EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy Apk Download New*


Venture through the world of Edens Zero with this bird's view action RPG.
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November 24, 2022
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EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy Apk Download New*

Introducing the brand new cellular recreation from artist Hiro Mashima’s extremely in style manga EDENS !

EDENS Pocket Galaxy Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

A devoted adaptation of its global and tale in shocking graphics that can transfer each lovers of the anime and authentic manga, in addition to the ones but to discover it, to tears!

EDENS Pocket Galaxy Apk Obtain New* apk

Blast off into area with simply your telephone! Get started your journey with Pocket Galaxy!

EDENS Pocket Galaxy Apk Obtain New* apk mod

◆EDENS Pocket Galaxy is a fowl’s view motion RPG of the distance fable manga EDENS , merely known as Pocket Galaxy. It’s simple to play to your smartphone, letting you are taking keep watch over of its charming characters!

EDENS Pocket Galaxy Apk Obtain New* mod apk

◆What to grasp.
(1) It’s true to the unique, however contains authentic tales as smartly! The principle storyline is totally voiced. Revel in Hiro Mashima’s wealthy tear and laugh-filled tale richly animated. Don’t fear you probably have but to enjoy the unique. Merely taking part in the sport gets you totally on top of things with the universe of Edens ! Pocket Galaxy may even have its personal unique tale content material! Possibly you’ll even see an aspect of the characters you didn’t within the authentic?!

EDENS Pocket Galaxy Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

(2) Participate in exhilarating, extravagant battles! A real hack and slash revel in! Recreate dazzling battles the usage of the particular talents of Ether Equipment. Arrange your abilities and one button is all you wish to have to simply unharness them on teams of enemies and strong bosses. Pursue the best construct, stay taking up quests, and customise your abilities and kit! How tricky you to find quests will trade dramatically relying for your talent and gear combos. Hack and slash your approach thru to improve your personality!

EDENS Pocket Galaxy Apk Obtain New*

(Three) There are over One hundred forms of costumes to equip, together with the ones drawn through Hiro Mashima himself! There also are over One hundred types of apparatus to acquire via quests. You’ll have numerous cool and lovable garments to put on. Put your favourite persona to your favourite outfit! Converting their look is a laugh, however don’t omit about adjustments for your equipment’s talents and ability compatibility. Will you prefer appears to be like, or efficiency? It’s all as much as you!

EDENS Pocket Galaxy Apk Obtain New* release

(Four) Combat avid gamers world wide within the Area and climb up the ratings! Pocket Galaxy shall be launched around the globe in Eleven languages (Eastern, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese, Conventional Chinese language, Simplified Chinese language, and Korean). Construct a workforce to be pleased with and take a look at them towards different avid gamers! Hiking up the scores will earn you rewards!

◆Who is Edens Pocket Galaxy advisable for?
• The ones on the lookout for an actual motion RPG for his or her smartphone.
• Those that need to check out a hack and slash cell recreation.
• The ones on the lookout for an motion recreation this is unfastened to play.
• Those that revel in taking over and defeating tough enemies and executives a couple of occasions.
• Those that revel in anime or manga, and desire a recreation that immerses themselves in that more or less universe.
• Those that experience motion pictures with high quality visuals, like anime.
• Enthusiasts of Hiro Mashima’s works Edens , Fairy Tail, or Rave Grasp.
• Those that experience absolutely coaching and strengthening their characters.
• Those that need many costumes and talent combos to make characters that really feel actually your individual.
• Those that need to journey in cool and lovable outfits.

◆System Necessities Supported OS model: Android Nine.0 or later
RAM: 4GB or extra SoC: Gadgets with Snapdragon Eight sequence (845 or above), or gadgets with Snapdragon 765G or any units with an identical or higher efficiency.

*Please word that despite the fact that your instrument fulfills the device specs required to run the appliance, it is going to nonetheless no longer run correctly because of exterior elements, similar to to be had reminiscence, conflicts with different programs, or an intrinsic limitation of the tool itself.
*Please notice that some fashions don’t seem to be supported.
*The listing of supported fashions is also topic to modify.

