Eternal Senia Mod Apk


Story Based Indie RPG
5/5 Votes: 78,159
Sanctum Games Limited
February 7, 2022
4.4 And Up
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Eternal Senia Mod Apk

Rediscover the easy excitement of role-playing video games!

Everlasting Senia Mod Apk apk

[The Story] The tale is pushed by means of the resolution

Everlasting Senia Mod Apk apk mod new

Senia is as soon as once more at the quest to search out her sister, however this time, her blade gained’t be her most effective better half!

Everlasting Senia Mod Apk apk mod 2022

Meet Senia’s new pals:
Hugo – Calm even within the face of risk, however underneath his placitude lurks the darkish heritage of a wizard

Everlasting Senia Mod Apk free up

Briella – Perpetually constructive and outgoing, she is the Bishop of the
Holy Capital, Balder

Everlasting Senia Mod Apk apk mod

Sophie – A tender woman with a mysterious previous …and Priest Magaleta, the elder sister who has all the time been so

Everlasting Senia Mod Apk

sort to Senia. Will Senia have the ability to see her once more?

Everlasting Senia Mod Apk mod apk

[The Game]
● Faucet the display screen to assist Senia battle her enemies
● Easy however difficult sport mechanics
● Develop more potent with the assistance of new partners ● A compelling tale cut up into 5 arcs


40 comments on "Eternal Senia Mod Apk"

  1. Benson Becca says:

    I am really enjoying the game, and also a major fan of the first game on steam. So far, currently level 45, the story and graphics are great. The gameplay is tap nonstop to kill the enemies, with some skills. Though simple, it’s enjoyable. Only reason I rated a 4-star instead of a 5-star is one reason. – I spent over 3 hours, nonstop grinding a single dungeon, trying to get the 2 cards available and got neither. The drop rate for cards are rediculously low, even with the increased drop rate.

  2. Micaela Ezria says:

    Very enjoyable art and character design. You can really tell love was put into this game. The animation looks great too! The combat is simple but the animations and skills help it out to keep it from going stale. Like many eastern RPGs it requires some grinding to do the challenge fights but it isnt that bad in that regard. Kudos to the dev team! I actually hope they try for a game on another platform like a console or PC or maybe even the Switch. I would check it out for sure!

  3. Cherria Codi says:

    I played the original game on steam and loved the music so much I donated a few bucks to the creator. The story was also interesting, I liked the art style, though the game play was mainly ok. Then I got an email of a sequel. I was hesitant since this was a mobile game, but it hits music well again, new characters add charm, and my favorite part of the game play is around level 20 you get a skill that you need to time to an enemy attack to get huge payoffs which makes boss battles way more fun.

  4. Tarrence Jenalyn says:

    Decent clicker game I want to call it. You upgrade swords with different elements to account for about half of your attack power. Enemies are an element and you use the weakness for bonus damage. You can get premium currency somewhat easily. Two things I didn’t enjoy from the game. There’s the usual pay for a permanent upgrade so even with putting in time, someone with no money can’t catch up. The other thing is you can only load a cloud save once every 24 hours. So I can’t play 2 two devices.

  5. Andorra Yedda says:

    I played the first game on Steam and I thought this gonna be the same style or better, but it turned out to be a clicker game and it was such a disappointment in my opinion. Well, for a clicker game, its not half bad, the graphics are really good, and the controlls are pretty neat and no issues, however, the game gets too grindy the more you progress, and I feel like Im playing just to know what will happen with the story. also the app is oversized for it’s content, and cloud save is broken.

  6. Granville Godwin says:

    I really loved the prequel, but this game left me disappointed. The gameplay is very grinding-heavy, and personally I found it tedious rather than enjoyable. The cute enemies and upbeat music also feel out of tune with the serious story. The story itself is deep and moving, like in ES1; but ES1 also had carefully crafted levels, boss fights, and background music, all of which served the story instead of undermining it. By itself it’s a good game, but next to the prequel it’s a step backwards.

