PLAYMOBIL Horse Farm Mod Apk


Feed and groom your four-legged friends.
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September 20, 2017
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PLAYMOBIL Horse Farm Mod Apk

Welcome to the PLAYMOBIL Horse Farm! Construct a paddock paradise to your horses and maintain your animal partners.

PLAYMOBIL Horse Farm Mod Apk mod apk


PLAYMOBIL Horse Farm Mod Apk

• Feed and groom your four-legged pals.
• Taste your horses with colourful saddles, head collars, and bandages.
• Choose between seven other coat colours.
• Take lovely snapshots of your favorites.

PLAYMOBIL Horse Farm Mod Apk apk


PLAYMOBIL Horse Farm Mod Apk apk mod 2022

• Create your individual equestrian direction and let your horses gallop round it.
• Customise the paddock with shady timber and different pieces.
• Earn new pieces step-by-step.

PLAYMOBIL Horse Farm Mod Apk apk mod


PLAYMOBIL Horse Farm Mod Apk apk mod new

• Age-specific Content material • No In-App-Purchases
• No Commercials • No Hyperlinks to Web sites or Social Networks


40 comments on "PLAYMOBIL Horse Farm Mod Apk"

  1. Adonna Quintilian says:

    Over all this game was really fun a would definitely recommend it but it is really easy and I got done with all the levels within an hour and a half other than that I loved it but in the future I would recommend them letting us choose the horse and their names

  2. Flick Elvena says:

    I loved how cute the horses were and how you can make obstacles but it could use some adjusting. First of all, I suggest competitions. Second, different thinks to do like: Dressage, Vaulting, Racing, Barrel Racing, and etc. Overall it’s a great game! Keep up the good work!

  3. Arlanda Pennsylvania says:

    It would be great if you could send all your horses to the track and could collect characters and customize them. Also it would be great if you could compete in shows against other players.

  4. Aldrin Jody says:

    I love the game but one thing that is so ANNOYING witch is that let’s just say you have lots of horses and they all want to go running or whatever and you have one person I WISH YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN PEOPLE BY YOUR SELF OK PLEASE FIX so yeah can you fix please if you DON’T FIX I will rate 2 star but if you fix I will keep it up to 5 star ok so please fix the rest is Awesome ok! And for the capital letters does not mean I’m shouting it means it is a warning about the game if your wondering ok bye love the game please FIX! 🐴

  5. Yestin Gar says:

    I liked the app but u cant change the horses names train them or bring them to competitions u get a horse car but it is just for decoration and loads of trees so maybe after all the things unlocked for the horses you could get a new part with a different animals. And what is the path at one side outside the irina and I made a path that was from one side of the track to the other and the horses never touched it and I wish more riders so all the horses could ride together

  6. Lexus Alean says:

    I love this game. if you love horses then this is the game for you. I think to get 5 stars for me you could Mojave competitions for the horses to enter and win medals and prizes. You could also be able to change your characters looks.

  7. Raleah Remo says:

    I absolutely LOVE horses! And when I found this game I was so ready to try it out and it was amazing but the creature’s need to start upgrading this thing to maybe have more horse more levels and stuff like that but over all it was great! You should try it! 😁

  8. Darryl Arik says:

    It is a realy fun game, I just wish there were more horses and other things to unlock, also when we put a horse on a track, I wish WE couled actully tap the screen in order to let the horse jump… so it’s like WE are riding the horse!

  9. Jannis Elvie says:

    I would’ve rated this 5 stars if it had more horses and options to make the game more exciting. Maybe racing tournaments and maybe breeding foals would be a nice edition to the game. Steeplechase’s aren’t a bad idea either. Otherwise it is great but once you can no longer unlock horses it isn’t much much fun.

  10. Gillian Glorious says:

    First of all after you get the last horse there is nothing else to do then decorate your stable and path which by the way isn’t that fun. It is a good game but the creators could add a create your own horse at a specific level or add more horses.

  11. Cyanne Edna says:

    I think its a good game, although I did not give it a 5 five star because it gets boring! It would probebly be more interesting if you could dress the girl, ride in the forest and be able to go to horse shows. In all it is pretty good.

  12. Kaleb Thompson says:

    amazing you get to ride the horses around the track that you create and then you get to add the jumps that the horses make and you get to design your horse whatever color you want the only thing that bugs meis that you kind of do it over and over again and it sometimes gets a little bored but it gets really exciting when you get new characters and new horses to ride and it’s a really fun game!

