Pokémon Masters EX Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Pokémon Masters EX All-Star Battles With Trainers & Pokémon!
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November 9, 2022
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Pokémon Masters EX Apk Download New 2022 Version*

MINGLE WITHIN THE NEW TEACHER HOTEL! The Instructor Resort has come to Pokémon Masters EX! Invite Running shoes as visitors and have interaction with them! You’ll be able to deepen your bonds to get particular footage and tales!

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TACKLE EVILDOERS WITHIN THE VILLAIN ARC! Darkish tales spread within the villain arc, that includes Staff Rocket and different villainous organizations! Keep tuned for brand spanking new chapters!

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RUNNING SHOES DON PARTICULAR OUTFITS! Running shoes seem dressed in outfits unique to Pokémon Masters EX! Revel in authentic tales attached to these outfits, too!

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Hatch Eggs to get new Pokémon! Upload hatched Pokémon in your crew, and combat your strategy to the highest!

Pokémon Masters EX Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

INPUT THE FRAY WITH A CUSTOMIZED WORKFORCE! Compile Running shoes and Pokémon to tackle battles! Create a staff all of your personal, and intention for victory!

Pokémon Masters EX Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

Champions, Elite 4 contributors, and Health club Leaders from the previous have come in combination! Workforce up with Running shoes and their Pokémon, and pass on adventures!

Pokémon Masters EX Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

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40 comments on "Pokémon Masters EX Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Delight Yardley says:

    It has fantastic polish… But… The core of the game is… Lackluster? It’s not all that deep and judging from its base design it is going to have severe limitations when increasing this depth later on. The battles are extremely slow to the point where I am just waiting for the gauge to fill to do ONE attack on one of my trainers. For a real time game, it doesn’t provide enough resources to play it in real time. The opponent and I just… Stare at each other until theres enough energy… ^^;

  2. Reigh Frayne says:

    Disappointing, UI is set up like Yu-gi-oh Duel Links, but without any charm to it. Has a battle system that is pretty obnoxious to use. The depth of this game, for it being so *competitive* is incredibly basic, even for a Pokémon game. It looks pretty great, though and the animations are pretty fluid. I also really appreciate the emphasis on character diversity in personalities, much like the game and shows. Wish they’d put half the effort in the gameplay/design as the did with the looks.

  3. Evin Vail says:

    I wouldn’t believe this to be an issue in a game where you need to farm items, but it is. When exchanging items, you are sent straight back to the top of the exchange list. Repeatedly trading items one at a time is bad enough, but having to scroll back to your previous location to start the process all over again is not appealing whatsoever. Just get rid of that resetting feature and allow the consumers to trade as much as they want, or implement a “trade in bulk feature.” (Both would be nice)

  4. Gregg Val says:

    I downloaded this not even 3 hours ago and I’ve haven’t even battled! In fact, it keeps freezing at the begging and I have to keep remaking my avatar and going through the tutorial. Once or twice I could understand. But it has frozen at least 5 times. I don’t know if this is happening to anyone else but I am very disappointed with this app.

  5. Stephannie Maddocson says:

    My first impression is a mix of excitement and confusion. The first hour or so is hand-holdy, but ironically doesn’t explain some of the game’s basic functions very well. For example, the energy system in battles isn’t explained effectively, though once you figure it out it’s quite simple to use. Being forced to choose or upgrade a specific character isn’t very fun. The characters look and sound great. Obviously the game is in early release, so I hope to see lots more added in the coming months.

  6. Kassy Stevenson says:

    This has potential, but it gets extremely difficult after the first couple levels. I would not recommend this even for a pokemon fan. The combat is lacking with characters only able to learn two attacking moves. The character drop rate and gem rate are terrible too. It feels like they are forcing you to buy things just to keep up. So much potential lost; hope it gets better in the future.

  7. Kit Desirel says:

    I don’t know why, but I am unable to play the game. When I enter the app, I am met with the sign-in loading screen and it hangs forever. Sometimes I am able to get the title card splash art and other times I am not. Regardless, I have never successfully loaded the game. I preregistered for the game and own a Pixel 2 XL. EDIT: I just upgraded to Android 10 and my problem has worsened. When I tap the app shortcut, the game immediately crashes before reaching the title screen. Please fix!

