Hariotica: RPG adventure games Mod Apk New 2022*


PVP online & pve multiplayer 2d rpg games. mmorpg open world of magic and sword
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Rubick Games
September 28, 2021
4.4 And Up
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Hariotica: RPG adventure games Mod Apk New 2022*

Hariotica is a flip based totally RPG and probably the most latest MMOG open international 2nd video games. And as with every vintage MMOG on-line video games multiplayer characters will expand by means of preventing whilst taking their flip as with every RPG flip primarily based video games. Should you like RPG preventing video games, if you’re keen on grinding video games, you are going to undoubtedly like our RPG open international combats!
With Hariotica, you discover the most efficient of RPG position taking part in video games!

Hariotica: RPG journey video games Mod Apk New 2022*

On this open delusion international, you’ll to find a lot of non violent and battle places. At the start of this flip primarily based RPG, your hero gets his first apparatus within the nearest fort and select the department of talents that most nearly fits his play taste.
To broaden your personality, you want to struggle with numerous hordes of creatures, mercenaries, cultists, skeletons, zombies, genies, elves, and lots of different fighters. Upon getting toughened in fight, evolved your battle ways, advanced your apparatus, then, teamed up with different gamers and problem the fiercest bosses.

Hariotica: RPG journey video games Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod

In a large number of MMOG on-line video games multiplayer enviornment permits to take thrilling combats for 2, 3, and much more heroes. In our MMOG open global, you’ll have huge 5v5 battles the place you’ll practice your perfect tactical methods and maximize your function (tank, injury, improve).
A battle machine is in complete accordance with the foundations of the most productive RPG flip based totally video games. Motion isn’t learn how to win the sport. The important thing to victory is the proper conflict ways, your instinct, and chilly calculation. The extra magical talents your heroes have, the extra various techniques they download. So, do the magic and win the struggle!
The battle is counted in rounds of 30 seconds each and every. The participant must expect through which zone the enemy will purpose harm and block it. As much as 2 talents can be utilized in each and every spherical. If the struggle is very large, each and every spherical adjustments the enemy in a circle till probably the most groups wins.
A really spectacular collection of possessions will mean you can compete with different avid gamers in any respect phases of the sport.

Hariotica: RPG journey video games Mod Apk New 2022* apk mod new

– Eight distinctive ability branches: Five categories of warriors (Knight, Warrior, Murderer, Archer, Gladiator) and categories of mages (Hearth Mage, Ice Mage, Necromancer);
– Eighty five playable RPG open international PvE places;
– Over One hundred distinctive monsters with their very own traits and talents for essentially the most thrilling 2Nd video games;
– There is not any energy that limits the choice of fights in grinding video games;
– Turn-based battles. Easy but tactically vital RPG combating video games;
– One hundred forty weapon varieties and 350 armor varieties;
– common occasions that permit you to obtain precious rewards;
– Bosses and Epic bosses. Acquire a staff of buddies or staff up with random avid gamers and defeat bosses in MMOG open international battles;
– 1v1 and 5v5 PvP enviornment with a non-public ranking divided into leagues;
– Enjoyable medieval song, superb animations within the battles;
– Alternate of the chosen department of skills for extra exciting RPG function taking part in video games. Didn’t like the category? Trade it!
– Make a choice for your self whose facet you might be on. To win the sport, you want to kill the embodiment of evil – the demon Azazel, or the embodiment of excellent – Lord Carius, or turn out to be the legend of the sector, having won a score of 10,000.

Hariotica: RPG journey video games Mod Apk New 2022* mod apk

Sign up for the ranks of MMO open global volunteers and take complete good thing about RPG flip based totally video games. Hone your talents in a large number of grinding video games Enjoy thrilling adventures in our RPG open international Second video games. Take part in memorable MMO on-line video games multiplayer battles. Take your glory in the most efficient of all RPG function enjoying video games. All this it is possible for you to to enjoy in Hariotica – The Chronicles of Legend Hero, the best of all flip primarily based RPG preventing video games.

Hariotica: RPG journey video games Mod Apk New 2022* apk

Discord: https://discord.gg/bhXQFG9DwK


40 comments on "Hariotica: RPG adventure games Mod Apk New 2022*"

  1. Hardcore Gamer says:

    game itself is very good but overwhelming advertising, too much annoyed. both me and my friend uninstalled.

  2. K H A O S WKS says:

    I will rate it 4 star because the game master communicates with its players/gamers if there are concern regarding the game. Will increase the rating when the connection problem is fixed. Thanks waiting for an update.

  3. William Freise says:

    I love turn-based combat in games, you can try different tactics and strategies

  4. Nathalia Benson says:

    Beautiful open world. And the players are friendly, they always offer help on the boss. Especially valuable for beginners

  5. Alana Suarez says:

    Missing descriptions of events such as Confrontation. In the chat, of course, they explained everything, and the idea of ​​a war of players for locations is interesting.

  6. Brenda Guzman says:

    An interesting online game. 8 classes, there is plenty to choose from and compete in online pvp.

  7. Yvonne Wilson says:

    One of the few multiplayer games where there are massive turn-based battles.

  8. Xavier Lees says:

    Online in the game is high enough, there is always someone to fight in the arena. It’s just not clear what rewards can be obtained for different leagues in the arena, add a description.

  9. John Jones says:

    The game is declared as open world mmorpg. Of course, there are no restrictions where you can go to swing, but if the location is red for you, you have nothing to do there. Is that with friends on bosses who are higher in level than you.

