Just Kill Me 3 Premium Apk


Stress getting you down day to day? Then, Just Kill Me! You'll feel better!
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November 24, 2022
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Just Kill Me 3 Premium Apk

More than Four million downloads international! Everybody loves the unending dynamic motion of Simply Kill Me!
Now get in a position for the Third thrilling instalment!

Simply Kill Me Three Top class Apk

■ Tale “Have, uh, have you ever ever performed Simply Kill Me? The primary one, I imply. As a result of if in case you have… When you’ve got, then go away this position!”

Simply Kill Me Three Top rate Apk release

Ahead of you stands a mysterious pussycat Demon God.
He’s accomplished away with skilled JKM gamers and has his points of interest set on you, a newbie.
“You’ve gotten one venture, one and one best… Simply kill me!”

Simply Kill Me Three Top class Apk apk mod

Why does the Demon God crave loss of life?
What has he accomplished with the individuals who performed JKM?

Simply Kill Me Three Top class Apk mod apk

And why on earth is that this Simply Kill Me Three…
when there was once by no means a Simply Kill Me 2?

Simply Kill Me Three Top rate Apk apk mod new

This latest addition to the JKM collection throws
gaming conference smack-bang out the window!

Simply Kill Me Three Top class Apk apk mod 2022

JKM inexperienced persons, come alongside for the experience!
JKM veterans, continue with warning…

Simply Kill Me Three Top class Apk apk

■ Easy methods to Play
Killing the Demon God horde is as simple as 1-2-3: Merely faucet little critters referred to as Tama to assault!
That’s it. No muss, no fuss.
This sport is amusing, amusing, for everybody!

■ Superior Replayability
Kill waves upon waves of Demon Gods
with the help of your divine pets! Gather them, cause them to more potent, center of attention their assaults, depart no survivors! All kinds of cool pieces may even turn out indispensable on your offense!

■ Really helpful For…
・People new to the Simply Kill Me sequence ・Veterans of the Simply Kill Me collection who know they gained’t get stuck through the Demon God


40 comments on "Just Kill Me 3 Premium Apk"

  1. Ascot Alain says:

    I think this a good game, the gameplay is different from other idle tap games and the story is interesting. And I would like to give it a better rating but there are some bugs that really annoy, for example sometimes the pets do not attack. And it is annoying when your main dps comes from them. If this was fixed I would sirely give it a higher rati g.

  2. Dayle Joanna says:

    Interesting idea for a plot, funny excuse for not using a bunch of different enemies like most clicker attack esk games, and a reasonable pace – at first, which is a reality for most clickers. The game basically requires ad watching for you to progress after a while and the timers attached to many of the ways to progress, makes me question why I keep playing at times. But since I keep playing, clearly the story is good enough to keep my attention. Well done devs.

  3. Fara Welch says:

    Amazing game! Amazing plot, the story is very engaging, the graphics are very neat, the music is perfect, and the gameplay is wonderful, lying somewhere between an idle clicker game, and a skill based game. It provides indepth world building that references both inside, and outside, of the game itself. Overall, I simply love this game!

  4. Mick Andee says:

    it is a very fun and interesting game meant to help you pass time. Only reason for the low stars is because it is swarm with ads, banners, and video ads. When you play for 5 minutes you’ll see one or two pop up for rewards. Now you can remove the ads by using real money. to remove the banner ad, 85 dollars. video ads, 90 dollars. normal ads, another 90 dollars. it is a shame because it is a interesting game, just too many ads that drains your data.

  5. Sherri Rosita says:

    I got this looking for a new game to play, but when i booted it up was a little disapointed seeing it was a clicker game, but after a while i was hooked. I love the idea of a narritive in a clicker game, making progression more worth it, and at the same time you arent progressing thousands of marks at a time, but arent stuck on one section forever. It does stress the in app purchases a bit, but they are completely unneccairy because the game is well balanced all throughout.

  6. Scarlet Darlla says:

    Definitely a cute time killer. So far the story has been intriguing however it does take forever to get through the little cut scenes since the text speed is so slow. I enjoy the clicker-like asoect of gameplay but its really hard to get far unless you get a random skill that allows you to keep the tama full for a few seconds. Otherwise, you can’t tap fast enough to get enough tama to fight higher level bosses; its like this game doesnt utilize multi-tap. Still fun though.

