Galaxy Legend – Cosmic Conques Apk Download New*


A strategy RPG with single and multiplayer dimensions in a galactic battlefield
4/5 Votes: 513,773
Tap4fun Corp. Ltd.
November 5, 2021
4.4 And Up
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Galaxy Legend – Cosmic Conques Apk Download New*

Login on sport, obtain a $9.Ninety nine amateur pack at no cost in Rewards Middle. Construct your Area Base and Celebrity Fleets. Triumph over the galaxy along with your good friend proper now!

Galaxy Legend – Cosmic Conques Apk Obtain New* unencumber

Command your forces to galactic conquest! Galaxy Legend is an area fight technique recreation that has been looking forward to a pace-setter like your self. Compete with hundreds of avid gamers in a dynamic on-line battlefield and pursue without equal prize: victory!

Galaxy Legend – Cosmic Conques Apk Obtain New* apk mod


Galaxy Legend – Cosmic Conques Apk Obtain New* apk

✔A technique RPG with unmarried and multiplayer dimensions in a galactic battlefield

Galaxy Legend – Cosmic Conques Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

✔Cutting-edge interface, handing over surprising galactic imagery

Galaxy Legend – Cosmic Conques Apk Obtain New*

✔Gathering 100s of final fleet each and every with their distinctive struggle taste

Galaxy Legend – Cosmic Conques Apk Obtain New* mod apk

✔Coordinate strategic battles with heaps other combos of fleets arrange and talents.

Galaxy Legend – Cosmic Conques Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

✔Climb ranks in pvp enviornment, salary conflict in opposition to participant international in weekly match
✔Transform your fleet with a large number of upgrades and talents
✔take on 100s of missions, quest your means thru an exciting story-line.

✔Pandora Cluster, Chaos Quasar, wormhole, triumph over the cosmos, plenty of a laugh contents and occasions so that you can discover.
Within the yr 2841, a brand new bankruptcy within the tale of humanity is starting as we increase to the furthest stars within the universe. In a sci-fi panorama of poser, intrigue, and alternative, you’ll take the reigns as Commander of a galactic outpost vying for energy. It received’t be simple regardless that, you’ll want to marshall your entire forces and make use of a number of methods to repel those that need to eliminate you. Make no mistake: the specter of Area Pirates, enemy outposts, extraterrestrial beings, and the unknown looms earlier than us. Your legend is ready to be written, Commander.

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Notes: Sport information is robotically saved on-line, however an web connection is needed to play Galaxy Legend. A Tap4Fun account is extremely beneficial, which is able to internet you further rewards and seamlessly synchronize recreation knowledge between other devices


40 comments on "Galaxy Legend – Cosmic Conques Apk Download New*"

  1. Joscelyne Rodney says:

    Ever since the update it’s not working for me.. I’ve uninstalled reinstalled with and without WiFi. I really like the game and want to advance but it’s impossible and irritating at the same time..I hope this is fixed ASAP

  2. Alvis Louvain says:

    It functions some pretty well in my opinion, though I think some people forget that you write a game review for the developers to improve the functionality of the game and not to completely change what the game is all together

  3. Joseluis Demarius says:

    I was mislead to install the game by an ad showing a preview of a space action game. It turned out to be a turn based rpg and while some might like it, I am really tired of false ads. Such advertising should be banned!

  4. Alfredia Alyssa says:

    The game is very indepth with a lot of things to do,its not to hard to figure out the [email protected] play and so far haven’t had to spend any real money,hope that stays that way, only thing bad it is slow on loading from one area to the next but thats about the only thing wrong

  5. Brieann Felica says:

    A little bit juvenile, but the graphics are pretty good. I would like a little bit more action with the generated opponents.

  6. Laurenne Bobbie says:

    I have been playing the game for the past 4 years, with the app crashing 5-6 times since the 5th year anniversary update, don’t enjoy the experience anymore

  7. Julianne Kriss says:

    Won’t let me log in saying something about an expired session, and the past couple days when I was getting in it crashed after like 1 minute so had to constantly close and reopen just so simple tasks which is a lot of fun

  8. Wellington Yestin says:

    I uninstalled it, then reinstalled it, but still no joy. The game won’t start at all now. It’s too big for its own good. Really bloated with too many features and options – which is good, but a mobile device can only handle so much. When I play it my battery gets drained really fast.

  9. Rice Loly says:

    not as shown. what they are showing you is nothing like the game. you do not get to pilot ships, it’s not even an RTS style game. not fun, poor representation of what the game actually is. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME.

