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3D idle figurine mobile game, Figure Fantasy has arrived in style!
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December 1, 2022
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Figure Fantasy Premium Apk

3D idle figurine cell sport, Determine Delusion has arrived in taste! Right here, you’ll turn into the collectible figurines’ grasp, and enjoy an exquisite journey of their miniature global.

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3D MINIATURIZED TALE The Bodily Based totally Rendering (PBR) generation restores each inch of the collectible figurines with prime precision, completely presenting their real-world subject matter textures and lightweight refraction.

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ACQUIRE MASSES OF COLLECTIBLE FIGURINES Position an order to buy a “Blind Field” with a unmarried faucet, tear up the paper field, and obtain a wonder, “Wishlist +200x Draw Choice” directional mode, you’ll not fail to notice your favourite collectible figurines! Authentic customized show cupboard machine, custom designed to create a novel non-public Otaku Zone: Area, sci-fi, heart ages fort…masses of subject matters for you to choose between!

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Deploy your lineups on a 3×3 Grid, the place you’ll be able to set positional covers, view unique final animations, and interact in struggle technique introduced in a 3-D layout. Take a look at mixtures of the 5 manufacturers freely. Mix ‘n match Defenders, Vanguards, Militarists, Helpers and Experts to your lineups.

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“Easily earn sources from the collectible figurines’ paintings, the place your sources can be complete while you get up out of your sleep”. Say good-bye to tedious day-to-day duties, unusual ranges will also be cleared with a unmarried faucet, your idle sources is probably not interrupted whilst you move offline.

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40 comments on "Figure Fantasy Premium Apk"

  1. Gabriel Turner says:

    Outstanding. Animations and battle system are perfect, the dialogue has some grammar errors, but other than that it’s an amazing game. Though I do think there should be a less resource heavy option for phones like like that have limited storage capacity, as well as being able to tilt the figures forward and back. That’s all, amazing game. Great graphics, character design, and gameplay. Make this game great!

  2. Mr. Acorn says:

    When I first saw this game I thought it had alot of potential but after playing it for no longer than 10 minutes I can already tell you that I uninstalled it. Don’t get me wrong the game looks great from the intro and title menu. Everything after that is this weird unrefined animations and idles. In the first 10 minutes one of the characters idles was her running in place. The voice lines for the characters are limited and annoying. It feels like the voice actors where held hostage. 1 star

  3. Roger Lim says:

    Very awesome graphics, art and gameplay. The game has is very visually pleasing. The English translation direly needs to be improved. It does make it very hard to enjoy the story as it is incomprehensible much of the time. The battle system, collection and game has a lot of fun factor otherwise.

  4. cory young says:

    So this game is pretty neat has good graphics, runs fair, decent story,niche gimmicks but then we get to the memory size 3.5gb for an idle game seems pretty high there is 5 graphic settings so letting us only download the basic stuff to minimize cost would be ideal this personally is a deal breaker for me but if you can get past that it is a rather fun time. bad stuff: UI is lacking, most figures have the same 3rd-4th passives,(it’s an idle) overall pretty fun. I’ll try it again in 1 year.

  5. Deane Gainey says:

    After messing around with the game 5 minutes… Interface is cluttered and not intuitive. I want to hold that girl, I want to set her as one of my three display girls… I can’t find the button. A lot of potential but it needs a bit of polishing in the controls! Good thing the game is new, get cracking developer! On the plus side, infoculture looks good, the game teaches you to play well. Built in guide. Clever!!

  6. Splendid Tapeworms says:

    I was only able to play for about 2 hours, but what I did play was extremely good. The cutscenes are funny and charming, the characters have great dynamics and lots of information, the music is highly enjoyable, and there is so much attention to detail in every aspect of the game. Unfortunately for me, the game is so complex and data-intensive that it simply cannot run on my cheap old phone, even with low graphics settings. I’d recommend only getting the game if your device can handle it!

  7. AouiSempai says:

    Good game so far. Had one issue, My fault so I’m not holding it against them. The first option to set your character name came up, and I zoned out and just clicked continue, there was other options to set in the menu so kinda just missed the small name input. So a confirmation would be nice. But then I checked to change it. Seeing it cost diamond I ignored it but eventually just changed it. Then found out you get a free ticket to change it later. so if anyone does mess up just wait to change it.

