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Evolution is just a beginning
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HK Hero Entertainment Co. Limited
December 8, 2022
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Eternal Evolution Mod Apk

Eternal Evolution will likely be your favourite technique cell IDLE RPG in 2022! Obtain now, lead your heroes at the everlasting common enviornment, overwhelm all of the monsters at the battlefield and create your legends!

Everlasting Evolution Mod Apk mod apk

[Heroic Arena]
Summon lots of Terran, Atlas, and Wenfyr heroes for the never-ending mythical wars on this sci-fi global. Teach and evolve the epic heroes on your journey, strategically and freely unencumber their skills to do away with the entire enemies for your approach, and in the end keep watch over the struggle scenario within the area!

Everlasting Evolution Mod Apk unencumber

[Endless Battlefield]
The combat of useful resource raiding won’t ever forestall in Everlasting Evolution even though you’re an AFK participant, which permits the heroes to conform and grow to be more potent at all times! Simply dispatch appropriate heroes towards other enemies in this everlasting battlefield along with your sagacious technique!

Everlasting Evolution Mod Apk apk mod

[Fantasy Hero World]
With the exciting particular animation results and unique sound results, you’re feeling to be a real Commander in a sci-fi background! Simply totally and delightfully benefit from the combats in a fable universe! Within the everlasting thrilling journey of valor, a faucet at the combat button will can help you experience the whirlwind of the everlasting enviornment!

Everlasting Evolution Mod Apk apk mod 2022

Evolution is only the start of your everlasting journey! Obtain the sport and get started your legend of evolution now!

Everlasting Evolution Mod Apk apk mod new

Everlasting Evolution calls for Android OS 6.0+, and RAM 2G+.

Everlasting Evolution Mod Apk apk

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Twitter: E-mail: [email protected]

Everlasting Evolution Mod Apk

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40 comments on "Eternal Evolution Mod Apk"

  1. Ceilagh Shaydey says:

    Ngl, pretty fun game to play when you have a few minutes throughout the day. It is just right in that sweet spot, where you don’t need to do a lot to win and progress, and you can actually participate instead of just watching. Gameplay and progressing feels smooth and satisfying, always unlocking new modes and giving you new things to do. Tldr, i really like it, it is simple and fun. I also really dig the art style!

  2. Swithenbank Tuggle says:

    So far the game feels great and has surprisingly good music, which you don’t see often in these type of games. As far as gameplay goes, it is really fun and there are so many ways to get gear and resources. Character design is pretty cool, each hero has this crisp look to them and the game gives you a lot of them without too much effort. I played some other gachas before, but this is the first one that has an auto-battle that goes through stages and you can even tab from the app and it still auto plays, that is a huge time saver. Love it.

  3. Stephen McQuitty says:

    Great graphics, variety of game play options, CRAZY ftp friendly, and new content being added. All adds up to a great game with potential. Been playing for almost 2 months and hit a wall that took a little time to get past at times, but was able to progress in other areas. Can get best characters maxed in time without paying anything at all.

  4. Rob Mccray says:

    Very unique! However a little repetitive. I get vibes of many old games such as war craft and Diablo with team dynamics similar to raid shadow legends. The fighting is much more exciting but gets a little dry. It is a grinding game for sure. So far the attention to the graphics and character design has blown me away. Solid foundation to a game that can take over the genre.

  5. Marshawn Nero says:

    This game has a futuristic, mythical sci-fi feel to it. Graphics are great, the beginning storyline was missed though due to some type of connection problem (I do not know if it was from my end or the game’s). I also like and appreciate the diversity of characters. I give it a 4 out of 5. Hopefully this game will be qualitative in comparison to other games out there.

  6. Chad Baker says:

    I was enjoying this game until I hit a progress wall where enemy team difficulty in ALL areas of the game jumps by about 50%. From 85k teams to 135k teams. Normally this is where you’d back up and grind, right? Well not in this game. Previously cleared content is not replayable. Probably due to the lack of an energy/ stamina system to limit progressiom. As of right now the entire game is either on cooldown (key based dungeons) or blocked by difficulty.

