Magic Revenge:Casual IDLE RPG Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Assemble heroes to a journey of myth and lead your team to the final victory!
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October 28, 2022
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Magic Revenge:Casual IDLE RPG Apk Download New 2022 Version*

The emblem new cell recreation Magic Revenge is an Informal action-packed myth-style RPG with mythical heroes and epic IDLE gameplay. Combat for freedom! Have compatibility for all age! Recruit, Prepare, Struggle! All in favour of the respect! Correct rank gadget! Fortify your heroes and problem others from international!

Magic Revenge:Casual IDLE RPG Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*


Magic Revenge:Casual IDLE RPG Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* liberate

[Auto-Battle Technique WIN]
No time to battle? We were given it. AI auto-play procedure the battle scene. Benefit from the luck from the combat! Heroes will nonetheless be combating for you even though you’re offline for a damage!

Magic Revenge:Casual IDLE RPG Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

[Summon Large Heroes]
Over One hundred heroes with particular abilities from 6 factions! Compile a singular workforce! Diverse domesticate gadget, stage up your hero, get started your magic revenge!

Magic Revenge:Casual IDLE RPG Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

[Assemble your Squad with Strategy] Elegance Fit, Faction Restrain. Strategic Formation. Who you convey to battle actually issues! Recruit the strike pressure and select a squad of six tough heroes properly for victory!

Magic Revenge:Casual IDLE RPG Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

[More than an Idle Game]
Climb up the Magic Tower for nonstop demanding situations, entire missions from more than a few heroes in Mercenary Guild, release an all-out assault within the Airship, forge robust gears to your heroes, assist pals defeat Bosses for particular rewards, and input quite a lot of Raids for additonal features! Extra thrilling contents are ready so that you can uncover!

Magic Revenge:Casual IDLE RPG Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

[Fight together with your allies]
Make new allies international, improve Runes by means of Alliance Magician for bonuses, get rewards from Relics Excavation, win expanding rewards by way of taking down alliance bosses in Raids.

Magic Revenge:Casual IDLE RPG Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

Collect heroes to a adventure of fantasy and lead your staff to the general victory!

PLEASE NOTICE Community connection is needed.
Magic Revenge is unfastened to obtain and play, some in-app pieces can be bought for actual cash. In-app purchases will also be disabled thru your device’s settings.

E-mail us at [email protected]

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40 comments on "Magic Revenge:Casual IDLE RPG Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Diamonique Jenna says:

    Sadly, nothing more than a more poorly balanced, less rewarding, P2W re-skin of this publisher’s other games. Difficult to get characters, even more so to upgrade them if you find any worth using due to the same “acquire multiples of the same character + a few others”. Stagnation, zero progress, minimal gacha availability / pitiful pull rates, and thus not even the collection aspect to cling to. Basic GameDev Psychology: hey, bad games get better if you just SPEND.

  2. Abz H says:

    Loving it so far. Actually a challenging idle game & good drop rate for heroes. Just make it bit easier to get rank up resources pls Edit: the game has become extremely buggy. I summon but no animation but the heroes are in the inventory other taps seem not to register & get a error msg

  3. Chris Thistle says:

    It’s average what else is there to say, your stealing from other games,- soundtracks and so forth for example Cabals sound tracks upon opening popup awards should be worth sending a report to them… All the same it’s okay the tutorial is disturbingly long and boring these games have been around for years now… I’ll continue to play but usually get deterred by the cash grabbing idiocy of a “vip ladder system”.

  4. Gypsy Love says:

    Game is somewhat the same as everyone else which is ok for me but what puts me off is the reward system its too stingy and everything is on a steep time frame also trying to star up your hero looks and feels like a long tedious road to trek. Im afraid ill delete this game long before i can even make my first purchase. (I dont purchase out of whim and or a week in playing the game i purchase after 3 weeks and or when i feel i truly enjoyed the game as a F2P player)

  5. Martinn Laudico says:

    I gave it 4 out of 5 because this game could improve on so many aspects. It’s good but it’s not the best AFK game out there. 1. There is a level cap on pushing maps. 2. It’s so hard to get heroes. 3. Rewards are just minimal. 4. There is no Restart/respect on heroes, you just have to dismantle it. Its already hard to get heroes and you just have to dismantle it? 5. Life span of people who play this is just 3days to a week. The longer the players play the more money u guys can make by ads & topup

  6. John Jones says:

    This game is poorly managed. The dev team is chatty but does nothing. Had issues with screen sizing being too large and menu icons were too far to the right so u couldn’t see red tags on them. The Devs chat back FAST! too bad they don’t work that fast. Despite the problems and nonsense they don’t offer compensation for any of this. Just enjoy blaming me and asking me to do their work for them. Let’s recap, pay to win,doesn’t fit screens correctly, and their mistakes are my fault.

  7. Jerome Tacardon says:

    Such a great game. Although I want to gi e 5 stars, I would like to request for sime low-priced giftpacks for low spenders. As far as I have observed, the lowest price is around 4 dollars. Please do consider that there are also players who are low spenders. As much as I want to help contribute to the game, I seem to not get satisfied of the equivalent of the money that I will spend. And also, please do provide better 5 star heroes for the first rechsrge and 7 day goals. Thank you!

