Nonstop Knight 2 – Action RPG Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Action RPG: Explore Dungeons, Fight Epic Bosses, Hack n Slash, Get Mighty loot!
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November 14, 2022
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Nonstop Knight 2 – Action RPG Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Fight mighty battles, defeat your enemies and develop into the best Hero on this amusing Motion RPG journey!

Nonstop Knight 2 – Motion RPG Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

Your Knight does the operating, you do the preventing. The whole thing you want for Motion RPG classes: epic armor, epic loot, monsters, hero perks and lots of distinctive talents.

Nonstop Knight 2 – Motion RPG Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022


Nonstop Knight 2 – Motion RPG Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

Embody the knighthood and use your motion talents to struggle and defeat epic boss fights. Motion RPG at its highest with easy auto sport play and vibrant Three-D graphics. Get wonderful tools and cosmetics to tailor your Knight.

Nonstop Knight 2 – Motion RPG Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

Nonstop Knight 2 – Motion RPG gives a brand new method of motion dungeon crawler function enjoying gameplay: The Knight auto runs to defeat unending waves of enemies. Make your epic knight a soul warrior, a mythical archer or a mighty wizard. Whole quests for epic loot and declare distinctive rewards and titles.

Nonstop Knight 2 – Motion RPG Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* liberate


Nonstop Knight 2 – Motion RPG Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

Obtain now, open the portal, beat your rival knights and experience the very best mixture of informal motion rpg dungeon grinding and hardcore role-playing technique.

Nonstop Knight 2 – Motion RPG Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

MIGHTY PVP AREA Input our Area, beat your rival knights and climb the ratings. It’s one as opposed to the remainder. Well… it’s you towards everyone…

Other recreation modes, weekly occasions, cooperative gameplay, alliances / guilds, festival, assortment and so a lot more! Thrilling modes, implausible loot, unique merchandise rewards!
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Nonstop Knight 2 – Motion RPG is loose to obtain and play, alternatively some sport pieces may also be bought for actual cash. In the event you don’t wish to use those options, please disable in-app purchases on your software settings. Consistent with our Phrases of Provider, Nonstop Knight 2 is authorized for obtain and play just for individuals Sixteen years or extra of age, or with specific parental consent. You’ll learn extra right here:


40 comments on "Nonstop Knight 2 – Action RPG Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Tristan Antoinette says:

    This game has the look and feel of the first but some key differences that make the game not quite as good. The normal mobs are pointless. They only progress the bar to get to the boss and have no reason to be farmed. No experience or gold. On top of that if you play for more than a few minutes you run out of silver keys which you need to open chests. Silver keys are on a timer and will refresh but why would you add something that makes me want to play less often? First one is better.

  2. Marleene Ethelreda says:

    It’s ok, very simple, made for collectors. I think the whole key system should be rethought or taken out completely. The game is already slow, they just make it slower which is honestly unneeded for a game like this. You could stop to wait for your keys to come back and completely forget about this game, I almost did and it just launched

  3. Timmy Romney says:

    Solid gameplay, as expected from Flare. I know a lot of people have issues with the key system, but I think adding the ability to let us choose to spend a key to open a chest or to skip the chest would be the best option. It’s rather annoying to start a mission and see you have 2 keys and have to wait 20min to make sure you can open the final boss chest. Letting us choose would eliminate this annoyance. Aside from that, great game as always. Doesnt disappoint. 4.5/5

  4. Ellie Kayci says:

    not like the first nonstop knight game. first problem is the keys. you need keys to open chests. when you run out it is pointless to keep playing until the keys recharge which is a long wait. the second problem is that it is pointless to go idle because you will gain very little coins and no experience. so basically if you have no more keys you will not be able to unlock chests to get better gear to help progress. the first game is way better. Or you can pay to win.

  5. Beck Arlyne says:

    My partner and I used to play the original and we had a lot of fun with it, so we were both pretty excited to give the sequel a chance. Unfortunately it doesn’t live up to the same quality. It’s not terrible, but pretty much everything that made the original fun, unique, and most importantly what made it “NON-STOP” are missing now. The introduction of a paywall to buy gems for keys and stamina completely ruins the pacing of levels. Too bad, the devs had a lot of potential with the original :/

  6. Deltha Tramaine says:

    its ok but it feels as though it has lost its “nonstop” element of the game. please add events with event skills and items, its own currency to upgrade said skills and items, with the goal of pushing as high as possible in a single week or two. i would like to see the old nonstop progess format for that event. one level with infinate floors, rather than 3 floors per level. even with no keys, being able to auto re-enter a single level and grind truly non stop, is needed to save the nonstop vibe

  7. Arwen Jayde says:

    The first game is a great idle game that you can play as you have time and you don’t have to pay to win. Nonstop Knight 2 is NOT like the first game. There are several issues with the game but the biggest one is that it IS NOT AN IDLE GAME! The enemies on each floor are absolutely useless. The only way that you earn anything is by defeating bosses.