  10. Mark Jeffrey says:

    There will be clans, there will be a strategy for waging war. Now you can only hang out classes for group combat.

  11. Aldric Elmir says:

    An interesting combination of turn-based battles and mmorpg. A bit difficult at first, but if you understand the game is very decent. For the idea, definitely 5!

  12. Aleiyah Jarred says:

    I think that there should be auctions in rpg online. A lot of items are dropped, but if they do not fit your class, they can only b

  13. Hubert Bardowski says:

    Surprisingly good. Some skills don’t seem to have much combat value such as reducing enemy HP as a necromancer. Item trading would be great, as you usually end up getting items for other classes. There are plenty of typos in descriptions. Some skills don’t seem to be working properly – necromancer’s shield doesn’t always block the hit, even if you have mana. On the other hand, the concept is great and graphics are just right. Good job overall!

  14. Fake Name says:

    Absolute trash, the only thing that works right is all of your foced ads. Why would you release something that is clearly not even teady for beta yet…

  15. Spiritual Man says:

    Can you please add auto battle for when I’m busy at work. This is a great game but it too time consuming to get just a level past 10

  16. Mandoc Mihai says:

    Nice game, wish you could find players in the arena tho, i ve waited like 2 mins and nothing and i need it cor the daily quest, i suggest you change that quest since you can t rly find anybody to play in the arena, it s just waste of time

  17. Pidang P says:

    I don’t complain of ads because it indeed support the game. But im hoping theres an event like exp etc. And a trading system too! It will be very pleasing and excellent game . I will makenit 5 star after that 🙂

  18. Nadan says:

    This game is full of ads and it’s way to hard to click the skill set to upgrade them and it’s not possible to play arena and boss because no one is joining so I can play.This is the worst game I played in my phone.If you fix the above things and decrease the ads it would be nice. Am giving one star only because I can’t give negative.

  19. Lightning Volt says:

    Combat is uneventful and boring, you have to wait a large amount of time to restore your health and travelling takes forever.

  20. Fred Mitchell says:

    The ad pile in this game is annoying. You watch an ad and they throw another ad at you afterwards.

  21. Cox Inc. says:

    It’s a fun game but is lacking the ability to change your characters appearance, the combat is alright but could use a more upgraded approach because most of the time you just do the same thing over and over. You need to insert matchmaking for the raids. There are hardly anyone on so it’s had to do them.

  22. Rusu Cosmin says:

    I wish i could play but the game just freezes even if there are conection problems add a reconect feature rather than needing to restart the game is amazing and i cant wait to see waths gonna happen with it… Gonna keep trying and hope i dont freeze for now i guess

  23. Shaun Cyphers says:

    Honestly, it seemed very cool at first. Then I ran into clunky combat, a loot system that is largely unexciting, and bosses I can’t seem to face. Not overcome, mind you; I literally cannot challenge most of the bosses alone. The game has great potential, but I couldn’t find a reason to keep playing after about an hour.

  24. Sangyas Kaul says:

    Is this game a joke? Have never seen such a ridiculous turn based game. I dont know where the enemy will atk so how the heck do i place my block? Uninstall in a few mins.

  25. Rajin Ahmed says:

    What kind of game has no way of entering other than three registration routes and an exit button. I can’t even start it.

  26. Umanath Shetty says:

    It will open but i can’t enter the game because it will not process after login I tried with google too but it did not work please fix

  27. Dho Dho says:

    I verified my account from email and now it is saying error and kicking me out of the login post and I also logged in from Google and waited for minutes and still nothing happened. Please fix this🥺

  28. Karma says:

    Tried to log in with facebook/google, nothing worked. I registered my account when loging in it says “token succses” then “error”. Tried to uninstal and instal again but nothing worked.

  29. Subico Jericho Charles G. says:

    cant even play the game i tried google log in after that nothing happen do the same thing on facebook nothing also happen swiping and pressing the screen randomly also nothing happen ive been trying it for several half an hour nothing happen please fix it so ppl and me can pllay the game thx

  30. Andy Febrico Bintoro says:

    Like any other, I can’t sign in with Facebook, login, or the email. Nothing happened, though the Google service already connected. This is a waste for your ads.

  31. Rakin Ahnaf says:

    the main game wouldn’t start. Keeps me on the starting menu. Nothing would work. I wish there were less that 1 star for me go give.

  32. Jorge Santana says:

    At the moment I haven’t been able to play. Is stuck on the Title Screen.. I would love to play the game.

  33. Joe Mother says:

    Can’t even play the game. Whenever I get to the start scene it says error and stops me from entering the game. Please fix.

  34. Zie says:

    Just login screen, can’t played or loading, just a dumb developer

  35. David Carmody says:

    The game will not even start. Gets to the load screen, will let you sign into Google Play, and then…nothing. It literally does nothing.

  36. Core Diagram says:

    Unplayable. Stuck at main menu. Buttons don’t work.

  37. Sahand Hallaji says:

    How should i play this game when it does not even allow me to enter? Email login automaticly exits after 5 seconds , google login does does not work as well as facebook. And there is no guest mod, so i ask again how should someone play this game when does not even lets you? 🙁

  38. Braylniño Dugaduga says:

    What a waste. Can’t login and play. This game has potential.

  39. Ismael Khalil Salvador says:

    I can’t even login in the game using Google. I get the prompt saying welcome, but the game won’t start.

  40. 黄振忠 says:

    Ah yes, a game that doesn’t start. Definitely needs to be fixed, before it goes does down……

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