  7. Kayde Bastion says:

    It’s pretty unique for an idle game. Most idle RPGs have you aim your abilities or cancel them, so to see that here is pretty cool. Right now, we still can’t link our accounts but we should expect that in an upcoming update. I also find auto dialogue to be a little too fast so it’s hard to follow the story, and even playing on x2 speed might be too fast especially if you play munually. I guess the idea is to play auto on x2, but I like to play myself and really utilize the game’s new features.

  8. Joshua Powlison says:

    Very good game so far. Graphics are excellent, and Ties a lot of mini games from other similar style games, but seems to do it better. Will definitely keep you engaged for hours if you choose. Only had one crash where it wasn’t trying to recognize my Google play account. Had to restart over 5 times, but finally did. Overall great game so far, and would recommend a download.

  9. Taylor Svitak says:

    Progresses smoothly as it introduces new features and game modes, so you never really end up feeling overwhelmed or confused about what you should do. Not too easy to where you get bored with it for lack of challenge, which also diverts your attention from the main story progression frequent enough as you upgrade your team to push through the increasing difficulty of the content.

  10. WS x says:

    Very good. A time killer, in a good way. I have a Samsung S7 lite tablet and it runs great but crashes on load-up, unless you uninstall and reinstall it, each time you have to go launch it. I’m not knowledgeable enough to know if it’s the tablet or the game’s compatibility, so I’m being patient about it.

  11. Denzel McIntosh says:

    I have not played for long, and already got one of the highest ranking characters available, with out paying. Got in a decent amount of progression in the story/campaign (8-4). Great graphics, oh and no bugs or glitches, so far so good. All in all Great game so far.

  12. Scott Knight says:

    TY creators/Devos!!!! Very immersive. You can literally play this game all day and never run out of something to do. The graphics during battles are very vibrant, power moves are very rich and dynamic across the many variations of attacks for each hero. I will be playing it 20 years from now if it is still being updated. Every RPG, miner, combiner, any and every gamer for that matter should have this game. It takes 5 different games and combines it into 1 that’s well made, finally.

  13. Jay Craft says:

    Seriously, whoever was in charge of QoL features for this game deserves a bonus…but the game freezes and crashes a LOT on my phone resulting in considerable frustration which will likely be the reason I uninstall…UNLESS you guys manage to make some setting changes or something that makes the game stop crashing. Edit-good game byt crashes and having to continuously have to keep repeating what I was doing when it crashed is really annoying. Still gonna play for now but I’m lowering my rating.

  14. Rabbid Dawg says:

    Nice QOL things like autoplay and ‘Intelligent Evolve’ in this game. Great graphics and smooth gameplay as well as a variety of modes and ways to interact with the game for a handful of minutes each session. Took one star away for some lack of info on how things work in game but it seems they are making fixes to that. Exclamation blurbs and some tips can help, but they don’t offer much in depth insight which this game can require.

  15. Tyler Bolasky says:

    Honestly, one of the best moblie games ive played because the offer to spend money is there BUT, everything is accessable without spending a dime. The “diamonds” that moble games have that you have to spend money on just flow in this game. There is no wait timers for upgrades or anything. If you decide later you dont like a hero you can freely reset them to get upgrade materials back. No limit on how much you can play and many different game modes. 10/10 i have a new favorite moble game

  16. Jazzy Ysj says:

    It is alright. Decent graphics, nice music but the game play is like all other idle. Just got bored of needing ‘cards’ to upgrade, arena, bosses. It just didn’t feel new to me. Just a reshaped game. Some people will enjoy this, so go for it! Just wanted something new and fresh! I will say the rift zone was a new type for an idle game, but limited levels and access just meant slogging through the rest of the game, which I just can’t force myself to do anymore.

  17. Jack says:

    Been playing about 2 weeks. Some good features and good graphics. Menus need refining, some don’t have exit buttons (gear menu). The biggest problem is there is no warning on the double chip event, leaving me to burn all my resources less than 6hrs before it starts. Update that quick, even Raid does this for their double summons and they don’t value their players at all.

