Aura Kingdom 2 Mod Apk


3D Fantasy MMO Adventure Mobile Game
4/5 Votes: 38,302
X-Legend Entertainment Co. Ltd.
October 20, 2022
4.4 And Up
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Aura Kingdom 2 Mod Apk

Happy Second Anniversary ! You’ll be able to get One hundred attracts, SSR Eidolon, stunning look and lots of different presents for logging in steadily!

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The thrilling actions coming, are you in a position?

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Benefit from the enjoyable MMORPG gameplay and shocking graphics in your cell tool!
Embark on new journey to the arena Ramayan and screenshot each step of your adventure.
Summon Eidolons, identify ways for birthday party battles, and maximum of all… create YOUR legend as a Hero.

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■ DYNAMIC STRUGGLE MACHINE ■ Four distinctive categories to choose between. Experience fast-action gameplay at your fingertips and easy-to-use contact regulate with gorgeous animations! Overcome epic raid dungeons with gamers from everywhere in the global.

Charisma Kingdom 2 Mod Apk

■ ACTUAL HUGE OPEN-WORLD ■ Walk down the gorgeous streets of the Medieval Occasions and witness considerable creatures. Concentrate to the stories of those that are living among them and be told of the tale in the back of “Ramayan”.
Set out with your mates on an unforgettable journey!

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■ ACQUIRE TOUGH EIDOLONS ■ Mixed with Card Sport playstyle!
Meet over Forty Eidolons for your adventure and Acquire ‘Em All! Domesticate and shape inseparable bonds together with your companions — Design a crew unique to you. Make the most of your Eidolon’s robust final talent and feature them fight along you

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Ramayan is composed of plains, forests, wetlands, and rainforests — Which can be additionally the herbal habitat of multitudinous creatures Uncover the place they inhabit, what they prefer or dislike, and the whole lot else about them. Unencumber each and every monster on this myth global and whole the “E-book of Ramayan”.

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Your equipment will not be similar to any individual else’s. Regulate its measurement, attitude, or even the place it’s positioned.
– Cat ears in your brow ?
– Spectacles putting out of your chin?
– Wings rising out out of your bum? The one restrict is your creativeness! All of those are made conceivable for somebody inventive such as you — Mess around all you wish to have!


40 comments on "Aura Kingdom 2 Mod Apk"

  1. Puw Alin says:

    At first this seems alright but after the prologue there are many bugs starts to appearing, the bug that I encountered is. 1. The cutscene from the prologue keep appearing out of nowhere while I’m playing 2. Everytime I want to interact with an NPC it’s totally hard, you need to wait several second or press the button repeatedly for the npc to give response 3. The combat system is lack something, everytime I tried to hit enemy even after I hit it nothing really happend my connection is a ‘okay’

  2. Yeardley Alexx says:

    Giving 3 stars for now because it’s a new app but hope future updates will fix this problem. When I started playing the game, the game stopped working, not that it crashed or anything but in the intro, the task to pick up the weapon doesn’t work. I keep tapping the hand button but it doesn’t do anything. Had to restart the game cause I thought it may work again, and it did. But in the task on where you will use your new skill to kill the hounds, it stopped again. Pls fix and will give 5stars. TY

  3. Maybelle Tilian says:

    This game really isn’t as impressive as I expected, especially when talking about the graphics, which are not that good when compared to the original game. HOWEVER, the battle part of the game is a huge improvement in the sense that it’s not completely auto (unless the “auto-battle” option is on, you might want to pay attention to that…). Regardless, this game has potential. Keep up the good work, X-Legend! (P.S. I’ve been playing your pc game since 2014, and I still enjoy it!)

  4. Jenaya Danice says:

    After testing the game, it looks like there’s quite a lot of improvement from the first Aura Kingdom, and I can appricieate the hard work for the developer to do such thing like this. The gameplay for me, is quite okay and sort of exactly the same as the first, I guess? Haven’t done much more research about it. Control system is fine, no issues at all. And the graphics? Very well stunning improvment from the first Aura Kingdom. Keep up the good work!

  5. Eldwin Anise says:

    Game is just… bad. I originally registered for this because I really like the art style advertised and overall like RPGs. But this is just… bad. First Impressions: Art style is bad. Almost completely different than advertised. Voice acting is hot garbage. Like, literal garbage. Do these devs have no idea how to edit sound in post? Graphics are meh but animations are just awful. I’m getting flashbacks to Perfect World Mobile at this point. I just cannot recommend this game. It’s just bland.

