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Detailed graphics, leisured gameplay. Train your heroes to rewrite the history!
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July 26, 2022
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Ode To Heroes Premium Apk

◆ Check in to get 50 loose attracts. Whole quests to get every other 50 unfastened attracts! Legitimate for a restricted time best!
Search for reality on this planet of Ode to Heroes, and waken attainable heroes!
Lead your heroes to journey during the historical past and service the disordered timeline!

★Easy and Idled Gameplay★
It’s a time and energy-saving cell recreation! You’ll be able to experience it anytime and any place imaginable! Declare plentiful rewards even in offline mode!

★Experience Mythical Adventures in Epic★ Search for possible heroes within the chaotic timeline! Masses of mythical personages with unique traits and revel in. Earn their loyalty to combat for you! Historic apparatus, mythical artifacts, a wide variety of surprises are looking ahead to you to discover!

★Endless Pleasure From Strategy★
Over 2 hundred heroes from other factions, mastering loads of distinctive talents!
Set versatile formation and technique together with your top harm, therapeutic, and controlling heroes! Accumulate and forge artifacts, jade and gear, Fit them strategically!

★Rich Recreation Content★
IDLE technique auto-battle, battle, dungeons, hero quests, assortment, coaching! Enviornment, Guild, Treasure Hunt, Pals, Executive! Endless pleasure is ready so that you can discover!

★Exciting Gameplay That includes Social Networking★
Create the most powerful mythical guild with different avid gamers! Problem tough guild Boss! Crew up with like-minded pals, problem international gamers at the scores for the perfect glory and bold trophies!
Compete for the Score and Absolute best Glory to win mighty trophies!
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It wishes WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permissions because of video Commercials.
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40 comments on "Ode To Heroes Premium Apk"

  1. Kimbralee Sawyer says:

    I absolutely LOVE the graphics, it’s the most beautiful game I stumbled upon. It has a lot of potential, but it’s too hard to get new heroes, it’s too much pay to play. And while I understand the artwork is obviously expensive, maybe we could get at least daily ads to watch to get more resources? That way you get more money as well since they’ll pay for you to show ads in the game so it’s a win win.

  2. Trevan Redley says:

    Beautiful game. Eastern fantasy at its finest! Beautiful graphics that are on par with AFK arena and the gameplay looks wonderful. The thing is, this game lacks ALOT of variety when it comes to modes, features, and unlockables. The app looks as if it has potential but can become very repetitive VERY quick with only a SINGLE player mode. Other than that it is a solid game. I would give it 4 stars if it wasn’t so lackluster.

  3. Alexina Destinee says:

    The game is great overall, however, improvements to the fight sequences need more adjustments as it seems a bit laggy as well as with claiming the rewards after battle interface. Leveling up heores need improvements as well as it doesn’t repond well/fast enough when you press the button.

  4. Clarabel Rubina says:

    I love idle games, but this is just as pay-to-win as your other game Idle Heroes and it’s a little annoying. Also, the campaign shouldn’t be level locked. It makes it extremely difficult to make decent progression when you have to wait days just to beat a level.

  5. Mandi Barris says:

    Its an ok game, looks nice and all, but it wont use the team i have set up at the beginning of every battle, it chooses random characters, and not a full team every time. I have to go into the icon with the swords and press *to combat* to reload my team, and do it every time it clears a stage. Is there a way to not have to do this over and over per stage? Edit: No answer from the devs? Uninstall time i guess. Its not idle if you have change your team every turn.

  6. Rhianna Hertha says:

    Pretty much the same as other ask rpg games, where you collect heroes, level them up and battle with other players. It does however have a better feel and animations are really smooth and well done. I am currently enjoying it. There are times where it feels like hitting a wall, but after some time it is possible to beat those stages.