  8. _•R3dacted•_ says:

    Pretty good game, can be a bit slow (Though I am playing on an older phone), and sometimes the animations don’t seem to play at correct times (Ex. Running in place when having a conversation where they should be standing still) but it is still Beta after all. I’m sure a lot will be fixed in the near future. My only problem (and I know it can’t really be fixed) is the large amount of storage it takes up. Other than this, it’s well made, and I enjoy it.

  9. Daniel Chen says:

    This is a very decent game. VIsuals are unique and the play system is fun. I will mention that there needs to be some quality of life improvements (i.e. a button that lets you auto equip all gear instead of each individual hero; or a claim all button on tasks). In terms of expansion, I would like to have the option to customize colors/equipment on my figurines like real figurines, which is one of the main selling points of this game. Good work so far!

  10. tatsuo the familiar says:

    So far, I like the game. The characters are cute and the graphics are OK. Stamdard gacha game in my opinion. My only problem, and the reason for the 4 stars, is that the game will randomly crash on me with no warning. Easy enough to get around on my end, just relaunch the game. I just think it’s weird, being kicked out every once in a while after leveling up my figurines like crazy.

  11. Jesse Enclave says:

    Fun for a couple days, plenty of free stuff and a very interesting concept. Toy Story with waifus; what’s not to like? But then it becomes clear that combat was an afterthought. Typical idle “gameplay” where you watch the same ults go off over and over and over. Would’ve been nice to be able to choose targets and maybe move units around with action points or something. As it stands, basically BrownDust but not as good. Has potential though, and looks amazing even on an older device.

  12. Tavis Hester says:

    The game is great and super fun and I love characters so playing is great especially for not being complete. But the game (as I said) not complete so some of the textures are missing resulting in the being purple or just not there. Also some other thing that the cutscenes are a bit akward because the figures barely move and mouths just stay still and it make the cutscenes feel lifeless. But over all I can’t wait for more of the game to be out.

  13. Adam “Captain Valor” Johnson says:

    So right off the bat, the graphics and characters look really nice! The story was kinda interesting and completing dailies is relatively quick. However, the gameplay is the same old “set fighters”, “build special bar”, rinse and repeat. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great game if that same old gameplay loop doesn’t bother you but I found myself loosing interest after a few days.

  14. Ernest Cline says:

    The animation and voice acting are excellent. However, there’s too much here. I don’t mind a game that rewards immersion. I do mind one that demands you be immersed. It’s as if the devs expect people to love this so much they’ll spend all free time using it. There will be some who do that, but I prefer not being stuck in one app, no matter how good. A few days in and I’m burned out. I’ve freed my time and memory for other things. Apparently an AI responded by threatening even more stuff to do.

  15. David Pitrucha says:

    I’m totally enjoying this game, it’s got great looking characters, and i really like the battle system. I’m not worried about resources, since those are pretty generous. One thing I would like to see added is the ability to replay some past battles. These don’t necessarily have to reward much, but it would help with slowing down the need to feel like I’m pushed forward too quickly. Replaying missions might be used to give some kind of Figurine affinity or Figurine EXP. Great Game!

  16. Mudkip AJM says:

    Haven’t been able to do much yet, because my phone kinda sucks, but so far I’m amazed at the consistency in quality present. The game looks exactly like in ads, and seems to control decent overall. Lot of lag, but as I said; my phone kinda sucks at playing higher-quality graphics.

  17. Ryan Olstad says:

    10/10 mobile game for sure. Almost a 5% drop rate on 5*s in gotcha. Entire system is balanced and fair in combat. It isn’t a grind at all. You level up 1 team, and any other teams you need get automatically leveled and all you need to do is up the skill level and equip gear. Absolutely marvelous game and recommend it to anyone who wants to try something new and fun! 🙂

  18. Andrew Latimer says:

    As far as gatcha games go, this one has a seemingly simple design that gets extremely complex the longer you play. You can choose to strategize your way to victory, or beat your opponets through brute force with strong figurines, the choice is yours! Its low miantinece, so it’s much easier to be a casual player than with other games. The only gripe I can give is that its still fairly early access, so there are some texture glitches here and there but nothing gamebreaking (thank god).

