Ravensword: Shadowlands 3d RPG Mod Apk New 2022*


Ravensword is a massive 3d Action RPG for Mobile Devices
4/5 Votes: 21,363
Crescent Moon Games
March 23, 2020
4.4 And Up
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Ravensword: Shadowlands 3d RPG Mod Apk New 2022*

#1 Best New Paid App on Google Play!

Ravensword: Shadowlands 3-d RPG Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

From the award profitable studio that introduced you the nice RPG’s Ravensword: The Fallen King
and Aralon: Sword and Shadow, comes

Ravensword: Shadowlands 3-d RPG Mod Apk New 2022* apk

Ravensword brings unparalleled visuals to the RPG and journey video games style. Discover a limiteless and richly detailed international, acquire robust guns, gather masses of things, build up your abilities, and observe a deep storyline to unravel the mysteries of the dominion of Tyreas.

Ravensword: Shadowlands 3-d RPG Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new


Ravensword: Shadowlands 3-d RPG Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

Monumental 3-d RPG global to discover
First Individual and Third Particular person at the fly switching Beautiful and real looking surroundings
Ragdoll Physics Unique Soundtrack from composer Sean Beeson Masses of things to make use of
Reflex and precision based totally struggle with guide blockading and dodging Quite a lot of weapon sorts – Bows, Crossbows, Hammers, Swords, Axes
Flying Mounts
Horses Heaps of enemy sorts together with massive prehistoric creatures.
Lockpicking Pick out Pocketing
Magical Runes Merchandise enhancement Lots of loot Various armor upgrades Fastened fight Choice based totally, multi-part Quests Recognition and Prison Gadget

Ravensword: Shadowlands 3-d RPG Mod Apk New 2022* release

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Ravensword: Shadowlands 3-d RPG Mod Apk New 2022*

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40 comments on "Ravensword: Shadowlands 3d RPG Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Bailey Jodee says:

    It’s an Excellent game I’ve known about it for a long time but never wanted to drop $7 not that it’s a lot but the game didn’t seem to have enough content but I got it for free now after years and I can’t complain solid graphics and controls aren’t bad you just have to get used to the combat, couple things are wrong with it, it’s slightly buggy and I got excited to hear voice acting only to be disappointed by the fact that they only voiced the first sentence, maybe they were trying to conserve space but honestly it’s already a large game so you might as well have gone big or gone home. They certainly had plenty of time to update it over time but haven’t. All in all pretty good game but I’m glad I didn’t have to pay for it especially since even though it cost $7 they still have microtransactions.

  2. Elliston Ffraid says:

    Huawei mate 10 pro. The details are amazing but the optimization is SICK! IS 0 ! I can see through the walls, all the objects are everywhere, the map have alot of bugs, I can.t even customize my character without moving it because everything were 3d and I could see even my eyes out from the head. Everything is sick, fix it and you will receive 5 stars because is an amazing game.

  3. Derren Heortwiella says:

    Mate 10 Pro 128GB. Played the opening scene, controls are chonky, combat feels like its in slow motion (I know there are slow motion scenes but the regular scenes were slow) and there were visual glitches literally everywhere. My shield showed through my character, floors split and didn’t render and every movement caused visual glitches that broke the experience. Would not recommend. I’d get a refund if I didn’t get it for free. Uninstalling right away, what a waste of memory.

  4. Randson Trudy says:

    Very very bad graphics. Everything is transparent. You can’t edit the character and you don’t see where you are because walls are transparent. Edit: I tweaked some settings on developer settings and there’s no overlapping on graphics more.

  5. Reese Andreye says:

    Rather dire game which is a shame seeing as it’s powered by unity, the game graphic is laughable at best due to the skin textures and background textures colliding thus making a merger between the two. If played long enough I think in time it could cause some form of motion sickness In short not worth the time even when being on sell for nothing..

  6. Valentine Leverton says:

    Overall a good game, especially for mobile. Controls and camera could be a little more responsive and the quest markers could do with a display on the screen or on the map that visible without being in the near area of the quest objective. But enjoyable and a good story, well done.

  7. Amory Aelfthryth says:

    This game was really good. Updates I would like to see is more items, more side quests, more places to go to and an ending that did not leave you kind of confused.When I killed the last boss the ending was kind of bland that I was wondering “was that it?” And the house decorating part of this game is harder than the boss fight… Don’t get me wrong this is an amazing game, but it could be one of the best games if it had a bit more content! I will still give it a 5 star because, man, was this a really good game. 10/10 would recommend people to play it even at least once.

