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Experience an evolved idle game, where idle meets strategy!
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December 9, 2022
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Loop Dungeon: Idle RPG Premium Apk

▶ An evolution of the idle style this is simple to be informed however exhausting to grasp! Whether or not the sport is working or now not, the heroes’ struggle by no means stops.
Your alternatives in hero enhancement, apparatus, and exploration course will decide their luck. Get up and spot what treasures you earned whilst dozing!

Loop Dungeon: Idle RPG Top class Apk apk mod 2022

▶ Use your personal option to upward push upper! Gather the heroes you meet within the dungeon and determine the very best synergy between them.
Analyze enemies and their other traits and abilities so to deploy the most productive heroes to reach victory.
Climb upper and problem extra robust enemies.

Loop Dungeon: Idle RPG Top class Apk

▶ A roguelike dungeon that adjustments day by day! Conquer the dungeon overflowing with colourful terrain and fierce monsters. Form the sport your personal approach via your possible choices within the a large number of occasions encountered within the dungeon.
What trail will your heroes take?

Loop Dungeon: Idle RPG Top rate Apk release

▶ Heroes of strange talent, and dependable enlargement!
From heroes who give protection to their allies to heroes who pack an impressive punch to show the battlefield the other way up!
Meet more than a few heroes with irreplaceable abilities. Continuously strengthen your heroes to cause them to the most productive they are able to be!

Loop Dungeon: Idle RPG Top class Apk mod apk

▶ In finding the most efficient combos with distinctive mythical apparatus! Flip your birthday celebration right into a drive to be reckoned with by way of equipping the most efficient tools you’ll be able to in finding.
Take down tough enemies and gather as a lot mythical apparatus as you’ll be able to raise. To find one of the simplest ways to get probably the most from your heroes.


40 comments on "Loop Dungeon: Idle RPG Premium Apk"

  1. Neocent TV says:

    Finally an idle without time speed boosts, gold boosts, stamina and other mechanics meant to artificially inconvenience the player. On top of that I feel like I am making lots of choices too. Constructive criticism: I loved the normal difficulty – I felt that on every floor there was something interesting/fun, an event or arena fight. In Nightmare that’s diminished by a lot – I rarely find events so it’s much harder to make interesting characters anymore, most floors are just monster fights.

  2. Mark W says:

    Update: after last update, all progress was wiped. However shortly after my first review, dev seemed to have fixed it. I am pleased to know they’re invested in their game.

  3. scott bayko says:

    There’s a lot of good here, the randomness of equipment is a little too much in my opinion, certain characters need work. And lately the game has been running quite bad, as in disconnects sometimes minutes apart.

  4. Jonathan Villegas says:

    1000000% F2P. Only IAPs are for an equipment chests that drops random rarity items that drop from the game monsters anyways. Or unlocking about 10 other characters that you can easily unlock in about 5 runs/rebirths. Dungeon crawler game where you compose a team , level them up and give them gear to battle 100 floors. You’ll hit a wall and have to rebirth and get time stones to upgrade them after resetting and starting again but with your gear saved for the next runLow maintenance, entertaining

  5. Alexander Booth says:

    Really fun take on idle games and autobattlers. The main cycle becomes inventory management and equipment analysis, which is unique and fun for this genre! Although the only issue is that I wish there was a description of how some of the stats work, and how far a meter is in the game.

  6. Destrie Truman says:

    Edit: I can’t even get into the game at all, even if I uninstall and reinstall it. It is totally unplayable for me, which is a huge disappointment because I genuinely like the way it works and the various characters. I just wish I could play it.

  7. BOWSER 8 says:

    Just tried to download this game the other night and can’t even make it pas the connection screen, tried uninstalling but didn’t help. Will change my review when it is fixed.

  8. Bobo Dalton says:

    Love the game. The amount of characters to select is a little lacking, but i feel through time this game will evolve into something great. Equipment drops are by chance which induces a grinding strategy to it, and there are plenty of different builds to play with. NOT A PAY TO WIN GAME !!!.

