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Engage with girls, get rich and gain power. You are the Legend, aren't you?
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November 21, 2022
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Call me a Legend Apk Download New*

Call me a Legend is a loose RPG recreation simulation with quite a few women and heroes! Turn out to be a Legend within the recreation, which allows you to get wealthy and achieve energy! However watch out for zombies, as a result of they’re lurking in the back of each nook!

Name me a Legend Apk Obtain New* mod apk

Major options:
✔ Courting – Make a choice ladies you need to construct relationships with and date them. Change into a legend amongst ladies!
✔ Elevating a circle of relatives – Deal with your spouse and she’s going to handle your lifestyles and your youngsters. Groom your heirs!
✔ Political video games – Get wealthy and robust!
✔ Forge Alliances – Recruit heroes which is able to permit you to defeat the zombies!
✔ Broaden the camp and improve your heroes to lead them to more potent. Be the highest of the legend!
✔ Pass on Quests – ship expeditions to discover new territories and to find extra survivors.
✔ Chat on-line with different avid gamers – trade your stories! Who’s the Legend on the finish?
✔ Set the report – We problem you to take a look at to grow to be the best-ranked participant on our international score record! Are you the Legend?

Name me a Legend Apk Obtain New*

Play Name me a Legend without cost now! Get Wealthy, Achieve Energy Now!


40 comments on "Call me a Legend Apk Download New*"

  1. Zayne Derick says:

    would give no stars, but gotta rate it to post. Yet another game that wont stop crashing when i try to play it. i have uninstalled it. cleared the cache. none of it works. it simply crashes within a minute or two after loading up. may be my tablet but i doubt it. i run other high graphic demand games with no trouble. something’s wrong with the game and i couldn’t say what. too bad, wouldnt mind a simple and casual game to play.

  2. Darelle Scelfleah says:

    It is ok, kind of like several other games like Be the King in style. The two big problems I have with willing to put money into it. 1, each combat mission story eats your Army way too quickly, so you have to wait for the build up before the next chapter. 2, the dating system in finding beauties takes way long of a time, first explore the town, then wait a long time to explore the building before finding the beauty. If these were fixed, I would pay money to play the game.

  3. Apryl Cordale says:

    My patience is running out. I’m used to this game genre. What I’m not used to are bugs every week. We are also having a Thanksgiving event, to collect items. After Day 1 of the event, they made sure that we couldn’t collect most of the items we needed anymore. They also change stats on our heroes, at a whim, when many of us have been strategically leveling our heroes. Most complaints get ignored also. I’ve been putting money into this game but I think I’m done with game after Thanksgiving

  4. Cis Toni says:

    Was about to be my fav game and even made a purchase, but it basically got me nowhere, so I started watching ads but there’s a daily limit. Reset times for replayable missions are ridiculous and so are purchases in general. It takes “milking the cow” to a whole new level. Now it’s a game I’ll play only when I’m on the toilet because I’m quickly losing interest.

  5. Geremy Rusty says:

    Game started out ok but you cannot carry over any save profile. Even if you sync them to an account. The game forces you to start a new game everytime you redownload the game. It doesn’t even give you the option to load a profile. Worst thing is that once your forced to play a new game, it won’t let you exit without syncing the current game but you can’t sync because the profile is already registered to another game. This mean you’ll just stuck. If you spent any money, consider it gone.

  6. Panda Pixie says:

    Really enjoying the game! Love leveling up my men. It’s oddly satisfying. However; Backpack: some of the items are hard to find where they belong to and why hold onto something that’s going to take so long to obtain? Then I came across some freezing. I’ll be swapping between different areas to go but nothing will progress because it stuck (ie: finished a round, spending money, etc). Lastly, the chat needs monitoring. Got some gross men talking there….

  7. Karina Parris says:

    It’s a decent game, but definitely a pay to win. The events have beauties as prizes but you can only get so far even with smart playing. Then you have to pay big to win the prizes. It would be better if they brought back events so you can pay if you’re impatient, but try again next time for a chance to actually win. It’s frustrating. There are a lot of perks to paying, but also fun without paying except for the events.