  8. Midge Darek says:

    Constantly Restarting, its telling me my phone clock is off. After the error message the game restarts. This occurs after every battle and event, or every 2 minutes. Sometimes both! It’ll do this for a solid 10 minutes. Then I’ll get a five minute break and it begins to restart again. I like the game, but this is SUPER ANNOYING.

  9. Kimberley Winton says:

    The characters are written really entertainingly, and the gameplay is a cool variation on traditional pokemon battles. It is a gacha game, but spending is definitely optional. Unfortunately there are some pretty bad crashing issues. The game will freeze entirely in the middle of battle animations and require a force quit. Has messed up quite a few battles. Also, sharp graphics and great music. They really went all out.

  10. Lowell Stormie says:

    I’d give it 3.5 stars if I could, the game in itself is fun and it’s a great new take on the old fashioned games on the old Nintendo consoles. Good graphics and gameplay, it’s definitely worth checking out. That being said, being forced to play 11 chapters before you can play multiplayer is too much. The idea of multiplayer is what enticed me and many others to get the game, chapter 2 or 3 would be reasonable to play before multiplayer to learn the basics of the game, I got burned out waiting..

  11. Corliss Remo says:

    While I like the concept of the game, there are some serious balancing issues that need to be addressed. For one, the computer cheats on very hard mode all the time. They have every passive available to them all at once, making it impossible to affect them with status (Poison, confusion. Etc.). This is giving the computer AI a huge advantage during battle. Not to mention how they ignore the cost of using moves, easily spamming abilities that cost 3 bars or more 5 times consecutively. Not good.

  12. Lynze Harmonie says:

    I really want to like this game, because the nostalgia is there. The graphics are really nice and there’s voice acting for the trainers. Getting to go on your own journey with Misty and Brock, how awesome is that!? That being said, the gameplay itself is mediocre. Each “sync pair” has one specific element and one weakness. Which makes your options for battling very limited depending on the story. It makes it very hard to level up anyone thats not the type that the story requires.

  13. Earwine Bazyl says:

    Been playing it since launch. The gameplay seems very simple and not something that can easily be extended. Not sure how much more complex it can get as is. The hardest levels are DPS races with very little margin for error. Enemy attack variety (specifically special moves) is very low. The UI is also pretty bad lacking features like Repeat buttons and persistent menus to allow for easy navigation. The only redeeming qualities of the game are the characters and the visuals.

  14. Grover Renfield says:

    The game is great. Fun, time consuming and just great to see all of these characters again and how they interact with each other. That being said there are some things that need fixing. The Level Up Course. It takes a bit to level some characters and the fact that stage 3 of this course only gives ONE level 3 EXP book is rather annoying. The shop. Why are the items especially the Evolution Crystals so pricey? 300,000 coins. For 1! That’s ridiculous. It’s fun but some things need to be fixed!

  15. Skyrah Veeda says:

    I enjoy the fact that I’m seeing characters that I grew up on all the more prettier, but when that’s all that’s really sticking out to me, it’s a problem. The dialogue is cute and even funny sometimes when it’s being said by unlikely people, but again, this ain’t it chief. The battling system is something that I disliked on a major level, having grown up with the normal turn based games. It’s just a bunch of tapping and hoping that your energy bar loads in time. Which it hardly does.

  16. Maynard Robertha says:

    This game gives us the opportunity to explore the background of trainers from the main series, which is something they rarely emphasize. It’s a great way to learn about our favorite characters. But grinding is tedious because the AI during battle uses an offensive approach instead of tactics, so you win a battle easier by doing it yourself, but wait too long with the AI. I know the game is still being improved, but I’ll happily give 5 stars when the AI is fixed, or if a quick clear is added.

  17. Ilio Bain says:

    I’ll give credit where it is due- they made a fun game with a lot of possible combo and sync pairs that makes it enjoyable. It’s nice that there is not a limit on energy so you can play as much or as little as you want… That said, the grind is insanely ridiculous. It’s not even remotely realistic for a casual player to get a character to level 120 in less than a couple of weeks. On top of that, while they do have events, they are insanely slow at releasing new content for the main story.

  18. Zachary Lauren says:

    Overall, it’s a fun game to pass the time. The story is a bit boring but dialogue is easy to skip. It’s a bit hard for me to manually battle because there are no turns. Instead you just attack when you have enough energy to. I use auto battle since most likely I was too slow to attack enough before I died. I would like if I could customize my character more. If only just changing the colors of their outfit.

