Order & Chaos Online 3D MMORPG Mod Apk New 2022*


Battle Orcs and Demons in a massive multiplayer role-playing adventure
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Gameloft SE
December 15, 2021
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Order & Chaos Online 3D MMORPG Mod Apk New 2022*

Team up with your folks to tackle quests and discover our huge myth global, succeed in heroic feats and lead your guild to the highest of the multiplayer leaderboard.

Order & Chaos On-line 3-D MMOG Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022

• Use the complicated persona advent gadget to customise your heroic avatar, in true MMORPG RPG model.
• Five races to be had: Elves and People combat for Order, Orcs and Undead for Chaos, and the Mendels are impartial. You’ll have at least Five other characters in our recreation.
• Make a choice your gender, look, magnificence and abilities. With over 15,000 abilities and eight,000 items of apparatus to lend a hand you thru your quest, your sport is probably not over quickly.

Order & Chaos On-line 3-D MMOG Mod Apk New 2022* apk

• Discover the sector of Haradon solo, or unharness the actual multiplayer recreation enjoy: Make buddies or enemies, industry, duel, be in contact and extra. Quite a lot of interactions makes every participant a residing a part of this myth universe.
• Sign up for a birthday celebration or guild to transform more potent and coordinate together with your teammates to conquer probably the most difficult a part of MMOG video games: our Mythical dungeons.
• Participate in epic multiplayer fights and check out to guide your guild to the very most sensible of Haradon.

Order & Chaos On-line 3-D MMOG Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

• Go back and forth thru essentially the most majestic settings of this deep myth international — from darkish forests to deserts, jungles, mountains and extra — on foot or through magical way.
• Communicate and engage with loads of characters to seek out over 1,500 quests to accomplish.

Order & Chaos On-line Three-D MMOG Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

• The Battlefields are a brand new PvP mode the place teamwork some distance outweighs particular person energy. Attempt to seize the opposing group’s flag and produce it again on your base to attain.

Order & Chaos On-line Three-D MMO Mod Apk New 2022*

• Trip into combat sooner than ever at the brand-new mounts, together with Bloody Ghost Horse, Silver Depression, Non violent Kraken, and extra.

Order & Chaos On-line 3-D MMO Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

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Order & Chaos On-line 3D MMO Mod Apk New 2022* release

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40 comments on "Order & Chaos Online 3D MMORPG Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Rashawn Kelemon says:

    excellent game especially if you like world of Warcraft. If the dungeon finder worked properly it would be better. The last two weeks it has put me in the same dungeon every time I select random. Also it takes at least an hour to find other people for a dungeon. If these problems were solved the game would be excellent. please fix the dungeon finder and make more quests for each level.

  2. Camille Jon says:

    This is by far one of the best MMORPG out there, but it seems to have massively lost its way. The server connection issues are constant and the community seems to have become almost nonexistent. Character customization, graphics, game play, open world exploration… All of it is great! Just lacks a lot of what I remember from its origin. Fix the server connection issues and send me a message and I will return.

  3. Bink Rickardo says:

    Game is ruined. Don’t play it. Really loved this game. Lots like WOW. But lately, it disconnects when trying to log in, after a few minutes of playing or most frustrating, after you play it gives error synching server, logs you off and you lose all game progress playing. Very frustrated 😡. Tell me when it’s fixed

  4. Donnika Dustan says:

    I honestly can’t say much about its gameplay, since I couldnt log in. After linking my google account and creating a character (with much difficulty as it started disconnecting every moment and I had to login again with google) when I started gameplay I could only play for a few minutes before I’d get the notification that my username doesnt exist and kick me out. Took all the fun out of the mega awesome graphics. I have to say with a sequel out the game is pretty much neglected now in 2019.

  5. Erline Rody says:

    I love the game. Has good graphics. Easy to play. Best thing is no auto play. You actually have to play the game. I started playing about a month ago. Everything was fine, no issues. I had a low lvl 28 character that is just deleted. Upon making a new character, every time i try to log in and play i get disconnected or told my username or password does not exist. I’ve tried all the troubleshooting methods. Nothing works. Very dissatisfied with the issue. Fix these issues. Would give less than 1.

