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Mecha Girls Turn-based RPG
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August 23, 2022
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Artery Gear: Fusion Apk Download New*

The Puppets are coming, and a full-scale conflict starts – the mech lady technique RPG “Artery Equipment: Fusion” invitations you to the battlefield of doomsday! Acquire a workforce of mech ladies to combat the brutal “Puppets” that consume the sector. Dazzling talent particular results, really feel the beautiful and refreshing visible and auditory fight ceremonial dinner. Plan ability mixtures and benefit from the amusing of strategic battles. Greater than One hundred stunning mech women with unique traits will battle facet by way of aspect with you. Commander, this combat wishes your participation!
【Game Features】
Apocalyptic Tale – A depressing and profound apocalyptic epic
The Puppet Conflict is ready to damage out, and the human international hangs by means of a thread, however the two ultimate forces, “Frontier” and “Autoluna”, don’t agree with every different and can’t achieve a complete strategic cooperation… The doomsday, folks’s hearts and battle, the reality of the arena will slowly emerge. You’ll develop into right into a joint fleet shaped via the 2 forces, the commander of “Union”, and lead the mech woman squad referred to as “Artery Equipment” to struggle in opposition to the unknown creature “Puppet”.
Mechanical Romance – Multi-pedigree Mech Woman AmanoHa, crew Bobcat, the Harpyia, staff Carrot, Air purifier, the SevenS… Greater than 12 forms of various family tree, masses of gorgeous mech women with other kinds are looking forward to your command and deployment. Each and every mech lady has tough abilities and distinctive settings, and dozens of widespread voice actress akin to Akari Kito, Ayana Taketatsu, and Yumiri Hanamori to assist out, injecting the voice of the soul into the ladies and fulfilling your love for mechanical ladies. Past creativeness! Without equal show – immersed in a refreshing battle enjoy The high-standard staff has created beautiful Three-D x Backbone x new lighting fixtures craftsmanship, totally liberated the attraction of the characters, and offered an actual sense of doomsday battle. From beautiful talent particular results to robust animations, from meticulously portrayed persona portraits to grand and beautiful fight scenes, you’ll be able to revel in an unheard of visible and auditory banquet.
Strategic collocation – tactical command scorching blood struggle Masses of characters x hundreds of talent mixtures; 3 characteristic restraints: Molten, Thunder, and Crystal, Striker, Tactician, Balancer, Parent, Healer, unfastened mixture of 5 occupations. Use methods and techniques to create the most powerful warrior squad to maintain the ever-changing battlefield! There may be an clever agent battle gadget within the sport, you’ll be able to simply play in house time and experience!
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40 comments on "Artery Gear: Fusion Apk Download New*"

  1. Robert Violeta says:

    Hmm as some review’s say: the game needs some optimization. I completely agree with them, because there are some instances when you play the game for along period of time the game crashed, eg. after 1hr or so game stutters, freeze’s, and lastly crashes. overall I say it’s a good game quite similar to any turn based rpg you’ll find. The graphics is good, stories good, art is superb, audio is ok, overall good game that need optimization. That is all for my review, thanks for reading.

  2. killeing says:

    A great game with great animation and without any lag which is surprising ^^. So why did I give it four stars and stop after only three days? Because I fortunately, this game suffers from a memory issue, and I mean as in loading images, not remembering. I can’t play more than 3-4 battles before images start disappearing from the screen. First it’s icons, then entire characters. This issue needs to be addressed because it’s a hassle otherwise. If you can get it working it is a great game though!

  3. Christion Majors (MissMangled_87) says:

    Cant even play at this point. I was looking forward to playing it but…at this point im beyond frustrated and disappointed. The darn game just crashes every time I try to download the required data. I even have more than enough gigs to download it! I literally have tried at least 6 times by now and it just won’t work. Whether its on data or really good Wi-Fi it won’t download. Id love to be able to play it because the art is just so beautiful but im at a loss for what to even do…..