  8. Alyanna Ardwolf says:

    I feel like I’ve been lied to. The sample photos are just that photos, not actual screenshots. The textures in game or actually much less rendered. The gameplay is sluggish, the menus are not well-defined at all, there’s absolutely no way of knowing what equipment you have on versus how many more slots you have to fill because there is no equipment display in the game, and worst of all the cash shop items aren’t even marked with the prices in real currency. You only find that out after you select it and it tries to get you to purchase.

  9. Bardan Mikaylin says:

    The environment and character creation is missing in large portions. In the begining the entire ground is either just not visible or just missing layers and buildings are missing visually. The character creation is missing half the persons face and its sticking out of his chest instead of being on his neck. Its also installing Ravensword2. App is clearly labeled Ravensword: Shadowlands whats up with that?

  10. Georgianna Eryl says:

    The game is fine for a game last updated 5 years ago. The graphics are understandable,and the control is pretty smooth. Buuut there is a problem or 2 with the gameplay. To begin with, if you attack a giant in the north, your player stays frozen for a bit, and unfreezes just in time for him to escape the attack. Also,It might take quite long in order to generate an area after fast travel, sometimes making the loading screen freeze. I quit the game while it was frozen, and next time I opened my save file my player was met with the absolute void, and he of course died a few seconds later. I restarted from my last save, only to realize the VOID was my last save. I had been playing for 3 hours. At least you could make it be able to load the save before the last one . One last thing that is pretty annoying is tha fact that you use the exact same face for many npcs. What? Do I play a post-apoxalyptic game where clones have taken all over the map?

  11. Barton Crystelle says:

    For a game this size, graphics dont fail to impress. relatively easy gameplay. controls could use a bit of work: when swiping screen to look at a different direction, swiping should be made more easily. Otherwise, superb game. could use a further storyline or more side quests!

  12. Deveon Mikelle says:

    Graphics & controls are really good. Needs better explanation of game mechanics, how to use your skills, how to develop, etc. Stupidly frustrating when it comes to some areas – you are ambushed as you walk in (as soon as area loads) with a maybe 5% chance of getting lucky enough to not die (in which case you easily win). That idiocy has made me quit this game for days at a time, and dropped two stars off the rating

  13. Alex Elivina says:

    Installed…. Played it until I got into the troll cave which is about 10 minutes into the game. Suddenly started descending into an eternal pit. Kept reloading it… Same thing. Then I loaded a previous checkpoint, then it worked…. Until I got back to the home town, then it froze on the loading screen. This is just 15 minutes into the game. I dare load it now as the good game play has been completely ruined. Sort it out devs!

  14. Karsen Donie says:

    $6.99 for what!? I can’t really give any kind of review of this game as I am unable to play it. At all. The game literally will, not, work. It gets as far as the title page, and a prompt ‘New Game’. And that’s it. There are animated clouds flying past. And a constant loop of music. But the game itself won’t start. I even tried pressing the ‘options’ icon in the bottom corner, to no effect. I suppose I’ll have to consider $7.00 lost.😒

  15. Birley Abbigayle says:

    I have problems with sensitivity. I have to swipe many time to make the hero turn just a little bit. Sensitivity setting is at max. Very few times it works ok. Please fix this. Looks like a good game so far, but all this effort just to turn arround is making me to just quit. I’m looking forward for a reply. Thank you! 🙂

  16. Sunn Leopold says:

    Played for a few days. Saved my char in the last city then when it was loading to the next area, the game crashed. When i tried to reload, my char was freefalling and dying from the fall, eventhough tye last saved was clearly in a save area in a city. It keeps on repeating everytime i load the saved game. In other words, i will have to start a new game. 😒

  17. Ernst Lora says:

    I just finished the game, and while there are a few things to complain about (inventory screen was probably my biggest complaint), it was a great game overall. Granted, I bought it on sale for $2, it was easily one of the best $2 I’ve ever spent on the Play Store. Fun adventure, really hooked me in, and definitely pulled off some things I had definitely never seen in other games, I was like yea right, this can’t be real! (No spoilers, but the last ring and the egg hunting totally caught me off guard in an awesome way). I love Crescent Moon games, so far they have delivered!

  18. Christopho Jeraldine says:

    Everything about this game reminds me of my favorite Game of all time, ..SKYRIM. If you want a real OPEN WORLD RPG on mobile look no further. * if you get glitched out of map and die after loading, quickly tap the inventory button and go to the map page and teleport to the nearest place, before you fall and die.

  19. Colwyn Abadine says:

    I had the apk from humble bundle but that version vas unable to save and I could not move after completing the tutorial (character was jumping in place). Came here to buy the game to be able to finally play only to see after download that the graphics are way downgraded. Not at all as in the other version I had or as pictured on the screenshots. Its so bad that you cant even see the tattoos on the characters just smudges. No option to upscale it either.