  6. Walbrydge Mildrid says:

    Graphics good, as are animations, but doesn’t feel immersive. I have no idea where I’m going unless there’s auto on because it literally takes you there. There is a map, but it’s not very helpful and takes up the whole screen (aka not a minimap) battle is also auto unless you turn it off but even when you do it doesn’t…feel like what you click matters? You just kinda stand there and click your skills once their cooldown is gone. You just stand there and click. Enemies don’t attack first.

  7. Aprille Cody says:

    Game looks decent, town is cluttered and feels small. The top left ui is cluttered too, my current health is ambiguous as well (maybe there is a setting?). A little hard to navigate in town, but there is a LOT of auto, and moving around doesn’t matter outside of “don’t stand in the fire.”. Don’t stand was done nicely I guess (and looked impressive!). The auto mode feels like it’s a little too good or a little too hand holding. Got bored in 15 minutes and uninstalled.

  8. Boadicea Garner says:

    Positives: the music is good and the art on the loading screens is pretty. There. The game play is the same as every other 3d action game, spam attack and eventually you will win. The graphics are decent at best, and seem unpolished currently. The voice acting is laughable, and the movement feels clunky. Maybe it’s just me. Overall, the games not good. With updates, it can be fantastic. I really see potential right now. However, I would recommend Black Desert for now. Also the ads lied.

  9. Griffith Patton says:

    It’s very fun, and the bugs are decreasing everyday. Just a couple of bugs I experience during my gameplay so far: – the scene with Leona and the demon plays over and over, even when I’ve already progressed in the story – the glide button doesn’t always show up – event quests don’t always work – character gets stuck…. A LOT (won’t move, skills won’t change, costume won’t change) – Easter eggs get stuck I have suggestions as well, but I can’t post it here (^^”)

  10. Hope Alyanna says:

    Game is ok. Daily event grind is boring and takes forever and is automated. Story is pretty good and the classes and animations are ok. Graphics look good and game runs smooth. Combat field a little awkward. It’s mostly focused on its gacha Eidolon collection system. It’s ok. I dont see it being super amazing but if you’re into anime inspired games it’s a good choice.

  11. Aadan Millard says:

    The most exciting part was the character making. The visuals and the detail are all very well made and was the main reason I downloaded the game. However the combat system was a bit lackluster and honestly quite tedious. It may be because I’m not used to auto battle but I was bored after a while. Also the battle animations weren’t very smooth and had a long lag before using them( I picked the dragoon class). Nevertheless it looks like it has a lot of potential and can be a great game.

  12. Elmyra Alexanderina says:

    It’s obvious a lot of thought and work went into this project, but all in all it’s another self-playing virtual theme park. Linear game design is boring enough, but why even call it a game if it plays itself too? Graphics are ok, but theres lots of issues with blending animations causing your character to get stuck in strange poses instead of returning to a walk/rrun animation. I would elaborate more on bugs and issues, but after an hour, I’m bored enough to give up and move on.

  13. Genny Alycesone says:

    I like the graphics and story line but the thing that makes an mmo is the combat system. It’s rather lacking and kind of laggyish but that might just be me. Normally the skills go off fast but I’ll hit a skill and it attacks like 1-2sec later when I’m already facing a different direction. It’s rather annoying.

  14. Ellmer Willsn says:

    Unable to play the game at all, it never makes it through the loading screen once I’ve accepted the agreements, just stays @ 100% once the bar reaches the end. At first I thought it was because I moved the game to sd card storage before launching it but it does the same thing regardless. I’ve tried the “repair files” option and have uninstalled/reinstalled the game several times but not matter what, I still can’t get past the screen with the dragon and the loading bar

  15. Amberlyn Lousie says:

    All in all, the game is mediocre. The graphics are decent, but the environmental surroundings are bland. There are so many clipping models, and the RPG elements are very lacking. Character customization is poor. You cannot get certain hair or hair styles if you choose a certain class, and some classes only allow certain genders. The accessories cannot be uneqipped once put on. Lots of flaws. It should only be classified as an MMO because there are hardly any RPG functions.

  16. Buck Ransley says:

    Graphically, this game is amazing and beautiful, it’s character creation is stunning, but that’s roughly about it, the story of the game is fairly loose, and the combat system is flawed on so many levels, the worst thing about this game though is it’s entire insistence on playing for you. The moment you complete any task the game automatically takes control and starts auto playing, causing the screen to rotate awfully and leaving the player feeling like they have done nothing.

