Kingdom Warriors Mod Apk New 2022*


Enter a chaotic world ripped apart by war and lead your forces to victory!
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Snail Games USA Inc
June 29, 2020
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Kingdom Warriors Mod Apk New 2022*

Every solar should set, and each reign will have to finish. The top days of the Han Empire shine not more as warfare has come to the kingdoms. Heroes from each and every nook of the land should rally their forces to wrest energy and glory from the emerging chaos. Heroes will upward push, empires will fall. Sign up for the exciting new vintage motion MMORPG epic Kingdom Warriors lately and identify your dynasty!

Kingdom Warriors Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod 2022


Kingdom Warriors Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

An Epic Tale Reimagined

Kingdom Warriors Mod Apk New 2022* apk

Descend into the chaos of the 3 Kingdoms technology and uncover your future in an action-packed vintage struggle journey! Well-known personas together with the scheming Cao Cao, the fearsome Lv Bu, and the noble Guan Yu take to the battlefield in an epic motion MMORPG enjoy!

Kingdom Warriors Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

40+ Heroes at your Command

Kingdom Warriors Mod Apk New 2022* unencumber

Grasp the artwork of battle and lead your forces to victory! Acquire and arrange your military with dozens of classical heroes. Pick out your staff as you input the fray in fast moving motion fight, accompanied by means of your relied on AI-controlled lieutenants to brush in the course of the battlefield and defeat your enemy!

Kingdom Warriors Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

Arrange and Develop your Forces

Kingdom Warriors Mod Apk New 2022*

Develop your arsenal and outfit your allies to turn out to be an unstoppable preventing pressure! Accumulate and improve distinctive and uncommon pieces, and customise your apparatus in a strategic RPG journey! Make a choice from distinct devices to accompany your hero into combat and turn out to be without equal frontline warrior-commander!
Triumph over the Land with Allies
Because the empire crumbles, new kingdoms take shape. Sign up for along with pals on-line to determine your new country in an expansive on-line multiplayer enjoy! Group up in PvP and co-op, and sign up for large battles because the conflict to form the way forward for the land rages on. Revel in unparalleled cellular MMOG motion entire with allies, nemeses, and Guilds!

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40 comments on "Kingdom Warriors Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Loreen Sharyl says:

    I even can’t enter the game! Always fail to register n so many server. N process of loading the game is really takes time

  2. Avira Ferguson says:

    it won’t let me enter the game but it keeps on saying that there is a problem with my internet connection but i have full connection

  3. Bardo Edlin says:

    First thing: Google alert, it contains a harmful file in download. Second : doesn’t open, always saying there’s a problem with the connection.

  4. Christof Cilla says:

    Good(fun game)but bad(sketchy devs)… Christian said it all. Spent good money progressing the past few days. Walked away from alot more for less! Fix it or I walk.

  5. Mikella Delisha says:

    Average hack and slash game copied from dynasty warriors games and its a bit laggy on some parts and why is it on offline category since its clearly an online game?! Nwai play it on Wi-Fi mode for better gaming

  6. Mikeya Andrah says:

    I did a top up, twice actually. didnt get the first top up reward. nothing in mail, no where to claim. proceed to refund, delete end of story

  7. Auden Daxton says:

    Doesnt work. Constantly threatens to infect my phone with a virus..

  8. Lorian Camella says:

    What just happen to this game i already updated the data package and played for 1 hour.. When i lag out… For 30 minutes and lag in again.. It says you Need to download the data package… Please fix this issue..

  9. Dynna Ricker says:

    its listed under “offline games” but its not offline. don’t download its a waste of data

  10. Etty Avril says:

    Please i really wan’t to try this game. But i cannot login it says: Connection error, please check your internet connection. I try 3 days to log in. Any help?

  11. Prudence Carisah says:

    My character is missing now. Please explain! Network connections error. Failed to obtain server resource version data!

  12. Nanette Dickens says:

    Fonts too smalll,fortunately i got zoomer in my phone,but still its irritating,there is no clue about the patameter,like what use of piercer,break etc

  13. Walcott Balder says:

    Chaotic is right! I just wanted to spend my day off playing A “Christian RPG”. Instead I spent 11 hours installing update after update but gave up at 10:00 PM!! It initially installed quickly but I never got near to something basic like registering with an email & password. This was TORTURE!! Do yourself a favor & skip this game for a short, light book. Like War and Peace. Or do something more relaxing & fun, like repeatedly poking yourself in yr eyes with a sharp stick!