  4. Dimas Nugraha says:

    Great game all around i really love this, good animation, good sfx and nice art, story are also good enough! progressing in the game is at a just right difficulty. by the way, i encounter some bug that it won’t let you advance the dialog when you tap it on chapter 5 Story event 1, Rel dialogue it goes ” Tsk..” , you can only use the skip button to procced. Edit : Issue fixed! the devs are fast!

  5. ʎʇʇǝq ǝʇᴉɥʍ says:

    I went in not expecting much but swiftly became addicted. If you’ve played Epic Seven you’ll feel right at home here; it’s basically that but with so much QoL it’s hard to go back to a game without them. The characters are awesome and the game is generous. The only problems I’ve had is text issues from poor translation & the optimization; Sometimes going into a battle my game will chug and lag until I either clear the memory or go into the options menu then it’s back to being smooth as butter.

  6. Dusty Butts says:

    This game has proven to be very fun, and very streamlined with lots of quality of life features. The art, animations, and combat are all fantastic. My only complaint is getting the cat orbs for the pre mission rewards. We only need to do it once a day but have to do it 70 times to complete. Thats 70 days of wasted energy if you want the completion early which feels bad when you should be using it on gear farming.

  7. Jeffery Stallworth says:

    It has potential but needs work. The localization is pretty bad. It actually takes away from the story because some of the words just don’t make sense or seem pieced together or broken. The game play is decent. It’s like epic seven but Rates and rng are a little better. The request timeout thing is annoying. Overall it’s not a bad game but it needs some fixes and optimization. Hopefully the devs can clean up some of the issues.

  8. Michael Cassidy says:

    I really was just looking forward to the game the art style looked amazing the gameplay reminded me of a few other games I played in the past. I’m not joking when I say it’s literally unplayable can’t even get through the tutorial without disconnecting and starting over from the beginning. Or if you actually take time reading the story it has “connection” issues and sends you back to the beginning

  9. Lune The SongWriter says:

    I waited so long for this. I was so excited after seeing the gameplay and a couple of trailers. Only to get a game where you would be more likely to get to struck by lightning after winning the lottery, then pulling anything useful from this gacha system. Riddled with packs and just not enough to keep me interested longer then 2 games.

  10. Exotix Wolf says:

    Data connection error. Every time I click on something, there’s that little “connecting” showing in the top right and most of the time ,it just flat out failed to load and shows ” request timed out”. My data works fine on any other game and apps. Happening since day one and I have been able to cope with it,but not anymore, a single battle lasted more than 5 mins cus it keeps getting stuck at a turn and connection error every now and then.

  11. Harley Jordan says:

    It has great quality of life features, but you will always be starving for gold, gems, upgrade materials, etc. This game is designed to treadmill you. If you don’t pull the right 3-5 heroes when you start, you will have real trouble advancing in the game. A few 3 & 4 star heroes are actually essential units, so that’s a plus – it’s not just about the 5*’s

  12. Jay _ says:

    I really like this game. I’m glad the gear has its sub attributes automatically displayed rather than upgrading them to find out. It’s less RNG+it’s a lot less time and resources consuming. However, gold isn’t easy to procure and there have been multiple glitches that stop me from being able to complete things. I have ran into the auto battling glitch multiple times where the characters go past the boss and the bar says 4/3 for whatever reason and then they run to the edge and stop there.

  13. Josiel Rodriguez says:

    After a couple days of it constantly crashing on the initial download, I managed to push past that and finally got it installed. I’ve been able to play it without problems since then. It’s quite a nice game, love the concept of it (anime girls in mech suits) and it’s story is a nice one as well. As usual in these types of games, I jist leave it to auto-battle, but its nice seeing the animations from time to time as I believe they are quite nice.