  10. Osmar Allissa says:

    this game used to be a blast, building space armada’s and joining groups, going tobwar wth other grouos all while helping others build themselves up. it was all around a fun game, i attempted to re-download it and somewhere along the linebthey completely changed it, it is literally nothing like the game it had started out as. which is a dhame because that’s what I’m looking for

  11. Avril Candis says:

    i have played this game some years back and recently tried it again. Nothing has changed it hasnt gotten better in any stretch of the word. The game is a money pit like every single other game on the play store. If you have money to just throw at the game then you of course you are going to love it because no one will be able to touch you unless they are throw the same amount of money at it as you are or more. over people dont waste your time on this game its honestly not worth it.

  12. Derick Daisie says:

    Game is fun at start, but when you hit max lvl everything depends on money. So, if you have a deep walet to spend on games, this game is for you. Long story short, they put 2-3 new ships in one month, one of the ships is SS class and it can kost couple of K€, and regular ships can cost up to 400€-500€ even more. And there are a lot more stuff at same price. So think twice befor you instal this game.

  13. Sior Jadrien says:

    If I can give you no star I will but the thing is the game is so f***ing unfair, you need to pay to get stronger everything needs to be paid, why the heck is that, why, i used all my gems in the game to get that f***ing hero and it keeps giving me some trash some materials to use it to make some newer trash… why can’t you just make it random everythings scripted, I saved those gems for 2 years and then all I got is trash, for anyone who’s out there don’t download this damn thing it stresses U.

  14. Eowyn Nerys says:

    I am very happy I stopped playing this game long back. A best game to destroy your bank balance. Not just pay to win.. Its keep paying to win or compete. Make life stressful as well..

  15. Brock Countess says:

    Let me explain precisely what this game is: it is a time sink and nothing more. Is it pay to win? In simple terms, yes. It’s technically possible to be somewhat competitive without spending a dime (as I have opted to try), but later levels pit you against others who are at max level cap for certain tasks. So, for me, this game is a list of activities that are, frankly, complete nonsense logically speaking, in order to see some numbers increase and some new visuals. It’s a cycle – and I love it.

  16. Fawn Gerry says:

    I have been playing this game for 6 years now initially it was very capturing and lately it has been getting slower and slower and than suddenly today it has just blocked me out without any reason.

  17. Hope Beverley says:

    Ok so i first played this when it came out and put in many hours was in the top 10 without spending a dime since you can target snipe a player you could just strategize to kill multiple ships at the same time, i recently decided to give it a try again and cant really do anything the game keeps loading whenever i tap the form icon i get a black screen, cant see my equipment, cant see my fleet, cant go clear levels, but you know whats the only thing that works? THATS RIGHT THE STORE! OH HELL YEAH

  18. Isolde Tolucan says:

    Im sorrry to the devalopers why i give you4 star today because this game is 100% pay to win game and, i love this game i enjoyed it im at level 52 but you need to understand players to that please dont force your players to pay money in game because that makes players angry, and i also couldn’t change my name and you need to add more features in game and recreate them to attract your own players back and dont make your this game completely pay to win that is gambling so 4 star total.

  19. Jonelle Parkin says:

    Wellz i have been playing this for many years but i manage to get allot of ships for free without pay to win that not many players know you can play this game without paying any money i know the game sucks, i still playing it because my goal in this game i want to unlock every single ship in game to get the best top,#1 in this game, i love this game so much, i enjoyed allot play this game.

  20. Rovere Heortwiella says:

    I can’t play my old character anymore. An error says this character needs to be updated to the corresponding version of the game. I can’t even update it 🙁

  21. Zakari Natashka says:

    Rip off artists, I would give NO STARS, but it won’t let me. I have been playing this game on and off for years, and invested time, effort, and resources (money), and suddenly my main account level 86 has vanished even though It was bound to Facebook, and my secondary account level 30 something has vanished aswell, which was also bound to Facebook. Nothing been done about it, and no reply or explaination, as to why this has happened, basically they don’t care. DON’T PLAY THIS GAME EVER.

  22. Marje Enit says:

    For the past couple of years really been enjoying this game, but just over 2 weeks ago Android did an update. Now cannot play the game. Sent several emails to the developers/ technical support but to date no reply all that time and money wasted.

  23. Acker Paiton says:

    Haven’t played in a while. Found out my acc even though bound to fb was deleted. Had a lot of money and time wasted due to poor developers. Shame.

