like the combination of Lineage 2 + MU Origin with deeper aspect and gameplay. The equipment and armor box prices should be cheaper though. I spent over 3k gold caret and only get 1 legendary weapon. It’s a pity this great game only get no more than 500k downloads, I think Developer needs to use money to advertise this game more robust. Keep up!

  3. Berangari Amie says:

    Ive played ALOT of games similar, but like this much more. Graphics, music, story and gameplay are all great. One of the smoothest games with high graphics Ive played on my S9. Definitely recomend as long as you have a decent device. Dont hate, upgrade if you dont. Only flaw I have found is finding a party to raid, but it is a new release so hopefully that will change. Thanks devs awesome job!

  4. Acwellen Baker says:

    Great visuals and combat. But the translations are abysmal. Kind of funny sometimes so what I did is transliterised the text on screen and paraphrased it so it made more sense and when my character responded I read it as myself with my own responses and that made it acceptable enough to ignore it. I like story though.

  5. Edson Jilian says:

    be interesting to have a healing class, like Prist or Paladin. Other then that it look cool and easy to play. Loading time is annoying, but it’s still cool. loging into server every time I step out of the game could be improved. Over all game is cool, but it’s abit easy on the level deal.

  6. Gallus Marlyssa says:

    i realy love the game because of its awesome graphics and gameplay, but the skill effects are so normal/old style that can’t be compare to the modern skill effects. and my concern is that after completing a dungeon, there is no pose effect or anything that congratulates u, its just after completing the dungeon, it will now count for leaving the area, just like nothing happen, and why are the monster dont have voice/sound even the other players, i can only hear my character voice and skill sound

  7. Adler Mable says:

    i just downloaded it by using data and it cost me some money. coz i dont have wifi. ISSUE is when u play and choose a charactee after 1minute i think it automatic close. return to home. so dissapointed. i can recommend this to all my friend if the issue is fix. for now i i admit i must not recommend it.

  8. Sheryl Garmangahis says:

    After only playing a few hours, the need to spend money become crystal clear. This game REQUIRES purchases to be able to advance and play at a modrrate difficulty. Without purchases, you cant maintain the necessary gear/ skills. The quest are very basic. Go here, kill so many of this. Very weak story line as well. Yes the game can be borring and repetitive. Perhaps that is why there is an auto play function. But really, who wants to watch a game play itself? Can not recommend.

  9. Georgie Riah says:

    Hii devs Im not changing my rating but I have some concerns in loging into the game after the new patch because it won’t let me play, just stuck in the character selection after I selected one and proceexs to loading screen it forces out to home screen anything you can do about this issue because I really want to continue playing this game. Thanks in advance.

  10. Dylan Winsor says:

    great graphics, realistic goals, & great game play but matching for raids & PvP is horrible. It takes FOREVER to get a match & matching is not based on level, rank, or CP. I’ve been matched against players 200 levels higher than I am. The matching system needs improvement & some servers need to be merged due to low population, specifically Gaia server.

  11. Carolan Ajha says:

    Love the graphics, game play and story line. There might still be some bugs or issue that needs to be fixed but that is understandable since the game is just new. Hoping to have a better game in the future especially when it comes to the drops.

  12. Bertrand Briggs says:

    One of the better mmorpg available right now. Basically what you’d expect, but with above average presentation. No 5* though, main problem: gated progress. If you run out of activities and the next part requires higher level than you’re at, you can’t do anything about it. Can’t even p2w(not that you should). Somehow even more annoying than that stamina system other games like to have.

  13. Karol Golden says:

    Too long to download, didn’t play. Will play when you fix download time. Ok, considering that you are replying. The problem does not, and I mean not, relate to the wifi nor the phone. Another issue I have with this game is that whenever it reaches a certain amount of download time, it crashes. For example, in my own experience, whenever it reaches 48% it crashes. I am not mad about that. I am mad that it does not save the progress. Waiting for 5 hours just to reach 48% again is a waste of time.

  14. Burket Whitley says:

    Frustation is the word I could describe for this game. Cheapskate daily login prize or just about everything, scarce resources, long journey to quest giver then back again to report, long time to do daily. Of course all could be settled if you buy everything they offered. This game autoplay so not common you can’t trust it as it didn’t care if you got beat up by mob behind you. Of course again, buy better gears, upgrade resources, costumes etc., you’ll pass.