  8. Osmin Evania says:

    Okay, could be better. The initial part is fun but there is a very steep leveling curve after the first dungeon. It becomes difficult and time-consuming to advance, even with ads, unless you spend money. Didn’t hold my attention for long after that. Nonstop 1 was much, much more balanced.

  9. Makayla Watson says:

    Unable to reach support, their email doesn’t exist. The game is literally a shell of its former self. The find a way to take away most of the “nonstop” and replace it with “nonstop until you wait or buy keys, or just get a minimal amount of gold and items” There’s no passive income unless by chance someone uses your characters bot while you’re offline. There’s no character prestige system, etc. I was really waiting for this game, too. Oh and the game is requiring an update, but there’s none.

  10. Liesl Alexandrena says:

    this game is not an idle game like the first NSK, but i like this one more. here are some issues though. need to fix keys. They should accrue for at least 8-10 hrs before capping. that way people can go to work or sleep. also ‘multiplayer’ (single player) levels are way too hard. i can have someone 50+ power higher than me and still get stomped on multiplayer when single player levels are a breeze. a few bugs that cause crashes and knights to get stuck/run away will hopefully soon be fixed.

  11. Fern Chatham says:

    (game prompts for update to continue, no update is available) Fun game overall. Nice dungeon grinder. QoL improvements are highly needed. 20 minutes per key is a let down with only a 10 key cap. Increased gold and resources in between keys would make that gap at least worthwhile. Biggest problem is character control. Tap to move to a specifically desired location would be huge. Along with target prioritization(at least this). Camera angle being backed into a corner losing sight of character.

  12. India Babs says:

    Similar look to original NSK, but now with some different mechanics to make the game harder, more resource managment, difficulty gaining items, limited play time though keys regenerate quickly. You can play it for free, but there’s a heavy pay to play aspect overall. Fun to play in it’s own way, more of a challenge.

  13. Christan Jesscia says:

    A so-so follow up to the original. Features such as adding a guild and teaming up in dungeons are nice. Equipment is unnecessarily complicated. There’s no clear way to level up your armor, so you’re constantly replacing it. You can empower and renew the armor which can quickly become costly. Due to this flaw it seems pointless to try to put together that perfect set of armor. Why can’t we simply level up equipment with gold and empower it to add extra stats?

  14. Cicero Kadian says:

    Definitely a downgrade, but still worth playing as long as you don’t mind spending time playing to level up. The reason I liked the first one is because it was an “idle” class game that continued playing while you were away or doing something else. This new iteration is not an idle game. Which is why it loses a star. It loses the other star because the last few days it keeps telling me there is an update to install, but when I get to the app store there is no update. So I can’t play as of now.

  15. Abergavenny Hester says:

    Not an upgrade from the original! This feels more like the first game, and the first version feels more like the second version. Not sure why you would even make a second game worse than the first game. The mobs dont reward anything. Just a means to get to the boss. And only the boss gives coins! The first game gave rewards for destroying obstacles also. And I haven’t seen that here yet.

  16. Davita Dawn says:

    Dont understand why you took a couple steps back. Will wait to see if they change the system, the old way was perfect. Not getting anything from mobs, only bosses? Not really an idle aspect to it anymore. Would like to keep playing, but one key every 20 min!? Almost forces you to put it down, seems counter-intuitive.

  17. Lorens Nijel says:

    They fixed the update issue which is awesome. The only real issue i have is the key system. I get 10 min of gameplay and then wait for 3 hours to play another 10 min. I would gladly pay a reasonable subscription fee to be able to constantly play. $2 every time I want to play for 10 min is out of control. I wouldnt really mind the keys if the rewards werent so awful when u dont have them. Its a great game but dont expect to play for long periods of time.

  18. Jaylene Cis says:

    Pretty disappointed actually. Nonstop Knight is the game name… yet you have to stop because you run out of keys?! The first one was much better. I like that you added complexity to it but progress is really slow. Im stuck in the second world and can’t get past it. Im not far enough to be able to upgrade skills and I run out of keys before better gear drops to help me progress. Should really fix this or this game will fail.