  13. Nigel Burton says:

    I absoloot LOVE this game, ahh😛, i think i now why this game is rated a bit lower than the other games. 1. They think u could ad more stuff to the game. 2. They think the game is i little bit boring for them. 3. People want to acctuly move the horse around with there finger….but i love the game. The only 2 things i want u to ad to the game is-coins and challenges. But apart from the the game is perfecto! I love love love this game! Pleese make those changes! Iff u can. Have Fun playing! I❤it!

  14. Anandi de Kock says:

    This game is really fun but I would have liked it to have more levels so that you could get more than 4 horses. It would have been fun if you could also change the girl to your likings. I would really appreciate it if I could go on that path into the wouds cause I can’t and it’s bugging me. All and all I enjoyed the game.

  15. Dorina Kiss says:

    Well like that you can set up the arena, just one tiny problem…i don’t understand why we aren’t walking and being the person. I like games like that. If you could fix it i’d like it more and more I play it. I still give it 4 star though. ( note to playmobil horse farm… remember to change it so the person who’s playing can be that girl ). I hope other people will enjoy it like I did!!!!🙂😁😁😁😁☺️☺️☺️😊😊😊😊😆😆😆😆

  16. Silver ClawGaming says:

    I do like the game it’s just a little bit boring cuz all you really do is you take care of the horse and stuff and you do that and then there’s like nothing else other than to make the track I wish you guys would add more to the game like make there be competitions and such and also me like add where we can actually wash the horse too and maybe more areas

  17. Destroyer of Bots says:

    If a teen likes it then it must be a good app! 🤣 I love it! It’s simple yet fun! No impossible goals, no ads, no stupid currency, just pure enjoyment! 👍 So I’m removing one star purely because once you get all four horses you can’t really do much else, could you add more horses? ♡

  18. Owen Hood says:

    It’s a good game and fun when I’m bored but I’m doing three stars because I want you to add some stuff to the game. First, I wish we could be able to change the horses names. Second, I also wish that we would be able to customize the horses, like the mane and tail color and look or what kind of breed like turn Edony into an appaloosa. Third, I really think there should be more horses and more tack and food. And I wish there was more space in the field. And last I wish there was a house.

  19. Echo Trash says:

    This game looks, well, it looks like authentic Playmodile toys, but in a 3D world. I think this game is more for younger kids, it’s still nice to play as an adult if you like simple things. You can place things in the world that help you to gain food for your horses, or obsticles for them to jump over which give you more exp for your ranch to unlock things. You also gain exp while taking care of your horses for unlocking more things as well. But I wish there was a little bit more in the game.

  20. Karl Macrow says:

    Perfect for my kids, no ads, no in app purchases, easy to use interface. The kids love building the tracks and unlocking new horses. A lovely wholesome game.

  21. Jessica Frazier says:

    Very great game! A little boring with only a few things to do, but overall amazing! I love the game play and how it really brings the toys to life!!! No adds at all, and great graphics. Good work!

  22. Kendra Huizar says:

    I love the horses and theres no adds in it if your reading this you should be excited you can collected 4 horse and those are my favorite breads an I only collected 3 right now but this is the best game for forever and it will be nice if you can put more up dates to the game and if you can put trail rides to it or we can control the girl and the horses.

  23. Lexie Gagnon says:

    I give this game 5 stars because if your child is interested in Playmobil then this is an amazing game. This game is amazing and you don’t have to pay for this game but I would like to decorate the girl. So if you are looking for a good game for your kids then Playmobil horse farm is the best option. Amazing job to the people who made Playmobil horse farm.👏🙌👏🙌👏🙌👏🙌👏🙌👏

  24. Shazia Narkedien says:

    It’s a nice game but the reins don’t appear so it looks like she’s just holding the horses main. But it’s pretty nice I think just make the horses move able so you can tell them where to go. I suggest downloading it if you like horses and Lego, it has voice features so like she’s talking when she’s riding but yeah that’s my op

  25. Arianne Hagwood says:

    I think you should let people name there own horses and I wish you could keep getting new horses every 5 levels no matter what level you are on and you should make it where every 10 levels you can unlock a area outside of that little paddock like a riding trail or a pasture where you can free ride without going around In circles just riding but other wise I like it but please make those changes and it will be perfect! Thank you!🐴🐎😊😊😊😊🐎🐴

  26. Joy The Sylveon! says:

    I need more control of the game. You see, I want to move around the stable so I have more space to put the race track. It’d be perfect, plus mabye more room in general could do. I also want to be able to rename the horses and be able to color their mane. I want more control of how they look and how it goes. Still an okay game, but its really short and it’s ‘REQUIRED’ to go with the storyline that most people don’t know about. Still, good game, but please add more.