  19. Kimberlee Shermon says:

    Incompatible with Android 10. No response to email requesting support after 12 hours. Wouldn’t transfer saved data to another phone. No response after asking for help there either. Fine game until I couldn’t play it anymore. Update: 4 stars for it working again. Fun game that reminds me of the classic Gameboy versions. Lost all of my saved data when I updated to Android 10 though. Edit 2: The updates have really improved the game. Really appreciate the updates and constant work.

  20. Genna Andrei says:

    It’s a great idea, and honestly I’m enjoying the characters & their personalities (especially the ones that really lacked them in their original games). The graphics are great & the voice acting is well done! I am really having fun with the new events & updates to make your sync pairs stronger! However, it’s not perfect. It does need to continue the story, offer more variety for new characters, and add a PvP option rather than just a co-op mode. Thankfully, the directors are improving the game!

  21. Abbigail Cleon says:

    The game has no stamina system, so it can be almost too easy to speed through the story. Beyond that there are lots of things to grind for, it seems like it has been back-to-back legendary events for the last three months. I think the developers deserve some credit, they have addressed a lot of the concerns of their playerbase since launch and seem committed to improving the game. When it launched, the game was pretty stingy with its currency, but that no longer is an issue. Very solid overall.

  22. Lyon Malchow says:

    I really love this game. Its fun and challenging (compared to the other pkmn games.) I would give it a five star rating but I don’t get to play it that much so I don’t get that much time to do the special events that go on. Also it would be mega helpful if they had some sort of exp. Share or something like they do in other games so I don’t have to constantly use level up manuals or use my time leveling up level one synce pairs to level eighty-two. Amazing game with gorgeous graphics!

  23. Cabbage Kin says:

    I didn’t get into the game much at first but the inclusion of some characters got me interested again. I was having a great time with the game, but the more I’ve played and more invested I’ve gotten, I’ve noticed a lot of glaring issues. In combat specifically, it’s plain unfair that enemy sync moves hit your entire team but your sync moves can only hit one character. Getting some items is near impossible unless you pay. From what I’ve read, the devs don’t listen to feedback though, so oh well.

  24. Kermit The Frog says:

    It’s pretty solid and decent. But I uninstalled it a while back and lost all my progress. So that sucked badly. I uninstalled it by mistake because I was trying to save files. But let’s not talk about my mishaps. It’s adventurous and addictive. And there are a lot of trainers to battle with or recruit to your team. And in my opinion the storyline is great! But you would have to play it to actually experience it. Otherwise amazing! P.S You can switch out teammates with new ones to win battles.

  25. Rikenzu Plays says:

    Very engaging for new users. However, once you complete the main story, progression slows to a snails pace, and there’s nothing keeping me as a player from wanting to drop the game. There’s no longer an incentive to play once you stop getting the massive rewards from story mode, as the gacha mechanics are too expensive for free players, and the events have limited playability, with huge difficulty spikes that make them unenjoyable.

  26. Daniel Kronberg says:

    Been playing for a while now and I find it enjoyable. Most the time getting the daily goals is what the games about but as you build teams you can get into a lot more detail and work to beat the more difficult challenges. They are rewarding. I really enjoy the co-op challenges on occasion but mostly play solo.

  27. Jason Richards says:

    Great game play, awesome story, stellar soundtrack. Expensive as hell micro-transactions. It’s definitely a pay to win model and you have to spend money to roll the sync pairs you want. But if you can afford to spend the money, the game is pretty solid.

  28. Pedro Gaeta says:

    Not the most classic way to play but it’s still worth trying. Also not early to mid game friendly, but only cause the storyline is long. What happens is that there are high level events that the player can access and even enter, but because it’s meant for late game, early/low leveled players can’t actually expect to see or receive a W, in those fights. Granted power ups help. These powerup are like “rare candys”, but a veteran to the original games, I’d rather be able to battle my way to the top

  29. M Mustafa says:

    Graphics are similar to that of Nintendo switch, and it also uses characters from other Pokemon games and the anime. The gameplay is decent, but if you collect enough level up manuals You Can level up your character to level 100 before you even take on the Pokemon League, not sure if this is a wanted feature, but if it isn’t I just hope they don’t remove it. Some minor issues are that the amount of XP received for each battle is a little more than needed which makes leveling up easier.

