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October 18, 2022
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Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT Apk Download New*

Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT is the primary legitimate Ragnarok On-line IP with NFT parts, introduced Globally, operated by means of Gravity Sport Hyperlink (GGL), an Indonesian department of Gravity.

Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT Apk Obtain New* mod apk

Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT is a ‘Time-Effective’ MMO cellular recreation style, that includes maze dungeons which comprises memorable levels and monsters from the Ragnarok On-line international. Goal not to handiest supply a-maze-ing recreation reviews, but in addition to praise avid gamers virtual monetary belongings which can also be received with each minute of play.

Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

Let’s sign up for the thrilling journey!

Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT Apk Obtain New* apk mod

Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT Core Options :
• Auto-Play
Defeat MVP and Monsters along with your fellow gamers via Autoplay. No handbook grinding required!
• ‘Sharevice’
An distinctive characteristic to allow customers to develop characters via sharing them with different customers.
• Labyrinth Quite a lot of cutting edge Maze Dungeons look ahead to, with an increasing number of complicated and difficult patterns to procure beautiful treasure
• More than a few Recreation Modes
There might be each PVP duels and Raids. Turn into the most powerful and get rewards
• Neighborhood Sign up for a guild, chat with the entire contributors and increase your guild to change into the most powerful one together with your mates • Improve Gadget Refine more than a few sort apparatus, gears and playing cards, make your adventure and demanding situations more uncomplicated to conquer

Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT Apk Obtain New*

Take a look at our authentic Website online and Neighborhood Platform for additional knowledge of Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT.
• WEB SITE = https://labyrinthnft.gnjoy.id/
• INSTAGRAM = https://www.instagram.com/gravity.gamelink/
• FB = https://www.fb.com/TheLabyrinthofRagnarok
• TWITTER = https://twitter.com/rolabyrinthnft


40 comments on "Ragnarok Labyrinth NFT Apk Download New*"

  1. Orthus Based• says:

    Its been 2 months. Within this time, not one of the issues have been fixed. Crashes still happen very often. Downloading updates are at a snail’s pace. Ads are broken. And maybe stuff I haven’t encountered yet. I’m putting my foot down and quitting. This game doesn’t deserve my time if it can’t fix an issue I’ve been complaining about for 2 whole months and still want to mooch off money from me via cryptomining users. This is an elaborate scam.

  2. Leon Veynard says:

    Too many ads, just tooooo many ads… You cant even turn off the ads sound anymore since today update. And the ads getting longer and longer. They dont even fix the lagging issues in the game. What a waste of time.

  3. Jayson Baguio says:

    Overall the game is good. The only thing that i see as an issue is that RO system in Trading limit the players interchange(maybe if they revamp it/lessen the required RO points in trading). Second is the amount of Onbuff points that can be acquired to obtained, plus you need an gas fee in order to swap it, i think it’s not equivalent to the money you may expense. Lastly. I hope that we have a vault so we can intershare our items/materials in other character, then its a big game changer.

  4. Lloyd Golimlim says:

    A fun and enjoyable game. The only issue I encountered is that the game always exited. I can’t play it smoothly. It always crashes. Please please please. Fix this issue. Crashing is always happening. I want to play this game. Edit: The update solved my negative experienced. I didn’t get any crashing issue.

  5. Anthony Tongson says:

    Good game fixed some issue’s after the update. The biggest problem is the Duel, the hardest part is the matching choice system where there are a lot stronger player’s “whalers” that you cant beat so mainly you cant progress #145 main objective, pvp companions is 3 times stronger than the regular 3 star ones, its becoming more of a pay to progress game, I don’t mind paying stuff but this one is a different level. Overall please fixed the match listings. Will re-edit my review after the fix.

  6. Nekorenji Zonix says:

    It is becoming ad generator. I just unistall it. Even I purchased something to avoid anoying ads, but this new update require to play ads to claim some bonuses. Before when you purchase in this game, you are not required to play ads to claim except to the purchaser bonus so total of 6ads/day now aditional ads for claming zeny and items that accumulate for every 5hrs and staying bonus.

  7. Dan Michael Precones says:

    Too many ads, it is getting boring and boring, even though its free you need to watch ads. Almost everywhere you go you needed to watch an ad first to claim. Fix some issues not adding more ads, it is frustrating…

  8. Ryan Ladz says:

    Addictive but so disappointing. PVP mismatching (so imbalance) got to paired with a very high-level opponent or vice versa, and so non-sense ranking in pvp because its point system gets you nowhere. And now, the new update has even more ads, you get to watch ads on claiming rewards now?!!! (sigh…..)

  9. Ison, Arghy B. says:

    why is my account gone? it happened when there’s an error in login authorization after i updated it. Then I uninstalled it to fix the issue but then i log in my google account it took me back from the start my last acc was gone. i’m in job level 95 so it’s really frustrating. It took me to many months for that and now it’s gone. Please help me fix this issue.