  7. Dalvin Glitter says:

    Definitely an addictive and aesthetically pleasing game with amazing character-designs and great stories. The different combat styles are really intriguing and it’s very clear that the creators of this game out their soul into it. HOWEVER things can be extremely unclear and difficult to understand(places, to be exact). I also wish you could speed through the combats or even skip them (campaign) since I very often forget to keep up with the level I should be on…

  8. Djarni Braithwaite says:

    Update! There added the skip button to campaign which has made it so much more smooth to play but campaign difficulty is still stupidly high, if my team of 80000 score loses to a team with 90000 score I don’t feel bad just need to get my score up but when it loses to a 20000 score, its frustrating to say the least, plz up the score displayed to reflect the levl difficulty because it is rage inducing to see such a high score team lose to a low score or fix your scaling plz, its ruining the game!

  9. Monica Brynne says:

    Very similar to AFK Arena and similar games, though the animations and sound fx are boring in this one. The whole thing feels boring to me, despite the memorable but incredibly short and repetitive soundtrack which you cannot turn off until you’ve made it through the obnoxiously unskippable tutorial, which i was forced to play again despite having previously played. I probably shouldn’t have tried it again, I’m tempted to remove another star but I’ll leave it at 3. The art is good.

  10. Junel Cahilig says:

    I’m thinking of it now as a waste of time. But I’m still playing it to see more on higher level. Might change the rating too tho. Benifit of the doubt they say. The font is too thin and small, merely readable. Graphics are great but controls are so so. The battle phase, I thought it would be like continuous battle unlike other idle games that takes action one by one every hero. That’s kinda boring boring and annoying. Waiting them to take turns. Urghh

  11. Clint Rivest says:

    I’d really like to rate this game higher. Overall, it is enjoyable and fun. However, the touch controls make it near unplayable. I frequently have to “click” a button 3 or 4 times in order for it to register. I do not experience this on any other game, so it specific to this game. If you can improve the touch controls, I will gladly change my rating. Device: Huawei P20 Pro.

  12. Laura Probst says:

    Gorgeous game, and fun and pretty easy to play. So why only 4 stars? (Actually I’ve only removed a half star.) Because of the way it’s set up to upgrade the heroes. Not only does it take way too much “fodder” (as in heroes and hero pieces), it doesn’t use all available copies of the hero. Why shouldn’t I be able to put to good use the half dozen copies I’ve “recruited” instead of having them cluttering up my storage or simply recycling them? Other than that particular aspect, the game’s great.

  13. Renlayn Ruiz says:

    The game is super generous with rewards plus it’s really easy to get your desired heroes even without spending a lot of money. though it’s been a month since i’ve started playing, it became a bit boring and it felt more like a chore for me to constantly check the idle and do daily quests. overall good game but i wish you had more events. keep it up!

  14. K J says:

    It’s very fun in the beginning, but after about a week you reach a bottleneck where you can’t progress because upgrading heroes is too expensive for f2p players and so you have to wait many days collecting resources without making any progress. In short, it’s very boring. I’m not even near the end game levels, so I can only imagine how much worse it will get later on. 2 stars only because it was fun in the beginning.

  15. Daresouma says:

    The graphics and music are quite nice, with a lot of different types of combat and challenges. It is not extremely difficult to get some nice units and the fact that it is about the taoist legends ia quite refreshing. If anyone has played or knows about AFK Arena, then this game has the same scheme but with the ambience of Murim. And for the time that I have played there doesn’t seem to be a “pay 2 win” situation. Aaand, of course, the game has the need of a strategic approach during combat.

  16. Ohmeiikharr Wareeradtanaalongkhorn says:

    Though it is an idle games, means the characters fight automatically, the graphics and effects weren’t extraordinary, it really a worth while game to play. Be warmed to get addicted to it at ease!!! No complications, the game just glides through the story smoothly. If you ain’t a player that like tough and too challenging game, just a game to sweep away your time- this definitely a game for you!!! Thx to the creative team, you done greatly amazing!!!

