Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition Premium Apk

Gather your party— the classic adventure returns!
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February 7, 2022
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Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition Premium Apk

This recreation is optimized for capsules and no longer advisable for telephones with display screen sizes below 7 inches.

Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Version Top class Apk apk mod 2022

Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Version is the vintage 1998 RPG— enhanced for contemporary adventurers. Customise your hero, acquire your birthday celebration, and project forth on this open-world epic the place each selection issues.

Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Version Top rate Apk

75+ HOURS OF CONTENT MATERIAL Accommodates the unique 60-hour journey, in addition to the next additions:

Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Version Top class Apk apk mod

– Numerous enhancements to the unique recreation, together with an stepped forward interface, dynamic zooming, and extra.
– STORIES OF THE SWORD COAST | Discover extra of the Sword Coast, together with the fabled Durlag’s Tower.
– THE BLACK PITS | Fight a myriad of monsters in Baeloth’s marvelous area.
– BROTHERS MISPLACED | Assist Rasaad yn Bashir, the Solar Soul Monk, as he scours the Cloud Peaks looking for his misplaced brother.

Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Version Top rate Apk mod apk

– NEERA AND THE PINK WIZARDS | Save the wild mage Neera from the machinations of Thay’s dreaded Purple Wizards
– TRAIL OF THE BLOODIED | Sign up for the blackguard Dorn Il-Khan in taking revenge towards those that betrayed him in Luskan
– GALLERY OF HEROES | Reimagine your personality with 11 new persona portraits from Icewind Dale artist Jason Manley
– NEW VOICE UNITS | Additional customise your personality

Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Version Top class Apk free up

TALE Compelled to go away your house underneath mysterious instances, you end up drawn right into a war that has the Sword Coast on the point of conflict. Quickly you find there are different forces at paintings, way more sinister than that you must ever consider…


40 comments on "Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition Premium Apk"

  1. Jimmy Cammie says:

    Make sure it works on your phone. After some technical issue, the game worked well. I’ve played PC games of this type and it plays just like it. Controls are pretty easy but it takes a few times playing to have it feel natural. Good fun old school game. I’m still playing. We need more PC games similar to this (like D2) for phones

  2. Sammantha Carmelo says:

    Update: after trying out for a few days, the crashing can almost be avoided. Find an indoor save and unselected the accessible area background. Clicking on map outdoors always crash the game. I start to like many of the changes like bg2-like quick loot and option to level up NPC by yourself when they join the group. Adjust font size and fix the map bug please. Was a five star app. Recent update makes the font size too small, including main menu, quest log bullets, and character creation menu and so on. Graphics become smudged too. I am familiar enough with the game to endure all the above, which can’t be reverted back in graphics settings. The deal breaker is the crashing when accessing area map with background active. This bug had been reported on support site a month ago by somebody else. But the progress is still 0% so far. Could you provide an option to revert back to previous version at least? I am in the middle of a play through. Now I can’t play at all!

  3. Colman Nelson says:

    After The newest update , Everytime I’m in game and hit the map button, the map zooms out, freezes my phone for 35 seconds, then it reboots back up. PLEASE fix this asap, as this is one of my favorite ports. You guys are doing an amazing job however, I think the latest batch of updates, was a miss. Thank you though for an amazing port, I canNot Stress that.

  4. Diamond Reginal says:

    Great remaster of a great series. I have one problem, I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 with 16GB of internal storage, this does not allow me to have all the games installed at once. The option to move to SD does not move the data files, can you please update too allow the app to read the data files from the SD card!

  5. Isaic Brewstere says:

    A great port of the PC game! The game runs really well on an old tablet (2016; low end then). The graphics, sound, etc. are all look great, and the touch controls are responsive (although it can hurt your fingers in particularly tough fights with all the tapping on screen). There are new graphical scenes throughout the game, which are nice–they don’t quite match the graphic style of the rest of the game, but look like the art style you’d see in the D&D books today; I didn’t mind. If you’d like another crack at BG today, especially while on the bus, etc., this is the way to go!

  6. Quinterion Nigel says:

    I do like this game but the only issue is that with Baldurs Gate 1 and 2, it feels like the graphics have become less crisp and for some reason there is no option to quit the application on the main menu. You may wish to address that. Overall, brilliant game and great work.