  8. luis m acevedo says:

    Game is nice, only problem is you can never get the limited beauties without spending money. You may acquire items from doing certain things, but after the first day or two, you no longer get the items needed to obtain the beauty, which means you have to spend money. Example, doing outskirts gives you something sometimes, but after a day or two,, you get nothing. Not cool… its like the amount you get is greatly reduced

  9. Gerry DeFilippo says:

    Absolute money pit, with less than competent development, and slow, unresponsive customer support. Ive been trying to get one reward error corrected since May, for example. New features get released without proper instructions, and usually have bugs to get fixed. Also, if you aren’t able to become a member of a strong club, you grow slower and get dominated in many play areas. The development keeps adding features which cost money. Pay a lot to play. Also, loading issues.

  10. Patrick “Snap-Tite” Murray says:

    The game is essentially broken. Every time they fix something, it seems like they don’t test it and break 2 more things. Occupies a lot of unnecessary memory because features are removed or no longer supported but you keep acquiring the drops. English 2nd language is obvious in multiple locations (“learnt” isn’t a word). Characteristic descriptions aren’t standardized (CHA under Reinforcement but LEAD everywhere else). Good content at first gradually removed to make you pay for those features.

  11. OMEGA OMEGA (OMEGA) says:

    Very challenging game. Excellent girls, can build soldiers to whatever strength you want according to your resources. Would recommend this game if your diligent. The bad, it’s a little glitchy, have had 2 uninstall and reinstall several times this last week in order for the game to load. Also likes to disconnect from the server, occasionally it won’t reconnect. Once required a reinstall. Fortunately no game play was lost and no penalties. Kudos to the DEVS for the mini game and variety.

  12. Zhong Wang says:

    Worth taking a look, but overall painfully difficult to play. The good: is great 2. graphics is awesome. But other than these the game seems to be poorly balanced, items are extremely expensive, but paying money actually don’t get you much, just end up ranking wars with other payers. Items are confusing and painfully to collect unless you pay. Still parinful after you paid. Interation with girls are quite limited. Games is designed for billionairs with patience. Will need work.

  13. Thomas Bouvier says:

    Frustrating It’s a money pit. No documentation or help. Everything has a time limit which is too short. The battles are boring and repetitive with no real opportunity to play. The beauties are essentially out of reach. Even if you spend a bit it is never enough. It can be mesmerizing and envelope you. I gave it a try without buying anything and then when I did get a package it didn’t work and the help desk is non-responsive! So, I would recommend against getting this game.

  14. Kevin Purcell says:

    The whole point of this game is to strengthen your army, and one of the best ways to do that is to find “beauties” to augment the abilities of individual soldiers. It is possible to advance in this game without paying anything, but they make it increasingly ridiculous. Example: there is a feature where you get 1 special search for a new beauty per day. Most beauties take 20 of these searches, but after taking 20 days to search, the game may “find” a beauty you alread have. Unreal garbage.

  15. Des Walch says:

    This is your basic grind through levels and rank up to win. But with girls that sometimes wear bikinis. Yeah pervs, you don’t get any nudity here so go elsewhere. The game itself is simple and easy enough, but you are constantly under pressure to spend real money on packs. That’s all pretty basic for this style of game. But it quickly becomes a boring grind, and has no storyline. That’s why I uninstalled it after a week. Graphics are good. In game explanations and tutorials are lacking.

  16. Jack Messick says:

    Somewhat frustrating. You have lots of questions that are not answered in the game play guide or the help instructions. The specialty heroes or “beauties” are hung out there, but it is impossible to earn them except by investing thousands of dollars, and if you only get halfway there, they will never be seen again, so you have wasted time, effort, and perhaps some money. They graphics and the audio are great, and there is some good humor, but I definitely feel cheated in some respects.