  8. Jefferson Belwits says:

    Just played it. Easy functions, no bugs to encounter (yet), art style is good as they intended it to be, and like any game of its kind it’s mostly the same concept. Summon heroes, level them up, freebies in your first day, same old-same old. For the events I haven’t experienced that yet. It’s still kind in its nature and I suggest you try it yourself to find out. Play for a month without paying anything and after learning the ropes you decide for yourself whether to go serious about it.

  9. Tim Rottier says:

    This game, so far looks extremely fun. However there are blatent issues already. So first off this game is pay2win, nothing too surprising. However they throw a lot in your face in terms of pay2win content. This game would be better if they reduced the prices and instead offered more fair deals. for example there are 2 passes in the store both are monthly subscriptions. While one of them is 5 the other one is 15 but gives more. I would like one where it’s a year for 30 that way people are hooked

  10. James C says:

    The game is ok as a generic idle game but it has some flaws. Progression is painfully slow, 10 second timers between every stage and you starve for currency, so upgrading your characters is slow. Premium currency and premium summons are nearly non-existent, in my first 45 minutes of play I received 550 diamonds total (2200 needed for a 10x draw) and no premium summons. There are so many options now, this game should be at the bottom of list until they catch up with others (better) in the genre

  11. Onske says:

    I love it! I’ve played it about 15 days and It’s really great! The premium game money (diamonds) are easy to get and it doesn’t feel like pay to win at all! Of course if you want to be best arena player (pvp) then of course using real money speeds up the process. Only con are few bugs (but it’s really new game so it’s understandable). Update: got answered to my level cap question by devs. Thank you for the answer!

  12. Skooma Gnark says:

    There was a dodge mechanic until they deactivated it for PVE with the last update, saying it was a bug, so the dodge stat is useless now, and every artifact, item and hero you have with that stat is trash now! Thanks, but no thanks, im out! SMH

  13. Gharpreet Shergill says:

    It good game but it feels like a waste. U only have a limited amount of heroes space (around 50). So u need to trash alot of cool looking characters. U can upgrade but it is ridiculous hw u upgrade them. U need a number of da same characters, characters of lower level, and same level to upgrade 1 person. It ridiculous. U need more then 11 specific character 2 upgrage 1 person. U can upgrade the hero space but it get expensive. 200 gems 4 5 slots, then 400 4 5 slots, 600 for 5 slots etc.

  14. Malec Rose says:

    I can tell right away that this is re-imagining of AFK Heros, but I weirdly like this one better. The graphics are well rendered & the game play is smoother. Keep up the good work. ^_^

  15. Tony Hardy says:

    Day 4 of game, beautiful artwork and cool heros. Im having fun, i dont spend $ no need to hopefully it will stay that way. Extra bonus commecials, have lower pricing and people will spend more. This game has great potential. Lower prices and always have events, they could be weekly, one big one monthly. Prizes can be credits for things in game stores, or shards for heros, or summon chances. Make new Hero’s for game one New Super strong new hero a month and the other ones pop in 1 or 2 weeks

  16. Jennings Wolford says:

    I stumbled on this game and so far its pretty nice. You are able to quickly earn good characters and items early in the game without pay. The looks of the characters are very nice. It is another auto idle game but i do differences compared to others that are out. Im interested to see how this game provresses.

  17. April Preston says:

    Same as the others get level locked and looks like same events it’s a good time killer for a few minutes but other than that probably wont invest too much into this response: as a game player I’m looking for something unique about it not just same game remade over and over with different looks and these games with level stoppages and limits are very disappointing because as you get higher the less you get to play and I just uninstall

  18. Kaossaok K says:

    As a free player, you won’t get much from this game. I have one 5 star that was free and the rest are three and four stars. I have not been able to do even one 10 summon and the seven day rewards are terrible/worthless for the most part. The chapter completion rewards are just horrible. One summon ticket, really? Also, they reply to your comment, but it won’t change anything. It never does.

  19. Shyar Bakr says:

    Well the graphics are cool ngl, BUT the rewards are really bad & the prices are kinda high. I been grinding for like 5 hours and still don’t have enough for a x10?!!!, Like there’s no freebie for new players or anything? (The 7d missions kinda sucks btw and the rewards are really bad), so 2 stars are for the graphics, other than that the devs are very greedy and not generous at all. In my opinion, not recommended to be downloaded at all (._.

  20. Vina Phung says:

    It’s a really good game but since yesterday it hasnt been working, everytime I’ve tried to play it just said detecting sever and then goes to “downloading update server list (retry 1)” and I’ve tried restarting my phone, deleting the app and re downloading the app but it still says that. It’s a really good game that I wanna play and I don’t know if it’s just me that it’s happening too and if so idk how to fix it 🙁

  21. Daniel Zero says:

    Well, the game is just a copy of other idle games. The only good thing about it is the artstyle. For that 2 stars. Extremely pay to win, don’t even try to play it. I invested 5€ and still wasn’t able to go far and didn’t get VIP 1 lol. And prices are astronomical.