  19. ChillVin says:

    Haven’t been able to play. Won’t even connect to servers on or off a VPN. Contacted CS and haven’t had much help. Was told to send screenshots through in game CS and haven’t heard a word. Really wanted to play this game, but I guess it’s not in the cards. Playing on a Galaxy S8+. Will change rating once I finally get to play.

  20. Tin says:

    One of the Best Idle RPG Games! Here’s my honest review, the game seems free to play friendly. Because of this I want to support them and buy a figure pack. I hate when games make you buy things all the time. I also like that the game feels polished. Characters look great, cut scenes are animated, and it has a fresh modern-tech UI Essentially you wish to collect all the figures, the end game is beating the story, maxing out characters, completing events, and lastly PvP… In that order!

  21. Brian Wu says:

    The game is “free-to-play friendly” up until around stage 10-11. By this point your characters will cap at levels 120-130 and you will need to pull for duplicates to raise the cap 10 levels at a time. Progress at this point pretty much grinds to a halt and it will take several days to get the currencies/materials you need to go up a few levels. All in all, this gave me about a week or two of content before I hit a steep paywall. In addition, the majority of content is simply auto mode like many idle games. Ultimately it is not worth sticking with.

  22. Matt Lepinski says:

    This is an idle/afk style RPG. However, I find it much more enjoyable than other games in the genre. The larger grid and interesting carrier of character abilities makes combat quite strategic. (Hard fights are often puzzles that require you to figure out which units to bring in your party and where to position them.) Additionally, the story and world-building are surprisingly good (much better than I expected). I usually skip story text in mobile RPGs, but this story has held my interest!”

  23. Guy smilee says:

    Its a fun game in the beginning, but slowly becomes less and less as fun. There isn’t much to say bout it, the graphics are ig, but u need to have either an amazing wifi conection or a ridiculously amazing CPU or graphic card cuz when I go into a fight its the worst thing I’ve ever seen! Its like running Fortnite on just 10 fps! It glitches and you can’t a single thing happen. Aside the that problem, its a pretty intereting game, just easily got bored from it.

  24. Cassandra Hunter says:

    I’m not really a fan of idle games so I didn’t think I would like this game. Even though you could play it auto, It is surprisingly fun. I don’t mind the auto combat, and you’re free to choose whatever strategies for your battle stages. Story and design style is also interesting. I like the story and love the design of the figurines. In it’s own way it’s refreshingly different from the other mobile games I am use to playing.

  25. Judy Ham says:

    This is overall a good game. I would recommend it to many other people. However, I do have a few suggestions. First, maybe the level cap can be increased. I mean that if you can’t get any figurines to promote, you will be stuck on a certain level until you get some more figurines. Second, I think level 100 is a good place to stop increasing the price levels. I am currently at level 130, but it’s gonna take me quite a while to upgrade them now, even with the idle rewards and the other gamemodes.

  26. MingusDave says:

    Fun premise and enjoyable idle game with great graphics and character design. Even bought a VIP package. The reason for the low rating? The game has daily connection issues; from just failing to connect, to failing to fill the server list. Will happily increase my rating once they get their network stable but until then I cant rate any higher than 2 stars. But if you dont mind inconsistency in being able to play, its great.

  27. Steven Lee says:

    Very good game, currently at mid-game trying to get all characters past the lv160 threshold. However, this is probably the biggest wall for f2p players. Wouldn’t be surprised to see most people leave at that point. I think rewards can be a lot better and progression into endgame should be quicker. Most gated problem is getting tons of the ultra rare characters. Aside from that, very tactical, very fun synergies and boobas, lots of boobas.

  28. Raul Betancourt says:

    Game looks good and plays well but is ultimately pay-to-play. Leveling units past a certain point requires a promotion which needs duplicates of that same unit which are difficult for free-to-play players to obtain, specially in such large quantities. So either be very patient and wait months to slightly level up your units little by little, pay, or don’t bother with the game at all. Personally, this predatory upgrading system tells me all I need to know.

  29. Wraxh (Myald Cipher) says:

    I am a free to play player, and I can say that without a doubt this is the best F2P experience I’ve ever had. Gems are abundant, characters are easy to get, and their easy to level up. The only downside, the initial wait time for Clovers, this games exp system, is a little rough in the early game. However mid to late game it is much more evened out.