  7. Albertine Ashford says:

    Ridiculously fun. I can’t exactly put it into words but, hey, I like it. Haven’t experienced any crashes, and it runs pretty smooth. (Besides summoning because it kinda has a lag spike when it goes through) People here are complaining about crashes and I’ve had none. I own a J3 emerge, which isn’t exactly the best and I can still play it in some good quality. Maybe it’s just their Wifi that fails on them, cause I don’t have a problem with crashes or anything

  8. Sunshine Diantha says:

    The app was great. The only problem I had was that it was dragged out and would become uninteresting. As the bosses got harder to face, when you could not overcome one, you would have to use a space time reboot. Which, while it had great rewards, would bring you back to demon god #1. So that process of wait, kill, and start over would possibly go on for too long.

  9. Sel Akayla says:

    This is a cute but repetitive little game. The biggest problem this game has is it’s percentages. First, I don’t think that they are accurate; Ive failed far too many 70% chance rolls. Secondly, they shouldn’t even be part of the game. If I spend my hard earned/bought resources on an upgrade I want that upgrade, not a chance at that upgrade. Maybe if you only lost some of your resources on a fail, but ALL? That one small point takes this game from fun distraction to frustrating waste of time.

  10. Jackelyn Garland says:

    A beautiful game, I love the story so far. The game can get pretty challenging at times and can seem very “grindy”. The addition of micro-transactions are not forced, and its usage of ads have proven to be very helpful. Upon watching an ad from the chest, instead of a flat reward you have a chance to get a very large amount of gold, but you always get a profit, big or small. That is very refreshing and makes me want to collect more chests

  11. Roberta Edred says:

    This game is seriously addicting as heck. You dont even have to be forced to buy anything. You always have the option for more level ups, coins, and pets. Every time I open this app I’m stuck playing it for like at least 30 mins or more. I like how different the gameplay is. Really fun.

  12. Christoph Snare says:

    Cool little game.easy to understand and very awesome that it has the choice of many different languages so everyone can play. Aimple gameplay but sometimes gets a little tough which makes it all that more fun to play. Should definitely give it a try, addictive and great time killer also gives you many opportunities to earn and receive products to upgrade and things with out having to spend real money, even if u want to spend aome cash on it the prices are low and reasonable.thanks to the creator

  13. Aldwyn Adrena says:

    This game is highly addicting and fun. However, it has a major flaw. The developer chose to store data locally instead of utilizing a completely free service such as Google game cloud to backup user data. You are therefore forced to play on a single device and can lose play progress as well as any paid upgrades in the event of data corruption, lost device, etc.

  14. Jada Violette says:

    Addicting af. I’m not exaggerating when I say I could spend all day playing this game. The graphics are great, and it’s really simple and easy to understand. For everything that’s compacted inside, it surprisingly doesn’t lag much. The only time I’ve seen it lag is when the red balls are exploding, even then it rarely happens. The music is good as well. I also really enjoy the fact that when you get to certain points, it gives you stuff. 10/10 would recommend if you need to kill time anywhere.

  15. Prescott Tracey says:

    Such a clever game! At first, the concept seemed boring, but with so many different currencies you can earn and so many added aspects, the game becomes more and more engrossing. The storyline is what keeps me playing. It really is a clever concept with a great story intertwined with gameplay. And the whole thing about threatening you not to play the first game really is a genius way to get people to also download the first game haha. The animation is the cherry on top. What an excellent game.

  16. William Meshelle says:

    LOWER THE PRICE OF VIDEO BREAKER. Fun game. At first all the tapping is exciting, and by the time you’re tired of that you pets that are upgraded enough to do the damage for you. Cool abilities change up enough to keep u going. What sucks is all the adds you watch to collect extra coins to upgrade stuff. It was fun enough for me to be willing to throw $10 to remove the adds in the first week, but it costs much much more to do so. The game doesn’t require money to play and get far (I’m past 3000 without spending any $), but I’d give it more stars if the freemium was priced better.

  17. Carisah Bucky says:

    Unique, simple, and easy to play JKM3, it brings a lot of new aspects of fun. First, goalpoints. It lets you know there’s a cutscene coming up, which most games don’t. Next, the experience. This game never gives you a bad time, calling you out (majorly, tbh). It may tell you, ey, you may need to go back if the opponents are too strong, and you can go back, giving you bonuses. There’s a lot more I can say, but I won’t.