  14. Daniel Taylor says:

    Game is really good, however it just just needs some optimization updates in terms of characters, items, menu interfaces not working properly. Many of the things listed above would either phase out of the game often and I can’t really see what I got, both in terms of characters from the gacha and items after a completed story mission. Other than those QoL issues, the game is really good and I hope to see it improve in the future so that more people can enjoy this game.

  15. Zig says:

    Game but has a big problem. You can’t really play it much. You get super stamina gated and with the amount you get daily, you can only dispatch for like 20 minutes a day. After that not much to do once you pushed out all the side modes. The game itself I enjoy, but the fact I can’t really play past like 20 minutes I don’t.

  16. P.W.C. Triforce says:

    Excellent game! Love the Mech Designs and the Story is pretty interesting as well. No issues or slowdowns on a Galaxy S21+ either on max settings. Pretty good battery life if you’re not on 60fps as well. Being able to close the game but your Auto-mode is still going on within the games server is freaking amazing! Did see some translation errors and misspelled words though. Developers, please fix Diancht, Injection Time. It DOES NOT heal all other Allies, it only heal a SINGLE ally. Thanks!

  17. Jonathan Padilla says:

    Love the art style and gameplay. They do a great job with rewards so far, however rating this a 2 star because I am no longer able to play this game. I got a new phone and the app keeps crashing as soon as the download starts. I’m disappointed this is happening. Hopefully there is a fix later!

  18. Chris Dunlap says:

    The game is pretty fun, like the artwork, story and hero collection. The game has an arknights/epic 7 combination thay works great. The only annoying thing is still the servers. Not as bad as when the game first came out, but still having “times out” issues, and it doesn’t matter if im on 5g or wifi. But their just an annoyance now. If those get fixed it’ll be a 5 star game.

  19. Jaron says:

    A solid game overall. Lots of quality of life features including the ability to initiate auto battles and then go offline, but it’s not like the gameplay itself is fully automated. Great for people that wanna feel engaged whenever, but don’t like having an app open to auto farm. Swapping between menus may get laggy sometimes, and the stamina system is HARSH. You don’t consume any for retrying or leaving a battle, but as as a result, you need to pick fights carefully later in the game.

  20. Manny Montijo says:

    This game is beyond fun. If I had to put it simply; it’s like if Epic7 didn’t demand your life. Good gear feels much more attainable, every action doesn’t require gold and they have a proper farming method for gold, exp, and other things. The character art is beautiful and while the stories can be a lil cheesy at times I like it especially since your appart of them. But the best part is the offline AI, set a repeat amount shut the game off and you’ll be notified when it’s done, it’s magical.

  21. James Currie says:

    Good potential! I like the concept art! The characters have really gorgeous color schemes. I don’t like the sprites or their animations though. They don’t fit in at all with the rest of the games detail. Sprites more similar to Epic 7 would be better. The game has a few awkward translations and other minor stuff but overall it has too many good things going for it for me to have a problem. It seems to run fine on my device S21Ultra.

  22. Oracle One says:

    This is a good game! It reminds me a lot of Azur Lane and a few other small bits of culture that are enjoyable. I hope even more Artery Gears come out! I only have one major complaint. Even on the fastest server an action takes maybe half a second longer than it should, due to slight server delay. Other than that, well made and enjoyable!

  23. Daniel Lherault says:

    This could easily be 5 stars, but there isn’t enough content available right now and the limited gold, summon tickets, and equipment enhancement materials are dragging it down. The equipment upgrade system is good with only some downsides, the characters a visually appealing, (some are too lewd for my liking) and the turn-based gameplay is enjoyable.

  24. SoulBoundDoll (Soul) says:

    It’s a really decently good game. I just feel like something is missing but I’m not sure what it is. The gameplay is ok but it can be lackluster at times, Alot of the games characters feel rather weak not that that makes it too difficult. The animation is absolutely beautiful, the best I’ve ever seen and finally, everthing is rather good. However the auto system sucks badly being somewhat complicated with a lack of specific settings. Still a good game as far as I can tell though.