  6. Norville Orvil says:

    Everything you read about this game in the reviews is true. This is an amazing game. The graphics, the gameplay, the classes, the quests, its all true and its really awesome. But there are some other things that are also true. The server sync issues are caused by cheaters duplicating items and interrupting the gameplay and progress of others. Gameloft refuses to fix the issue but instead they ban innocent players like me for collecting free lotto gems during the sync. The button said “Free Now”!

  7. Ev Emlyn says:

    Okay I’m pretty irritated, I got my first character lvl 60 and got the boost lvl item, so I boosted my alt character and equiped the gear given but then it says synchronizing with server and when I got back in gear was gone, I’m missing rings, my sword and shield, and necklace!! This is not cool it seems to happening more often and if going to lose hard earned gear over it I might stop playing, please I really like this game, fix this issue!

  8. Jenice Dorthy says:

    I’ve been playing for a long time, have payed for extra character slots and have maxed out every class in the game. Absolutely Love the game. Have spent years dedicated to it. 2017 one of my characters randomly got deleted I tried to contact the developers about it but nothing. Dedicated to the game I made a new one and over the span of a few months maxed him out. Then again in 2018 3 of my characters went poof! But I kept playing. 2019 I just cant… Account deleted and I cant play due to bugs

  9. Cassi Rockford says:

    Unfortunately the game is unable to be played. There are people who sync the servers and duplicate items and while there doing so it either kicks you out of the game or you will sit there and connect to the game again which can take anywhere between 6min and 15min. This happens regularly and when it does happens can take up to 8 hours for them to stop and make the game playable again.

  10. Anhaga Lajohn says:

    Please fix the joystick. Just make it stationary or like in the app Soul Knight. I want to play this game but it’s so painful to play with a wandering joystick….really just the worst idea ever. Worse than mouse acceleration. I’m probably going to stop playing just because of that and the navigation system.

  11. Elne Penny says:

    I’m done. I can’t play this anymore, I keep disconnecting and I don’t know why. Gameloft just left this game to die and it’s just sad. It’s way better than the second one, and my phone doesn’t even load the graphics in the second one so. Please fix it. I beg you. It’s an awesome game and I hate seeing go to waste. I uninstalled it and I’m going to play World of Kings until this company decides to fix and update the game. Until then , bye bye.😟😭😟

  12. Radmund Kirkwood says:

    Was unexpectedly hit by a wave of nostalgia and decided to return to this game after a couple of years but its worse than before. Disconnections and roll backs every 5 min. As well as connection timeouts. This game has been completely abandoned and gameloft has let it turn into garbage. This was once my favorite game of all time. Now I’m stuck at lvl 6 with this new character because i cant even stay online. Server seems dead also. Truly a shame.

  13. neil salt says:

    In the very long time I’ve been away, (switched my phone and lost all progression of classes) the game change = very low population server/game, new character (4 lvl 70 players only) . The new revamp left alot to be desired. New areas to progress with relatively minimal exp gain from the majority of the new quests. With the low pop its hard to find a dungeon matchup so that would need some rework, ai char 2 cover missin players, possibly time to look into cross platforming of sorts, pc versions?

  14. Michael J Stitely says:

    Connection issues… But I have Wi-Fi ? . Just another bump in the road of progress I hope.Best mmorpg on Mobile hands down… Instant classic. But since the most recent update I can’t install when the game was installed and up to date it would just loop to playstore update and crash I’m hoping this is just a little hiccup in the reboot process.

  15. Harvey brooks (theeon91) says:

    Love the game. Wish there was graphic settings though to fine tune our devices. View distance “see characters and enemies from a far”, resolution, ultra to ultra low settings, ect. Sure old engine but it still can get the upgrade no problem. Just sucks devs dropped the best mmorpg for android now. Still plays but never know the servers might close next.

