Heroes Forge: Battlegrounds Mod Apk New 2022*

Join the battlegrounds, Forge a Legend!
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July 21, 2022
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Heroes Forge: Battlegrounds Mod Apk New 2022*

100 years prior to the darkish breach of Aethernia the world was once flood in warfare, the large properties suffering for energy, small clans plotting towards every different and lone heroes combating to live to tell the tale. After all all warfare is settled by way of blood. Grasp your guns now and declare your house some of the nice ones!

Heroes Forge: Battlegrounds Mod Apk New 2022* apk

Heroes Forge: Battlegrounds, a prequel to the unique Heroes Forge, closely involved in participant as opposed to participant movements. Strategic making plans and battle mechanics lets you win difficult battles even outnumbered.

Heroes Forge: Battlegrounds Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

– Heavy focal point on PvP
– Hundred of workforce combos – Deep tactical struggle – Cooperative Raids
– Guilds, Occasions, Missions, and far more


40 comments on "Heroes Forge: Battlegrounds Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Aki Nayan says:

    I played till i finish the daily reward(scroll=uncommon/rare hero summon).I reroll 10+ all same uncommon hero name slacher.you should just label it ” sure summon slasher”. Waste of time.

  2. Jason says:

    Not many heroes. Gacha system is worthless. Practically no way to get higher rarity scrolls except to buy them with cash. Regular scrolls give 100% 1*. No good way to level your units either. Just did the same quest(no repeat button) 30x just to try to get a hero to lvl 10 …..and still didn’t. The graphics are THE only good thing about this game.

  3. Stubble Head says:

    Probably one of the worst gacha games I’ve played. It’s trying to be Raid on a budget. Progression is painfully slow and it wants you to pay for characters at high prices with pop ups coming up not long into the game. Dont waste your time here.

  4. Cyrus Cabigas says:

    Pay to win don’t bother installing when you’re not going to spend money..

  5. Nik Brusin says:

    Well done, i like the “feel” of the game, also good UI, nice story, will see where this take the game

  6. Christine Dawkins says:

    Looks like a really old game. Gatcha rates super poor unless you open up your wallet. Over all its a miss from me unistalled.

  7. Marin Marinov says:

    Simplistic in every aspect. Initial combat is good, but then the game “reverts”. Artwork is inconsistent, some heroes are more realistic/better looking than others. I like that sets work in 3/6/9 combos, it’s flexible. Lags. Close to impossible to advance/get better heroes/gear, unless u pay. Unbalanced. Monsters seem to be too buffed/relying on health regen. Has potential, but needs lots of work. Hope the $ they make goes to make the game better, instead of being $grab, or no one will play it.

  8. Me says:

    Really nice graphics and i like the game play a lot

  9. gamin lounge says:

    Still a lot of bugs and work but not bad

  10. Zen Smith says:

    So far iv been playing4 a few days. i like so far, the way the game is and presented and game play nice an fun. Graphics is very nice. Story good. download 260 something mb’s and expands to bit under 500mb after install. This game has pertenchal.

  11. Joe B says:

    Fun game easy to play

  12. Derek Laratta says:

    Is severely a pay to win game only got the 2 stars because graphics are good but progression is slow not enough ways to gain summon scrolls and without pay to win can get locked up on the 3rd map easily please fix this and I might be able to come back

  13. Andreas Benjamin says:

    No formation…no tactics…. uninstall

  14. Michael King says:

    Great and somewhat addictive game. NOT necessary to spend money to win, not a greedy “spend your money here at all costs” game. Spend if you want to as lots do, up to you, no one forces you! I like this game a lot I dont give 5 stars because 5 means perfection, and no game on earth is perfect. This is a all round good game and worth downloading to anyones PC! 🙂

  15. Αντώνης Κκβς says:

    Absolutely great!! It’s very enjoyable and fun!! It only needs an instant fight feature for the fights you’ve earned 3*

  16. Joshua Young says:

    Painful and boring worst game ever dont waste your time they give u nothing to start and the summon is horrible!! Hated this game played the fist section and quit four thumbs way down

  17. Jello Shots says:

    Fun game, very expensive if you want to purchase anything.

  18. Gépro La Dynamo says:

    This game isn’t fun to play. Slow grinding, and really really few summons possibility without paying…

  19. Jeremy Wood says:

    A lot of detail in the game. But no count for auto battles, you’ll be selecting the battles often. Take your time and grind. Good luck.

  20. CPLHarman says:

    Played for a while, got a bit of time in, and all of a sudden game will not login with my Facebook. Lost all my hard work. So changing rating.

  21. Francis Lum says:

    Awesome game lot’s of fun and challenging

  22. Daniel Grassley says:

    Ehhh. Has potential but needs some work still. Great time waster. Needs some events.. Double exp or gold times. Repeat battles options. After you get 3 stars on s mission let us repeat it. This manual exp grind is really really tidious.

  23. Runt Vision says:

    Too many aspects that bitter taste. Cool concepts but annoying. Definitely needs better welfare system. Most like freebies and an ‘OP’ character to start.

  24. Vince Lacey says:

    Having fun. Good challenge so far. I Like the character designs.

  25. Joe Moreno says:

    Much fun but not nearly enough heroes

  26. Regimantas Jurkus says:

    Nice game to spend time for relaxing 😉

  27. Markyy Pinkerton says:

    Can’t go passed the title screen there’s nothing to click on.

  28. Jesus Barrera jr says:

    Fun and exciting, great game guys.

  29. Albert Garland says:

    Try as I might. The game wont load past title screen. Shame, it looks pretty good. I will update my review if I ever get it to load.

  30. Suntubi Del Lee TLed says:

    How can u make good graphics character with terrible UI? I don’t think it’s possible but this game is the proof.

  31. May Lee says:


  32. Edward Henry says:

    Doesn’t use Google to register, only Facebook and email. Tried email but wouldn’t let me type out email. Unistalled

  33. Bob McIntyre says:

    It crashed every 5-6 minutes

  34. Waylon Darnaby says:

    Won’t load pass title screen. Mega let down!

  35. Paul MacDonald says:

    Really like this game. Could use multiple selling of gear though.

  36. Donovan Pearce says:

    Great graphics and easy to learn no problems but I enjoy these types of games

  37. joseph joes says:

    The pull rates are brutal and xp is rough to farm plus it gets rough prety quick but energy cost is fair and the game looks pretty. Could be great in time.

  38. Xxl says:

    playing this game occures lagging even to freezing slow response and device temperature is getting hot fast! what kind of damned program did you make us to download in? i cant play your game smoothly!this is the worst game i ve ever played of all

  39. Andrew Ehlers says:

    I find this the funnest summoning game I’ve played for such a long time probably about 4 years and I play so many games all the time different types but this one’s really sticks out to me and it really is a lot of fun

  40. Edward Sosa says:

    Cool… Good times indeed

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