My Spa Resort: Grow & Build Premium Apk


Makeup, Hair and Nail Salons, a Beauty Parlor, and more — at My Spa Resort!
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September 22, 2022
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My Spa Resort: Grow & Build Premium Apk

My Spa Hotel is a novel mix of farming, construction and managing your very personal hotel.

My Spa Hotel: Develop & Construct Top class Apk apk mod new

Harvest plants on the farms, procedure them at your amenities to create thrilling spa merchandise and deal with your shoppers to create maximum stress-free spa lodge on this planet! Rent skilled spa hotel stuff from in all places the arena with other specializations to provide quite a lot of therapies. Communicate in your staff and purchasers to listen to thrilling mini-stories!

My Spa Hotel: Develop & Construct Top rate Apk

Construct your spa your personal approach and adorn to make it distinctive like no different. Have people talk over with your hotel, turn out to be buddies with them and ship every different presents. Construct, farm, and enhance to create the spa hotel of your goals.

My Spa Lodge: Develop & Construct Top class Apk release

My Spa Lodge options:

My Spa Hotel: Develop & Construct Top rate Apk mod apk

● Construct and customise your very personal spa hotel & farm with heaps of various constructions and decorations
● Harvest vegetation and flora out of your farms
● Make unique and distinctive cosmetics
● Construct other spa amenities to regard your purchasers ● Carry out a lot of thrilling spa remedies ● Use your perfect merchandise and improvements to regard VIPs to get particular rewards
● Business sources with different avid gamers, upload them as buddies and seek advice from their hotels ● Handle beautiful animals round your spa
● Engage along with your a laugh lodge group of workers and listen to their tales

My Spa Hotel: Develop & Construct Top rate Apk apk mod 2022

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My Spa Hotel: Develop & Construct Top class Apk apk

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My Spa Hotel: Develop & Construct Top class Apk apk mod

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My Spa Hotel is loose to play, despite the fact that some in-game pieces will also be bought for actual cash.


40 comments on "My Spa Resort: Grow & Build Premium Apk"

  1. Kendrik Lauralee says:

    I really love this game. The only frustration thing is the storage space. I have been playing for less than 2 days and level 10 and I have upgraded my storage like 4 times and the more you upgrade the less space you get. I mean every upgrade gets you only 5 space more you need 3 more stuffs for you next upgrade so you are technically getting 2 space per uograde. I would have given 5 stars.

  2. Anyssa Garett says:

    The game was okay at first, but this recent update of christmas edition has alot of bugs. They removed the board where u can get diamonds from watching ads. On the other hand some trees can be removed by watching ads, it has been around 3 days i have been watching ads but no trees were removed, i watched ads for nothing, waste of time. Please fix this bug, or the game becomes very boring

  3. Tatum Provost says:

    Game is relaxing and simple but everything is expensive and the treatments don’t earn much money. Each treatment takes a long time and so does gathering resources. Good game to relax as it is simple and doesn’t require much thinking but fairly boring and repetitive. Similar to Simcity. Overall, game is simple and relaxing but time consuming. Gathering resources and treatments seem like a chore. Would be better if the game could automatically collect crops and resources and treat costumers.

  4. Lisa Cordell says:

    New update is terrible. I spent coins on items that have now been removed. I enjoyed this game because I was able to come back to it any time I wanted and nothing had changed. Now we have time limits for premium clients? The game is slow now with the new update and it lags when you try to swipe a client into a space. This was one of my favorite games that I played daily and spent money on to play but will be deleting due to new changes! Very upset with the new update!!

  5. Delisa Christina says:

    Recently updated which the graphics are nice. however not a big fan of the new way of completing the treatments. Liked being able to see which clients were coming so you can work on different things at once. Now you have to treat one client at a time. If upgrading the time on the clients treatments why not upgrade the products so you can manage it all without waiting several hours to get one cleint completed. Some thoughts as I know you have been doing uogrades but you cant just do one part.

  6. Yesica Corianne says:

    This game has me addicted, not much waiting around like most of these type games which is great as I get bored very quickly. Only improvements I wish could be made are 1) the ability to see what products are needed by clients when adding items to the production queues, 2) being able to request products for gift or purchase, as well as sell and buy them 3) not having to donate high amounts of products or money in the staff quests. These improvements would make the game so much more enjoyable.