  16. Julian Wilkinson says:

    Its actually a really good World of War craft type game. The auto rotation is completely backwards though. As soon as the game launches, it auto-rotates to the left with the “home” button right near the attack controls and won’t flip the other way no matter how many times I rotate and flip the phone. Incredibly annoying when the game keeps closing

  17. james grant says:

    A fantastic game….if it plays right. It’s been around a while n personally I feel it still has the greatest potential of any mobile rpg. Unfortunately the problem is that there is a significant lag component during battles,making for a very awkward fight. My characters attk comes a full 3 seconds after I tap the button.its very frustrating to tap the attk button thn have to wait tht long.the game could b so great if they would fix the small things.

  18. Gary Allen says:

    Excellent game, it has everything to keep you busy for quite sometime. I haven’t been able to play for awhile and I come back to an even better game than when I left it. Great upgrade, graphics, battles and so many other great things to do. Install it and you wont be disappointed! 2021 Update; I love this game and still playing for awhile without any problems. Nov. 2021, my facebook account is now no longer available and I’ve lost a great character and everything that I’ve gained.Disappointed!!!

  19. Mr W says:

    Awesome game. Closest thing to a classic mmorpg on app store. Needs a reboot server with some faster experience to draw some players back in. Maybe a few new classes as well. This game is still amazing I remember buying it back in the day thinking it was revolutionary. Pretty much one of the only mmorpgs that does not play itself. Wish the game was still striving and the leveling was a bit faster.

  20. Sherri Laning says:

    You might have a lot more players if people could actually sign up to play without it glitching 100 times and taking an hour just to start playing. This is especially true since I’ve never played and am just looking for a fun game. If a sime sign-up is this glitchy, I can’t imagine the torture for the players in the game! Wow.

  21. Jahna Bruni says:

    When attacking i need to click on every target I want to attack, so the fighting does not flow. From the time i click attack, the game should select the target for me instead of me having to click on targets each time. Some windows won’t close when you click X (When i click on an item that the game asks me to choose as a reward). And you should be able to use attacks even when there is no enemy around. That will make the game more fun. Other than those points i made, the game seems great.

  22. Ramsey Doon says:

    Several years ago I played this game a bunch. Decided to reinstall and make a new character. It was all good until my first quest reward, realized I couldn’t tap the ‘equip’ button nor the ‘x’ to close the item description window; in order to close the window I have to bring up my phone’s soft buttons and press ‘back’ or I have to hit ‘x’ on the main ‘menu’ window, except sometimes the item window covers the previous window’s ‘x’. No in-game support, can’t ask for help in chat, very frustrating.

  23. Joe Limitless says:

    Great game especially compared to the second one which doesn’t even load and is slow. I would give this 5 stars but where are all the other players!? Never should have made the second one. Should have just expanded this one even more. It’s amazing having a game so similar to W.O.W. in the palm of your hand. Either drop the second one and add it to this one or drop them both and redo it like the first with all the content you can muster. More order less chaos is needed

  24. trevor burns says:

    This game I can remember being one of the funnest games ive ever played on mobile. But something happened. Ever since the second one was released this one has died which makes no sense to me because the second one is garbage in comparison…. But i suppose people will always go to that which is easier and requires less effort to play which is saddening really. Bring this one back to life. Destroy the second version and bring back what should have never diminished to begin with.

  25. Rhian says:

    Ok so I don’t like this game and have recently decided to play it again after a while. I don’t know if anyone else is experiencing this or it’s just me but I cannot use items. I can click on the items but to use them it’s not letting me press the ‘use’ ‘equip’ ‘take all’ options and hence why I’ve given this 3 stars because of this issue. Devs please fix this, thanks.

  26. Ritsuku says:

    Absolutely awful. Unable to use items of any kind, no direction given on where to go or what to do. Menu layouts are just a cluster cluck of unorganized trash. Repeated crashes for no reason. This is a complete waste of your time. Do yourself a favor and don’t install

  27. Muhammad Ly says:

    Great game 0% auto play. No controller support adding that would be huge. But I am having one problem… Other people using their Google play accounts to log in may be getting this too: if I get disconnected like answer a phone call while playing on LTE or open another app like YouTube for a guide etc… Then it does not synchronize says failed because user name does not exist. Can the nice devs take a crack at the problem please? Next update maybe 🤞🏽 pretty please? But great game other wise

