Heroic Expedition Apk Download New 2022 Version*


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August 25, 2022
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Heroic Expedition Apk Download New 2022 Version*

★Fight in opposition to the Lord of Crisis to give protection to the Divine Realm!
Unveil the name of the game of Ore, save the sector from chaos!★
Adventurers, accumulate and educate your heroes, practice the legend of treasure, and embark at the fancy adventure on this magic global!

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Recreation Options:

Heroic Expedition Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

★Tap, Accumulate, Improve, and Win!★ Surprising Three-D characters with unique personalities.
All heroes might be mythical with loads of customized abilities. Release hero stories and unveil gripping mythical tales.

Heroic Expedition Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

★Three in a single, Sensible Play!★ Trade the faction and use your technique to shape a group simply.
Assign Spirit Pets of 3 sorts and use their talents to weigh down enemies. Revel in fascinating random occasions in rogue-like adventures.

Heroic Expedition Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* release

★Build Your Individual Town!★ Construct your personal town and acquire stat bonuses. Free up useful resource structures to get sources conveniently. Customise your town and engage with your folks.

Heroic Expedition Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

★Rich Gameplays, Idle to Win!★
Get unfastened assets on a daily basis. Sign up for within the expedition and discover dungeons. Preferrred occasions that permit each core and informal avid gamers to seek out amusing. Experience Heroic Expedition anytime, anyplace!

Heroic Expedition Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

★Explore Mysterious Spaces with Your Folks!★
Compete with different gamers within the recreation and benefit from the more than a few sport modes within the tribe function. Problem robust bosses and fend off monsters! Make a choice the trouble that most nearly fits you. Shape your personal tribe and overcome the land! Discover uncharted spaces and in finding hidden treasures!

Heroic Expedition Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk

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40 comments on "Heroic Expedition Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. AraSH Vafaei says:

    Nice game, beautiful graphics. There is a problem to fix at the moment. Please put translate option in chats so we can communicate with people in other countries. Make it easier to get legendary heroes. Thank you and keep updating the game 👌👍

  2. Andrew Rizal says:

    Hard to play, hard to get money, hard to get equipment to upgrade another equipment. I dont know whats the point of locating the hero at the back, the enemies keep targeting them all the time. And it crashes everytime too..

  3. Alexuis Von says:

    A bit decent game. Not f2p friendly tho since the adventure feels like a paywall. The storyline should be reviewed back or we have the option to read it manually because the auto storytelling of the story is a bit fast. We should also have the option to read the boss’s description manually before battling it. Overall a good game for killing time.

  4. Jirayus Phisitphunyaphat says:

    I don’t know what happen to your game, played for 2 days without issue and was fun. But now every time I open the game it just a black screen. I don’t have a phone issue, I’m doing just fine playing other games so unless this issue is fixed I might give it a higher rating. Have tried reinstalling, clear cache etc nothing works.

  5. elpolvo TGK says:

    Here is the thing, since I saw the ad for the game coming out, I pre-registered because it looked so fun, I was so excited. The reason why this is 1⭐: first I was not able to login using fb, there was a problem and contacted customer service about it, with a screenshot with detailed errors, what happened? They want me to contact fb to tell them to fix the issue… Hey, don’t you want me to pull request the fixes for the next patch update? Or even better, I can stop playing, terrible service.

  6. David Poland says:

    Pretty but no substance. Not much in the way of strategy or interaction for battles. Position your players and see if they win. I had more attack options with Bard’s Tale on the C64. 🙂 Messages and screens fly by waaaaay too fast, no time to read anything. Reached level 2-something that had mobs that do draining and couldn’t find a way past it so gave up and deinstalled.

  7. Chris Brown says:

    Gameplay is good. Same as many other games. Game would not load consistently for me. Had to clear data each time… Contacted support..told it was an issue with my internet…it isn’t. To clear data or uninstall the game to fix the problem despite providing the details. Still fails to load consistently and force closes on launch. Guess my last fix will be uninstall and ignore the game. Shame as had some potential.

  8. robert orr says:

    Nothing to say as everytime I click to start the game it fails to launch with a plain black screen. After 30 seconds I have to force close the game, shame really was looking forward to trying it out. Since I play idle heroes religiously

  9. Belinda Wolter says:

    Boring, pointless and repetitive. Most of the ‘heroes’ are a recolor of the same hero with a different element and skills. All the ‘gameplay’ parts of the game are just instances copied from every other ‘idle/AFK’ game. Its even filled with all the same paylocked ‘content’ and horrible gachas. Another pointless, tedious grind for marginal stat improvements that become increasingly expensive and meaningless as they get higher. Even the town construction aspect is bland and boring…

  10. Oscar Mccary says:

    Its fun and passes the time… BUT why did you guys make variants of the characters instead of just making them ALL different … ? The characters are the same with different names and different abilities. Lazy in my opinion, but thanks for a fun idle game. It hasn’t been released for too long .. so I’m looking forward to your improvements.

