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September 14, 2022
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Realm of Heroes Apk Download New*

Realm of Heroes Logo new model REPLACE! New characters!New welfares!New gameplays!Lots of presents are looking ahead to you.

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1.Become into Monkey King and create a singular persona Divinization gadget is activated when gamers are at degree 1. Change into into 1000’s of gods and create your distinctive persona.

2.SP server OPEN! Get unfastened presents and infinity welfare A lot of presents are ready so that you can take, and will let you at the journey highway.
Three.3 thousand beauties are looking ahead to you You’re going to be the Soul Lord within the recreation. Summon your goddess and domesticate them: you’re the witness in their expansion from a tiny soul to the tough goddess. Simply signal the soul hyperlink with them, arouse them, and accentuate them! The horny and captivating fox, natural and beautiful unicorn, proud and sublime phoenix, and different goddesses will all accompany you to start out this adventure!
Four.More than a few Styling& Custom designed Design Beautify your self in recreation and turn out to be the glossy one you need. Modify your function look by the use of converting garments, dyeing to different colours, and making an attempt other shapes. Display your good looks to the arena and everybody will also be Macy Daddy.
Five.Love International& Satisfied In combination In finding your romantic love in sport and get started the journey in combination!


40 comments on "Realm of Heroes Apk Download New*"

  1. As Sault says:

    havent play this game (but you’ll know from the beginning). This game style which still playable as f2p. Build many server. Put many feature, many different stage, story based and you click to progress the story most of the time you will autoing the battle and just enjoying story. Rely on paid system for vip and exclusive equipment. When few player left, they will merge server. If you are new to this kind of games enjoy it. But once you play it, this kind of games isnt that fun.

  2. Nana says:

    At first, everything was alright but today suddenly I couldn’t log in. I tried uninstall and install it back and once I could log in the game just messed up like I don’t know how to even say it. I reinstall it again tried to log in and somehow it started from the very beginning. Which stressed me out. Well hope I can still play it like usual. I uninstall it for now. Because I don’t wanna get stressed more. 😅

  3. sahrie bondad says:

    After i update thia game like about 10mins ago.. Some error occur like there was all pink in my screen. I tried to restart the game but it turns that the game itself have bug. Hope i can send screenshot so you can see it too.. Like this message if many player of this game happen to them also. Hope it will fix.. Actually i enjoy this game.. Thats why hope it will be fix

  4. Carlin Lee says:

    There was a glitch for a whole day where some things couldn’t be accessed and seen, I unistalled and reinstalled only for the server I was originally in to be full and I can’t go back into the server where my account is. I registered with Google. I don’t want to start over ._. Overall, gameplay has been great.

  5. Andy Koh says:

    It’s so hyped up for many weeks, but the game turns out to be extremely dissapointing . The guy characters looks deformed and recently the graphics UI render has became pink squares . The game no longer loads and nothing functions. When i first downloaded the game 1 minute in, i am already locked out from the game due to full server probably due to timing issues which allowed other users to enter hours before. Everything from storyline and character’s arc feels disconnected and sloppy.

  6. xLilith Scarlett says:

    It’s a pretty decent game with a lot of ways to power up. It’s more P2W but f2p players can still try it, although you probably would not be able to achieve all the event goals in the game unless you pay. A big issue right now is how I can’t enter the Hell Event manually, and my only current fix is to log off before the event happens and let the game auto-run it for me, which is a pretty bad bug/mechanic. If socializing in a game is your thing, do take note that Vietnamese players are the majority of the player base!

  7. INFINIX98 Nabil says:

    I have to say this. This is ok to play. However there are many bugs. One of them that is heavy is when there’s a bug where everything almost everything is pink. So I thought reinstall it will solve it. But there’s another bug afterwards. It solves the pink screen, but then I can’t receive all the resources… Like when i click to collect all the rewards and resources it didn’t collect. I really hope you responded to this bug because i like this game and i want to play it…

  8. Hehe says:

    Really nice game. Smooth graphics, cool story. But, after the new update, my game is currently mostly unplayable. My character is now a neon pink blob. I cannot use melt, refine, get my daily login reward, access the exchange stores. There is also glitch where random numbers and letters pop up filling the screen when I try to do so activities. I was really enjoying this game until the update. Please fix, as I have read other reviews and found many other players struggling with the same problem.

  9. Jane Hazel Hielony says:

    I have trouble logging in the game but when i managed too the game was quite fun, but after a few hours playing it i decided to quit for awhile cause my tummy was rumbling like crazy & then i wanted to play it again, i waited for so long to log back in the game, & guess what? All the time i spent waiting just ended with me restarting my whole gameplay again!! It did’nt save my progress! ;( I got annoyed & deleted it! Huhuu ~_~ I hope this problem will be fixed tho!

  10. Stacia Tan says:

    I would have given this 4 stars, however after the recent update, these have happened: There’s been pink squares covering my avatar, and pink glitches on the floor. The power does not appear on the top right, and when my power increases, it shows this huge white rectangle without any words or numbers. At times, the language suddenly switches to Chinese even though I have presetted it to English. Overall, it does not seem to live up to what I had pre-registered for. Please fix these! TQ.