  20. Carless Gipsy says:

    Beautiful game! Really surprising in it’s detail for a mobile game. It left me wanting more though. Even with the relatively limited world it seemed there were opportunities to have many more side quests and a longer storyline. It almost seemed like a waist to have so much detail and much of it not come into play. There wasn’t much purpose to the thieving skills and furnishing the home could have been made much easier. Not much to choose from when it came to high level armor and weapons.

  21. Botulf Presley says:

    the graphics are terrible on more modern phones for some ridiculous reason i cannot find out why and there’s zero options about changing it. there’s zero support too and i feel like i wasted my money. its false advertising if you show a video of the game looking a certain way when in reality is impossible for the game to look like that. no updates whatsoever. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THIS GAME. it feels like a low effort scam.

  22. Westin Florian says:

    very poor quality. i was looking forward to playing this one especially since i had to pay for it. it seems like everything is ascew in the game. people’s faces are disfigured, objects are missing right in front of the character, so you cannot move because you can’t see it. simple as the table in layna’s house at the beginning or all the rocks at the first battle are gone and people are floating. plus to look around is drastically slow. fix it up guys. i hope no one else has this problem.

  23. Lynley Kayley says:

    there’s a big sensitivity problem I would really like you to fix I have the sensitivity max and it works alot of the time but when I really do need to turn around it doesnt work or its extremely slow and it would be alot better if you would fix that. if you fix anything that is plus the peoples voices work on the first greeting but when you say something back they have no voices anymore

  24. Andreye Linford says:

    Crescent Moon’s 3D RPGs are probably the closest we have to a true Elder Scrolls game on mobile. Shadowlands is no different. Quirky, but solid game overall. However, the game seems to think that my Z2 Force can only handle the visuals in potato mode, AKA lowest base resolution/etc. It’s an old game, so I doubt that any fix is forthcoming. Just a warning that it may or may not behave as expected on your particular device.

  25. Taylor Lynn says:

    It’s a good game but… Why do you still update this on iOS but not on Android as well? It has serious issues like not being able to adjust the graphics besides view distance. It defaults to lowest texture quality. Which makes it look like a PS2 game! And then there’s the problem with connecting controllers to it. Where the game doesn’t load the main menu after selecting yes. I beg of you please update the game! The least you can do is give people the updates to the game they actually paid for.

  26. Bobbi Baby says:

    It usually worked on my on my other device but this time it doesn’t work on my phone. The game constantly bugs, I can see through the map and characters. It feels uncomfortable to play with the see through map and the problem didn’t resolve at all. I downloaded it about 3 months ago , uninstalled it . Reinstalled it yesterday and was still the same problem. I installed and restalled it about 3 times.

  27. Joran Avalee says:

    The graphics update is tremendous. Absolutely the best open world game there is. This has the looks and feels of skyrim. The only problem I face now is that after the graphics update the game lags a lot on my phone. Frame rates drop rapidly. You could add an option so that we can change the graphics as per our device.

  28. Rizal Abiyyu says:

    The control problem is still in there, i can’t move backwards, left, or even right! When i touch the virtual analog, it’s just make my character move forward, whatever i do, it still just move forward. I don’t know what the exact thing you guys fix on the new update, but the control problem is still there, and its make the game unplayable for me. I hope you guys fix this as soon as you can, because this is a good game, and i would like to play this game again.

  29. Caramon Zero says:

    I played this game about six months or so ago, and it worked flawlessly with my xbox one controller, but, after redownloading it after regaining some space on my phone, barely half of the controls register like they used to. I could crouch and change perspectives, scroll through menu tabs, cast spells, and sprint with an ES-like control scheme, yet it no longer works that way, and I have to constantly switch between using the controller and tapping the screen. I hope this gets fixed, soon.

  30. Lukasz Wrzeszczynski-Siuda says:

    Finally I can play this on maximum settings… just because I got lucky and currently have a phone that’s recognized by this game as “high-end”. Lack of graphical settings and an option to reset custom buttons, sound and sensitivity sliders to default is ridiculous. The mini map is also messed up – places names are appearing on the bottom of the screen, not on the map itself. But the game itself it awesome. It’s like a pocket Morrowind.

  31. I'm Back says:

    Needs polish a lot of polish, there are mislabeled normal maps so certain objects use their normal map as their main texture which as you can tell looks extremely bad/off the world feels small, lifeless, and unpolished. Interiors and exteriors need more detail, the city needs more npcs just so it feels lived in. The game could also use more/better dungeons and quests. The game in its current state feels unfinished.