  10. Hydrar Gyrum says:

    The guild system is evil. After I dilligently grinding every single day for months without absent and help the guild collect more than 3 thousands points, then when I can’t open my phone only for 3 days straight because I got sick, the guild master kick me out like I was nothing, even the master himself only collecting around 2 thousands coints so far. Man, this is super upsetting. I don’t feel like opening the game anymore ever. Wasting my months here. I regret installing this all-auto game

  11. Kawper Lacayo says:

    Its a Ragnarok game, which means crack open the wallet, or lag behind. Status quo, baby! Its not fun, and quite slow. Your default female, and are required to start a new character to change this, this may seem like a nitpick, but I’m not a woman, and don’t want to play a female character.

  12. Jan Ohnemus says:

    Basically all you do is manage yout stats, skills and thats about it. Was excited to see a new Ragnarok game because it always gets my hopes up that it’ll actually be good. Sadly this is another gacha-microtransaction-cashgrab app. Also the artstyle is just weird.. RO doesnt need Minecraft textures.. I can’t tell you anything about the NFT-side of this game so i will rate it 2* just because at least that part might be enjoyable/profitable/a nice addition or whatever. Sadly can not recommend.

  13. Anthony Rineheart says:

    Honestly a pretty fun game until you get to this horrid mess called Labryinth. You have to run around and pick up coins before boss battle, and even if your phone can utilize your 500 mbpz connection, ragnarok does NOT care. You’ll have one of these labyrinth missions to continue your story quest but you join the mission and stand on the coin for 10 seconds as the game does not register it and some mob 10ft away manages to freeze you while another one 30 ft away freezes you right after you es

  14. Bakinji says:

    This game is a poor money grab. Nothing else. With more focus on the actual Gameplay instead of the Shop and monetization, it might actually have been a little fun. It’s a pity what happened to Gravity. I mean remember the old Ragnarok Online times? This was when the company was top level and quality. Now it’s not even a shadow of it’s former glory. They got so much money, but they decide to make more garbage with it instead of a proper crossplatform Ragnarok Online Successor. Shame on you.

  15. Drake Jones says:

    360 minutes is ridiculous amount of time for rewards you can watch ads for small time reward but still time lock if want to watch then you start to add more ads at lvl 60 for free rewards in store and dungeons when wasn’t one before as well you hit a game play halt as progression is slowed drastically;this is not a casual game after this point free to play more like free to watch then there is labyrinth minigame gimmick laggy also annoying because you can fail and lose opportunity for card

  16. Doctor Smith says:

    Rushed to play a nft farming game but hate the conversion system. The overall game is great I would give 5 star for that but the nft feature is a scam. There is a charge for conversion of currency that we have to provide in ethereum. There is no point for me to keep playing as I don’t want to invest my useful time and money in these💎

  17. Russell Reynolds says:

    The game has it’s flaws but is great. Flaws are ads, mods, needs better security. May I suggest a full reset of all accounts and only release the items and or services that were legitimately paid for. And maybe add a kafra card event for the restart. An NFT platform shouldn’t be able to be modded AT ALL. How do I know that my info money is secure if you cannot control a modder stealing from us. Im willing to participate and donate but security issue has to be permanently resolved 1st

  18. Chris Nangle says:

    A good idle game in a lot of ways. Lots to craft, skills to choose from, job classes. Only issues I have are once you hit 58ish, theres a bottleneck (it took me a few hours to hit 30’s, and a few days to get from 58 to 60 for the third job unlock) and the variability of offline development. Someone needs to select you as a buddy for you to earn anything. I just came back after 8 hours having earnt nothing.

  19. Kevin Lee says:

    The Labyrinth is the most annoying game play in years. The multi mode, the stupid desync make me constantly getting attack by monster. The reward is garbage, but some daily quest and main quest progression keep force you to play it. Whoever design the Labyrinth mode need to rethink their carrier.

  20. Jordon Frape says:

    The game was pretty good and I enjoyed the crafting etc, however there seems to just be ads now everytime I try to collect something

  21. YoUrMoMsKi says:

    I almost thought you guys learned from you many past incarnations of this franchise but no you keep adding new annoying elements to a great game cash progression endless grind and now the labyrinth it has stupid mini game mechanics but its an integral part of the game. So far the experience has me feeling I’ve wasted time and data when I should have known better

  22. Brian Neumann says:

    All ways long maintenance. And at prime play time for me. Pay to win. And cost a lot. Australian prices a very inflated compared to other country6

  23. armando i (BlkDov) says:

    It’s just like to the previous version which is great. Only now after job 3 u gotta watch an ad to collect free rewards. It also looks like u gotta buy a monthly pass in order to redeem saved points in order to get an NFT. The NFT are then saved to there brand of wallet that you would have to later transfer to your own wallet. I’d rather have the option to connected my wallet to the game to directly save any I get, oppose to having another wallet to look after.