  27. Mr Vella says:

    This game is very fun but also very boring and the reason why is that there is not much to do and there is not much options of tack and maybe add some clothing for the rider to wear too and maybe add events to do for fun and get more things.And I just downloaded this game and I’m already at level 6 and like different people to choose from (to unlock) and maybe add more horses into the game too.(and maybe add legendary horses like a unicorn/Pegasus or something)but the rest of the game is fine.

  28. Jumpy Baby spirit. says:

    Awesome game, here’s the problem, your food is limited it stops at 99. But still good game, here’s Another problem, on the title screen the girl is holding the horses reins but when you’re playing you don’t have reins so plz add reins to the horse oh and one more thing please when you have a complicated race course make the horse run the whole track thanks!

  29. Iron Vlogger says:

    I love this game. My only gripe is that I wish you could earn maybe more horses and work your way up to building another race track in a different field along with the feature where you can name the horses yourself. And I would love a dog sledding version of this, with the added features of naming and designing the musher and dogs

  30. San Z says:

    It’s cute but there’s too little to do. You only click the horses to make them run on the track for a short whike, or go into the barn to cluck to groom or feed the horses. Over and over. That’s it. I know it’s for kiddos but I imagine even they won’t be entertained for long.

  31. S Bro says:

    Awesome but it keeps lagging for me and it keeps trying to make me rate witch is very annoying when a you are doing something inporatant!!! But if you are looking for a realitic game its not this one but otherwise its awesome!!😄😄😊

  32. Ariel Frederick says:

    I like how u level upp and stuff it’s so fun to play u can unlock new horses and new stuff for outside and the food is so cool I love it and ter eis one more thing it is a rlly fun game!,

  33. Gracie Martin says:

    It’s a decent game but theres not much to do I think you should add new horses to buy by selling things like tack food other horses and you can go to shows.

  34. Gareth Edwards says:

    I really enjoy the game but then there are like five things to do there is no compotishons you are not even able to go away from the stable and I feel like I am traped but apart from that it is a good game to play. 🐴🐴🐴🐴

  35. Adam Ukleja says:

    I this game is really fun but there isn’t a lot of things to do if they added like a trail path to go on to ride and to costoumize the character and to come at in competitions

  36. Erin Palmer says:

    I think this game gets really boring really fast so pls can u make there be compotitions and be able to change ur rider also it would be fun to fully care for the horse. Also another thing u could do to make it interesting would be to be able to have lessons and have full control of when the horse jumps also when the horse goes around the jumping thing i would like to see diffrent angles etc. Also pls let us be able to breed horses and sell them on open market. I’d appreceate any of these thanks

  37. Ellen Marsh says:

    Love Playmobile. This game exudes the same high quality of imaginative play that Playmobile has always delivered. My child has beautiful blonde hair and comments “that’s me” throughout her playtime. There are plenty of options to change the appearance of the horse. What about the rider’s appearance? Playmobile needs to pick up their efforts for full inclusion. All children should be able to say, “that’s me”.

  38. Abigail Salas says:

    Everything is great but I think a thing to add to the game is breeding, so we can unlock more colours because some people may be bored.If you still do updates I think PLAYMOBIL horse farm would be great if you could add breeding!!

  39. Me Us says:

    I love it it supper fun to play Some suggestions to update the game 1. Foals 2. Morse trading stuff like ( barrels, English, etc ) 3. Horses have feelings like they’re not feeling good day don’t want to do jumping and other things ___________________________________________________________________________________________ Otherwise I really like the game

  40. Myleigh Clinger says:

    My cousin’s love this game. They seem to have a lot of fun on it. They really like that they can make a track that the horses ride on. There isn’t really anything thing wrong with it there isn’t any ads but there is only 20 levels. You can still play it after you get through all of the levels. Also when my cousin’s are playing the game on my phone, when they are feeding the horses the horse freezes but you can still move the screen but the horse won’t move. But that is it they still love it.

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