Labyrinth of the Witch DX Premium Apk


Rogue-like as you like!
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March 27, 2020
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Labyrinth of the Witch DX Premium Apk

* This paintings is in response to “Labyrinth of the Witch” with stability adjustment and dungeon addition. This can be a deluxe bundle that comes with the entire charged contents of “Labyrinth of the Witch”.

Labyrinth of the Witch DX Top rate Apk release

A easy dungeon exploration RPG that anybody can play!
Strategically use a mess of things to take on ever-changing dungeons.

Labyrinth of the Witch DX Top rate Apk apk mod 2022

■A Rogue-like for Somebody and everybody

Labyrinth of the Witch DX Top class Apk mod apk

This straightforward, easy-to-play dungeon exploration RPG is freed from tough recreation mechanics.

Labyrinth of the Witch DX Top class Apk apk mod

Simply play any place for your good telephone. Select up from the place you left off at any time with the auto-save characteristic.

Labyrinth of the Witch DX Top class Apk apk

■Speedrun Sooner than Any person!

Labyrinth of the Witch DX Top rate Apk apk mod new

Constructed for the speedrunners, take at the Speedrun Dungeon armed with handiest your wits (no beginning pieces!) and in finding your individual equipment!

Labyrinth of the Witch DX Top rate Apk

■Pixel Artwork at its Easiest State of the art pixel artwork and animations carry your adventures to lifestyles!


10 comments on "Labyrinth of the Witch DX Premium Apk"

  1. Aether Star says:

    Only a minor problem when opening ‘Expedition’ and choosing a dungeon gives a slight delay before opening up the next screen. I understand why this version costs money since it seems it’s your first game. I really like the gameplay and pixel art and I hope you continue to update the game.

  2. John Gardner says:

    I said I’d happily pay for a version of this game with no microtransactions or ads, and they actually made one! Fun mystery dungeon type experience, definitely worth checking out if you like these sorts of roguelike dungeon crawlers.

  3. The Sandity says:

    Basically exactly what I was looking for in a mobile game

  4. Ryan says:

    Love this game! Def fills the mystery dungeon craving on-the-go I was looking for. Would love to see more characters to unlock and play, as well as event dungeons. This could be my new go-to game addiction. To the devs, thank you for all the hard work 🙂

  5. Ashley Wells says:

    Very fun and smooth roguelike. Easy to pick up and put down. Similar to mystery dungeon style games.

  6. MFG says:

    A decent Mystery Dungeon-style roguelike, but lacking in variety. You just go from dungeon to dungeon collecting the standard Mystery Dungeon affair, with the only unique mechanic being one-time shards that randomly drop from monsters. There’s a monster capturing system too, bit it seems to be purely cosmetic and serves no actual purpose beyond completionism. All in all, it doesn’t feel very “Deluxe”, though the removal of microtransactions from the original is nice.

  7. Dave Wahler says:

    Like Shiren, but for IRL Wanderers.

  8. Saiful Rahman says:

    Achievement didn’t have scarcity, free version had, no landscape mode, not support with many gamepad like ipega, i didn’t even know you read my review or email that i sent, free version got a lot leaderboard than DX version, please update, thanks.

  9. nomadic since says:

    Incredibly boring after 5 hours +. Highly overrated and overpriced game. Even sale price is too high. Do not recommend. UPDATE 1 YEAR LATER: Tryed the game again. Now it’s very buggy on my new phone and riddled with errors that kick me out of the game and have me loose any progress. All in all I can only say it’s been a really trashy experience. The game should be free at most.

  10. hikikomori says:

    Great but can’t sign into my account Edit: You fixed it! Thank you!

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