◆All Rights Reserved
© Hiro Mashima/KODANSHA, NTV
©Konami Virtual Entertainment


40 comments on "EDENS ZERO Pocket Galaxy Apk Download New*"

  1. Dalton Martin says:

    Can’t link my Konami ID with the game and there is no option as far as I know to let me talk or do things with NPC’s with some kind of interaction button, granted I could be wrong but I have a large phone and it’s annoying to always reach over to half of my screen to hit a small interaction button… please fix and I’ll give better reviews, Uninstalled the game for now since I don’t want to play a lot just to get dismayed if I run into something that makes me lose progress.

  2. Youcef Neddjar says:

    The game is nice… The UI sucks so bad, it’s soo confusing and hard to get used to, I’m always checking the low side buttons on the main menu when the thing I’m looking for is in stuffed where “settings” are… Game may not be gacha centered which u may think it’s a good thing but it actually not for F2P’s.. you’ll have to pay, on another note! The game drains battery like a LOT. even Genshin Impact in the highest settings can’t compete with this! So 2 stars for now. Till you could fix draining

  3. Adi Chandra says:

    The graphics are good, but the fighting aspect is so off. Once u attack with your character, there is no target marking, meaning your character will bounce all over the place. Maybe that is the intention, and I don’t rate it highly. The second thing is that when you move on the battlefield, the gameplay becomes choppy. Apart from that it’s good.

  4. John says:

    I think there is room for growth. I know the game just launched . That being said it’s 2022 and look at the competition. You either create something ground breaking OR unique is more then fine also .* its a unique franchise BUT problem is the combat and systems are not . It’s average. Possibly cleaning up the UI and upgrade procedures / adding fun content / tighten combat / faster load times could ALL help boost it one more star. But for me I’ll check back in the future and hope game suceeds.

  5. Abdelrahman Refaat says:

    The game is good, but lacks optimization as my phone gets too hot after only running the game for 10 mins or something. Obviously it’s not the phone issue. Playing other games and neither made my phone so hot like that. Also the graphics and game design are kinda low compared to nowadays games. The game has a good potential to be a top tier game, but needs fixes and optimization asap.

  6. Hydro (Hydro H2O) says:

    The game has very fun beat em up gameplay and character customization with a campaign that for the most part follows the story of the manga (the only differences are minor and purely to save time and resources I assume) Everything feels how it should be and the game does justice to the source material, but it feels poorly optimized and (at least on my device) crashes when too much stuff is happening at once. Hope it gets fixed soon and I look forward to seeing this game grow with content.

  7. TheHatter says:

    Game is really good, the outfit system I personally enjoy, the UI is a little clunky and it took a while to get used to and understand. But the main reason it’s 3 stars is bc the game slowly started to slow down, it has a hard time running just the cutscenes, and ik it’s not a me problem bc the first 2 days of me playing it I didn’t have a problem, now I can’t continue in the story bc it crashes during a cutscenes everytime, I even turned the grafics down and it still crashes, hope it gets fixed

  8. Josiah Phillips says:

    I LOVE this game but there are many MANY problems as of right now. Most noticable is a lack of content. I’ve finished the story and the side quests in just three days. As a F2P, the only content available to be is the arena, which I can only play once an hour, the daily missions which I can only play once a day, and the event. Which has me worried about the longevity of this game once the 10 days ends for the current event. This is the main issue and all I can fit in this review.

  9. Logan says:

    Another average game hiding behind a good license that auto-paths you through levels while you hit skills on an energy gauge/cooldown timer. The only novelty is the gear you equip actually shows on the character model and individual colors on the items can be changed. So, if you wanted a dress-up simulator for your favorite characters, this is the game for you! If you want a game with anything innovative, look elsewhere.

  10. Maurice Williams says:

    Game is kind of fun, potentially really fun. I love the show. Problem is it keeps closing after each mission, sometimes durings the mission. I’m only about 5 or 6 missions in and it’s done it about 4-5 times. I’m close to uninstalling. I’m playing on a new moto stylus.

  11. Ahmad Baihaqi says:

    Update: I love this games, and it kinda what kinda worse in here: Oh yeah: the game is extremely repetitive, the story are short and completely just over like in 5 days. And feel like beta test or something. The game feel unfinished, yeah, but the level can be unbalanced like i want to play this level and level are too high to play and need more grinding, it’s extremely boring. Well, the device support are too high, too high. Need fix this compatible Android devices: Android 7 minimum. Hoping fx

  12. Antonio Sambolek (xTheLaw) says:

    The game is fun and costume system is amazing but the performance is horrible. The game stutters a lot with lots of enemies on screen and doing literally anything greets you with a loading message. You literally spend more time in loading screens than actually playing.