  7. Ariona Brentyn says:

    I loved this game but it quit working on my phone just randomly. I played it earlier tonight and then an hour or so later it stopped working, it wouldnt load anymore at all wouldnt even bring up the loading screen and i worked really hard to get where i was on it. It upsets me that i had to uninstall it just because something just randomly went wrong after me playing it for 2-3 months. But it is a really good game as long as it will load and work. I will try to install it again, i hope it works.

  8. Selda Welton says:

    Good game. Have reached level 30 without having to pay for any gems. The game isn’t too ad heavy for me, thereare much worse. My only criticism is the lack of variety of tasks during events. I seem to get the same 12 tasks over and over. It would be nice if there was more variety such as help a friend, collect coins from your businesses etc etc

  9. Vitaly Clint says:

    It’s a fun game but cmon, why is it so expensive at the beginning? All the items start out dirt cheap then as soon as you buy another it doubles in price. And why do I need to travel to someone’s spa to get what I need to buy. I have good internet but still even then, it sometimes takes a bit to load or lag happens. Other than that, it’s an enjoyable game.

  10. Rodney Selden says:

    I actually loved playing this. Been playing for a while. The ads made my tablet blackout. Twice, months apart. After the first time I stopped watching any ads, but I forgot like 4 months later and it happened again. Can’t afford to replace or fix any devices right now, so I stopped playing. Sad face.

  11. Liana Ceilagh says:

    I like this game a lot! I just hope there will be an update for better way of editing the decors. It’s quite hard to remove each item one by one to fix them and place them easily. I also wish for the game to have more exciting challenges just like with other simulation games, they do have weekly challenges. Thank you. 🙏😊👌

  12. Nur Adreanna says:

    It’s something new and fresh in games that I didn’t found in any other games. Loving it. It’s just that I couldn’t played it offline. I wish sometimes I can play it even while I was offline. Overall loving the graphics…It’s cute and girly ..but still as an adult I love playing it. It’s quite challenging and addictive most of the time. I’d been playing this game for 2 months now. Still very addictive.

  13. Tara McKinney says:

    I really enjoy this game! It is entertaining and I have the freedom to be creative. The downside is it can be boring. I am finding myself spending more time away to play more interactive games. So it would be awesome if the clients interacted with the items. For instance, lounge on the furniture or walk through the oasis, etc. Otherwise, good game!

  14. Georgina Fitton says:

    It was fun until all of a sudden there’s an ad each time you switch from another spa back to your own or from any other page which isn’t your own spa. Just far too many ads for smooth gameplay now. There also seems to be a bug and frequently when visiting another players beautique/Spa it comes up with an empty spa and you have to close and relaunch the app to rectify. Was once a fun game, not anymore.

  15. Violet Danka says:

    I played this game for the 1st time 2 years ago and really enjoyed it for a long while. I came back and due to a new phone I started from the beginning and while I like the university, the competition tasks, and the prize wheel, I’m disappointed for following reasons: – yoga and hotel are STILL on “coming soon” – no avatars for players – the story is gone 😔 why?? – players listed as needing help more often than not, don’t need it – “loading” when no ads are available Dropping from 5 to 4 stars.

  16. Zuzana Kacskova says:

    Needed to update my review. The game updates has been stopped,no new events, not fixing bugs, after the neighbours’ help, the trees/salt mine/clay won’t revive which makes gathering ingredients almost impossible. Used to like playing this game a lot but recently there has been no change in the game at all,so I don’t recommend playing it anymore….

  17. Amber Reyes (The Vintage Witch) says:

    I was starting to enjoy the game but the ads make it unplayable. There is an ad after everything I do and it’s frustrating and allows Slows the game down. It’s just not enjoyable.