  28. Marcus Overall says:

    The game is good but had to uninstall it cause the game doesn’t play well on the good internet connection I get or my data that’s unlimited. It also takes awhile for my battles to start as well when I’m traveling some of the structures don’t show up right away

  29. Christopher Copenhaver says:

    I played this for years. It’s very run. Does become repetitive in the aspect of the game. But I can’t even look at gear stats that are equipped without being logged out. Uninstalling 🙁

  30. Ano Nymus says:

    While the game gives a nice vanilla wow feel at the first sight and the controls are nice, there is one huge problem.. I can’t bloody use anything from the inventory, the use/equip button just doesn’t seem to work.. needless to say I’m forced to abandon it.

  31. HE HE says:

    Old game that hasn’t aged well, the controls are dogshite and draw distance is like 3 steps infront of your character. Theres more issues but I’m not motivated to give this game a review because it’s just bad. The fanbase said that this is better than OC2 but I digress, OC2 is far better and more playable than this.

  32. MedioSync says:

    Awesome game, sad to see it go. I am one of the later players that started this game so I don’t know how alive it used to be, but it would be very good to see a world filled to the brim with people. I have made some friends in the game and that is good. Honestly, very sad to see that such a good game was practically “trashed” by the developers. Should not have given up on its development. This game could easily have been the best mmorpg for mobiles.

  33. Cory Malvas says:

    Used to be the greatest mobile game. Used to play back in 2015 and loved it. Now just tried to come back, (don’t know if it’s just me) I can’t use items in my inventory and the game crashes and closes a lot now. I tried to play on galaxy s22 please revive game or fix bugs.

  34. Shizo X says:

    Let this one be a reminder how evil a company can be. Making the best game on the market and then throw it away because they sucked enough money out of people their pockets. moving on to make as much games as possible to rip off as much money as possible everything is a pay2win model just disgusting. Gameloft? No thanks never again

  35. Pink Neon says:

    Imo this game was once the best game on the market for years and one of my favorites to play, sadly they gave up on the game due to not being able to push past the graphics so they made a second oac and gave up on that game to for no reason. This game is full of players who cheat and hack also theres no point in new players playing due to lack of anyone running dungeons for gear( one of the main goals of the game) endgame is pvp or sitting in town. Sad to see a game be top and dropping hard.

  36. Jacob Chrisulis says:

    Game actually seems fun. From the half hour total I have played it. I see potential. However, it crashes with just about everything. I cannot open a chest/use items in my inventory. I cannot activate quest. I cannot equip equipment. Everytime I try, it doesn’t do anything. When it does do something, that something is a crash. Cannot play properly, crashes, needs fixing the spaghetti code. (It’s worst than tf2’s spaghetti code)

  37. Bil says:

    Great game! Love playing it. However I’ve run into and issue when I go into my backpack when clicking use on any item or equip it won’t let me use or equip the item, nothing happens. I can’t even click the x to get out of it…I have an Android A12 if someone’s knows how to fix this issue please help? As I really like this game. I tried to Uninstal and reinstall all ready.

  38. Logan P says:

    It WAS the best mmo; possibly the best game on mobile. However, after the release of O&C2, the game stopped receiving updates, and many people continue to report connection issues. Unfortunately, Gameloft laid off a large amount of it’s devlopers, so there is no support for the game. Unfortunate for such a great game and all the hard work devlopers put into it.

  39. Emmanuel Afebuame says:

    I’ve previously played this game and had a fantastic time. I’ve only recently returned to this game, and I’m extremely disappointed with the overall direction it’s taken. Every interaction, from fighting to trying to use items in my inventory to equipping an item to simply walking around, causes it to crash. I beg Gameloft to please fix this game and keep it up to date. It’s a shame to see such a good game ruined.

  40. Tristin Halloway says:

    First off love this game been playing it on n off for years even since before the devs decided to abandon it but I just started playing again and was really excited to but when I started I couldn’t use any items in my bag, equip or change out any gear and it keeps crashing… I know y’all don’t care about it but at least fix the item usage problem. Smh y’all sitting on a gold mine of a game and yet it’s just collecting dust..

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