  19. Clemmie Desaray says:

    Simple, fast, flashy. The premise is fool-proof and easy to learn, but surprisingly nuanced. The loot drops are satisfying without being oversaturated, and the revenue content (ads, microtransactions) are entirely optional, but appropriately rewarding should you choose to partake. Overall a great example of what mobile gaming should look like as opposed to all of the cashgrabs out there.

  20. Atteworthe Queen says:

    I gave it a try. Worse than the first in so many ways. More loot and gear slots is about the only upgrade. The entire first game’s mechanics have been scrapped for a lineral map loot based system that is much harder, slower and far more boring. you are allowed only 10 chests, If you can even beat 10 stages in a day. It’s clear this game has become a cash grab and sacrificed all its original positive features to do it. I loved the first one. I’m not wasting phone memory on the 2nd. Deleted.

  21. Elliott Sayers says:

    Great casual game. Need to really utilize your keys which makes the progression slow, but still enjoyable. I’m happy with the crafting system as well. Once you’ve found something, it’s always available. 😀 Just gotta save up the royal tokens which doesn’t take that long imo. Keep up the great work! Looking forward to guild events if possible.

  22. Kaycee Fern says:

    Nonstop Knight 2 is a one of the few games that I have ever been excited to see come out. It is a beauty of a game (both in graphics and gameplay) and can be played very frequentally for a fun experience. The only complaint I have if any is the key system. I understand that it helps players who are not able to play as often and prevents extreme growth in competitive players tournaments and stuff for infinite loot and what not. I just am not a fan of “limiting gameplay” if you know what I mean.😀

  23. Diandre Dweight says:

    edit: Ive played the game for a while now and while it does have the appearance/style of the first there is a lot missing. Normal mobs dont give you anything but fill a progress bar to the boss, you need keys to unlock boss chests so it makes you play Less by halting your looting, and it seems there are no pets in this sequel which is a bit disappointing. I loved unlocking pets in the original, I remember when the owl was added via fan choice, I hope pets may be added at a later date. 🙁

  24. Shalonda Lynessa says:

    The game is fun and seems great at first, but just when I felt it was too easy, the difficulty spiked to an unprecedented/unfair level. After you beat (if you beat) normal difficulty, you basically cant level up to keep up with the power of the dungeon. The idea and the mechanics are great, but to keep playing you HAVE to pay. You’re kind of getting a “free trial” until you reach the 9th dungeon.

  25. Ginna Lindley says:

    Unfortunately there is just too much stopping in this game top call it nonstop knight. I was a big fan of the original and I liked the new item set scheme but ultimately the system is limited because you can’t just keep playing and unlock items and gold at the same pace throughout the day. Too much waiting on resets.

  26. Andie Marigold says:

    Well, it’s fun when it works… But so far I’ve discovered that this app does NOT offer offline play, and has had trouble reaching its own servers more than it allows me to play. Mobile data? Error. Wifi? Error. Most likely for the ad revenue, however you could have stored a few ads to the device locally and updated the stored ads upon its next connection to a server.

  27. Myla Katlin says:

    so this game is really fun. Not a lot of customizations and I’m not going to lie, there is no endgame at all. But dispite that, it doesnt eat up a bunch of time so I can play it and put it down, so I just keep playing it. It would be nice if theyd add a few new pieces of gear, but there is just enough to keep trying new builds for a while. Great passive time killer.

  28. Bliss Alsa says:

    Love the game, it’s been very fun, easy to master with simple controls, and good replay value! I’m making my way through the last difficulty I could see, so I’m not sure sure what happens after that 😅 I do believe that despite the replay value, the game feels very repetitive, and could use some more variety on game play types. Even different missions feel too alike, but at the end of the day, there are no forced ads whatsoever, and it’s a great little time waster. Solid 4/5!

  29. Rina Risley says:

    I played the first non stop knight and I loved it for its simplicity. When the second one came out again I loved it because of its simplicity but after not playing for a while I’ve come back to what feels like a completely different game and unfortunately not in a good way. The UI feels alot more cluttered, and it feels more complex which isn’t a bad thing. But I loved the simple, afk style, play for a few minutes when you get some free time. Still a decent game just not the game it was.

  30. Aylessa Kyndall says:

    After only putting about 30-45min of play time I uninstalled, which is disappointing because the overall quality and performance of the game is superb. As with anything though, if it’s stuck behind a pay wall it isn’t going to be a fun experience no matter how quality other factors are. Each level has three bosses and each boss drops a chest that must be opened with a key. The catch? You are capped at 10 keys maximum and each key regenerates at a rate of 1 per hour. No thank you.