  9. Luna Tears says:

    Okay, so I must rate low… Because after an hour or so I’m still stuck in the dungeon. Please help me! And how do I change the heroes? I bought one of the heros and it won’t let me change them. Like?? And when am I able to change my profile picture? I can’t yet. As I’m still stuck in the dungeon! I’ll change rating once this works! Thanks in advance!

  10. David Moreno says:

    Nearly all the top reviews I’ve read look like developer paid reviews. They talk about “more room for monetization”. It’s a boring game where you primarily wait and watch characters fight. It asks you to watch Ads to get loot chests. It just feels like waiting with little understanding of how the stat upgrades will affect the character stats. Skip it, not engaging at all.

  11. Brett B says:

    Fun game, good graphics. But it’s almost unplayable without a charging cord. This game drains my battery 3x faster than any other game. Would be cool if it would run on full screen when the zfold3 is open.

  12. motosport RR says:

    This deserves at least 1 million downloads. Good graphics, good system, deep customization. Got hooked for hours when i started. Good job devs, looking forward for more heroes and new contents! 🙂

  13. Chris Scott says:

    To be honest kinda lame. No quest or story line. After beating 99-9 you lose all points,money and gear you have equipped is useless. Have to use diamonds to aquire new heros and to get enough you have to pay. Yeah they occasionally give you 20 or every 12 hours watch a video for 30 but a new hero costs 900. I’m being generous with 2 stars.

  14. keith williams says:

    So far so good progressing through the story and encounters while gearing up towards a hopefully just as great Endgame. GG looking forward to the levels to come!

  15. Zemere1 says:

    This game deserves way better review rating then it has. You want dopamine from building up characters and putting on better armor and upgrading stats? This is the game for you. It can be a little confusing at first. But this game has me hooked. It even gives you little choices to pick from that gives you different items. OH, it also has dps charts. Oh, did I mention it’s completely F2P? I haven’t had to spend a dime to continue to progress in the game and get good items. Give it a try!

  16. C Q says:

    Simple to play, plenty of complexity in items. So far having a good time. Would recommend trying it.

  17. J G says:

    Very interesting, I am absolutely enthralled with your cross style game fluidity. I am impressed so far (Middle of Act 2). Updates to come.

  18. Scott Doyle says:

    I’ve never played a game like this before. The equipment is really what keeps your character strong and you’re always upgrading and rebirthing. It helps with a sense of real progress and roguelike loot collection. Good effort!

  19. Sean says:

    I was always a huge fan of the gameplay loop and idle mechanics of Infinity Heroes and man, I’m so glad to see a follow-up from the dev team. Loop Dungeon keeps some of the better parts of Infinity Heroes, while incorporating a lot of interesting new ideas. Keep it up!

  20. Daeth klaw says:

    I like this game but I bought the dungeon pass and it didn’t unlock it 🙁 I also feel that a 6th character is direly needed. Every composition I make feels like it’s lacking that last character, or perhaps more characters to fill every comp needed.

  21. Matt M says:

    Straight boring. How does even have such a high rating? You go into the game, no explanation. When you switch tabs there is literally no back button, u have to press it again to get rid of the screen. Played 10m and instantly saw it was those i.o. games but rebranded. This is coming from someone who plays tons of idle games and mobile games in general.

  22. Kyli Hawkins says:

    I couldn’t be more excited about this game. I feel like I’ve finally found a game within the genre that manages to feel totally unique! The growth of the characters, at first, was excruciatingly slow, but if you stick it out until after the 19th floor, things take a huge turn for the better. I really love this game!

  23. iProverbSilk says:

    It is very fun game but I’m having this bug, reset level or reconnecting server, will stuck at 10% connecting server using Unifi, mobile network ok.. Until i do app data clear, fresh reconnect google account, then only can play.

  24. Matt Parker says:

    Game was fun, when it worked. Now it sits at 10% on the start screen. Will update if I can ever get past the 10% loading screen and actually play lol.

  25. Andy Henderson says:

    On the fence with this game as you actually progress by NOT playing. Pick 5 heroes from a deck of 10, auto fight to level up and acquire stronger weapons and armour, rinse and repeat…and that’s kinda it. Very little ‘play’, on your behalf, is required. There just doesn’t seem that there’s much of anything to do here, there’s no real strategy to winning, the game just loops until you rebirth (enabling you to keep your buffs). You don’t even need to spend money, not even sure why its an option?