  11. delancy. says:

    I’d give this 5 stars if there was more character customization and if it doesn’t constantly crash. Everytime I get in the server, the screen will turn black for a second and it will close. I had to keep opening the game but sadly, it didn’t fix anything. Please fix it. ^^

  12. Alex Shrestha says:

    The game is good, easy to learn play modes, the reason for 4stars is the game still got some bugs, like after every updates on game, everything becomes pink, some functions can’t open so need to uninstall and install again. I’ve uninstalled and install again 2 times already,plz fix this ty…(p.s. It would be better if you put rename cards for free, i mean exchange with B.ingots, it’s like just to change ign you need to pay lol.)

  13. BigGamesHood says:

    The perfect game of stunning visuals and casual gameplay. The game perfectly balances the feeling of mmorpg with having minimal button presses and random qraphics clouding your screen. Definatly recommend if you enjoy adding fashion to your character without investing too much time.

  14. AKMAL PONDERS says:

    Edit: Well. The gamplay lacks quests. The recommended CP is messed up. I fulfilled it but still died, only to clear if WAY stronger than the rec CP. Other things are better than most games I played. A little bit more diverse in skills, activities, adventure, specialization would be nice.

  15. Khairul Akmal says:

    Poor combat and looting system. The only thing you can do is auto-combat and if you try to use your skills manually it will miss all the time. The dodge skill is useless in this game. Heavily p2w concept not a surprise tbh. Armors/weapons in this game feels pointless and worthless when all your character can wear is vanity item that gives little to no boost and they are expensive n grindy af. Pets and mounts? Also pointless. Theres tons of nice things and they serve little to no purpose.

  16. ernest tay says:

    very much a pay to win game so can ply if you’re gonna spend lots. Other than that, the graphics are good just that the gameplay is very repetitive and if you don’t pay, you’re stucked literally. And most part of the game is just idling so pretty much you do nothing with the skills. Not much on combos and things.

  17. Rayrayray Zzz says:

    Pretty cute game but you’d be tempted to pay (at least for the 1st recharge) to get the perks. Only giving 3 stars because of the bugs. 3rd time downloading this; had to reinstall because there were graphic glitches where stuff like the Wings & the Pets became pink boxes. Then could not log in into the game at all (despite the connection &etc. all good).

  18. Michael Ignasius says:

    Extreme Pay-to-Win, there are too many rich people in this game. I was pushed from the twentieth rank to unranked in one single day, that’s the first problem. The second is the extreme auto system, you basically don’t have anything to do in the game expect for clicking “instance” or “boss” and I even sleep when playing this game. It’s something more effective than lullaby. You can try using this game to sleep your child and I think your child will start sleeping 30 minutes after playing this.

  19. Eliza Chong says:

    It has very good atmosphere vibes in the game, but overall I really want to know why all of the new event are pay to win? Also it dragged my fun down the drain because it’s really hard to progress. At first it’s very easy to progress But as soon as you gets high level it became more slower. Thanks for reading

  20. venti’s salty coom says:

    the game isn’t what I’ve expected from watching the ads. It has low quality and sometimes it’s really choppy. Sometimes it’s also hard to meet the requirements in the game which is really frustrating when you’re not playing it with money. This game basically gives you disappointment.

  21. Yamrahc Nna says:

    I used to like this game until now. You merged servers w/c is fine but it now crashes and lags too much. Bugs are everywhere, everything was fine yesterday. Fallen Realm is shvt ’cause what’s the use of having summon stones if I can’t get my rewards just because someone with OH-so-high power entered and stole it from me. Don’t bother downloading! It’s one of those games which people left cause in a week or a few, servers are popping and merging, only those who expended stuffs are left.

  22. Orange says:

    Okay first of all i just want to say that this game is actually fine, graphic the gameplay and the event prepared in this game is okay. But, after not more than 2 weeks playing this game suddenly servers got merged and it is actually not good. Because if you fight the boss rewards only for top 5 damages. If the servers got merged more players come and the bosses land got crowded, this is something u need to fix. I saw many of my friends leave the game because of this. Hope you guys will fix it

  23. Ryn Mendoza says:

    At first, it’s quite exciting and challenging but eventually as a f2p, there’s nothing much you can do unless you buy something. It’s quite intimidating to play with stronger players who can afford upgrades and stuff. Also I find the instruction on how to play the game to be lacking. I’m quiting this game now. 3 stars for the experience.

  24. kristoffer reymond malinao says:

    Nice game so far. Needs a lot of improvements cause if your soul is drain u cannot do anything you just stand and wait for it to full regain. Needs some small minions to fill the boss map in order to kill it for more exp to fill. Not just wait for the bossmon to respawn again. If you want to have more easy way to level up just pay some money but if your like me a f2p just enjoy it. If you want to play it for fun go for it but if you want to top up remember this is paytowin game.