  15. Elphin Chayla says:

    Gorgeous graphics and an impressively large world. Most of the characters feel unique and not just bland questgivers. I do not like that the class selection is gender locked, and the facial customization is laughably limited to 3 choices. I am still not a fan of autoplay mmos but I am having a lot of fun with this game.

  16. Rayshell Donie says:

    I only rated one star due to changes in game storage. you have previously put all the items you want done now select the ones that can be put. you should not change the storage item you are limiting. should not. to make the game of your players better. hopefully you can restore the old storage and should not be selected. and hopefully have all the characters exchanged to make it easier to give the item to another character. for that to be good in your game and more players will be playing this.

  17. Caspian Gael says:

    Gameplay were nice, graphics is beautiful😍 Love it damn! The thing is. Whenever I try to attack. Instead of focusing attacking the enemy infront. My character always attack those behind me, it doesn’t focus on 1 enemy only. Attacking mechanism isn’t really that great.

  18. Aliah Gladis says:

    this is good.the only thing it prevents me from giving it 5 stars is sometimes the game crashes and the bug in the storage! please fix the storage as i cant really put ANYTHING as in anything in the storage making it a useless thing in game.aside from those though all else is Great! oh and also,would you mind adding the player to player trading system while youre at it? it will greatly help others and give us a more secure way of trading items in game thanks

  19. Gretta Benet says:

    First of all, I like that there is a lot to do. Definitely love the storyline, I hope y’all make more games like this in the future. The overall graphics are amazing. I love the character customization bc you can make them look good and stunning 👍. If i could give this game a 10, I would do that.

  20. Ginnette Pander says:

    hi admin. i would like to submit a complain. after 28-hour maintenance, i have purchased a lot of items which includes unbind scrolls worth 1000 blue carets. but after the 1-hr maintenance, all my purchases disappeared without refund. Then happened again. Not to mention that i’ve spent a lot of time farming used growth potions to double my boosts. All my efforts have been wasted. Kindly address our concerns. Thank you.

  21. Amber Ford says:

    I’m only rating this a three-star because it is very repetitive. All the daily quests consist of nothing but roaming from one place to another killing monsters. That’s basically all it seems you do in this game is just kill. There needs to be more of a variety of events, like the game dragon raja, there are plenty of different things you can do to earn items everyday. I would suggest adding more variety. I would rate it a five-star if it wasn’t for that because the graphics are awesome.

  22. Rochelle Demarest says:

    The graphics and gameplay didn’t bother me. It was like any other mmorpg that I’ve played, but I couldn’t play any longer after hitting lvl 98. The story is lacking and boring while the english grammar didn’t make any sense. I know how hard it is to translate a language into any other, but not even trying to proofread what you’re translating is lazy. There were too many typos and sentences that didn’t even make sense. I didn’t like the lack of armor and weapons given from the quests either.

  23. keng adartse says:

    The game has nice graphics and alot of cool stuff. But the exchange (trading) system sucks! when you sell item there’s a tax which is acceptable but when you buy you still need tcoins to buy whatever you like. Isn’t it to much for you guys to put something like that just to make a profit?

  24. Steven Hodges says:

    Okay the graphics on this game are phenomenal best I have seen. The battle mechanics are really great. It’s has a great exchange system once you hit lvl. race’s you can bet on are fun. THERE’S all kinds of ways to get strong and interesting character interactions🤜🤛🤘, but there’s one problem I don’t like about the game and lm sure everyone can agree who’s played this game is there no item drop on the field bosses 😞. You should get something for us to take advantage of.

  25. Cygnus Hyoga says:

    Very good Game!! First try when still on Oceania server, then after global release just patch update and now the game is playing well on SEA server.. Just need some minor fix like an option to switch character fast and party fix.. Gameplay is too easy at first then after lvling up it goes harder. Nice graphics, well balanced characters & pvp, and good storyline.. This is the autoplay version, and now I’m playing no auto version (R.Online) which is more challenging.

  26. Qwqw Wqwq says:

    This game have “tower thingy gameplay”, that dont have auto proceed to next floor but had auto battle once you’re inside! Really game!!! They keep players to be interact by spamming tap the quest, and it’s so annoying. What’s the point of having auto but you cannot leave the character doing the main quest in fully auto. Some mobs can be aggro and some are not. Field boss or whatever it is, can’t be check unless they respawn. I need to mute the game just not to be bothered by their BGM.