  30. Chase SaysHi says:

    Been playing since release. It gets repetitive after a while, but honestly it’s the only game I’ve played where the repetition doesn’t get stale. There’s a new event like every other week and while the playstyle is the same throughout, has enough effective variation and rewards to keep attention. I also appreciate the devs making sure to take player feedback into account and letting us know of plans that are still a long ways out just to show that.

  31. Gradient Gr33n says:

    As I was looking for a new game to replace Final Fantasy Record Keeper, this game turned out to be just what I was looking for. Familiar characters, easy to pick up game play, AND a crazy amount of cannonical lore?! Yes PLEASE!!! The only thing I regret is waiting until the 3rd year to start playing. I fear the necessity to spend to catch up is very present. Thankfully, it does keep track of how much I spend and sets limits to make sure I don’t go overboard… Which I have a tendency to do. 😅

  32. Jubal Scarbrough says:

    Overall, it definitely feels like a Pokémon game. The music, sound design, art direction, story, etc. all feel like Pokémon, for better or for worse. The one thing that stands out to me is the gameplay, which, well… is the thing that really tries to be different. And it’s just different enough to feel fresh while maintaining Pokémon’s identity. An enjoyable experience, to be sure.

  33. Austin Belmont says:

    It’s ok, a few features are fun and cool. The “Battle tips” are total trash and badly done. As in the game wants you to figure out the exact sequencing of choices to make in order to proceed so that you can’t exactly battle your own style. Good writing for a pokemon game, this game could be absolutely amazing if they made a few changes to it. But all In all, it’s a fun play. But wouldn’t spend money on it.

  34. ryan nguyen says:

    This game is by far the most entertaining game I’ve had on my phone in quite some time. It makes me feel nostalgic. Some of the fights remind me of Pokemon stadium back when it was on Nintendo 64. Definitely a must have. Please do yourself a favor and install. You’re given so many materials in the start to help you get your adventure going too. I’ve had a couple times where the game auto shuts off on me. But literally only a couple times. Other than that it gets a solid 9/10 from me.

  35. decidumarsh says:

    I feel like I’m the ONLY one having issues with the newest lodge feature. Since its addition I’ve been able to open it a total of one time without it crashing. Since then, every single time I try to use it, the entire app crashes. I’m sure I’d love the feature but since it doesn’t even work I guess we’ll never know.

  36. Abyssal Relic says:

    Great game. Able to revisit old characters and fall in love with them and the series again. I feel like this game focuses on the characters weve met in the main series, and I love that. There is one thing I wish was done better, and that is something that seems like a new feature. That is the lodge. I just wish that there were more characters like Lisia and Zinnia available there.

  37. Louis Estrada says:

    Pretty awesome game and so far it’s not behaving like a gacha. I mean it is but you can easily play the game without spending any real money. Graphics are pretty sick but one thing I did notice is the “auto battle” function could use some tweaking. It doesn’t usually make optimal decisions when choosing an attack target.

  38. Dustin Gilpatric says:

    The game itself is pretty good. But the auto-battle feature is awful. I will use the “optimize team” button and then use said team to battle. I have had multiple instances where I out-level the opponent by a good margin and will still lose due to the auto-battle not knowing how to play the team that it built for me. Could also use less payments in-game, I’m not the type to buy that stuff. Other than that, the game is fun and nice to look at.

  39. Trey Engleman says:

    It’s been several years since I first reviewed this game. And it’s become more of a staple of my daily routine. Since it’s launch, it’s gotten constant updates, there’s something to work towards every day, and being a free-to-play user, it’s become a lot easier and way more reasonable to save up and get at least some of the rarer poke-pairs. The gameplay is fun, but as you get overpowered units, it becomes somewhat perfunctory. Also gem prices are still outrageous. At least it’s no longer needed

  40. Tatjana Krohn says:

    I enjoyed playing this game for awhile. The missions were fun and the content was constantly updating so there was always something new to do. However, I’ve been having issues lately. Everytime I try to open the game I get errors. I’ve had to unistall and reinstall the app to get it to work. Its not the worst (just annoying). I feel like the summon rates for getting the new units with the free gems has decreased. I’ve gotten nothing new in months. So I’m disappointed with the game now.

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