  7. Lovel Davian says:

    A really great port of the original game. I have spent countless hours playing the original games, having owned them since release. When I saw the opportunity to move that game play to my mobile devices I jumped on it and have not been disappointed. The new characters, and fixed quests have been a delight to interact with. While I know much of this game from countless play-throughs, the EE breaths new life into the game.

  8. Brigham Maxton says:

    I really want to play this game and I keep on trying but every time I get into the game I get frustrated with the small fonts. Developer responded to another note 9 person saying that it’s optimized for tablet while why don’t you optimize it for cell phones as well? the developer also responded to another note 9 person saying you can increase the font size. This is sort of true and sort of false. You can’t increase the font size for certain things and if you do sentences sometimes get cut off

  9. Marje Marley says:

    Baldur’s Gate is a masterpiece, and I encourage you to play this game on any platform. This is a 5/5 game in my heart. However, the UI really needs an overhaul to make it less clunky as a phone game (like sidebar options shouldn’t clutter the screen, make more room for ability icons, etc.). However, aside from some aspects of the UI, the game is fantastic.

  10. Sharalyn Paprika says:

    Fantastic port, one of the greatest games ever made for 10 quid is great value. The ui works perfectly, the size of the font can be changed in settings along with many other things and the game just runs super smoothly in general. I really recommend it to anyone, whether you’ve played it before or are new to the series. Don’t worry about performance issues, my phone is rubbish and this game still works perfectly. Fingers crossed for a Fallout 1&2

  11. Annjeanette Piper says:

    The ONE thing I would change is I find it really hard to select really small items with my big ass fingers. maybe a way to area select and it will select the item in the area so I don’t have to click the same spot 20 times trying to press the item. Otherwise fantastic version of the game and fully preserves the experience, everyone who would like to play this game I believe this is a great way to do it. It’s a fantastic and vast game.

  12. Ethen Tatum says:

    This should be written in Bold letter with the Title: “This game is optimized for tablets and not recommended for phones with screen sizes under 7 inches.” My fault for not reading thoroughly. The game is special to me back in the days. Was excited I could play it on mobile, just too hard to control and read text.

  13. Mitchelle Brier says:

    I have the Samsung Note10+ and after downloading the game, I’m presented with a message that this game was optimized for an older version of Android. There doesn’t seem to be any current updates to fix this. Long time fan of the series here and was excited to be able to play this mobile. If anyone has had similar problems or knows of any fixes let me know.

  14. Mikayleigh Nylah says:

    One of my favorite games of all time. Easily recommended for its story, game mechanics, and atmosphere. While you don’t get the precision on a touch screen as you would with a mouse, this controls really well and is a great fit for tablets. Playing Baldur’s Gate on the go is incredible and, for me, beats the experience of playing on the PC.

  15. Tanzi Dawn says:

    If you love BG this is a great game that stays true to its roots. HOWEVER, I have experienced a bug that can make navigating a bit tricky. Any time I go to view the local map in any place of significant size, it crashes. this means that even though the world map is fine, I can’t load it unless I go to leave an area. it’s not an insurmountable bug and seems to have mostly to do with the memory usage in my phone (Samsung J7) but for a person that has never played this classic game it could be so frustrating they just quit, especially when they are looking for specific places in the city proper.

  16. Everley Kyndall says:

    I cannot play this game because of a game-breaking glitch. Often I am in an item menu and a party member starts talking to me, which causes the dialog window to move to the front and I can not dismiss the item. I can not do anything but close the app and reload from a save, but it keeps happening. I wish I had learned this while it was still possible to get a refund. Edit, response – How do I do that? And this would be a workaround, do you have a plan to actually fix this?

  17. Charlet Maryon says:

    Great game, plays like I remember it. Running on a chromebook Acer. R13. Only issue is with the controls. two points. 1) The keyboard functions at first but then cuts out most keys if the window focus is lost for even a second. Switching to another app or accidentally bringing up the search bar makes the space bar no longer pause. 2) Moving the mouse to the edge of the screen does not move the screen and the mouse wheel does not zoom in or out. adding this would increase the games functionality

  18. Colby Brine says:

    It is an awesome game! It hits the DND feel right on the dot, and it’s baldurs gate just more accessible! I have experienced a few bugs, but they either have been patched or are well known ones with a workaround (such as killing the necromancer when he’s not casting a spell). I have a small phone, so it’s a bit harder to control, but I knew what I was getting into and it’s still possible! It’s harder to navigate on a small phone, but I’m fine with it. Amazing game overall, I’d recommend it!