  18. Annabelle Grand says:

    Easily one of my favorites. The game is very easy to pick up and kill some time with! The gameplay itself is different but unique in its own way, one of which many reasons it makes it very enjoyable! My only small complaint is that ads can be sneakily played. They drop into your bucket of little dudes you have to press constantly which can be slighty annoying. Thankfully they’re only 5 seconds which are a fraction of the optional ads along with very big rewards! Overall Fun and Enjoyable Game!

  19. Banys Laureen says:

    It’s a fun game, and I like the secretive stuff. I’m super curious, however I am losing interest way too fast because it takes forever to get any sort of progress. Especially at reboots which in order to get any actual good benefits from pets you have to reboot soooo many times and you can only do it once every three hours, and I dont return often enough to do this effectively. It demands too much time for any fun. It’s very fun at first though, and if you like having daily games this one works

  20. Huxley Edouard says:

    It’s good so far, my only complaint is that when you kill a new boss, a pop-up displays announcing that the boss was defeated and you cannot continue playing for a few seconds while your skill timers keep ticking down. Also I’m not sure if this is a bug but the “table for you” ability states that it does 1000% critical Tama damage but it only does 100%

  21. Dawnielle Editha says:

    I absolutely LOVE this game, it has such an intereating storyline and so many things to do and look foreword too. Some may think this game has too many ads, but I like the fact that you can CHOOSE whether or not you look at those ads. Even then, all the ads are either 5 or 30 seconds long. Back to topic, I find this game amazing and its been a real delight to have. (On a side note, the reminders to come back to the game are hilarious and spot on! :))

  22. Elijah Crites says:

    Overall this is very addicting. The game Is fairly balanced with a actual fun rewarding system. The 3 hour Reboot cooldown can be a bit iffy but I just got used to it. The pets seem they actually have a use. Artifacts are well built. Progression isn’t a problem if you’re willing to put time into the game. You dont have to spend any money and it’s an amazing experience.

  23. Otaku Senpai says:

    Seen ads for this game before an downloaded it on my new phone to kill time. So far it’s a decent time killer, with a slightly gratifying progression system to it. Not sure if it’s my phone or the game, most likely the game. But it will only let you tap up to a certain speed, I’ve played rhythm games for years so tapping fast is something I do a lot, and there’s a barrier on here that I wish wasn’t there. Aside from that it’s a good game.

  24. Ethan Rutherford says:

    You guys should consider auditing the ads that play, if you can. There are some that crash the app, others that use “playable” segments to unfairly double their timers, and many many many that make their “close” buttons intentionally tiny. I even came across one the other day that completely took over the app, every time I tried to go back to the app, it immediately kicked me over to their play store page. Had to force close the app to be able to play again. I like the game though.

  25. Sonic Dash says:

    A very good way to pass time when you’re bored, gives your tapping arm a workout and definitely is a fun game to play, starting off relatively interesting to say the least. Hope you can handle the chaos this game has to offer cause it has it. Think of it like your bullet hell game, but instead of dodging them, you ade the one flinging the bullets at a being. It’s basically as the name insinuates in the beginning then gives a challenge. I ain’t spoing anymore though. Happy killing!

  26. BloopIt's Bloob says:

    The game itself is okay although a bit repetitive and that alone would have gotten a 4 star review in my book, but the best part is the notification sound. My mom is deathly afraid of cats and one time while she was opening a box I got a notification and she fell down and screamed which frankly was hilarious. Overall, I would give this game 10 stars if I could, just because of that sound effect 🙂

  27. tiny tin man says:

    Good game but would be better if it wasnt so easy to accidentally click on an ad during demon boss battles. Accidentally clicked one and it was unskippable so ended up running out of time, and had to wait for my skills to be usable again so i could beat the boss. Super annoying. Edit: ads to shorten material crafting span often dont work or freeze while loading so only option is to back out. Doesnt give shorter time since ads dont load even though i can still click on them.