  17. Imogen Jonell says:

    There is a lot that can be improved upon: exp from non-dungeon monsters are too little, there shouldn’t be a level cap (first week), 4 classes but only 3 character slots, and cutscene voices are pretty bad. There is a lot of upsides, however, like how partying I’d relatively easy to set up, so many events every day, and the graphics are really nice and detailed (on max).

  18. Brittany Haylie says:

    I update to 4 stars because the game is fun, the lag was gone for now, the level cap and other feature is progressive, still not fully unlocked, if your goal the story, lore, adventure, mini-games, then you should try, it’s free, there is many gift inside, also support pack start from $0.99. But being competitive is another story which will sap your pocket drastically.

  19. Gracia Beaton says:

    The game is great for a mobile game, but it feels too small. The environment feels flat, with blocks placed randomly. It just doesn’t feel like the player belong. The cinematic are great visually, but the voice acting is dreadful. It would have been great if the monster growled or something and the character just didn’t speak.

  20. Neftali Annjeanette says:

    The feeling of freedom is vast in this game. Although some voice lines can seen to be a bit cringe, the characters, storyline and other features are what makes this game amazing as it currently is. Unfortunately, it always felt like the game is stuck between laggy and not laggy which changes the gameplay a bit. Other than that, the overall feedback is utterly outstanding!

  21. Adamson Jori says:

    I like this game but its driving me crazy when I always stuck up in the loading section. I need to restart my phone to be able to play the game again. And the latest update, I incounter lots of bugs of this game. The mobs and monsters are more doing damages to my character even they are low level. Events are more difficult to complete due to over powered of the enemies. I hope you will fix this bug soon as possible. Thanks

  22. Aprille Carl says:

    I want to give this the benefit of the doubt, cuz I’m playing at launch, but it’s still just not good. Its pretty, but thats it. Its a total surface level game. The autoplay and pathing is boring and glitched. I don’t know what the game is even doing since the only input I have seems to be tapping on the quest again sometimes because the autoplay stopped and even it doesn’t no why. There’s a lot of leveling of everything, but the only way to get supplies is money. Couldn’t even get into multi

  23. Paegastun Myrtle says:

    I understand this is still a newly released game but some things need to be in order. I play the assassin class. The basic attack combo sucks, half the time it is stuck on a left hand for 10 times and then 6 time right hand and then executes the full combo. No option for screen sensitivity. Even though before the enemy attacks, I run to the side and dodge I still receive damage. Game and camera rotation is not smooth, also while running or attacking character gets stuck in a pose.

  24. Nicson Cynbal says:

    Combat is not smooth. I have high expectations because of Dragon Nest’s fluid combat but this felt extremely rigid. Not a fan of the UI – on a smartphone, it felt overwhelming and didn’t scale well. Also, classes are genderlocked. This is a huge turn-off, that can only be overlooked if you don’t care about it in general or the combat/gameplay is great. Which obviously in this case, it’s not.

  25. Ettie Aleiyah says:

    I can’t get past when a game’s support system clearly ignores an issue. I’ve been booted from game several times at this point for literally no reason. Just freezes up then sends me to the home screen. I attempted reaching out twice and was not answered. Adjusted tue graphis just in case but no change. I really liked the game, got my character up to lvl 54 but it isnt worth the aggravation of waiting for it to load over and over again.

  26. Dustin Ray says:

    After playing the game it’s clear there are a few bugs as expected from a new game. But overall I’ve enjoyed this game quite a bit. I love the auto mode. For the most part is playable even with my terrible satellite internet. The movement and battle animations are great. I don’t really like the fact that you have to be a certain level to play missions in the story line though. Especially since everything else doesn’t give much xp.

  27. Aine Heart says:

    I give two stars for now, cause this game needs improvement . I like the game itself, but it’s just there’s is some issues that I found it disappointing. 1st is Items that went missing (I lost 2 dragon cloak and 1 ring) and 2nd when character is on auto attack, it stop attacking for 4-6sec when you dodge the enemy attack. Im requesting to make the camera always fronting enemy during battle, so the player won’t get dizzy quite often.