  17. Joseph Porter says:

    Was great for a while, then turned bad. I loved playing the game, always events going on and something to do. Then a week ago I was unable to log in, I waited patiently for an update. That didn’t happen but I was able to log in again for a day. Then I have not been able to do so since. I Uninstalled the game and reinstalled it and I made it further in the load bar than before, but the same result. I looked for an online solution but found none that would work for me. Would be a 5 star review.

  18. Bob Wherrett says:

    Fun game. This is perfect for people needing instant gratification. You can purchase your way to the leader board very fast. I’ve been playing for almost a year and watch a lot of people come and go. It can be a bit glitchy. You collect items that build your character, but when you go to use them, there gone. I’d hate to spend hundreds of $ to watch a glitch take what you worked hard to gather/pay for…

  19. Eric Prochnow says:

    It’s 100% pay to win. All events require in game currency to get the girl. All ranking stats are features that are boosted by paying more than the other players. No skill required to be the top, just buy more. Wish it was different cause the currency in game is very expensive. Coming out to be about $20 per character you want.

  20. Holley Jenna says:

    Good game at the beginning. Fun quests, unique features, enjoyable gameplay and graphics. After three months, though, it has become much less fun. For example, I need over 9m oil to advance a retainer, but have only been able to gather 131k in almost a month. I just feel stuck. Other resources are easy to get, so it is still playable and if you don’t mind a bunch of low level retainers, it should be okay. I asked higher level players how they got over the hump and they replied; money.

  21. Trever VanEtten says:

    I love the game and have been playing for some time now. Howhever, I wish that some of the previous beauties would be brought back. I jave a ton that i never had the chance to finish acquiring and would like the chance to have them as well. I have yet to see Fiona for nearly 2 years now. I would love to give it 5 stars but this is the only reason I dont. Update: 12/29/21 My phone had a update now the game crashes at 79% loadout. Please fix this issue!!!!!

  22. Dom simpson says:

    I want to give this game more stars as I actually enjoy playing daily. But as of recently when the update dropped I have not been able to load the game. It crashes during the loading screen. I haven’t been able to play for days and I have invested alot of time and money into it. I need to be sure that they are going to fix this issue and give some kind of big or worth while compensation for my time and money lost.

  23. Shane Ostrowski says:

    Not sure why my first rating didn’t post. I’m having problems with this game after they sold their company and they updated the program. Won’t load the game nine times out of 10. When it does, I lost all progress and contacted customer service to try and get a reload password. No response. Haven’t got back in the game and days either. Seems like a lot of people are having the same problems. You can’t load the games and play it. Spent a considerable amount of money playing the game. All lost

  24. Matthew Barner says:

    I have played for quite sometime. Many changes have been made, not all good. While I realize the idea is to make money, there seems to be no respect for players who are on the game regularly. Once again the game has started to fail to load repeatedly for days. Clearing cache and re-installing have not helped. The one time I was able to get it to start, it would not allow me to get back to my account which had been bound. It was the third high level account I have lost because of this. I’M DONE!

  25. John Youket says:

    Used to be a decent game with hardly any issues. Since the last update now it freezes and crashes every few minutes wasting time and energy of a long time player which has had enough of. Fix the game whereas the players can enjoy the game and stop ruining it. DECA if you the game to suceed stop forcing the game you want vs the players & I know I’m not the only one. If you want to play a game that freezes/crashes every few minutes here it is.

  26. Brett Howell says:

    Been playing this for a few months, but the crashing issues are increasing and now it wont load for over a week. Tried everything I could think of. Poorly designed support. No response to email. No other way to report issues except complain here. Money put into the game now a lost cause. Uninstalling once and for all. Don’t waste your time or money on this one.

  27. Steve Evans says:

    Just performed the system update and the screen refresh is now so laggy it’s made games like Radioactive Mine and The Carnival unplayable. Still no autocomplete on the boss level of Exploration, which is now so tedious I don’t bother with it. And what’s going on with Masquerade Ball?? It sits on the screen, but has been inactive for months. Used to be a great game, now repetitive and dull.