  11. B I says:

    It’s actually a pretty good game. When you can play it, that is. More often than not, I can’t even get to the loading screen. When I can get to the loading screen and to the login page, I often can’t get past that and it gets stuck before I can get into the game. Sometimes, it crashes when it’s loading you in. If you like AFK Arena, there are components to it that is very similar. Unfortunately, it takes way too much effort to even open the game.

  12. Charlie Louise says:

    I was expecting different characters but it just has the same characters reskin with different colours and element which is a let down and does seem lazy hardly a collection hero game not very exciting either. So it’s an unistall for me. Only positive I can give it the graphics and thats it. Game brings nothing new to the table the mercanics are the same as other games of this genre.

  13. Mrs P says:

    EDIT been playing awhile now and have hit the wall. Can’t upgrade heroes anymore without dupes and all I get from 10 draws is 2 star fodder. I’m done with this game as it requires me to pay to move on. Really like the game. Its pretty challenging early on. I just keep running out of things to do while waiting to get stronger. Wish there was more so I could enjoy the game longer. Also I love zoe….any chance you’d allow her star up higher?

  14. joe Sherman says:

    This game was OK pretty monotonous but it had the opportunity to have some good things to build on. In yesterday’s update they took out the one thing that was helping f2p and light spenders progress. So I’ll be Uninstalling. Don’t waste your time unless you are going to spend alot of money.

  15. Ryan Gifford says:

    A fun game but they’re heading in the wrong direction. Making things P2W and removing a shop item that allowed people to get overpowered. If they remove it, the newer players are very unlikely to catch up. What they should do is limit the amount of times it can be done daily. I’m waiting a week or two to see if things change, and if they don’t, it’s off to a new game for me.

  16. Who Knew says:

    The game is easy to learn and somewhat fun and having a townbuilder is cool but reusing the characters and poses except as a different element for a different hero looks a little lame and takes extra summons. The artwork isn’t bad and would probably appeal to kids but another to consider is making a $1 topup option like other games.

  17. Leelee says:

    The game is a scam. Started off as cheap and once u r in it they jack up all the prices and take away good perks. definitely need a refund for ny purchases because this game wasnt worth it. many players have already left due to the changes made. they had a beta before the release, but still dont know how to evolve the game or progress.

  18. Damon Simpson says:

    Starts of as a good game, was fun to play, now it has become stupidly difficult to get your heroes ranked up, I’ve been patient and been playing everyday, I like the game, but it seems now you will only ever get 1 or 2 star heroes so you can never enhance the others. The guy who is top for server 2 must be a millionaire as it now is pay to progress. I hope you balance things out, just think if you lowered the prices of everything and I mean really low, people would pay as its a reasonable cost.

  19. Jello Shots says:

    Very good game. This game has achievable goals and great rewards. Simple hero development and good hero skills. Hero resets are cheap and the auto battle finish is a plus when time is short to play. The support/help on this game is top notch! Shockingly fast responce when presented with a question about the game and eager to assist. I’d give the game a 10☆ rating. Keep up the great work Adela and perhaps ask for a raise. I am ☆Oops☆ in game.

  20. Mark says:

    We’ve seen this type of game: there’s not much to see here. Graphics are good copies of familiar characters, progress is becomes slower after a few days (obviously), when 4star heroes become weak. It takes days of grinding to summon enough for crystals to get one duplicate for upgrade. I find it extremely difficult to get the right cards. Market’s expensive.

  21. Megan Gamer says:

    I been playing Afk type game and also spenders on afk type game. I also purchased the first time top up in this game. After been playing for a while, I realize that this game difficulty is absurd. For the expedition dungeon for example, its very hard to complete the second floor to clear weekly quest. And you have the samr hero for all Elements? What a greed. This game need a lot of top up to keep up with. So there is no balance between free player and spender player. I quit

  22. Rajat Panthi says:

    The character design and rendering is real good , it just doesn’t go well with the backgrounds though, after I started the game , it had weird and slow music that clearly was a bug , but the game seems to have potential , so I’m giving it four stars.

  23. Laura says:

    I’ve been playing for a week now, and while it’s not the best Idle game out there, it has been quite fun so far. My main issue is how slow progress becomes very quickly. Only at around 4 days in I got stuck in Campaign, was stuck for 2 days, and have only been able to progress a few mini stages since. I used all the gift codes and have a good team, but I’ll be stuck for a long time. Clearly I need to level up my heroes, and I need duplicate heroes to do that. Pay to win, or very slow progress.

  24. Dark Law says:

    Characters could be varied a bit more. You get the same character model for all the elements, which in the long run is boring. Also leveling up seems a bit useless since the enemy usually does more damage even when 10 levels below. There are better games of this type you could play. Also why does the same heroic have 2 different star levels? This game fails on so many levels it isn’t even funny.

  25. Nichole Smith says:

    Really disappointed because this game could have been fantastic if they hadn’t left out the most important aspect which all turn based games must have. They left out any ability to do the attacking manually so your pretty much watching a game not playing. Idles killed Mobile games and untill devs realize that their games will not keep committed players. Servers die after a month on every idle style game I’ve played. This could have been wonderfull cause it has everything else going for it.

