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The most intense and exciting action game!
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October 22, 2021
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Master Mod Apk

Grab your weapon, fortify your self throughout combating! Forge apparatus to slain each monster you come upon! After all develop into the unstoppable Grasp!

Grasp Mod Apk release

Grasp is an Motion Position Taking part in Sport. You want to stage up the nature and talents throughout the unending battle, forge particular guns with distinctive options, manipulate your motion to dodge each strike from the enemies. Finally, defeat the invincible Boss.


40 comments on "Master Mod Apk"

  1. Adam Zittel says:

    Amazing hidden gem of a game. This is hands down one of the best arpg on mobile. The gameplay is fun and addicting with simplistic yet engaging gameplay. I hope the dev continues to update and support this game. It’s a mix of archero/diablo/soulknight. Fantastic job devs!!!!

  2. Daniel Richards says:

    Great game only few issues. The life leech doesn’t work with skills. Some the skills keep you immobilized to long which can cause instant death. The bears are over powered when they charge and like 50 charging you at one time they live leech percentage is terrible for anything other than an Archer with 4 arrows at a time. Fix these issues not to bad a game

  3. Dedi Priyawan says:

    Good game play, a lot things to do. Task and game play is in good pace. I like to play this kind of game, but this one hv their originality side. I don’t know why, but only when i play this game, my phone is getting hot quickly. Not like when i do play other game. My device is Huawei Mate 9.

  4. Rascal W. says:

    Ridiculous prices for the other characters. The stages could have been so much better. Instead of just round and round and round. Could have been a winner.

  5. Mephisto says:

    Bears are pretty overpowered. Life leech kinda not working. A bit too hard to gather high quality materials. And the texts are so irritating, such an eyesore to read them without spaces between each words.

  6. dan twistah says:

    Your game is totally superb over all great game i like the no energy required game graphics so great..willing to spend money on this…btw change your game name its so hard to search in play store i cant find it directly. Good job. Keep it up..

  7. Mark Jason Nera says:

    Good game. There’s a lot of potential in it. Needs to improve game balance especially on the mobs, they’re getting tougher at fast pace each stage.

  8. Frederick ecker says:

    This is by far one of the best action role playing games. I enjoy the endless possabilities there is for your weapons. It would be nice if the character had a few more to choose from. I have enjoyed this game, and the seeming endless hard to reach next level. Keep up the good work folks. A very good time killer, with action.

  9. Niel says:

    Controls are clunky. Dash attack (idk what’s called) is out of control, when trying to move it will perform dash attack making you move closer to mobs instead of away from them. Implement “Hold Aim” for skills for more precise skill shots. Unlocked characters requirements (thru purchase only) are obvious pay to win. Chests rigged RNG will give you weapons for different character making it useless for beginners. Could’ve potential but early on revealing signs of pay to win mechanics.

  10. Steve Knight says:

    I’ve played a lot of games like this one, but this one is the best so far. Fluid combat, loot isn’t insanely rare, and there are ACTIVE SKILLS! Upgradable swappable active skills. I’ve felt that missing in the others. All these things add up to a great time. No waiting for energy to recharge either. Play all you like. Enjoy. 👍

  11. Hadi Mazlan says:

    Excellent gameplay, easy to control, except dodging, a little grindy. The leap attack of the swordsman is a little annoying, and will leave him vulnerable to attack after the leap, especially into a group of enemies, you’d die almost instantly if health is low

  12. FluffyFreshMeat says:

    Very nice, super nice to see a game thats 100% of the time putting micro transactions in your face huge points for that, they still are in game but minimum amount compare to any other game out there so far that I played.

  13. Marco Bautista says:

    The control is clunky. Repetitive game. Everything depends on GEMS! Which means this game especially caters p2w players. Even hero upgrading depends on GEMS. No item fusing. Lack of events. No free advance weapon chests. No offline rewards. Warrior pass rewards are useless

  14. Myles Breck says:

    This is actually a real shame because the core combat in this game is quite fun. It’s basically a melee archero with a crafting system, gameplay itself is really good. There are many problems howe8, the first being the name. “Master” is far too generic and the game won’t get popular because of that. It is also WAY too grindy to upgrade your character. Sadly I had to uninstall, which is too bad because at its core this game has a lot of promise. Name change, less grind could make this popular

  15. Elmo Mad says:

    High potential game. Great concept of core gameplay. But progress is too slow and kinda grindy to collect materials. Lower the price of materials in dreamland shop to balance. Please correct some of the tooltip grammar and spelling. Overall, still enjoyable.

  16. Tyler Klimo says:

    It’s very pay-to-get-ahead. You need gems to level up at certain progression levels. It also costs 1500 gems to buy another hero. You earn 5 gems per first clear an each world. But you’ll want to be spending gems on weapon chests since drops are garbage. Buuuut better hope you don’t just get weapons for the 3 other hero’s you dont own. Forge is useless: there’s no way to hunt down materials and crafting LVL is lower than what you can get via drops/chest. Gameplay is fun, but P2W is to prevalent.

  17. Life Gecalao says:

    Ok now im disappointed. I was just playing then the game forcefully crashes then when i opened it all my progress has been lost i couldnt even recover it. Its a shame because i really liked the game and now this happens. I spent whole days pplaying thos game to progress fast and now all of that hardwork is gone.