  28. Dillon Steepleton says:

    It’s a pretty fun and cheeky game. I like the 4th wall break concept. A few things that are bothersome, like the failing pet upgrades, or total restarting makes your hit points drop all the way down to level 1- combine that with the pet fails and you can spend a lot of time to get nowhere with skill RNG. But all in all, very fun time passer, definetly recommended not assisting with the plan.

  29. Marina Jones says:

    Very very very good game. Simple, and very easy at first- the difficulty greatly increases later on. The game is completely free to play, and definitely not a pay to win thing. It only takes patience. Waiting for specific summoning banners is always good. Us players have a discord server that can easily be found for help and such. Play this game. It’s awesome.

  30. Christopher Bassham says:

    Fascination mechanics and pet system, also great combat and atmosphere for the game. I especially like how the Demon God tells you not to go back to the previous games and yet it intrigues you to look more into the story. I would only change the payment to claim the free draw of pets. Only the first time should be free, while the rest can just be as it is, but other than that the game is amazing. The game also doesn’t force you to look at long ads to play, which is what I especially like.

  31. Gary Ellison says:

    It’s honestly got hilarious dialogue and an interesting little story. The game itself is simplistic but the gameplay it’s super satisfying regardless. Most ads are completely optional which is also nice. I’m a sucker for bonuses though so I watch a lot of ads but it’s not forced on you much like other games. Very enjoyable.

  32. Mark says:

    Was having fun in the game initially, really getting into the story, if you want to call it that. I was almost at the point where I would invest money into buying items with real money. And then it happened- random, full screen ads interrupting the action. Not between menus, not coming back into the game, but right in the middle of throwing the little balls at the giant cat. Do you know what happens when you’re tapping and swiping furiously when an ad that covers the screen pops up? Done.

  33. Plaguecat says:

    I love this game so much! I had to start over a few times, but that isn’t the games fault. I love the gameplay, the story, the pets and artifacts, IT’S SO GOOD!! I also like making dgtvs sometimes. I’ve encountered only one bug, but it wasn’t game breaking and it was kinda funny. Hehehe…

  34. Xander Wilson says:

    This has been one of the best experiences with a game similar to this. It’s so fun and very addicting to play and helps me to remove stress. Would recommend to give people a more experience to this. One best quality: little to no ads. Sure theres ads from time to time, but only if you want one. 5 stars and cant change my mind.

  35. TRUBLL says:

    The JKM series is pretty fun all together, the story is super interesting, the gameplay is fun, and I love the art, there’s just a few iffy things. The package offers are EXTREMELY expensive, I was just recently offered one that costed 100$, if you want people to buy them then I’d suggest lowering the prices, and along with that the game isn’t very easy to play without purchasing something, resources such as the time pieces are surprisingly hard to get. Overall it’s a great game though.

  36. Queen Chrysalis says:

    Neat idle concept but way too many issues for me. The cutscenes can’t be skipped and take a long time, the banner for the bosses every 10 waves eats at power up times and the WORST part is the overpriced shop! £91 to disable ADs?! And that doesn’t even include the banner ADs at the bottom of the screen, costing an additional £91! On top of that the game isn’t even idle!… unless you buy the Idle perk from the shop for £91 too! £273 for stuff that should be part of the base game is a joke. Nothx

  37. EverTheFractal says:

    The amount of ads was bothering me, especially cause they fill up the area you are supposed to tap on so you’ll accidentally click them, and then I saw the option to disable some ads (I repeat, some ads, not all) was £90! Are you kidding me? Absolutely disgusting.

  38. The twin Jay says:

    This game is really easy to love, the lore is surprisingly interesting for how simple it is. All though gameplay doesn’t go too far, it can still be addictive. Just don’t take into that addiction too easily or you’ve beaten the game and it’s not fun anymore.

  39. Braylon Powers says:

    I went into this game expecting something cringe I would delete in a few days. I have had this game for a week and I am loving it. Very unique. It takes a twist on idle games that makes them more playable. It has lore that requires you play the game, interesting cast, a fun gameplay to keep you going, decent music, etc. Great game

  40. iamcoullcat B - N - JC - OG says:

    It’s a wonderful game, ama,amazing, story, high difficulty curve, is not pay to win, and with the space-time-reboots, you can control how far back you go, unlike most mobile games, which I adore. All in all, I could gush about this game for hours and hours, but I will say this, if this game ever gets deleted from my phone I am going to break something.

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