LightTale: Hack & Slash RPG Premium Apk


Slice, shoot and cast magic to defeat monsters in this epic story-driven RPG!
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December 8, 2022
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LightTale: Hack & Slash RPG Premium Apk

The international is being fed on by way of darkness, with monsters born from the darkish roaming the land. The traditional heroes have given their powers and spirit to you. Struggle towards the monsters and produce peace to the arena all over again!.

LightTale: Hack & Slash RPG Top class Apk apk mod new

Function of the sport:
1. Difficult levels with other monsters!
2. Fascinating tales, quests and characters! Three. Over 150+ pieces and gear so that you can uncover! Four. Distinctive talent machine for avid gamers to grasp and improve! Five. Addicting haptics right through battles!
6. Improve and forge apparatus to get more potent!
7. Day by day praise and offline praise with a soothing gaming taste! Eight. Industry with avid gamers the world over for apparatus and pieces!

LightTale: Hack & Slash RPG Top rate Apk mod apk

Which roughly hero do you need to be?
– Knight who fights bravely with swords and feature very good stamina.
– Archer who makes use of their bow to fireside at monsters agilely with a super intention.
– Mage who seeks wisdom and conjures robust magic spells.

LightTale: Hack & Slash RPG Top rate Apk apk

Make a selection no matter form of combat taste you like! Each participant could have a novel and particular technique to take on the increasingly more difficult levels.

LightTale: Hack & Slash RPG Top rate Apk release

Problem your self within the realm of darkness, with mysteries about to be opened up. Entertaining approach to make your rigidity disappear. Pop and transparent monsters like bubble wraps. Unfastened to play informal motion recreation with fulfilling gameplay. One of the simplest ways to kill time!

LightTale: Hack & Slash RPG Top class Apk apk mod

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28 comments on "LightTale: Hack & Slash RPG Premium Apk"

  1. ptocflin (Potato_tube) says:

    nice game

  2. LK Chung says:

    This game fixes my depression

  3. Conner P Twilhec says:

    While I like the concept of this game a lot, the controls when pressing buttons such as in the tutorial are unresponsive. I have difficulty doing magic as well. Good job on the game though and please keep on fine timing it.

  4. Yeung Gordon says:

    Very good visuals! I like the animation very much! Excellent game that you can’t miss in 2021.

  5. Man Li says:

    cant exit popup page bug when killing monster

  6. Łukasz Rusek says:

    How to pass first world? I don’t know if it’s bug or just a game after tutorial nothing is happening continuous fight no boss lol . Game idea great btw

  7. Ionut Petre says:

    Problem ctd when casting first spell in tutorial.

  8. Josh Delle Coste says:

    Really fun game once you get the hang of the controls but the app constantly crashes, voiding all progress. Happens when I use random magic or when a boss spawns, super frustrating and a big deterrent.

  9. Zaiko Utzumari says:

    The first level is too hard

  10. Cope Countonpickels says:

    little hard at the start and my finger hurts at 5he point of no usage edit:gotta say a while later and it’s still a wery good game 👍 recommend

  11. 김사론 says:

    i wanna play this game on my phone(galaxy fold3). could u develop the compatible version for fold3? i hope ur reply!! thx! plz meet ur game asap

  12. Ricky Kurniawan says:

    An OK “Fruit Ninja”-esque RPG where you slice mobs and draw magic and get stronger. I like the skill progression akin to mastery mechanic (use it more to make it more powerful), it’s just that later on there’s not much variety to the core mechanics to keep it fresh. But hey, that’s just every game in existence. Recommended in short bursts I suppose, just don’t expect quick progression early on.

  13. Ronnie Harris says:


  14. Timothy Williams says:

    tactical, intelligent, yet interesting…fighting on your own like fencing with a gun in your other hand…. gl….have fun!

  15. Jon Burk says:

    What am I missing that I can’t get past the second room of the freaking tutorial? Both doors are locked and the game doesn’t lead me toward resolving the locks.

  16. Kion Tankwar says:

    When i hold to play and release to pause that purple lock and tutorial will not let my light sprint though

  17. Aj Espinosa says:


  18. Shubh Verma says:

    Is this early access game braks as soon as you start, absolutely a waste of time as of now


    OLD: Can’t get past the tutorial. I am asked to tap and slide to a portal but it’s locked. 😞 UPDATE : the problem is solved by the developers. I am enjoying the game . Getting used to the game mechanics. I will update my comment again later !

  20. Aniket Mohanty says:

    Kudos for the storyline ut feels complete now

  21. Marcus Fortson says:

    Its a good game for an rpg

  22. Saiyajinzoningen Sama says:

    Beautiful game but requires fast reflexes

  23. Morgan Drake says:

    I like it and enjoy playing it as well

  24. Matthew Wilson says:

    cool game. controls are a little weird but cool concept.

  25. Azinye Fantasy says:

    the game doesn’t tell you that to progress you have to beat the missions and not clear every map tile. missions that say give are not give up. it means turn in. you have to leave the map to make potions. the game can crash on ads so no double loot for you my friends. on red map tiles these are infinite spawn maps. even though the doors are purple just walk on through. alot of times you will stop shooting arrows. I don’t know how to fix this.

  26. kaw vang says:

    nice game

  27. Doug Ozbirn says:

    Can’t get past the Anne screen

  28. LOLI HÜNTËR says:

    I don’t know if it’s the game has the problem or my phone I can’t play it’s always freezing and then crash

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