  28. Darksteel Gaming says:

    It has potential, though at the moment the game just plays itself. There is very little input required from the player because of the auto combat option turning itself on regardless of what you’re doing, even if you shut it off previously. I understand some people like their games on autopilot but having the option to disable the auto combat would be nice. Otherwise I’m afraid I’ll have to pass on this one.

  29. Dennis Pillai says:

    Good game… But needs some minor tweaks here and there. For example the game needs a better map presentation and symbols. Also there should be a directional arrow to show the way to go to a specific quest. Then a more visible attacking selection could make things easier. And most of the time the game is played as auto which makes the game boring at one point.

  30. Keilah Goenaga says:

    *Edit* I have enough space on my phone, I changed my micro SD card to a new one (64GB) and the game still crashes (phone is an LG Stylo 4, maybe that has to do with something). It crashes every single time right after the loading screen. I think there’s some bugs which doesn’t let me play like it happened once with the PC game. Is unplayable to me. Just how much memory does it require to run it? (Not to save it, but to run it.)

  31. さんFISHY says:

    A lot of problems. First things first, it always takes me more than 15 mins to login. Just like others EP bugs, and sometimes the character gets stuck with the char stuck button in the settings not even helping. Also now for some reason the game refuses to download updates. My connection is just fine, if you’re wondering. It’s just the game itself that won’t connect.

  32. Lorelai Snow says:

    This game is awesome – it certainly deserves a higher overall rating. I love the character customization and the storyline. Just wish it wasn’t this laggy even though I made sure it is on the smoothest option. Edit: I found out that the tutorial wasn’t that useful as after some time, it started getting hard to navigate.

  33. [GKEK陳] Krissy says:

    Weak tutorial… most of this game is figuring out what the hell all the menus and items do… didn’t find the character starts until yesterday and I’ve been playing for over two weeks. Graphics, controls, character, personal customization and relationship depth are all good if they just took time to teach you all the parts. Also, wish the follow function allowed you to follow friends rather than only the team leader.

  34. Nathan Humpherys says:

    Pros: The story seems decent. The graphics are beautiful. Cons: The game plays for you, making it more cinematic than interactive. The English translation is slipshod at best. There’s something else to redeem, it seems like every three seconds, killing the immersion. There’s no minimap in the main UI.

  35. Chris Drotzur says:

    About the only part of the game that kept my interest was the outfits (the three or four that I actually saw, at least) and the ability animations. Graphics are lackluster, aside from the weapon effects. Gameplay was slow and clunky, even on autoplay. Progression is slow enough to require grinding between main quests, but difficulty usually outpaces equipment upgrades. Lost all interest after only a couple hours.

  36. Horyzu says:

    First of all you guys did a great job on the graphics but just that, I’d have rated 1 star because the gameplay and controlling system was really bad. Like really?? Normal attack have delay?? Even the mobs are attacking faster than us!!?? And the main character balance was really a rip off, how come the first 2 character have insane stats (base on your chart) but the third and fourth are like they wasn’t meant to be a main? Anyways, for those who wanna try good graphics then it’s really good

  37. Steven Lindsey says:

    Great game with a lot of detail and both the ability to play for free and incentives to spend a little money to support the game. If you feel the need to be number one it will get expensive. The pace slows to a crawl eventually and frustration with frequent crashes has moved me to drop the game just past level 200, but I enjoyed it for quite a while.

  38. Darrien N (Swift) says:

    Good character customization. The graphics look really good. The gameplay (battles) is bad. Feels like it is automatic and you kinda just stand there trading hits. I do like that you can slightly move but with all the auto, what is the point. The user interface looks extremely confusing as well.

  39. Boba Squid says:

    It’s an ok game. My biggest complaint is the small text. Ive been trying to play this on a 6.1 inch phone and it is frustrating how small every text is to read. I played AK 1 in the past I don’t remember text being this micro. Other mmos have the same issue. So much detail jammed and crammed on screen, it’s aggravating trying to make out details, stats and lettering, etc. Maybe I will try it on a tablet later on down the road. Thank you.

  40. Your Mom says:

    This is my ideal type of game. I enjoy grinding on auto mode, customizing my character, getting new outfits, and with amazing graphics to top it off. I havent found anything to complain about, and so far i’m having a lot of fun! It isnt pay to win, and you can get quite a lot of stuff without paying real money. Other comments with compaints mightve been fixed since they were from a year or two ago, but currently it is running nicely with no glitches, at least for me. Keep up the good work ❤

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