  28. Andy Williams says:

    Been playing for several years and fumbling my way through. How it works is not clear but as with many others, system has crashed and I am unable to recover. Followed uninstall process and still nothing. No point playing if you lose everything!

  29. Scott Aragon says:

    Update: Game once again doesn’t work. I can get in to the game once every five attempts. Game regularly crashes entering in Arena matches or opening scoreboards; and ALWAYS crashes in World Battle, Outskirts, and Exploration. I have been playing for a year and a half, and am very near quitting. Too much money required… you can be competitive with no spending, but it requires a lot of knowledge, and information is in short supply.

  30. Charles Panes says:

    So very frustrating as there has been numerous issues with game recently which meant I could not log into the game. Finally it loads and it brings me to the very beginning of the game like I am a new starter. I followed all the prompts so I could attempt to switch to my original account and back to my original server. No that didn’t work, so everything I have achieved in the game since day one (since 2018) is gone. Thanks for nothing!

  31. Jim Mac says:

    I have played this game for over 8 months. In the beginning navigating the game was a little difficult. Did figure out and built a strong army. Over the last few months the updates started and the horrible lagging begun. After dealing with the lagging and playing on. Next came the crashing and not even loading. At that point wasn’t able to in joy the game. Dumped it and I’m moving on. Hope this helps future players. Maybe at some point they’ll get it right.

  32. Mark Goforth says:

    Been playing this game for a year, spent $200 to upgrade to VIP level 5, gained Many top heroes and built them up to top levels and then the game reset and kicked me out for two days. When I finally got back in, they reset/erased everything and made me start all over. I bound the game to my Google account at the very beginning to avoid issues like this. Two months ago, the same reset issue happened but I was able to recover. Now it is saying my account is not bound. Total rip off. Dont do it

  33. Mark Ely says:

    Forced update and won’t load. Not surprised. I’ve struggled to get this game to consistently load up. Today’s forced version upgrade won’t actually open. Seems on par with all the past issues (crashes, not loading, etc)

  34. Repins Evets says:

    Don’t waste your time. After nearly every major update the game is totally unplayable lately. Crashes once opened effecting many android users unfortunately. If only they would stop trying to fix things that aren’t really broken.

  35. Gary Kapostas says:

    *people being reset read end of review* To DECA: Once again the game crashes on startup. Can’t get in to do dailies and collect my monthly logins (which aren’t free…). DECA you really need to step up your quality and stability. Please fix the game and actually care about your player base… thanks. *For anyone who has had to restart DO NOT bind the new account. To get original account back all you have to do is click on switch account and click whatever you bound your original account to.*

  36. Tony Messerer says:

    I played for two years, then it wouldn’t play because of crashes wouldn’t load the game to play. Uninstalled to reload the game, wich was a mistake…lost the game and won’t let me bond to the original bond as if your we’re able to reload the game. Wait for the update till they fix the issue… You may wait a few days or weeks… Hopefully they will fix it and you will be able to play. Super bummed I have to start from the beginning.. Good news it came back and played and then crashed.good game

  37. Craig Lawson says:

    Every update means that you can’t log in for a few days. When it is working the game either crashes every 5 to 10 minutes. When they finally fixed the crashing every time I use an item (there are tons of items to use each day) the game freezes for several seconds.

  38. Brandon Szany says:

    Always has problems, crashes all the time!!! Now it won’t let me get on at all… What a big waste of my time. I was the president of my club and the 3rd most powerful player on my entire server… Big disappointment after wasting so my time on this game. I strongly suggest finding a better ran game to play so that you don’t waste as much time as I did all for nothing!!!

  39. Bain Winston says:

    Ever since DECA took over development, this game is full of bugs, and constantly crashes. The last update has had me locked out for almost a week, since the game won’t open on my current Android phone, and I have had to revert back to using an old Samsung Galaxy 8. This game used to be fun, but needs a lot of improvements to get back to being fun.

  40. Dante Joseph says:

    Don’t spend any money. After 3 years of an enormous amount of time and money invested (and even binding the game to protect it), new owners and one game update can make it all disappear and you start over as if you’re a new player.

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