  24. graamd says:

    I like the game, but I rated it one star for two reasons: 1) The card labrynth is laggy and annoying. 2) When I got to Osiris dungeon, high levels are able to load in and kill him before I even finish loading. This happens right when Osiris respawns. No matter how strong I get in the future, I would NEVER be able to compete due to load times.

  25. Seth Reddeth says:

    I have been playing this Franchise since 2003 with the love of their Assassin class. Based off of every mobile release- this is by far the cheapest produced. None of the match making makes sense. My favorite class barely makes sense (Left Hand/Right Hand Strengthen without dual wielding? No Katars? Do I build for dagger? Why all the crit for dagger?). It is almost like Gravity didn’t make the game tbh. And, they still want your money… Play any other RO game over this for the real experience.

  26. premsing88 says:

    Since yesterday night it keeps saying connecting to game. It gets stuck there forever. Ive tried restarting, reinstalling. Nothing works. Fix this pls. This never happened before.

  27. Paulo Navarro says:

    All of a sudden, just can’t connect to the game. Cleared cache, reinstalled, tried other internet connections, still can’t connect. Edit: now I lost my char, after the maintenance. Good job. Edit 2: offline again

  28. Joseph Jagolino says:

    everything running smoothly until i got stuck on ” connecting to game ” screen using google account. tried to re-install and relogged for hours now but still got the same issue. 3 stars for now.

  29. Paulo Belen says:

    l just can’t log in on the game, l just disconnected last night then l tried to contact the customer service then l don’t receive any response from your side…

  30. Janamal Linardo says:

    Played since April 22. I rarely giving review about game, but here my review: Good game but too many ads and the dev can’t stop the cheaters and don’t ask about the NFT, better quit and play another NFT games.

  31. Carlos S. says:

    I enrolled to get notified for the global version release but I didn’t get any until now that the game has several months rolling, that means you’ll never reach the ppl who started earlier smh.

  32. Prashant Kandarkar says:

    Very unfair play, dual competition with 40 vs 80 lvl, everything you need to purchase coins for upgrades….. very unhappy ….Uninstalling…..

  33. Roelof Elsman says:

    The quests are the main way to gain Base levels and Job levels since the amount of xp you get from farming monsters is insignificant. I highly dislike the fact that you don’t get resources back when disassembling gear or cards. The daily quests can be completed within 1-2hours, you get a lot of free equipment, the gacha element is present for equipment boxes and in card rarity which is my favourite part, the only downside is that killing MVPs in Adventure doesn’t give you cards

  34. Ernest Washington says:

    Like everybody else is saying the game is fun for an idle game, the labyrinth need some work LMAO. The monster aren’t even close and will stun you and the boss with kick you. Pvp is not leveled at all cause of high level played removing gear to lower their level to play only low level players. Still worth a play if you like idle games tho

  35. G. Sa says:

    It was fun at the beginning. So many things to check in on and wait or watch ads for it feels like doing chores. Then theres the laggy labyrinth mini game that makes you want to just stop playing. The pvp matchmaking system will discourage you from upgrading gear since everyone just uses naked characters with high levels that will absolutely stomp you.

  36. Mark Lorenz Macayan (Toybitz) says:

    My previous rating got deleted? Nah, already expecting it. But my rate will never change. A recycled game and placed an “NFT” in the title is a total scam. Up until now you don’t have an actual NFT released. For so many months have passed. I reget I wasted money on this garbage devs, I don’t wanna trust Gravity anymore. Old should be gone now.

  37. Gustavo Lopes says:

    P2W. In end game soul pick is a very necessary item that can only be bought through cash shop, and is very expensive. . .

  38. Israel Giribaldi says:

    Very idol game. Not sure where the NFT aspect of this game is. A buff system to level you up or increase drop rates? I was expecting a play to earn system but this is an item mall p2w bot simulator for the old RO game.

  39. Khairul Anwar Bin Abd Rahman says:

    Basically,this is one of the pay to win game. i dont mind,this game remind me of my childhood memories. How i spending my time playing for 10 hours. Sakray server. Huh,memories. That was 10 years ago.

  40. Nep your nep bro says:

    I do not like Gravity along with alot of mobile games with their new player traps in the ingame shop where you could get ripped off for thinking it will get you ahead of the game. Truth is that you only need patience levelling up and get yourself to the endgame. Once you get to the endgame then you can easily farm everything and make decent profits trading items for real currency with players. The ONBUFF isn’t worth it, crazy gas prices. I hope they would partner with Loopring for very low gas.

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