  25. Khánh Nhật Mai Lê (Cephalon Falcon) says:

    To be honest, this game feels like an Idle RPG game with beautifully crafted graphics than MMORPG. I like this game, but I do have some things I dont like: 1) VIP event display wrong info. What you get is VIP 1, not VIP 12. 2) Lack of contents, and limiting access to features make the game way more boring than it should be. 3) Fashion event is bad, really bad. Why only count red / orange crafted fashions items? The cheapest set fit event description is Delicate set, and that set is terrible.

  26. Mira Ngel says:

    Was finding a new game for me and my friends(we played many already and got bored with them) then i found this and they followed! The game used to be fun til they updated it and changed some, me and my friends used to wait for Hell every lunch and noon too til they changed it! We spend yes and it’s ok but after the updates and changes we started to lost interest in the game! Plus too much servers coming out everyday isn’t helping too! Time to find another game again! *sigh*

  27. Emily Cheong says:

    Graphic great. Started off interesting and booster that helps support a decent play then one week into the game unless you are willing to pay a couple grants weekly dont even dream of getting the basic dailies completed. After goddess number four they stopped writting all the stories which provides points/gold for normal player. Many other similar games encorages top up but not at these extreme rate. Items are very heavily priced. If you are planning to play decent then it gets you no where.

  28. Emer Corrin says:

    Why is every update changes the language? I like the voices of the goddesses in English better and it changes to Chinese, at least the skill display is in English. After update it changes to Chinese. Is it a bug? Feedback really doesn’t help anything at all.

  29. IQMAL says:

    This game is quite entertaining actually….But some issue must be solved first…First,the animation of the characters-The character can’t even dodge a single attack from enemy without any skills…Second,the virtual world-Dev should add some monsters and make some improvement about the virtual world…And the last one is bugs-There are so many bugs..As example, the character that i’m using has no damage dealt when attacking the enemy..I hope you can do something,dev!!

  30. Gâcha _Prßm• says:

    nice game! but i hate it when it blow my storage up! and it cause lagging and crashed on my phone! and i have to wait 1 hour just to enter the game😬..and i have to erase my other apps just to enter the game but it make it much worse but the most worse is that i always reconnecting!…like seriously so annoying!

  31. itz_thou mouykim says:

    Don’t like it for me. Don’t get me Wrong the graphic was good the animation was not bad but the gaming & fighting system was horrible. No dash added just auto attack, and enemy fight make no sense (how the heck did the enemy attack at character without has to go near us and just take damge randomly bruh) and kinda buggy, I’m not interested in story at all plus the game was really confusing 😑

  32. eryLaurant says:

    There are some texts that are in Chinese and that’s really bothering. For starters, the random name that they show you on the character creation screen is in Chinese. And events are named under Chinese characters. “Innovater” instead of Innovator, y’all gotta pick a better proofreader. Great graphics though. And voice turn off please, I want to hear the fighting sounds but I’m disturbed by the Goddess’ “daunty nor” or whatever that is. I don’t like that I have to turn off the whole sound.

  33. G “Whowho” R says:

    Total lag and connection issues on this game. Furthermore if you’re playing the game the app you shouldn’t need to use a VPN just to play also not on a 4G network running off 5G where are you 2017? I don’t think it helps making it sound like it’s mywifi when every other game app can run just perfectly and smoothly I noticed you’re specifically seems to want users to change random Google addresses just to stay connected on your generic login system rather than using our Google Play account.

  34. Cassius Moyo says:

    Nice art and graphics but this game does not have your progress, I had to delete the game due to space, Installed it back today tried to log in using my Gmail account but I had to start from zero, they didn’t save the progress I have made so far.. It’s not okay.. I really loved the game

  35. Souped says:

    Fantastic game. It is not balanced, but you will always find players around your level to compete with. The issue I have is there is NO guide anywhere. There is no wiki, youtube videos, reddit or anything, It’s very strange that 1M people have downloaded this game, yet there is no one making guides. You have to learn everything pretty much by yourself.

  36. Meownul says:

    I like the graphics but the gameplay is just bad. Almost everything is gated by how many times you can run the instance/ time gated/ paywall gated/ level gated. I don’t mind some things being gated but this game is worse than the other ones I’ve played. I log on to play for maybe 10 minutes and I can’t do anything else because of those reasons.

  37. Agatha Sangma says:

    One of the best graphical game I’ve ever played so far… So good,,, but inside I had to download more resources for the game to get interesting and work smoothly so I couldn’t continue since I didn’t had enough storage to store those resources so I quit I hope the gaming system would understand that for a normal devices it’s not possible to store more otherwise the rest are perfect… if possible please make it possible for every low devices with less RAM to play with fun as well…

  38. Ketty Wong says:

    I played this game back in 2020. Reinstall in 2022 but i cant log in to my old account, i logged in with google account before. And one more, i cant recharge any amount of ingot cause it says the item isn’t available in my country. Can i know why is that? I haven’t play this game for so long and a lot of changes have been made.

  39. Belinda Appiah says:

    it’s a nice game and l like it and the pet is super cute even thought I just started playing it I really enjoy it and the back pictures are nice I hope it’s not going to be boring later because that is how some games are and you can choose your own character that’s nice

  40. Marlon Valdez says:

    I love the game so cute pet, mount and the hero i used:) but most i liked the game is not laggy so 5star for you:)

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