  27. Brian McFarland says:

    Too easy, game starts you at level 250, level cap is only 800 and I gained 3 levels from doing the so-called beginning quests. Moving around is unintuitive because you get no instructions on how to move the camera so you can move more than 2 steps at a time… Otherwise, it’s pretty much autoquesting and not a lot of story.

  28. Lisa Mccarroll says:

    When I first started this mmo, it had every wow factor I wanted in a rpg. I absolutely loved the graphics from the get go and had the absolute best player support I’ve ever seen, top notch. It was a easy 5 star rate, I never got around to rating the game because I’m addicted to it and never leave it. Today however, I’m sadly giving it a 3 star. Although I still love RBM, the recent changes and total lack of player support have really been disappointing. Most importantly, give us feathers back.

  29. Signal Luck says:

    Fun, helps alot with the mission so no one is left out And everyone knows what to do. It’s not too open worldy but its a phone game can’t expect all that much. I wish there were different enemies on each level and not the same type of enemy per level. Like all areas have wolves and basilsacks and stuff. Give it some verity.

  30. Matt B says:

    Sorta plays like all the rest with a bit for freedom like others have mentioned, with turning off auto pathing/questing, but nothing to rave about either. 3 stars, cause the voice acting and dialogs are off, and constant spelling errors. The UI is also clunky as well, but not as bad as other mobile mmos either.

  31. TimW Byrd says:

    First off the armor is limited meaning not very shiny or high polished , fast level up I got to level 121 in 30 minutes ,there are no wings which is a nice feature to have graphics are nice but the camera angles which are 2 are not the best 2d 3d better , beast transformation is capable but if you have scrolls that should be part of battle switch at will , the jewel setting is a bit confusing maybe auto equip would be better . I spend many hours on games and I can say I’ve not spent a dime .

  32. Music Rules says:

    Great game, but my skills/attack button doesn’t work unless I’m using auto-battle at times. Also my screen blackens (I can still see the monsters to fight, but the map behind them and below them will blacken) at times, and I’m using lower graphics to prevent it, but it hasn’t helped.

  33. David John Cahilig says:

    The game graphics is excellent, it support 60fps, game UI interface also is very simple easy to understand every icon indicated, the teleport is new to me also, this is a big help to level up faster because of wide map to travel that takes time to go to your destination, so you don’t need mount anymore in this game

  34. Miguel Eran says:

    It is a time consuming game that I highly recommend for those people who want to have an adventure while chilling because you dont have to exert much effort to it,In one day you can already reach or pass lvl 100.So play it now,its fun.The graphics is great but Im not satisfied with the grammar and the limited hero character,its would be an awesome thing if you add more face designs or hero character/class to it.

  35. Reg Day says:

    Game is ok of its type. You can largely autoplay if you wish, but like so many the game is heavily p2w. Game scores well on graphics, cpu usage and reasonable skill factor, but loses points for poor character choice/customisation, no regional servers, irritating bugs and poor explanations( e.g. despite reaching lvl404 I couldn’t see how to repair my gear, clicking on the material box didn’t show what material or where to get it??) PKing is rewarded, so don’t start on old server!

  36. Raewyn Durbin says:

    Devs game but what I think you need to add guild houses houses for players so they can store store stuff moreskills to the game class and maybe can make their own dungeons they can summon NPCs to fight for the the dungeons and then have faction wars maybe some the maps bigger and more quests. Plz it will make it way better ☺️ so other people can raid other dungeons that players have made so and it has more items make it so it has other skills and it has different tiers for those skills the

  37. akossz30 says:

    Could be fun game but with halloween event lv 700 ghost are annoying can’t do the quests for level up becouse i die in continue

  38. Dota SonJ says:

    I really love the game, because it’s there’s no limit! When you play more you really become stronger. But first thing first 1. need to improve controls it’s really that bad, 2. Lower the price Abit for all enhance it’s too much it’s not balance, that’s all for now

  39. Nate Jacobs says:

    Nice smooth play.really diggin the graffix .great job!!!

  40. Royce jeffrel Nellas says:

    Ill try this game and its nice. Smooth. Even low end phone..

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