  32. Jack says:

    Very Impressed! in Dec 2019 I gave it a 3 star because it did not work with a Shield Controller. Now I am using the LG Tribute Monarch with the Shield Controller and to my surprise I can now move the character with the controller. I am so glad I purchased this game app a few years ago. Now looking forward to finish the game completely. I still have to tap on screen for certain features but, hey, not much to complain as long as I can use a controller for the main gameplay. Much thanks to the dev!

  33. Bonjo Montes says:

    There’s still some bugs on the movement.. I can’t seem to go any other directions than going forward. Also raising shield function doesn’t work… I hope the developers would fix this function in time… I really liked the theme of the game, but it just has too many bugs that makes the gameplay not good… Fixing bugs would really make the game fun as it was before in the earlier years… Hoping a fix update of this game soon… 🥺🥺🥺

  34. Rodolfo Ferreira says:

    This game has been updated and received some fixes for controller support! But it isn’t there just yet, as there is room for improvement. Here are the downs of such implemented controller support: #1 The game will now move on after the initial screen after Unity detects a HID controller is connected to the phone and working; [OK] #2 Character customization screen, menus, conversation dialog options are touch screen only; [NEEDS FIX] #3 During a conversation, I can pass the dialogs with the A button, but I can’t select a conversation dialog with the same button. I have to use touch control. Why is that? [NEEDS FIX] #4 I get close to an NPC, press X and it triggers conversation mode; Once the conversation is over, why can’t I get out of it using a physical controller button, such as B? I have to use the ‘Bye’ touch control. Ugh! [NEEDS FIX] #5 Touch controls aren’t supposed to be “printed” on screen after Unity detects an HID Bluetooth controller – I suggest using the custom buttons menu and give us an option to NOT display touch controls. Furthermore please update the game input tutorial to mention physical controller buttons, not touch controls, after Unity detects a controller is working during gameplay; [NEEDS FIX] #6 The backpack is accessible with start button, but once in there, there is no way to move to the next tab, which is a pain, especially when I need to check the map every so often. Switching tabs in the backpack should be done with shoulder buttons (L1 or R1) [NEEDS FIX] #7 There is no way to access or edit the four quick access slots using a physical controller. [NEEDS FIX] Guys, HID controller support for this game is here, it just needs some fixes. We can do this! I used a Saitake STF-7000 controller (HID mode) with XBOX buttons layout FYI.

  35. Muhammad Rubel Ansari says:

    This is skyrim for mobile devices. We want next sequel. A gift for all RPG lovers. We need another game like this. BTW control is horrible on this update. I have problems with touch control. Whatever I do on left side control, it just goes forward, not backword or moving left right. And with right side control it is moving the view so fast on left/right but up/down view is too much slow. what can I do now? Using redmi 9.

  36. Raymond Santos says:

    Hey developers…. I found a big glitch in this game, on a couple playthrough my character became unable to improve his skills. Like his defense, longsword, etc get stuck on a low number and don’t improve anymore when they should. I played through this several times. I can’t lie it is simplistic for an RPG and it lacks depth. But it was still fun and the graphics are surprisingly good for a cell phone game.

  37. James barr says:

    I love this game. It’s alot like elder scrolls for Android. The only problem I had was a glitch with the demon at the end. I managed to resolve it though. This game is fun and I would recommend it to anyone who likes Skyrim the only thing I didn’t like was how easy the quests were I completed the entire game side quests and all in less than a day.

  38. Dylan Doyle says:

    Update to my previous review. I have watched several gameplay videos of this game to see if my movement control issues is common and it appears it is not. In all the videos the person is able to strafe, back peddle, and block. However I have tried all settings and cannot fix it. I contacted the developer to see if it is a new bug or issue. From everything I have seen and played this can be an easy 4 and likely 5 star game if this movement issue was not present.

  39. Daniel Brown says:

    I won’t twist it , I won’t even ask for my money back, this game actually has everything I want! Except enemies that I can beat. Game makes me want to weep with sorrow about how close it is to what I really want… game needs more random field encounters but easier game play for I’m not that great but I still like to enjoy the game on “Agent” difficulty sometimes…

  40. Brian Cochran says:

    Game is extremely unpolished. Bad combat, graphics, voice acting, (what tiny bit there is) & tons of goofy glitches. The one thing that led me to stop playing all together was a broken quest. You are tasked with catching a robber. Which requires you to climb a ladder or use a bow. For me the ladder wouldn’t appear. So a reloaded & fast traveled. Instead of the ladder appearing the robber disappeared for good & quest is still incomplete.

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