  17. The Wandering Senpai says:

    This is a really good game and I highly recommend it, the graphics are top quality and the gameplay/fps is so fluid and smooth, the voices of some of the hero’s are good to! Did I mention the gameplay is fluid/smooth? I love it! And thank God the spelling and grammar is good, unlike some of the copy cat games out there that have plenty of grammar and spelling mistakes in the texts this game seems polished and well done, 10/10 from me, so go ahead, download it and enjoy a good quality game 🙂

  18. Vanguard16 says:

    The gameplay is simple, but in a fun way. The tutorial is very helpful, and the character attacks and designs are amazing~ If I were to complain about one thing, it’s that the tutorial still forces you to pay when giving directions, so you have to pay in jade shells (high currency) when it tells you to, even if you would rather not. But it’s decently easy to earn them back, so it doesn’t affect my rating. Overall, the game is fun and I’m glad I got it. 🙂

  19. Laura Moua says:

    Its a fun game. Leveling up yourself or your characters aren’t hard to do, and the players don’t have to purchase any features in order to continue the game, unless a player wants those extra rewards. Some items are more difficult to obtain than others but its still relatively easy to get. The game smoothly buy it does consume the phones battery a bit quicker, however the player has the option to turn off the high frame rate in this situation.

  20. Yoongi Nightcore says:

    This is one of the best games I’ve ever played so far!!! I mean you can skip the battle so you don’t have to wait, you can easily get the shells needed, they have great offers and they’re not stingy when it comes to materials needed for ascension(?) honestly the best! 😁👍 Edit: I changed it to 4 star because I noticed that the level of the opponent is getting high(on my opinion) making me feel pressureon leveling up my heroes.

  21. Ken Aureus says:

    Oh, i forgot to edit this. The issue is fine now though. I like this game coz it doesn’t take too much time whenever i play plus i really love the quick sweep and skip buttons hahaha. I ended up having five characters in different servers. 😂 The rewards for every events are somewhat satisfying but there are also events that needs to top up in order to get the best rewards like yin/yang pink elite talismans and yin/yang elite heroes. But anyways, i really love this game. 👍

  22. Annie Cresta says:

    I think this game’s pretty good. It’s got a lot of features and it’s easy to get resources. The gacha rates arent too bad. It used to be really hard to get a specific hero, so I’m glad they added the wish summon option in the gacha part. One downside is that once you get to a certain point in gameplay and unlocked all the main features… there’s not much else to do. Also, sometimes I can’t open the app and it crashes when I try to. I hope there will be new permanent features!

  23. Armando Medina says:

    Played this game for nearly a year,very similar to Idle Heroes, I think what got me hooked was at first the music was very calming and loved the vibe it gave off. Then the graphics and how different the heroes were. The names were very difficult I didn’t think I’d ever become good at remembering when players would refer to certain ones. Thought I’d just be so lost and out of my comfort zone, but I never felt like that. This game is for everyone and is very fun and loved playing it.

  24. Bullseye Joe says:

    love this game. has a smooth start and getting further is good. I mean sure, it’ll get tough at some point, but what game isn’t like that? the art style is nice, I like the animations and there some historical figures in there. sure they’re not exactly like the real ones, but they’re kinda close in name and personality. with the smooth start, I’d say it’s a good match for people who just started playing idle rpgs. all in all, great game

  25. Esther Leow says:

    The gameplay is great and there’s a lot of fun things you can do with team building and such. The art is also gorgeous but it’s slightly choppy when I do some of the stuff (like exiting an upgrade or event screen) it might just be my phone but that made the game not so smooth in a way. Love the little lores of the historical figures! Keep up the good work.

  26. Cyril Cubal says:

    I love the game and all but why does it really need to go back to the home screen when the network is disconnected? Why doesn’t it reconnect without refreshing the whole game and ruining my current scene and it sucks. It’s unfair to us mobile data users. We can’t enjoy the game fully by this thing. Please fix this. Most games doesn’t restart the game when the connection is disrupted. This also applies to IDLE HEROES w/c has the same problem.