  31. Miquella Mollie says:

    Tidious. Not very “non-stop”. It’s a great game and fun to play, but only if you have the time to sit and do it all. The old game would transition on its own. The progression while not playing is awful compared to the old. They should just take “nonstop” out of the title! Also, please take away the new key system… When I do have time to play, I can only do like 3 levels and then no more new stuff for my knight… Why?????? Otherwise, the game looks and plays really well. Super crisp looking!

  32. Jones Gwynette says:

    I love the first game, but this one is a bit to different: 1. Can u remove the Skelton keys or any kind of stamina system, the game is called nonstop knight, he’s supposed to move constantly, in & out of game. 2. Bring back coin collection on each kill, giving us the ability to upgrade as we play. 3. bring new skills to the game, (maybe some from the previous game), so we can have crazy combos! 🙌😃 Enjoying it so far, just add some tweaks and I’ll give it 5 stars. 🙂

  33. Kyle Poole says:

    I’m four days into playing, and it’s pretty good, with a couple of detractors. I like the large skill variety (though they take time to acquire), and the system of progression (very Diablo 3 gear grind), but having to wait a full hour for a boss key is excessive. Plus, there is no way to increase your key cap, or generate keys faster. I think this is, in part, because the design priority of the development team seems to have been the end-game, where gameplay is more about builds of armor than xp

  34. Atlas Effect says:

    Really like the game,only a few issues I have. Keys take too long to replenish. The pvp event doesn’t allow you to control special abilities,which sucks because the AI doesn’t always use them. It’s also a bit difficult to stack up gold being that upgrading costs gold and gems. Iso wish you could customize your characters fave a little more. But other then that,it’s pretty good. 👍😁

  35. Kellan Moorse says:

    The core of this game is surprisingly fun: fight monsters, get loot, upgrade, repeat. It’s like a Diablo game but with simplified combat: you move and attack automatically but use skills manually–which IMO works better than more involved combat with frustrating touchscreen controls. The major drawback is really long load times: loading a dungeon floor takes 5-10 seconds, which gets to be a lot when completing a floor only takes about a minute. With some optimization this could be a real gem.

  36. Forsaken Doodler says:

    This game has a lot of potential. I think it should have cosmetic slots to put armor in for more customizable characters, rather than being forced to wear the bad looking armor just to complete a level. They key system is bad. Completely ruins the “nonstop” aspect of the game. And why do the events all have to use keys? There should at the very least be a way to increase your key cap, because playing 3 levels and having to wait 5 hours to play again ain’t very fun. I want to go on a RAMPAGE through a dungeon! Not play the waiting game! And finally, the menu. I personally thought it was pretty awful at first, but you quickly get used to it. It’s nice to finally be able to see your knight. But the loading times are ABYSMAL compared to NK1. Hopefully this game tries to improve on itself 7/10, still a fun game

  37. Roy DePhillip says:

    I have enjoyed this game. The mechanics are perfect for pre-bed play. Keys are too limited. In quantity and in rate of regaining them. Having to choose between level progression of special events sucks. Finding a guild is near impossible. I applied for twelve before giving up and just making my own. All in all, my complaints really only say, “I want to play more, but I’m pay walled”. Battle passes and micro translations have ruined every mobile game for me. Also, not an idle game.

  38. Anthony Nunez says:

    I’ve played a lot of games since the HTC hero – and I still even download some of the older games I’ve played for nostalgia sake. Nonstop knight and NK2 are probably one of the better games I’ve played for mobile games. There’s honestly hardly any complaints on my end. Minor bugs and tweaks would make this a 10 ☆ game. This is definitely one of the best time passing games out there. Great work!

  39. Someone Random says:

    This game can be really fun at times and has plenty of events, but I feel that the key system is limiting the game and there are cheaters making it impossible to win the tournament. My one suggestion would be too either get rid of the key system, or lower the time it takes to replenish them and increase the key threshold to 20. Overall, a good game with one or two significant flaws.

  40. ‡‡‡• Ash •‡‡‡ says:

    Good game do far. I haven’t gotten any forced ads yet so I’m happy a be out that. I wish it wasn’t such an idle game and I could tap on the screen to get the Knight to move where I want him to… So he can break boxes and stuff. Also there needs to be more loot for the player to acquire during the battle, after killing enemies. A item fusion /merge option would be another way to upgrade things .

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