  22. Ryan Swanson says:

    Magic Revenge is an idle game, with all the built-in roadblocks inherent to the genre, so I won’t talk about that. From four hours of playing it, it stands out in character design and looks, but falls behind in developer generosity. I don’t dislike the style, but for what feels like an AFK clone, it needs to reach more and find that one thing it does best, which this game does not. Give it a shot, if you like. It might hook you even if I’m unimpressed.

  23. Buskavo Nalupish says:

    Look, it’s just another of those hero collecting 6-member team idle looty rpgs. This one has really nice art but is mechanically identicle several other titles. I just like this one. The story is barely there so I can ignore it, project my own, or usually just go through the motions of logging dailies. You know, depression games.

  24. Damian (Crauford Creations) says:

    So many characters look like the design was copied from AFK Arena and just tweaked a bit plus the rewards are so limited compare to games like AFK Arena, I’ve always wanted to try another game like AFK Arena but not one so far is capable of even coming close to the game play, story and originality. Your rewards system with less need to buy stuff to progress quickly should change, I’ll give it another shot but hopefully there will be changed soon. Besides that it’s not to bad compare to others.

  25. Edward Henry says:

    Thought this would be the game. You can’t reset toons to lv 1. Can only dismiss them.. Pvp is rigged. You get 3 choices 1st two are double your strength and 3rd is less than half so you lose 20+ points but if you take the easy win you get 0-2 points. Trying to get to 1300 is cash. Rest of the game was great just can’t get achievements without cash

  26. Rich Rumney says:

    Average. Nothing to see here that others haven’t done. No in-game story to give it purpose. I played it for a while and got past the initial stages of rapid progress and it is f2p capable, but the constant nagging to buy stuff is pretty annoying. I’m not against spending money on games like these but focus on making something unique and above average first and stop being so pushy to buy stuff. If the game is good and has people hooked, they will find where they can buy things.

  27. Joe GarBen says:

    Update: Now it is getting better and better. Many unique events that will help you to grind your heroes. Many buildings production to increase your materials, equipments and etc. New cool characters are getting perfected. The only thing I want to complain is when are we going to merge with the old servers? Keep it up developers!

  28. Tony Kent (Speedemon43) says:

    Even tho I like this Idle game, the characters design etc. The game speed seems to slow. As for the daily tasks they seem easy enough to do which keeps the game interesting. If a player’s level is too high for a campaign battle, they should be a skip battle option or at least X3 or x4 game speed. Very straight forward game to learn.

  29. Tobias G Brez says:

    this game uses several sfx from World of Warcraft. even has a picture of Alexstrasza in one of the stores. the boss music sounds eerily similar to that one room in Molten Core. the animation isn’t the best either, but definitely a good try. the characters look cool.

  30. Crystal Linhart says:

    Is relatively easy to get resources so advancement isn’t too hard. The art is AMAZING and i absolutely LOVE the little bit of customization without having to buy a new skin. This is probably the best idle rpg I’ve played in a LONG time

  31. Huu Nguyen says:

    Idle game almost completely copied from others. Cheap and stingy dev trying to get you to pay. Played through tutorial and had you pulled 2 premium summons and only 3 stars? Like really? To speed up battle speed, get VIP1 or leveled up to 25? Get real. The 10 second countdown to play each stage is insane. UNINSTALLED!!!

  32. Connor Meaney says:

    Fun game but having to wait 10 seconds to auto play before EVERY campaign level heavily degrades the quality and fun of the game, it quickly becomes annoying and it seems like a senseless thing to add, would happily give this game 5 stars if this made it so you can just go straight to the next campaign level without waiting 10 seconds, ease change this devs.

  33. Michael Ringenbach says:

    So this game doesn’t feel unique or special. It’s a carbon copy of so many other idle games. It feels like they took all the same code and slapped new graphics on it. Even the tutorial is identical.

  34. Brandon says:

    Game is phenomenal,home screen music is so good. The characters you collect are amazing,can’t wait to see what else the game has to offer.

  35. Husky Diamond says:

    It’s a fun game but I think you should have auto merge instead of people trying to find each character.

  36. Aleksandrs Olins says:

    Similar to other idle games just more simplistic therefore more fun

  37. Unkno Daemon says:

    Game nice, but please consider adding skip button to campaign, if not then oh well

  38. Wolf Dog says:

    I really was enjoying the game, until I had to uninstall the game then reinstall it. Even though I registered the game on my Google play account, which shows that it is registered I even got the Nicole for registering, the game does not identify me as a registered user. I’ve lost all of my progress. Goodbye Magic Revenge.

  39. James Trombetta says:

    Thoroughly engaging experience. Gameplay, characters and advancement will keep you playing for quite awhile!

  40. Mackyups says:

    I love this game when you join the game i all readdy got 5 star hero and level it up to level 71 this game is so good play it now is so fun

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