  26. Brice Fable says:

    Mediocre. We’ve seen that sort of content over and over before, and they even have the audacity to make their entire roster color swaps. Each model is reused multiple times with different colors like they are entirely different characters.

  27. Rachel Elam says:

    Would be 5 stars but it takes so much to level up your characters, time & money, which could get costly! Also when you summons a character it is usually the same few over and over again! Very frustrating! But truly overall it is a pretty awesome game that I surprisingly enjoy playing 🎮😁🕹️📱

  28. Rick Colson says:

    Your wins and loses are based on luck. You can have twice the power of your opponent and lose. This works vice versa as well. Worthless game. Do not waste time or money on this game. There is no use building up your team. Waste of time. I have lowered my rating because of the reply i received. I have awakened several heroes, i know how to upgrade heroes. Upgrading heroes makes no difference. Your power means nothing in this game. Pathetic. Waste of time.

  29. CHRIS HEINZE says:

    Game is pretty good at the start and then difficulty level gets out of hand. Forces you to spend money just to compete with the regular content. Good waste of time for a few weeks… at best… then you better have deep pockets to compete with content and arenas. Too many OP computer opponents, but wet paper bags when you unlock them.

  30. Jason Hardin says:

    I like the game it’s balanced. It’s not too easy it’s fun to play and it’s not too simple. It’s not quite like every other AFK games. My only issue is the last day or two I’m having issues getting past the connecting to server screen. But overall it’s well balanced and a good game I usually don’t leave reviews so that should tell you a lot.

  31. Oletta Espinoza says:

    The game is super generous with rewards plus it’s really easy to get your desired heroes even without spending a lot of money. though it’s been a month since i’ve started playing, it became a bit boring and it felt more like a chore for me to constantly check the idle and do daily quests. overall good game but i wish you had more events. keep it up!

  32. Skyler Lidia says:

    How can there be such a fun game in the world? First of all, this game is really explosive with the highest quality and special effects. The character models are also very well done, and each character has been carefully designed, such as demeanor, hairstyle, clothing, etc. , Now let’s talk about the gameplay, the heroes you get are very, very strong, and you can basically practice until the later stage.

  33. salamun judder kamal says:

    The graphics and music are quite nice, with a lot of different types of combat and challenges. It is not extremely difficult to get some nice units and the fact that it is about the taoist legends ia quite refreshing. If anyone has played or knows about AFK Arena, then this game has the same scheme but with the ambience of Murim. And for the time that I have played there doesn’t seem to be a “pay 2 win” situation. Aaand, of course, the game has the need of a strategic approach during combat.

  34. Ermawati Apriliana says:

    So far so good! Character visual designs are easily the best part of this game. However, the difficulty curve is noticeable and so far it’s not easy to grind out new characters. This means that you need to approach everything strategically which may or may not be a plus to you. Since there is a big reliance on startegy, though, the battle UI could definitely use improvements: there needs to be a better way to see statuses and abilities at a glance.

  35. Olivia Lovett says:

    Very simple, easy going, I love that you could level up and keep it going and the power boost is the best once it builds up definitely high performance. I enjoy this game very much it always keep me going to level up more. Formation of your team is very important base on your strategy for victory also this game is a time kill. I recommend it.

  36. Hamran Marman says:

    I see 2 new features (not unique to this game, but definitely didn’t exist on this genre, years ago). One, the title elemental thingy. It’s nice, 3 or 2 heroes share the same shards and gears and levels. Easier & cheaper to level up. Two, the shared level thingy. Weaker heroes will automatically have levels equal (if possible) to the fifth “top 5.” YOU CAN NOT LEVEL THEM UP higher than the fifth, tho. I mean, you only lost your freedom (to play and build in any way you want). No biggie /sarcasm.

  37. Joshua Cruz says:

    people complaining bout that shared level is a complete bs, it is actually so good that it saves up some of your resources. Though im giving 4 stars cause i hated that expedition takes so much time, please add an auto clear

  38. Raymond Chow says:

    The developer has declared to the Play Store that it does not collect (or share) user data, but there is no way to access the app without logging into either a Facebook or Google account. Who knows what other data violations they’re comitting if they can’t even disclose basic account access. Also on first launch it downloads another 800mb data package without prompting the user or allowing a pause or cancel, bringing the total app size to 1.97gb.

  39. Tyler Adams says:

    Cool game BUT! The same cookie cutter exhibition mode is in this game. I can’t express to you enough how boring and painful that mode is. It literally feels like a daily chore, and it’s in just about every afk hero collecter rpg. I know it’s not just me who is so incredibly exhausted of that game mode, at least make an option for auto play. I literally quit games when I see it has that mode, me and tons of other players as well. It’s a cool game, I like it, without exhibition mode.

  40. Matt “ForestTaff” Gower says:

    Lovely visuals but definitely made for a young audience, comes complete with cute child like characters, annoying high pitch voices and no option to control characters during combat. Leaving this game as a no strategy required so perfect for your preschoolers. May score higher if my kids give me there feedback.

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