  14. Ethelbert Lea says:

    What lagging this game. The administrator and cust.service not profesional. Never reply email that very important. Just choose good email. Never reply complain email. Not good

  15. Wilfrid Mull says:

    Not really clear information from description of item, little bit need extra attention for player to play. Good luck snail

  16. Derwin Jilian says:

    Don’t play this game, they haven’t upgrade in 3 years. I think the people that create this game want to stop but they can’t cuz they will get sued by players who’ve spent their money so they just abandon this game…worst game ever…

  17. Geri Jenilynn says:

    Internet conection problem… d i dont have one this game wont even work dont waste your time guys tried to open it in 2 phones but nothing… thumbs down for me

  18. Cook Kirkwood says:

    Well, graphics and game play are good, but you don’t update other things. The store for example has the same materials for almost a year round. Players can’t get rare generals cause they’re not on sell and are not in timely events. Timely event has the same general since last year. You need to check and change these things.

  19. Daja Attheaeldre says:

    Please change your exchange system, so we could exchange a large amount of item faster. It really took a lot of time exchanging items specially if I need to scroll down again everytime I exchange it. Nian exchange for example it took me 2hrs to exchange thousands of items

  20. Moe Jennie says:

    Game crash so much i have to uninstall and again download so many times. Please check the issue

  21. Kathi Atkinson says:

    So far so good for 3 days, but just today it doesn’t load anymore.. Please fix this issue. I just have to uninstall it and download it again.

  22. Lorna Rote says:

    Fun game until reached 4th game play day. Since then unable to log in or remain connected to server. Not my internet issue either. Have deleted and reloaded game. Have cleared cache. Have tried different devices. All same issue. Too bad, had enjoyed it.

  23. Ryan Vicente VI Curimao says:

    The Exchange Event took around 3-5 seconds just to appear can you change it make an option that we can exchange how many event item in just one click and it’s time consuming if we have to click an event item one by one.

  24. Dieter Morgan says:

    Very nice! The translation is a bit weird sometimes, but not in ways that it influences the fun.

  25. Lajaa Dan says:

    Game is getting worse and dying. Since day one playing this game, never able to log in after each major update. Totally unfriendly for exchanging event item, have to tap million times for hours of hours.

  26. weird Jake says:

    Gameplay is good, graphics too. But what happened to updating the store, creating good events, and reducing the cost of items. Glitch is too much.

  27. Johnny le says:

    Nice graphic but soooo many bugs. Matchmaking takes more than 6 minutes to wait and stare at the screen. Who the hell has time for that? Can’t even bulk exchange have to do one by one.

  28. 092é4 Ím0àç5 says:

    After level 18 this game will be totally pay to win type. Otherwise, game is good. Thanks !

  29. Druwinka Fernando says:

    I love this game very much,but the problem is I want to play other heros too, like sun ce,lady zhen,yue ying,Liu bei,cao pi,diao chan etc That’s why I give 4 stars to this app. Please add new heros I like to play lady zhen And the other thing is this game made by dynasty warriors

  30. Ma Reuben (A) says:

    The game is pretty awesome, but its was loading so slow when we touch the quest/task anyway

  31. Sapia Begum says:

    One of the best game…I really love it that much…the graphics are amazing! The generals are really awesome!!! What can I say?! Just hoping it not turn into trash after playing someday…all I m requesting that plz look afterwards this game not wanting to uninstall it out of disappointment someday.

  32. Shelby Williams says:

    Dont know why everyones giving bad reviews this game is fantastic good graphics rpg elements not a auto play game like most plenty of things to do lots of rewards before you need to spend any money ive played a ton of action rpg/ pvp games in my day this is one of the best by far and no trouble logging in at all

  33. Bai Long ᜊᜎᜓᜅ᜔ Rivera ᜇᜒᜊᜒᜇ says:

    What is the problem with the game? It says Im not connected to the internet even im using a fast wifi connection? Whats really the matter?

  34. Ngoun sokna Sokna says:

    Less hero for this game. Request to more hero. Best regards, S29

  35. Leangsrun Hong says:

    I would rate this game 4-5stars for its graphic and platform but it keeps saying that “not enough silver” after first purchase in merchant store even my account remain millions silver.

  36. Joshua Fidelis says:

    Its Sucks. Like Example what is the sense of some items in War Games Shop if you can’t buy it… then why you just cant remove it.

  37. Andy Goh says:

    Bad servicing. Unable to solve issues. Recommended to play with Wifi, Yet they can advised me to play with Data, when WIFI connection has big issue with gameplay, with many others. This game is going down.

  38. VJ chauhan says:

    Pls introduce slotting runes giving the feed back again whats the use of spending so much when i have to wait for slotting ruins.

  39. T.k Siam says:

    Snails games are always pay to win. There should be a difference. Just for some extra earning. Because every player won’t be the same. For non vip will be hard to move on… Thanks.

  40. brylanar batang negros says:

    Wew scam game holy sh8 i try Minimum top up then im reconnect When i try to log in again enter the game is unable i hope u can fix this

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