  19. Newton Avelina says:

    Big map to explore, every quest is rewarding and interesting with a great back story! And not just rewarding in the “heres XP and gold” way, there are different rewards like reputation, weapons, spells, companions, discovering new locations, and more! Full in depth character customization that can change how you play and companions and weapons you can use, so the game also has great replay value. Everything from characters to the smallest side quests are in depth, interesting, and rewarding! BUY

  20. Sarah Tanner says:

    I have loved this game for over ten years and was delighted to be able to buy it for my Android device. Unfortunately, I was bitterly disappointed to find that, whilst playing the game, the navigation bar at the bottom of the screen is in the way and can’t be removed – this means that the tool bar for gameplay, where all the item slots etc are, cannot be seen, which seriously interferes with gameplay. I’ve done everything I can think of with the game graphics, and the device’s own display and nothing works. I’d love to be able to give this five stars, as the game is amazing, but this issue is driving me nuts.

  21. Alisha says:

    Absolute perfection, an oldie but a goldie. Took me right back to my childhood. Used to play this on PC and when I saw it on play store I just had to get it. And I wasn’t disappointed! Everything’s as I remember it but better! It plays beautifully and smoothly on my Samsung A80 phone running Android version 9 and never encountered one single problem and it never crashed once and I’m almost toward the end of the playthrough. Out of the new characters, Dorn is my absolute favourite. 👌🏻⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  22. Charles Thacker says:

    Played it all the way through, was very pleased, brought back memories. Never played it on a PC which UI was meant for, but they did a decent job on porting it for Android. I played it on a Samsung Tab S4 (not a new tablet) and ran into very little problems. The only bug I had was when going to Area Map and checking the box for Area Map Background, many times it would crash the game, but since this was not crucial to the game it was no big deal. Off to play BG II.

  23. Phill Mac says:

    *Updated review: It seems as though the entire game was ported and almost seamlessly so. However the game itself is riddled with bugs and playing on the Android offers little to no remedies as opposed to its PC counterpart. I suggest in the next patch that the game be given an inbuilt console control or something of the sort friendly with the interface of the Android OS. So far I’ve encountered continuous battle music looping Missing dialogue Items and characters not properly appearing.

  24. Symuzaha Dev says:

    Two issues here…. Spacebar (play/pause) on Chromebook stops being recognized … I have to re-launch the game for it to work again. One pattern I have noticed is, it happens right after manually saving (options > save game)….I can quick save all day long… but as soon as I manually save, the spacebar functionality breaks… 2nd issue – any if the newer devices running Android 10 say this game was designed for older OS versions…. been happening for over a year.

  25. John Marr says:

    Almost as magical as playing it for the first time on the ol’ family computer in ’99. On a 6.4″ screen w 4GB onboard memory I had only a few minor issues. Zooming in and out is a bit clunky on a smartphone, selecting tiny hidden treasures can be frustrating without a stylus, and the background highlight feature on the region map kills my frame rate. Other than that, it’s one of the absolute best ports to Android of any roleplaying game out there.

  26. James Hartman says:

    Performance issues on area map that sometimes results in crashes. Sone world items are hard to pick up due to being so small (ie. Evermemory). Can’t change fps to alter game speed. Ultimately this is better on PC, where your arm doesn’t get fatigued holding a screen up for hours on end and your finger doesn’t block the view.

  27. Ahmet Özşen says:

    It is a emotion train after all these years. Played the series on Pc many years ago and its very smoothly modified for tablet. One issue I face is FPS going down when you check the map especially in Cloakwood zones. Apart from that it was very smooth overall. Make sure you turn on clickable highlights in order to see doors and loot in the ground.

  28. J Orsborn says:

    What a fantastic port with noticeably improved mechanics and cut scenes. I’ve only played 10 or so hours and I wish I got it years ago. Playing on a Note 8 with a stylus which is probably a lot easier than with fingers. Love it, can’t wait to play it more and look forward to buying/playing all of these based on the quality of this alone.

