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Covenant of Creation
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October 27, 2022
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Guardian: COC Premium Apk

Guardian: Covenant of Advent (COC) is an MMO set in a paranormal otherworld for gamers to revel in a mystical adventure from to hero. On this mechanical styled realm, you’ll summon your heroes and mix your personal guns to make your rapid kills.
Simply come create your personal magical and fable international! Recreation options: Plenty of loose diamonds and coolest improve fabrics like Morph Armor are to be had to spice up CP and slay the monsters very quickly! Ample social gameplays like teaming as much as step forward, getting married, elevating children, and many others. Particular mini video games like Mecha Racing and Polar Go, dancing or using a sledge to race with pals and get large EXP.
Friendships and demanding situations, honors and rewards…Your adventure right here will indubitably be an intriguing one!


40 comments on "Guardian: COC Premium Apk"

  1. Satou says:

    Like this type of game. I hope the game is not too much p2w since I can’t afford to become VIP. 🙁 I can’t wait to play. ^^

  2. johnie meti says:

    I like the graphics of the game and i hope yhe gameplay is good i’m so excited tom for the opening of the server!

  3. Da Vinzy says:

    I love the game because of it’s graphics and old school style. The top ups are very cheap and you get more of what you paid for

  4. jaylo says:

    good graphics and it’s not laggy. highly recommended !!

  5. Jay Lalo (Jiar Motovlog) says:

    Good graphics Its so easy to play for us (end user) Lookinh forward to game. More power admins 😊

  6. R Escueta says:

    This new game is so awesome.. players are so active and events are always so fun to participate, cool mounts and pets to acquire. I hope this game grows so big in the future and i recommend this for the players who want to relax to play some nice graphic game

  7. Conrad Doctolero says:

    Nice game and smooth game play. And the graphics are good too. i hope you maintain the game nicely.

  8. xPiPHunterx says:

    Servers are complete garbage and hang up regularly. Unplayable.

  9. Arthur Bello says:

    i hate games with different server. if theres new server, players just leave their current one for a race on new ones -_-

  10. Florizel Pomento says:

    Interesting good game play need more jobs. But all good and smooth

  11. Prince Balgua says:

    This game is very nice and good graphics also the skill effects and wing thats why i like this game..

  12. Rebecca McAlister says:

    It maybe a great game if you could ever get it to load. I have 5g 4 bars wouldn’t ever let me enter game.

  13. Ying Elicano says:

    That was a great game. More features and had a cool graphics. Keep it up for more updates devs. Thankyou!

  14. mirnes salihovic says:

    The game is amazing but l got one problem l can’t add friends and chat in pm private messages l wish you guys can help me with that please and thank you

  15. Ronnie Uy says:

    I love the graphics and gameplay!! Keep it up!

  16. Arihira Shuki says:

    I really liked the graphics and auto gaming experience also the cute and fluffy animals .

  17. Malathi pedada says:

    If flowers r available for bound dias would be awesome and weekly flower even the game will be nice .. Only private chat is big can’t chat or see private chat…

  18. Samantha Nicole Carongoy says:

    nice graphics no lag issue . just the PM icon bug i guess .. but all in all its nice to play ..

  19. jeff opiana says:

    Cant 5star need to fix friend system and there are other events we cant join dont know why. Overall good game if this can be fixed i give it 5star Edit: i guess the server cant handle many players i know you need some adjustments but i guess you should prepare it already we already recommend the game thru other social media platforms also to our friends expect that the game will have more players and reduce this server lag its killing the game. Down to 2 star

  20. Raijin Nezaid says:

    I will now tell you guys, its good for a day then the next day very unplayable, such trash game, devs dont even care. Real talk.

  21. Stacy Getz says:

    Game keeps crashing every time I try to do anything. Please fix this I would really like to be able to play it.

  22. Pool is on YT says:

    I love the graphics, very smooth. I hope will maintain it and more events will come.

  23. Marc Amaranto says:

    daily recharge is bug I can’t claim my bonuses. I will raise my star if you fix it. Amber20 S9

  24. Caz Madsen says:

    I really enjoy the game play! It’s quite fun and doesn’t take a ton of time to maintain!

  25. Limon Dennis says:

    My experience super like in derver10 I can’t see my items in my bag and warehouse.. i know this games because i play before.. this games same in old version… Give back my money idiot games

  26. Dan P. says:

    60 diamonds top up keeps getting error. Thought it was my ends problem but not i tried to buy same amount in different game it works but here it wont. Lol

  27. Julie I says:

    Automated everything.. Graphics are good.

  28. Kenneth Daguman says:

    Fun game to play, graphics is good, a newbie friendly environment.

  29. Aisha Jyurika Guerrero says:

    I like the gameplay and also the graphics its very simple and very attractive

  30. Jhon Lynx Zapata says:

    It’s was fun to play and I love every events…and the graphics is good..easy mechanic play….

  31. Trish Baydo says:

    Everything loads fast but once it gets to ” Initialization” bar, it loads all the way but never leaves that screen. Tried everything and it never goes past that. So uninstall for me

  32. Winston Ferguel Fuentes says:

    Very bad game full of bugs and no support from devs. Just pure money grabbing

  33. April Preston says:

    Just your typical pay 2 win game nothing special or different about it auto takes you everywhere doesn’t really give you a choice on what you want to do so it’s good for a couple of days then it will be a dead game

  34. Dom says:

    The perfect game for me. I’m enjoying the gameplay and it releases my stress.

  35. Clayton Brogan says:

    Great Graphics, and the game runs real smooth.

  36. Monching Dela Rosa says:

    More challenging games…i love the graphics itself…and i really enjoy to play this come…

  37. Mt Corner says:

    Every event it so laggy. Fix the lag players can’t enjoy their gameplay especially when it comes to the event. I’ll change my review once you guys fix the problem. Thank you

  38. Ryan Carlson says:

    Everything was working fine and then back to zero again. Event release was bugged, apparently if you top up a certain amount you get the rewards listed but nope i have not gotten mine for over 5 days now and CS just brushing it off. And instead of fixing the bug, they go and release a newer version of the game. I had my rating at 5 now back to 1 again. Disappointing.

  39. Yuèliàng蔡 says:

    No costumization possible, the job classes are too limited and the art is so so.

  40. Jess Stephen Ruperez says:

    Nice Game.. Nice Graphics also.. Keep it up. And also kindly please fix some bugs hehe.

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