  30. Brian Gorham says:

    Looks like they deleted my review. The game is fun at first. But you hit a paywall really hard. To upgrade figures you need to pull multiple figures of the same type from gatcha boxes at a very low chance. You can upgrade items to help but that dries up too. Eventually you end up needing to spend a lot of money if you want keep advancing at any acceptable pace.

  31. Jesse Hayner says:

    This is not a game for those who enjoy a quick and easy experience, hit the end game and coast. You will eventually get there and you can do it for free, but it will take time. The characters are engaging, well voice acted and fun. The world building is quirky and far deeper than I expected. The only down side for me so far is the translation quality sometimes isn’t the best. The customer service is very active on Discord and there have been some network issues but most of the time a VPN will get around those temporary problems. I highly recommend it.

  32. thecoolguy1193 “Axol” XD says:

    Okay. So this is a GREAT game. Highly recommend it. The only real complaint is that certain figurines, like Yuki, can only be promoted to a certain star level. Then, once the enemy gets too strong, you can’t really play anymore unless you can promote another set of figurines to a higher level. Please change this rule, because I’m sure I’m not the only one who doesn’t want to change their favorite figurines to some they hardly even know. Please change this. Please.

  33. Ethan Iid says:

    Edit: all of the bugs that I have mentioned before have been fixed! I love this game and the dev team behind it! The asthetics of the game is really good. I mean, 3d modeling work is PHENOMENAL. English voice-acting translation and interpretation is a bit off on a few characters, but that is a very minor issue. The game is VERY f2p friendly. It is super easy to get high-rarity figurines, as the story mode spews diamonds. The only problem I have with the gacha system is the FULI exclusive draws.

  34. Joshua Jones says:

    So far this game has been a blast, picked it up pretty recently my first complaint is that sometimes the game is laggy, that can’t be helped with a game with graphics this good though. My other complaint is that I need a magnifying glass to read the text and what the figures powers do (not to mention text color almost blends to the background)

  35. Shawn Foreman says:

    Very good for an idle game. So many characters, lots of things to do, and a ton of free-to-play options. A ton of really good collaborations as well. The only points off would be that you can’t get near the top rewards in events without paying. Also, there are quite a few hard translated and mistranslated texts in dialogue. But, I would definitely recommend for a good time investment.

  36. Hunter Leighton says:

    Very generous with characters, relaxing and fun gameplay, and has very nice graphics. However, it has no moderation on figure reviews, so I have to scroll through like 50 horny reviews before I find some genuine information on the character abilities. Another issue are the constant notifications for new menu items that I just want to mark as read and be done with. Also, I wish I could turn the voices off for some figures.

  37. Emily says:

    OK, while the story of this game is complete nonsense (and badly translated), the gameplay loop is really addicting/satisfying, especially if you’re a collector. Even though I’m not even a huge fan of most of the character designs, collecting these figures just feel incredibly satisfying. While getting copies to max out units might be a pain at first, you eventually get into a rhythm with it, and the game is relatively generous with currency. Honestly, a genuinely fun time.

  38. Chance Johnson says:

    I’ve been playing this game for nearly a year now and it was entertaining enough. The end game, however, is pretty boring, slogging for resources to level up for the more difficult challenges. Events are repetitive, with special events being tedious and unfun to play. Game needs an overhaul to keep fresh, and I don’t mean the Hot Toys, which are just awful. Also, the Fuli currency based collabs should be spaced out. Getting them isn’t easy even with micro transactions, cut us some slack.

  39. Azeroth Gaming says:

    This game is the perfect game for a collector like myself. Having the ability to collect figures and see all their cool designs is a huge plus. The rates are reasonable and you can get the character you want if you save up by just playing events and doing quest. Suffice to say this is a phenomenal game 10/10!

  40. iamtheNIGHTWATCHER says:

    This is a very good game to play. The graphics are very stunning. One issue I want to address. Recently on my tablet, the figures I have, a few are looking a kind of pink instead of being the figure itself. Is this a glitch , a bug in the game, or is it something else? I hope you can figure out this issue I am having. Please keep up the great work with this game. Thanks and congratulations on your continued success.

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