  13. mail2003 says:

    Its a fun game, But it needs a lot of improvements. For Starters, The ability to Actually Lock Onto The Enemy. This is really annoying trying to keep myself pointing in the rigjt direction. It also tends to make my phone overheat, Like Really Fast. It only needs about 5-10 minutes. This one might just be something im doing wrong, But im having a really hard time actually trying to level up. It seems nearly impossible for me to train up any of the new characters i picked up after the first 3

  14. Darkalexone Gamer says:

    I found this game pretty enjoyable. I am a fan of edens zero from the anime so playing as Shiki and his friends is very fun. But the problem is that the game crashes way too often. I’ve noticed that lately it has been crashing a lot when I started using Sister Ivry in the latest event stages. This game has lots of performance issues even when I set my display on “low” so I can make this game run smoother but the frame rate gets really bad while attacking multiple enemies. I hope this gets fixed

  15. Zoltán Sándor says:

    I’ve played your game. It’s great! It is. But it has several problems with it, and I hope it’ll be fixed asap. Soo, It’s an Action RPG. Has a great graphic, animation, and the combat is kinda hectic but you can get used to it. The problem is the game is f#king unoptimised to other devices. I have a A71, not the best for gaming, but it has to run it at full speed. But instead it’s lagging, glitching, and drop me out, which it makes it unplayeble. I really, REALLY hope those issues gonna be fixed.

  16. Serghei Volodcenco says:

    You download the game, then you need to download again, then when finishing the tutorial you have to download again, when entering a new level.. guess what another download. Despite all of this the game is not bad, but for me the biggest issue is having 2 type of paid currency (one you get for free and cant use it almost anywhere and the other you pay for). This could have been a fun game but i feel that they are too greedy !

  17. Libra _Order says:

    Despite liking the anime the game did not have much to offer for the experience. I was finally able to use data transfer and it decided to delete all of my save progress when it completed as a test. The game is just fighting a large group of enemies and grinding for levels and better equipment. There’s not much to do after those missions are complete. So you can leave the characters on autobattle to do everything win or lose and have to watch them restart. But all my progress is gone now.

  18. Michael Babad says:

    Really a good game and fun storyline. No caps grind all you want. Hope theres an ending. I dont like games without ending like those mmo’s where you get tired of it and just quit leaving all your hard earned rares behind. UPDATE: ok i hit the end of the storyline and now grinding events. Things to improve: selling and disassembling items takes a LOT of time and only 20 items per transaction 1 sec per item. Event stages need auto save memory. Game really needs a lot of optimization.

  19. Adam B. says:

    1 star for being unplayable. I’d like to dewll in the game’s atmosphere/fun-storyline and progress… However, the game is VERY UNOPTIMIZED for any phone even the high-ends, I’ve played games with much more detailed graphics and very high capacity (GAME-SIZE) Runs even better and smoother than this one, Let alone the crashes, bugs etc…

  20. Henrique Melo says:

    Wow, that’s unexpectedly a really interesting game for mobile. It even made start thinking about watching the anime. I liked the theme of the game/anime. This space adventure thing gave me a Star Wars vibe. The only problem with this game for me is its performance on my phone (and I see other people complaining about here in the store). The game seems to demand too much from the device, whick makes it lag many times during gameplay. Maybe you guys can optimize it more.

  21. SmashMan Six says:

    So far so good, I love the style choices, story and gameplay, but it’s still too early to give a final verdict. EDIT: after playing for a while, I can say that the game definitely needs work. Optimazion especially, it will drain and overheat your phone like no tomorrow. Also more content

  22. Mark Schmitz says:

    Playing on a Samsung Tab A8 (2022) Fantastic! Graphics are sharp and smooth. Controls are easy. This game actually keeps me entertained! It has humorous moments that make me laugh. A really big plus over many other games I’ve played. SO MANY OTHER GAMES ARE JUST BORING! It also has a very clean, no clutter appearance which helps with the overall emersive experience. No screen clutter! It’s a very enjoyable game. I’ll be sure to look for more games from this developer.