  18. Will Hodgson says:

    So far it has been a fun experience leveling heroes and progressing through. I like the auto build system making it not some kind of build game (you have a base but it grows as you progress automatically), but there are a few gameplay polishes that need to happen. For example when trying to remove a heros level and gain all the experience for another hero this is awkwardly in th evolve section. I feel like there needs to be this option when clicking on a hero. Lots to do, but still want more GvG

  19. Caleb Temple says:

    Granted its definitely beneficial to pay for packages to be in 1st place and Yes, you can tell who pays to play but its such a well designed game that just the graphics and play alone are worth the download. Yeah, you’ll never get in to 1st place and get great rewards like they get over and over. It’s how they design the game. Pay for the best. I’m a F2P gamer and I’d rather see what the real potential is rather than buy my way to the top.

  20. Lee Baumann says:

    Almost 5 star! Really great design, fun to play, you can interact as much or little as you want and, even though there are opportunities to spend cash everywhere, you don’t really need to. But if you do, you get a LOT of rewards. However, loading this game on my tablet crashes the game at the beginning of the day. Possibly with how much is going on when it starts initially for the day.

  21. Paige Wesala says:

    One of the best mobile games I have found. This game has a lot to do such as the campaign, events, stage missions, achievement missions, and daily missions. I like how it also has an arena which unlocks later in the game. The game process is good by means of how things unlock overtime instead of all at once. I also like how it had an option for auto play or not. Good game to play so waste some time. I recommend it.

  22. Dick Dickingson says:

    The game itself is fantastic, love the heroes, the graphics and combat animations, but the only problem i have is the exp wall. After couple hours of plying i hit the “power lvl” wall, so i need to wait hours to lvl up a bit and hope to progress a little. Please add a way to farm exp trough playing a game mode infinitivley. The passive income isnt enough.

  23. SofaKingDeviant says:

    Really enjoying this game. It’s simple to learn, easy to get into. The graphics are clean and good to look at. Futuristic sci-fi feel. Kind of makes me think of Warframe. It slowly opens up as you play the campaign so you’re not overwhelmed after 10 minutes of playing and even offers advice for the various modes they offer.

  24. T&T says:

    Good game. Cool characters and fun to play. Only 3 stars because it takes so long to click on anything. There’s a weird delay and you have to click on a button 2 -4 times before it works. Like getting rewards or even going into your heros and clicking on equipment. I hope this delay gets fixed. It’s not bad but over some time it gets frustrating and makes me not want to even open the game

  25. Brian Conrad says:

    I’m transitioning from Raid and I love the game play, story mode, and summoning system along with several other elements of the game that alot of other games out there are missing. I don’t have to pay to swap gear and I can get back most of my resources from any champ to help build another one. All around great game and way to pick up on.

  26. Ernest M. says:

    Great game, albeit somewhat repetitive. However, one of the better and more mainstreamed upgrade and evolving warrior systems. I am VERY upset with the amount of freezing, either booting into the game from the START screen, or in the middle of the game itself. You need to fix those issues. And yes, the phone/computer and Android app store and game itself is fully updated. RAM on the phone is 6 GB.

  27. Zedra says:

    The game does a lot of things really well. And I don’t feel forced to play for 8 hours a day but if I put time in I can progress. Sound,voices,and music are perfect. Some characters lack a face to connect with,but the voices give them personality. You can auto battles or take control. You can regear, reset, rebuild your characters anytime without cost. Some aspects of a rpg should never have a cost.The devs seem to get that it’s fun to tinker, finally the reset timezone is good for US players.

  28. J D says:

    Pretty good raid style game. Interesting and weird choice of heroes and a solid amount of them to start. Diamonds aren’t too hard to come by. But, it overheats my phone something fierce and absolutely drains the battery. It also does not take long to hit the pay to play portion of the game. Seems like its around hero lvl 70. I can’t progress anymore unless I buy xp, which I am not going to do. Was fun while it lasted.