  24. Jordi Elison says:

    Started play and couldn’t stop. Was standing up for a few hours before I realize it. If your hard- core Front-Mission fan, Armored Core, or From-Software fan then this will supply your fix. Join up at (Royals) shameless plug and level up and be your best……

  25. Brian Rainbolt says:

    Galaxy 478 I used most of my Armor reshape evolve things to get my ships armor up to 97 on the command room shield, ship keel, Hull armor, Pri-reactor armor, and pri-engine compartment and got logged in today after having log in issues yesterday and now it’s all back to 45 and I dont have very many of the Armor reshape evolve things left to get them all back to 97. I’ll put it back to 5 star when the problem is fixed or I am compensated for the loss. Sorry to be a pain.

  26. Josh Hofmann says:

    This is a much improved version of galaxy empire everything is perfect but you run out of things to do and i don’t have that buzz like the old used to give me sending in my everything and sitting there just waiting! As a user on the old style game I would love a add of the old style separate from your main game with the resources and of course the mysterious nebula of all the goodies you could get. Galaxy legend is a top game in it own right with all the technical bits it can’t be matched.

  27. sophie milner says:

    Great game so far and you really don’t need to purchase any packs as you can level up pretty quickly, building upgrade do take time but just play missions til they are Done. All in all well done. 24/08/2020 after the maintenance today I can’t log in to the 409 server that I have been on since I started this game. No login means no play so not a happy camper please can you fix this issue as I rather enjoy this game. I am getting the message to contact support with error code :1_1_502.

  28. D Davis says:

    Tried it. It’s too slow needs an update as the buttons to select achievements don’t respond properly. Takes too long to upgrade officers and ships, everything just seems to take ages. And to top it off… see those pictures of how the game apparently looks? It don’t.

  29. Curtis Tolley says:

    Network connection keep dropping for the game , but once its fixed ill definitely give this game a 5* . its a really cool game i like it.

  30. Taj Bishop says:

    I had lots of fun playing galaxy empire back in 2012. However, this game freezes for 20 seconds after I press anying. It’s unplayable.

  31. Lightning Strike says:

    Your updated ruin my app, doesn’t open anymore, just black screen then return to home screen, I already send my issue at your email, no response, your making my progress to stop, making me unable to participate in any event

  32. Hassan Hasfizi says:

    I enjoy the game very much. The gameplay is enjoyable and unique. The artworks and the ships design are great and the music are decent too. The game progress can be a bit tedious but it still fun grinding rartherless. Overall if a fun game to play.

  33. Dave Nezra Pappas says:

    Best little game I’ve ever played. Been playing for years and runs on all devices. Be nice to bring back that massive shark thing everyone had to kill? Like a boss that took our entire universe of players to kill. Bought my first item (.99$) and hate to say it, still to expensive for the action.

  34. Dave Marushak says:

    Decent game. A rip off for Canadians as they charge double what an American pays. Would be nice if they adjusted the price to reflect reality. Definitely a pay to play if want to be competitive.

  35. Khairee El masehi says:

    This game is not pay to win but it is pay to lose,the more money u spend is just so u can lose not win,this developer really have great business model to keep player spending money,my advice if u want to play this game u should never spend your money because the more u spend money to get strong fleet the more feeble your fleet going to be in expedition,by the way uninstalled already

  36. Glen Ireland says:

    Patients is the key to GL. Holding onto key resources for specific Events is paramount to navigating your way through the games algorithms. A buy policy is required if you wish to rize to the top, however you can reach above average levels of performance cultivating your way through a long & progressive build. GL can be anything you want it to be!

  37. Lumina says:

    I want to connect my old account which binded using FB to my phone but when i want to log in to the account it said “To play this character it requires the correct version of the game and need to download the corresponding version” and i was redirected to the website yet it said Error 404 please fix this ASAP i miss my old acc got so many shadow S rank pilot

  38. Aaron Reidhead says:

    after downloading the game and trying to open it it automatically closes and will not start. have tried to reinstall it and also tried it on different devices with different os systems and it auto closes as soon as i try to launch the game.

  39. Janko Deuric says:

    Let’s be honest. When it first came out, this game was enchanting. Now it’s just an old ‘lady of the night’ desperate for customers, but too proud to lower her rates and standards, so she tries other methods, none of which work. Still, nostalgia is a thing, and there are still likable aspects to the old girl.

  40. Samadamsftw says:

    I used to play galaxy empire, so naturally I had to try this one. I can see its appeal to some people, but this is not for me. I really wish you guys would re-boot galaxy empire…..

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