  7. Caris Deliza says:

    I wasn’t expecting a game from steam to have a sequel in mobile form! 😀 Not to mention, it has a different play style from the first game, making it to suit a “mobile-esque” game. Play the steam game so you can start learning the story of this game! P.S: After playing a couple of minutes of this, I feel hooked already, the animations in this game are really fluid and the story is great. One minor gripe is that doing the 4th skill is kinda hard to pull off without activating the 2nd and 3rd skill

  8. Jolina Mechelle says:

    This is a cute little game with a fun tap combat system. Evrything is pretty balanced so far in terms of enemy strenght vs character strength. The designs for the characters are wonderful and reminds me a little bit of time and eternity. The only issue I have is that the game crashes comstantly. Good work though and thank you for a fun game!

  9. Dwight Josian says:

    *Before the review there’s one thing I’d like to request, please add a gallery mode! you have many beautiful pictures that would make great phone backgrounds! This definitely feels like more then your average mobile game, all the purchase seem to be quality of life/really good partners and skills (like tap max speed forever). There’s a gacha like mechanic with items and partners, but you get a lot of both through the story so you don’t need to buy it. You really should support them though!

  10. Ruddy Taylor says:

    A good conclusion to the original Free Steam game, controls could of been better and gameplay is passable. For those worried about the gatcha elements, don’t worry. Pay to win is gone as there is ways around that by playing the game normally, and all allies help you regardless who you have out. The paid allies are 100% optional. Only negative is drop rate for allies, which should be based on rarity (like make 1 stars a 75% instead of what it is please devs).

  11. Northwode Walwyn says:

    I would have rate it a 5 star if i stop crashing since it reset my blue crystal everytime it does that. It also prevent me from going any further since some part of story is too long for me to try to skip it. Overall it is a great and fun game if there is a way to fix my problem. (Also this bother me but it always make me have to login to my cloud everytime i log in, i wish it just stay log in but meh.)

  12. Bert Annaline says:

    The gameplay is simple and easy, the graphics are attractive and cute, do far I have no problem with the story. The only issue I have is the leveling up mechanic. It takes a while to get crystals and amethysts needed to strengthen up your character. Considering that you can only get more weapons from a dungeon, in which you can only go twice, makes it all the more longer. Otherwise, I’m all good with it.

  13. Pamela Aleksasha says:

    It’s adorable thus far, the English translation (as with almost all *insert language*-to-English scripts) could use a little work. It’s different from other clicker games I’ve played. First Time Purchase is a lil pricey, but eh. Server costs and what-not. All-in-all good. If you would like, I could look through the script for grammar corrections 🙂

  14. Maverick Arlys says:

    Great, but I want more. flat out, the best idle tap clicker I’ve ever played. It has the right balance of idle and active content when playing through the story, but endgame had me wanting more. I bought some amethyst and MoonMoon (He’s a good boy) because I enjoyed it so much but after you hit a certain point, theres only so much to do. In my opinion, I think it would be great if there was more content aside from the three available tasks. having BP recharge faster would be nice for upgrading.

  15. Deena Lilliana says:

    I really wanted to like this game. I loved the first Eternal Senia. However, after reaching level 45, I’ll never play this again. the story and gameplay are at odds so you’ll often do something like sneak through a castle by killing everything in sight. The characters are one dimensional. The greatest thing I have an issue with is unlocking the privilege to spend 32 USD on a new party member as my reward for reaching level 45.

  16. Gwendelyn Antuan says:

    I played the first game and I liked the story then. I will learn all endings!!! K played a bit. there might be a problem with the ads. when i do the 5xchest it sometimes doesnt play ad, not that im complaining. it could be my crappy low grade phone though. oh and i was kicked off game once trying to figure that out (yawn) later.

  17. Eledon Epiphany says:

    It’s a great game so far, finally a tapping game with an actual (good) storyline. My only gripe is the price of the premium items. To buy them all, would set me back $75+. No mobile game is worth that. I get that developers put a lot of hard work into the games, but there’s just no way any clicker game is worth more than a console title. Otherwise, a great title in the genre.

  18. Romilly Rayner says:

    A fairly good game all-in-all, but do be careful not to accidentally close the application immediately after purchasing something because there is the possiblity that it won’t show up and while you can easily get a refund, it’s best to avoid the whole issue to begin with. That aside, the graphics are neat and very well done, and with the exception of that little hiccup – which I can admit was on me – the game does nicely. It has an interesting story and actually playing is pretty relaxing too.