  23. Klajdi says:

    The game is decent, the currency earning thingy is quite unfair and slow for the earning but the biggest issues for the moment are the glitches, controls and crashing. The controls are funky, it just randomly punches, an optimization for a lock upon the enemy whenever pressing an attack and the skills buttons would be a nice touch, or it should be as a settings option. Second issue so far is whenever spamming skills or a large groups of enemies gather there is a glitch which leads to crashing

  24. Marita Nakamura says:

    The set-up of the game is good and allows you to enjoy the content without progressing too fast. Unfortunately, once I reached the Guilst Arc the game keeps glitching and shuts down instead of allowing me to progress through the main story. Cool if you can fix this

  25. Tanmay Venkatesha says:

    How an I supposed to play the game of it never finished downloading. It took over 30 minutes to download to 74% and it stopped after that. I had to suspend download and it started downloading from 0 again. Please fix this. Edit: I tried again and it got stuck at 66%

  26. Adams channel says:

    Best anime based game in store ,it’s well balanced,super fun,and is actually on point with actual show! Graphics are great,and gameplay is very exceptional and unique! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR SUCH A MAGNIFICENT GAME! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND,WOULD GIVE 10+ STARS IF POSSIBLE!

  27. toby Sperry says:

    Sucks very laggy took forever to download a 3gb download when it should even take 5 mins to do🤦🖕 I do not recommend this game to anyone very slow start and the touch isnt even aligned for the buttons

  28. Dane Lausberg says:

    Can’t transfer data even though I’m logged in via GooglePlay. Huge fail that players can’t just login to their account regardless of the device. Tried using the help interface; can’t type in anything on touch or via keyboard -_-

  29. D K (Ragna) says:

    Great game so far, but I have had an issue linking the game to my Google account, though support has been helpful in trying to solve the issue. It is nice the you unlock characters via story progression as well, instead of gacha, which also makes it so the game doesn’t really have any character that is better than another and is more based on player skill.

  30. Mojolaoluwa Soleye Victor says:

    Well this game is quite fun,but my main issues with it would be the loading screens. They’re almost everywhere and there’s really nothing much to see while waiting for the game to load. Also, I feel like they should remove the ability to play as some characters during some special story missions like when Rebecca got captured or special events.overall a 3.9 or a 4.1 out of 5

  31. Tater Tots Gaming says:

    A talking simulator with the occasional 12 seconds of actual game play. Uninstalled after 10 minutes of non-stop dialog and loading screens. One fight the whole time. Should have known better since this is essentially a horrible JRPG.

  32. Hol Up Knight says:

    I like this game, but I can’t get past Planet Guilst because the Illega boss keeps disappearing and getting stuck in the air and I can’t fight him. If I could get some feedback on this, I’d really appreciate it.

  33. Karim Khiyani says:

    This game is good I love its anime and manga but game is glitches a lot specially on boss fights. Boss just disappeared and I have to restart the whole game then the boss reappears again. Whenever the boss makes its move it disappeared again. Please some fix this.

  34. Rhine De Roxas says:

    Decided to return to the game because I miss it. Only to find out that the Loading Screen had been much longer than before. Disappointing. I’d keep playing, only because I like Edens Zero but then again, those loading screens are a sad way to waste your time. Also, make the option that the joystick could be fixed and not moved freely.

  35. BLUE CRAFT says:

    WHYYYYYY this game is still crashing at first started 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 please fix this bugs like when I started first tutorial fights then I used gravity shiki or Rebecca and yet still crashing game and I restarted game and still crashed game. PLEASE FIX THIS

  36. OJI CHROM8 says:

    A game for smaller devices sizes.It’s not bad but not fun enough,I mean for a very great game,cause of the concept.And the fighting control could be something more.

  37. Daffa Baihaqi andrean says:

    This game is good but please fix the force close the game is always fc like every 10 minutes i will give 5 star if this bug is already fix it

  38. Nick Brauher says:

    Can’t even download the game. I’m hooked up to my WiFi, and still errors. What a shame…

  39. Zac22 says:

    So,just like other anime mobile arpg,it’s nothing to be impressive about. You just playing for story,which is something you can do by reading the manga or watching the anime,so I don’t really what’s the point of this game. Fr. But combat is decent,so yeah. 2 star is is pretty accurate rating.

  40. danny vazquez says:

    Love it, no stamina system and what you gotta pay for is reasonable and not necessary until high lvls but only if you want to speed things up

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