  29. Axel Jorgensen says:

    It has a lot going for it. The SSS system is terrible. Once you *finally* get one it’s outclassed by your elite units. It just takes too long. The static camera during battle is boring and the same backgrounds reoccurring in so many chapters of campaign battles just makes everything so bland and monotonous. It quickly started to feel like a chore to play

  30. Anthony Shox says:

    I give it 4 stars because there aren’t many issues with the game. It doesn’t seem like a pay to win game as of yet. An occasional glitch but it’s pretty darn good. The only thing I would really hit it on is the ad said evolution and I don’t really see an evolution feature. More like a level up feature. They don’t evolve and change into different creatures with different attributes

  31. Dick Fint says:

    Not even staying long enough to collect what I paid for. This “game” is you push the button they want you to push, then auto play from there. Then if you want to auto play a bit faster or better, you buy stuff. It started out well, but I’ve fallen for that before. You reach the pay to play (just to stay even) spot pretty darn quick. Fortunately for me, I wasn’t really interested from the start, played to see if it got better. Nope, didn’t happen. Go watch grass grow. Cheaper & more fun.

  32. NikOlay GriGorov says:

    Great graphics, plenty of game modes and variety. This game has taken all the great stuff from similar titles in the genre and implemented them with unique touch. So far, everything seems great. I have only one main disappointment… the store and offers are significantly more expensive than the competition and the other similar games (Afk arena, MBL Adventure etc.). If prices were better and more compelling i would have already spent some cash on the game.

  33. Vincent Duval says:

    Very well made, sound and graphic designs are pretty, gameplay is smooth. Needs a rehaul of the inventory system, also needs better lore/storytelling, which seems to be almost non-existent. Prices are steep but lots of events makes up for it…sometimes. Character designs are flawless, I’m eager to meet new ones. Friend system should be way, way bigger than 30, make it a 100 at least.

  34. Matt Sweatt says:

    Previously I had put “Great Game” as my review, but I’m not so sure now. On the last Thanksgiving log-in I collected the last”turkey” and tried to collect the item only to receive the message “ITEM DOES NOT EXIST” I restarted the game multiple times to no avail. There’s even a little red dot in the corner that will now never go away if this issue isn’t fixed. Has anyone else had this happen to them? It’s not the biggest deal but it’s still annoying to never be able to get rid of the “red dot”.

  35. Neal Huang says:

    Graphics are good, probably one of the best. Character designs are cool-looking, animations are smooth and appealing. There are several interesting game modes surprisingly well-designed to encourage strategic thinking. But at its heart it’s just another idle RPG. The core game mechanics don’t deviate much from the standard formula for the genre, and ultimately that is what is holding this game back.

  36. Mitchel Shepherd says:

    Excellent game. Runs very well on my Note 20 ultra at high graphics. Haven’t had any issues with it at all. Everything looks amazing and is buttery smooth. Wide range of characters to use. Tons of skills, and they are very gracious with everything. Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a solid time killer.

  37. Tactical Nuke says:

    Well the obvious it’s a great game. It has been a while since a mobile game peaked and kept my interest. Great combination of sci-fi and fantasy theme which I am personally a big fan of. Plenty of content for a new release so you will definitely have plenty to do. Super friendly with a much less aggressive approach to micro transactions feeling “necessary” for progression which really takes the edge off. The new accounting events are awesome and offer great rewards with very fair accessibility.

  38. Stuart Wright says:

    One of the few of these types of games I actually enjoy, mainly because the balance between F2P and P2P is spot on. Also, the progression is great with no massively noticeable grinding (it actually has a sweep system hooray!). Also the graphics, story and characters are interesting with a lot of variation. Events also really interesting with decent and obtainable loot. Nice job.

  39. Triet Nguyen says:

    Anotherbsquad based rpg with Sci fi elements. The evolution system is a mystery. It seems you need similar guys to upgrade which is red flag. Yes the common and elites are easy to get uses but not the super rares. Playing for almost 2 months now. Progression has slowed a bit. Grinding crystals to level up the main 5 guys. It all depends on how hard it is to make the super rares useful. If I hit a ceiling where I need to buy $99 pull tokens I’ll probably move onto something else. There are tons

  40. Cody says:

    Good game, frequent updates with new events and modes, unit evolution is solid and gearing them is quite good as well. Could be more complexity to it however. Some things like the wasteland and soul mine could also be more complex or have more variety. Overall the game is fun and you’ll be able to progress fairly consistently every day for a least a couple weeks of play.

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