  19. Anya Jeffries says:

    storys nice, music pretty decent, boss challege is fair but earning points to challenge them is a bit slower then what I’d like, layout simple but clean and easy to understand, not cluttered, gems are slow to earn, companions cost is a tad on the expensive side for the average chance of getting anything high end, but the gripe is the tapping… auto tapping / hold is pay $10. so either tap until your hand cramps or pay. would like a daily limited version of it.

  20. Fonda Leonato says:

    Interesting. Game has a good story and the graphics are amazing. Level up system is fluid. Collection of weapons and companions, it seems unlimited to what you can make. Im not really into tap games but this one is unique and fun. Not impressed with the music…

  21. Tessia William says:

    A really nice game. The gameplay and leveling system is so fluid and easygoing and the tapping is no problem at all. My only issue is the main character…she’s cute and strong, but you guys made her waaay too stupid.. like she doesn’t even understand the most simple conversations and her choices most of the time are just dumb. I just get so frustrated with her, lol. Other than that, great game!

  22. Allura Amory says:

    Unlike many other clicker games, this one is meant to be beaten. The main story can be easily be completed with minimal grinding, and evolving skills and unique enemy mechanics add complexity. Optional stuff is a different beast, but that’s to be expected. Great story is the main draw. Biggest problem is grinding upgrade materials. There’s no way to make it easier, all you can do is grind until you get them. That’s not a problem if you only care for the story, though. Worth getting!

  23. Lacee Rowland says:

    Overall pleased. The positives -so important it is number one. The music is awesome. Some are nice tracks, others are spectacular. -graphics are cute. Well done anime style. – gameplay is simple and fun. – story is simple. Not overly in depth, but doesn’t take a back seat. You actually try to beat this game. Negatives. -The Tapping gets annoying after a while. The auto tap purchase is practically needed. Game is fun so I think it’s worth -The grind can be a chore, but not “pay wall” awful.

  24. Morwen Zelene says:

    Simple but fun game. Autotap is pretty much required. Drop rates for cards aren’t great even on hard. Overall good story, nice sound track and easy to play. The dodge function of the first skill appears to do absolutely nothing. I’ve timed it perfectly numerous times and you still take full damage which is quite annoying. Hopefully the game expands a bit more and you give the skills some more strength to make them useful. Last note maybe add to the marketplace to be able to trade orbs.

  25. Misti Dimitrius says:

    I’ve only just started playing but I LOVE it so much the game has adorable graphics and great storytelling the only things are that some of the bosses are really hard but that’s to be expected for a boss and I like how after you feel like you’re a high enough level you can go back and retry to best the boss! the other complaint is that after a while my hand hurts but that’s to be expected from a click game so really no major complaints. highly recommend this game!

  26. Jeraldine Gracey says:

    Great game on PC, Follow-up is disappointing. Spent $10 on launch to support company and felt like I got nowhere with it. Story is bland, not much feeling unlike the first game. Soundtrack is alright as well as art, but this just feels like a cash grab. Drop rate is terrible and can’t really upgrade since you need multiple pieces. The packages are overpriced as well, definitely a pay 2 win vibe. Won’t be looking at any games they post anymore or recommend.

  27. Jeffries Evin says:

    The characters are lovable and sweet and for as simple as the story is, there is so much care put into even the tiniest monsters. As an idle clicker game, it does get repetitive, as you can’t really build on the game mechanics besides needing more clicks per foe, more foes per area, and a higher cost per upgrade, but I think the game works really well within its limitations. Aside from a few minor bugs, I’ve had no issues with this game and I deeply respect how you can beat it for free!

  28. Alex Mindi says:

    Seems like a cute game and the story also seems really good. The problem I see with it is that the enemies level up Faster than the main character is able to, which means you start to take more and more damage from bosses, more so than you can recover from. Which can be a turn off for some of, if not most, people. Balance needs to be met. Maybe enemies level up as the MC does.

  29. Tammy Aldin says:

    I played this a long time ago I think near the time if first came out and it was really fun, a bit boring after a while but it was still fun. The reason I stopped playing is because my progress deleted, there wasn’t a way to save anything so if you deleted it you’d have to start at the beginning. It was annoying since I was fairly far in the game. I’d recommend playing it definitely, but make sure there’s a way to save it first instead of doing what I did.