  27. Kat C. says:

    For a game that takes more tha 1gb of space I was expecting more. Graphics is nice but the game isn’t smooth at all. I get connection issues all the time, requiring me to restart which is annoying. I don’t have this problem to other big online games eg. genshin. Heroes are also unbalanced, needs rework. Overall this needs more improvement.

  28. Dustin LeFever says:

    A great free to play game that does it right. There is of course paywalls that you hit but they also give you other things to do. And since they rotate these different game modes you end up with a huge amount of resources (because you keep collecting those items) when they rotate the mode back in. It’s a great way to keep rewarding the player. The graphics are top notch and smooth and they are very generous with the main resource (shells) rewarding you with them for everything.

  29. Alondra Ferrer says:

    This game is focused on pay to play. Unlike the reviews here, it’s only free to play for the first few levels. If you want to continue to progress and level up your characters, the game fixated on being completely gacha based and thus wanting more money. I was really happy and having fun with the game but it becomes stagnant numerous times. I kept it longer than I wanted just to see how much it would change and improve but, it just focuses on being more money grabbing.

  30. VACLAV TURBINE says:

    I’m usually not a fan of “idle Heroes of Might and Magic 3” type of games, but surprisingly, I’m still playing. The game is generous, events are cute, some of the chibis are cute/good-looking, some of them look not really appealing and their motions are awkward, but art is good (except the starting screen with the two girls). Nice game to not think about it too much and just kill some time or tap it while doing something else. It is a MMO, yes, but RPG part is nowhere to be found though.

  31. Francis Carl Balano says:

    It waa good and easy to play i guess, but what stand out the most is the beautiful art of the animators and the sound tract. I really like it hahahha.

  32. SâFån Lord says:

    Loved the animation style and little lores of the characters. Good stuff really! Would absolutely like these characters as moba heroes someday, that is, if the devs really want to take it up there.

  33. Ahdam Siena says:

    Overall this is a nice game to kill time, but as you progress it kinda feels lacking some events that can spice things ups a bit like putting 1-2 random weekly events. and I hope you can put a way that we can finish the 9 daily missions in a single click, not everyone has the time to do that every single day and so that we can focus on other aspects(like upgrading our heroes, etc.).

  34. Shawn Vance says:

    Great game so far, awesome graphics and they gameplay is amazing, just wish there was a bit more explanation of the characters and the role they play on the battlefield, a little easier and more user friendly

  35. Jacky duwa says:

    Just like any other Pay2play/Pay2win games at a certain point they will stop any reasonable progression unless you dish out some cash… not worth it.

  36. bzebrosk says:

    Only a few days in, but so far it’s been a pretty fair gacha experience. Looking forward to the next few weeks. Edit- changed to 3 stars from 5. Upon further review, this game appears to be way more pay-to-win than I originally thought. I’ve summoned well over 500 times and have only received 1 elite hero (and I think you need 9 copies to max out). I’m a gacha fan, but that ratio is unacceptable. Keeping at 3 stars as the game still is fun and art is well done.

  37. Benson Fu says:

    3 star update. Quality of life is lacking, such as little time trading in tokens for events, awakening respec expensive to try new strats, low use currencies such as Blessed Amulets, Sky Crack UI cant filter unfinished challenges. Scheduled events getting repetitive

  38. Mañana Guillamun says:

    Easy to figure out and also the voices, music and design of the game is amazing 🙏 definitely recommend

  39. Alex Leon says:

    Ode to Heroes is an unique game with beautiful music, great fighting style. Pretty Character design. Now my issue is there no Story. It gets boring by just completing stages and leveling up alone. Players will lose interest and leave eventually.

  40. jerrett kinstle says:

    Don’t get me wrong I like the game, however I have a complaint about the first 70 summons, it is confusing, I just lost out on any good characters after selecting the option that seemed to make sense. I don’t want to start over, but am very irritated by this and now feel pressured to go through all that tutorial nonsense… (a 2 year old could figure out this game)…game experience ruined for the most part.

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