  18. Theresa Hodgkiss says:

    Could be great, just the pop up adverts every 45 seconds. I’m happy to use adverts when needed, but the pop up ones ruin play, will give another couple of days trial, but don’t think I can tolerate the instant ads

  19. Wendy Peralta says:

    I’m enjoyong this game,but my only problem is the pop up ads everytime i click anything there’s an ads,,can you please reduce the ads…

  20. Djia Domadigo says:

    I just downloaded this today and I felt really happy to discover such good game but and then when I played it again after leaving for like hours, the ads just pop out anywhere so Im kinda irrated by it, it just had too much ads

  21. Jasmin Austin says:

    Game could be fun but the constant unexpected ad pop ups is annoying. It ruins the fun when I go to click a building and an ad interrupts the game play. Usually I can deal with ads but this is excessive.

  22. Zhaireen says:

    I just dl it today, it was good. Not until this ads pops out every 3-5 mins. Can you pls do something bout this? its really annoying while playing. It keeps coming out. the graphics were nice, it is a cute game.. just pls, do something bout that ads that keeps popping out………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

  23. Maggie Beltaa says:

    This game was fun for about 5 minutes until the constant ads started playing during game play. One every 10 minutes, fine. But they come about every 2 while you are in the middle of doing tasks. It’s not worth the annoyance.

  24. Carolyn H. says:

    I love the game. However, your commercials while needed to keep the game free are annoying as h#$$! They pop up at the most inconvenient times. Could you have them come in after you finish an action, instead of cutting you off in the middle of one? It gets so annoying at times it just makes me quit. I will update to five stars if you’ll cut down on the amount of interruption and do better at the timing of them.

  25. Stark Heartphilia says:

    Unfortunately, the ads just ruin everything. It’s just too much. I love the graphics and everything else. Just the ads seriously. So long and frequent and in ave. Of 5 clicks you’ll get at least one ad before you can continue.

  26. Jya Velasco says:

    too many ads, 30 secs. game and then ads again.

  27. Eve Marcos says:

    I love this game but lots of distraction due to commercials. And sometimes it’s not loading. Took me 1hr to open the app

  28. Sneha Subramaniam says:

    Too many ads. Make this game offline.

  29. Daisy says:

    I like the game, but it makes you watch ads so often you really can’t enjoy the game play. There’s enough reasons to watch ad’s…you don’t have to force people to do it!

  30. Sarah says:

    I like the game but there are so many adverts. I get to do about 2 or 3 actions then an advert comes on its really annoying.

  31. tess david says:

    if not for the ads which is too much and annoying, I can say the game is fun.

  32. noorain modak says:

    Ads every two minutes. I do understand having ads, but this was too many

  33. LuAnn Braley says:

    WAY too many ads interrupting game play. Also no choice about whether or not to see them. Other games may give extra bonus if you watch an ad, and I don’t mind those nearly as much. Fun game otherwise. Please at least lengthen the time in between ads. Seems like every two minutes. Ugh! I would like to keep playing …

  34. Janet Suiter says:

    I would give this a five star rating but I hate sudden ads popping up to interrupt so I can’t. It’s just rude. So I will uninstall and maybe come back later and see if anything has changed. I don’t mind watching ads by choice, when I am not thinking about game playing and planning.

  35. Ines Wurmitsch says:

    I really liked this game, but since the last update it’s not funny anymore because help from neighbours isn’t possible anymore. please fix this.

  36. Edward Szczuc says:

    Like other people I enjoyed the games, but the ads have worse since I read that August review. No matter what u touch there’s an ad. Never installing again. And wouldn’t recommend this game.

  37. ViaNNa Jie says:

    First-ly.. the visual & etc were good, so excited to play & explore. But then the forced ads coming around & ruin the mood! Can’t you make it like >> offer some rewards for watching the ads as option for player to choose?? I directly uninstalled this under 10minutes because the ads.. saddly.

  38. Angelica Marie Salido says:

    “TOO MUCH ADS”..instead of Im playing Im wastin my time for “TOO MUCH ADS”everytime I played its shows “TOO MUCH ADS”its quite interesting games but the problems is “TOO MUCH ADS” to show up/pop up…

  39. Engelina Yosephine Puteri Wonoprabowo says:

    nice game but too many annoying ads I have to unninstall it, sorry

  40. Donna King says:

    I love this game, if you can’t afford to eliminate the ads, its too aggravating…too bad, such a great idea, and nice game otherwise…😒 the ads run down my device’s battery, make it run hot 🔥

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