  26. Ocelit Pardalis says:

    This is a pretty true idle game. Emphasis on game, surprisingly is very addictive and doesn’t make you feel like you need to cash in to enjoy it. It’s fun interesting and leaves with just the right amount of interaction.

  27. Vishan B says:

    Game doesn’t even load. Stays stuck on the camp fire scene forever. Update: finally got in…too much going on and by the time you go into a window to check something you miss everything else outside that window. There are timers to make decisions and yet it’s barely enough time to read all the options..the game doesn’t stop for you to properly explore any of the menus. 2 stars.

  28. Leo Mrcr says:

    Loved playing until I started getting stuck around fl90 on hell, not getting anywhere runs take too long because I didn’t buy the battle pass and have a low amount of Legendary gear. Auto equip is not friendly to use at all and should be improved instead of adding new skins.

  29. Jotie Tamaro says:

    Fun little idle game with a little bit of idle chess thrown in. I enjoy it since it gives me something to do and I am not bombarded with ads every 5 seconds, which is really refreshing for a change from most mobile games.

  30. Tyler Adams says:

    This is actually really cool and fun UPDATE- 5 stars to 3, yes its a great game, but you run out of space quickly for gear, so you get punished for keeping gear. Lvl 90 hell, it’s so tough, there’s not enough space to collect gear to upgrade your good gear. You literally would have to spend hours each day to micro manage your loot to progress. Which doesn’t feel rewarding at all. Amazing game at first, but the end game doesn’t exist, you just get to a point to where you can’t progress. Sad 🙁

  31. Kalistrea says:

    Ftp friendly game,. Dungeon rewinder, customize team hero stats, all heros are viable to use and not worthless,. Very high random stats for gears make collecting gears more fun. AFK/Offline friendly can let team run thru dungeons why sleeping or working.

  32. Shane says:

    I uninstalled because of the tedious inventory system and the hero event cards. Obtaining heroes that synergize is very important, so you effectively have to monitor a new run for an hour to avoid the game picking heroes for you. The inventory is designed to be tedious so you spend money on upping the inventory size, but honestly I don’t see that helping much even if you did. At some point you’re going to have to go item by item to decide what’s worth keeping, and it’s far too time consuming.

  33. Colton Bohannan says:

    Lots to do, good mix of idle and active. Always feel like you’re making progress.

  34. Cú Chulainn says:

    I never even got to play the game as I was stuck trying to put in a bloody name for crying out loud. First off the amount of characters is too small and I tried 10 names that were all taken. Never come across this problem in over 44 years of gaming. Instant uninstall.

  35. Ralph Murphy says:

    Pros: 1. F2P Friendly. Gives you around 200 gems daily which helps you to purchase heroes and other things. 2. Great in-depth. A lot of things needs to be considered to create best possible team combination. 3. After a week or 2 of studying the game, it is AFK friendly also. 4. Optional ads. Cons: 1. Lacks inventory space. Too expensive to expand inventory. 2. Too few hero selection. 3. Very hard to upgrade Legendary items. 4. Drop rate should be increased by a little bit. Very promising game.

  36. Hamid Hamido says:

    It’s a very fun game, however my biggest problem is I cannot enter the at all , except for one time though, and I enjoyed it , still I can’t enter yet again Become of the amount of internet connection that required If you can fix it it will be very fantastic and I would appreciate it. Thanks

  37. Keith Davis says:

    Fun game, nice art style. They just added language filter for chat, was too hard to find English before!

  38. Charnt Sabre says:

    Fun and more complex than your usual idler. Seems to have great depth to it as well. No issues with forced ads. There should be a favorites you could select from the heroes so when you’re afk and not playing those are the cards that it will select if available.

  39. Ryean H says:

    Too less guidance, too much mini unknown icon and functionality going on. Especially you have the option to auto adding stats but no auto characters Equipment selections. Everything is just dumped on the screen and expecting me to trial and error. Back function is not close the detail screens but rather straight to close apps.

  40. Dorian says:

    Let us pick what heroes we start with once setting a deck. Such a drag in higher difficulties when you roll only squishy backliners first up. Triples run times.

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