  18. FORDY WAP says:

    the control movement is hard even when you dodge is quite hard, lack of weapon fusing or weapon upgrade for leveling, for mid range phones it quite a toll for the graphics coz it will hang quite a bit, please add some feature like lowering the graphics, hiding the coins and loots while doing some dungeon. overall is quite fun to play when youre a dungeon grinding peeps. hope you improve the game mechanics more ( cheers to the devs ) if may add: a pet/companion is also a good move tho

  19. soul fang winter says:

    Runs at 2 frames per second probably not program right for Samsung Galaxy I have sorry but I play games that look better and run better than this maybe setting options before tutorial we be a good idea to help game run better on more phones

  20. DoggyPoo says:

    Its like the game expects you to have several characters feom the start… which is pretty impossible. You cant even save gems properly because you need them to level up. Balance aside its very fun

  21. Zech Goh says:

    Spending elixir to remove enchanted core but the core disappears and doesnt go back to inventory. Need a way to get back valuable cores. Unlocking new heroes requires an absurd amount of gems relative to its drop rate as well. Quite p2w to truly experience the game.

  22. Kristian Williams says:

    Did not like how you have to pay to play this game the Crafting with certain items that you cannot get unless you pay to get to certain areas through buying the in-game currency with real-world money is the most retarded thing I have ever seen quit with games like this delete it do not install it less you want to look like a retard

  23. Michael Ortiz says:

    This game performs very poorly on my J7 Star. It lags completely to the point of being unplayable. I’ve played games with more action going on on my screen at one time and never have seen lag this bad. Uninstalling.

  24. Seattle Share says:

    The gameplay is fascinating, the real time fighting is enjoyable, the graphics are decent, the interface feels clean and has clear points of focus. The movement and animation seems a bit more sluggish than I would think it should be, The text bubbles appeared somewhat off screen or didn’t scroll correctly for me. This seems like it’s an interesting game with some dark occult like symbolism. Thanks for making this game

  25. Shawn Howard says:

    Great pick up and play game, no waiting around for energy bars to refill. Easy to play, simple controls, easy to progress at least through 1st map. 2nd map i have slowed down as bosses have alot more health. I unlocked 2nd character as mage and very close to archer so not pay to win like other comments suggested just alot off adds. Plenty off loot that common, rare, epic, legendary. Riposte skill says heals for 45% is this only on the counter attack or is there a percent off it working?

  26. Cianjoeh H says:

    Unresponsive Dodge mechanic. The gameplay is mediocre and could polish on animation and textures. The weapon collection mechanic is a decent concept. The game lacks ingenuity and falls into a basic and generic rouge-like game

  27. Frank Colwell says:

    Installed the game 3 times had to uninstall it 3 times the game won’t load just freezing up on the game maker title screen..I did update it and still nothing but a blue screen.sirry but I guess it not ment to be..I’m deleting it

  28. Siegmund Valdemoro says:

    The game is good. But it can be better 🙂 try to add a dodge button. So hard do dash/dodge because the touch swipe for it does not respond most of the time. And please add sell/fusion for badge. The game said that my badge bag is full. What will happen to the excess badge that you just received?

  29. Schell Reyes says:

    This game is super fun…but I have to give it a 1 star. Realize that when i stop playing the game for a day of been losing gems🤔 played the game yesterday before I went to bed and saw I had 1002 gems and now this morning I only have 704 not sure what or why this kind of thing happens. This is not the first time this has happened 😟 uninstall

  30. Zackery Henley says:

    Amazing game, there was an issue where the game wouldn’t load but I waited a couple weeks came back to it and it’s all resolved somehow. Maybe there was an update that mixed it idk, but I’m glad it’s fixed. 🙂

  31. JihadGz mujahid says:

    Excellent hero style game, actually the best in this genre. Not sure if possible but would like to save progress through Google. And to unlock other characters are kinda expensive.

  32. K B (KB) says:

    Lack of content, the badges and shiit all have the wrong content or information for that particular class. Buying packs don’t get a refund if you have the character already. Uses way too much battery consumption, disappointing but overall fun game. Needs alot of updates and fixes.

  33. Charlie King says:

    I just keep getting stuck at the ‘Youloft Games’ loading screen before a message telling me the app isn’t responding, won’t even load the game. I tried loading up the game multiple times and keep getting the same result. Even tried uninstalling, force stopping, doesn’t seem to want to work at all

  34. Stealth NFT says:

    Fun game, I can’t figure out how to level up weapons or if you even can. I think it’s just random levels based off color. Some yellow bar under my name is always glowing but I don’t know how to activate whatever special move it is.

  35. nutty99mega says:

    Game is quite okay. Becomes latent and boring when the ads just spawn too much, more than the monsters. Unless you have the patience to plow through the ads on every turn you make, this game is at best a time waster. Also they should allow weapons to be upgraded too. Until these are improved and they don’t force a purchase, I’ll give it a 2 star

  36. Frost says:

    Can’t dodge properly, Cannibal Affix stated: “Hit regeneration 1 health” but will only regenerate 1 health even if you hit multiple mobs. Chest always gives other weapons doesnt help at all with the swordsman class.

  37. Brian Sanders says:

    Been playing it for a bit now…..just gotta grind for gear. The badge system too annoying. Takes way too many points for 0.1 increase. 500 dismantle points to get 1 obtain point annoying to get you an increase point of 0.1 is not worth it. Badages are flawed and useless.

  38. wanyen shu says:

    I was thinking to give it 5 at the start but i changed my mind to 2 because I’m not able to log in constant game crash even after clearing cache files installed and uninstalled it more than 3 times in my phone but yet the same thing happens over and over again

  39. Ghost† says:

    Its a good game, i just started playing it and still exploring the difference between this and other similar games but i like the graphics the gameplay i thought this could be a good 5vs5 pvp game like thetans arena

  40. Xerxes Angelo Bachiller says:

    Stuck at Youloft games screen. Uninstalled and reinstalled, same issue. 1st impression on this promising game has been ruined, hence my 1 star review.

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