  29. Kyle MacPherson says:

    A good version of one of my all time favorite games. Unfortunately it is broken at the moment and has been broken for literally years now so it’s not being fixed. Super common game breaking bug where one of your party members (often late in the game) stops following commands and just stands there. You can issue them new commands and the take a step or two then stop moving or attacking all over again. Makes the game unplayable and even when loading older saves it seems to reappear. Do not buy.

  30. Donald Moore says:

    Can’t seem to get the characters portraits on the right side of the screen to appear rendering the game all together unplayable imo. this app needs an update for newer devices. I was so happy to see this title for only 1.99 it’s just too bad it doesn’t work on my device love this game love and was planing to dl the rest of the series along with it if this version worked but as things stand I don’t think I’ll spend the money on the sequel.

  31. Guy Blökeson says:

    October 2021. Don’t buy this game as the text scaling is impossible to read. It’s literally unplayable. Yes, there’s a text scaling option, but the text appears in a text box on top of the screen that has no scroll bar. So you can set the text as “bigger” in options, but can’t scroll the box to actually read the text to make the game playable.

  32. Stefanos Pritskas says:

    For people only familiar for newer editions of d&d it will take some getting used to 2nd edition. The game is great, but I have to stress a lot, it MUST be played in a big screen not a smartphone. The fond and generally everything will cause you a headache. I played for about 10 hours on my OnePlus 6 and Christ was is bad. It is not optimized for a small screen.

  33. Ragnvald says:

    I really enjoyed playing this. But a few problems. You can’t turn on the console, or remove the XP cap at 161,000 XP without modding the apk. Both should be possible to toggle in the menu, or have the .ini file be accessible in the android directory. Because not being able to reach higher levels, adding items or making up for bugs, makes the game a lot less replayable. It’s frustrating having an NPC disappear and knowing that you could have found them using the console.

  34. Jean-Paul Audette says:

    Hmm…I enjoyed the game briefly, but there may be sone kind of glitch, or perhaps I’m misunderstanding something…While en route to the Friendly Arms inn, i cannot seem to leave the second travel screen. When I try, I am shown a map, and click on the destination, then click the TRAVEL button it unlocks…and then nothing happens. I’m just shown back at the place where I reached the edge of the travel screen.

  35. Touche says:

    There is place for improvement: 1)Add an option to adjust interface size, buttons are too small 2)Make text size setting affect the size of text in menus (its extremely small to the point its hard to read) 3)Resize main menus. They are 800×600 and in result only 1/2 of screen is used, which is ugly 4)Make a full screen mode. My camera is just a little circle but the game doesnt use the remaining free space

  36. Loco Mucho says:

    Ported poorly. No optimization whatsoever to accomodate playing on smaller screens. Tutorials refer to keyboard and mouse even if you have touch controls. You have to learn the touch controls on your own like double-tapping a character portrait to rearrange the party. EDIT: I have tried the game again after they fixed a bug but discovered new annoyances. Secret chests are so hard to press (like ring on a tree at C-keep area). Zooming in doesn’t go all the way, it snaps back to a certain degree.

  37. Zara Siddiquee says:

    I know its an old app but after getting a fold 4 (and having a screen I could actually play this on) it’s disappointing to see the touch controls are not mapped to on screen buttons. Seems to affect the other d&d games I purchased on the play store apart from planescape/never winter nights. Edit, the workaround resolved the issues, thanks!

  38. Co Re says:

    True to the original. Occasionally a few bugs. Very high learning curve. Expect to die and reload a few times on normal or core rules. VERY amusing dialogue. Love this and love replaying it repeatedly.

  39. FatOldMan says:

    Very buggy. Bought game (10 bucks.) Dl’d game, watched intro, then clicked on options, didn’t work. Began trying other buttons, (create hero,) nothing. Only after repeatedly pressing buttons many times, (perhaps 10 or more) did the information begin processing. Good luck! New Samsung galaxy fold 4.

  40. Mark Skywalker says:

    Baldur’s Gate is wonderful; it’s just a shame I can’t play it. The game is bugged to the nine hells and back on the Z Fold4, which is a major shame because the size of the screen would be perfect for it. I’d love to see it patched.

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