  30. G G4ming says:

    I chose a middle rating for this but for 2 reasons. It’s a kind of disapointingly long and super drawn out sequel to the original game,( which i absolutly loved!) But it’s just such a long grind for such little story progression… However it’s good in the sense that at least you arent always held below a certain level where you cant literally do anything, it’s always progressing. So that on it’s own is nice! I just wish you could have shortened it down for the story or maybe made another rpg

  31. Jimmy Edwards says:

    I love this game!, Well what I can play of it. Idk if it’s my phone or the game but I cannot proceed past chapter 3 boss. That devil thing. The battles play out fine. I can do the trails up to that point over and over but once it tries to go into the next strory chapter it crashes every single time! It’s done it over 2 dozen times now back to back. Idk why. I can’t get any farther

  32. Moonpie Peden says:

    The graphics are very simple, but they remind me of the original Eternal Senia game. I love that a sequel has been created for it. The fact that this is a side scroller as opposed to a dungeon crawler, like the original, really gives it a different feel. The contrast between the two games makes this much more interesting, to me, to try it and play until I beat it.

  33. Sakura Kazuya says:

    I would have rated this higher the game didn’t crash on me quite so often. It is especially annoying when it crashes after I select a domain boss as I lose all of my DP points which just happened like a minute ago x.x That and the card drops rate is pretty low and I wish I could do something with all the extra green cloakies I have since it’s already maxed. Otherwise it’s a fun and I suppose easy enough game to understand and play. I like all the characters and the story is good.

  34. Leanna Santiago says:

    Great game! Cant wait for the next update! It is completely free to play, though it takes a little longer to progress if you dont, and even longer if you cant compete in the platinum trials which require you to be online…But other than that no complaints! I love the storyline, though it definitely still has some gaps, and the characters are really cute! The gameplay gets a little boring, but it isnt very hard so it is still fun. Overall really good game, please update soon!

  35. IFluffy says:

    Absolutely love the game. Was a little worried about the game quality after launching the app and seeing it was made In Unity, but everything is great! The controls and combat are fluid, and the menus are easy to understand! 100% recommend this game if you’re into JRPGs and looking for a small offline one to play in your spare time.

  36. Darrin Vang says:

    The story is heart moving and overall very good. The ranking system is to the point but can have some clarification about it. But one thing I say should be added to the game is the option to convert the orbs to other materials that are needed. Examples i think would be like the feystones/fairystones, they can be used to help unlock the other cards of the same level due to it just piling up in our inventories. Mitheral isn’t used after the fairy weapons due to the god weapons are hard to get.

  37. Karebu says:

    I played this game when it came out on a different device. I’m coming back 4 years later with nastalgia… I really love this game. It can be grindy at parts but overall all the story is fantastic, the art is beautiful, the controls and equipment system is easy to understand but complex enough for you to not get bored. I recommend this game a lot. I believe I have emailed the devs before and they were super nice! Well done!

  38. Luca Fumagalli says:

    Surprisingly fun! I like that the game is more than just your typical tap-till-your-fingers-break or pay-to-win clone. The tactics involving the skill to break the enemy’s guard and when to time your more poweful abilities are really engaging. The art and story are also cute and enjoyable. The ads are optional, but I’ll happily watch them for the bonus and to support the game. I rarely write reviews but I think this one deserved it. Thanks for the great game!

  39. John Crosby says:

    An idle rpg that could be great. Key issues: Domain trials crash and waste BP with no reward. The story gameplay has you tap through 300+ single file enemies with increased difficulty per floor. (Really repetitive after a while.) Exp required to level up things grows exponentially, requiring lots of grinding. Character stat page is nonexistent. Requires a lot of ads to get good rewards. Game crashes in story play. Can be a fun game hindered by some design choices and crashes.

  40. Cyril Alexei says:

    Great game but has a couple problems. Once you get to endgame progress gets waaaay slow. And the mtx cost is wack! There’s one that’s just an auto clicker but it’s $10! I’d have bought it day 1 if it was 5 bucks but not for 10. Besides that, the game has great longevity. I played this game the most about 3 years ago, but came back. It’s probably the best clicker game. Very good story and great music.

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