  25. Matthew Medina says:

    Pretty good looking game, I’ve not had optimization issues like everyone else. Although I’ve hit a pretty hard progression wall after only a few days. There isn’t a whole lot to do in the game, it’s not a game built to play daily but semi daily. There are monthly and weekly shop refreshes which take away from the grind. I wish there was more to get from grinding. It’s pretty limiting and some minor events last too long and don’t have continuous rewards that provide use or reason to keep grinding

  26. Quickdraw The Hedgehog says:

    Game has a lot of potential, HOWEVER; my problem is that gameplay is smooth for the first maybe 5 to 10 mins after that it slows down, critical lag, and then kicks you out of the game. The game is awesome but it still needs a few fixes and updates. Other that that keep up the great work on the game you guys 😁👍

  27. Ethan says:

    Great game. You DO NOT need to pay money in this game to be good, just to get there a little faster. Just look at some guides, many top tier characters are not the most rare, viable even late game on foreign servers. You get great gear just from beginner missions. Love the game play, like people say, there is an auto function and you can customize it. Strategizing is important as well. I WOULD rate it 5 but the translations are HORRIBLE sometimes. Devs please fix. It’s distracting.

  28. Shawn Fee says:

    Like epic7, does some things better in terms of QOL. Not really ftp friendly after honeymoon period. Only 7 chapters open (normal and hard modes), but once that’s done summoning currency is essentially non-existent, aside from the scant amount received from the abyss style mode and a few here and there for missions. Gold is also scarce and it is too expensive to +15 gear and skills. Stamina system was lacking, but I’m already basically to the log in, do daily missions, log out stage.

  29. Gordon Creamer says:

    Overall good experience hampered by grindy progress. I enjoyed the time I spent with the game. However, the progress wall came around mid-way through Chapter 5. All I found myself doing after that was logging in to grind, grind and grind some more with some progress, but inconsistent progress. There is things to enjoy here. The story is good, the art and animations are beautiful, the auto battle system allows you to set skill order usage with variables (could use more variables).

  30. Treechart Treerattanapakong says:

    This game have great visual for this type of game. The music also great too btw. The current balance for each content seem fine with some underpower unit. The team building option still a bit restrict. I think the issue may resolve when they released more character. Overall, the quality of this game is great. My current issue is that the server connection is not consistent. I keep getting “Request timeout” too many time for each playing session. Hope they will fix soon.

  31. 白神みゆ says:

    It gives a lot free stuff in the story but dries out relatively fast. The 2nd part of the current event gives a lot resources and even energy but I find the energy still lacking for new players and no/low spenders. But if events have this kind of reward pool and fodder drop rate then it might be in a decent spot. But not for pulls, you barely get anything after 1st time clears. Energy regen and currencies (gold and gacha), upgrade material gains should be slightly upped for better experience.

  32. Mythica says:

    This is a fun, if pretty generic turn based combat/gacha game! Difficulty ramps up very quickly and the energy regeneration rate is absurdly slow. With so many similar options, it’s easy to just play something else when my energy runs out in this game. Archaic player retention strategy that is more detrimental than helpful in today’s market. Otherwise, very promising and lovely to look at!

  33. Henry Saulters says:

    Great gacha game. But the biggest problem is the energy. When it takes a whole day to refill from zero it become a drag. Make refills give more and/or cut the time to recharge energy. There’s so much to do and so little energy to do it with. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when your limited on it all. The tickets to reduce cost is a great idea but it’s just not enough. It’s a step in the right direction compared to other gotcha games though.

  34. James Stewart says:

    Brilliant graphics and story. I really want to play more but it seems impossible to level up or get new characters without paying. Like most customers if I feel I can get somewhere with this game I will buy things but at the moment I don’t get that feeling. Every time I pull cards I get no good ones and collecting upgrade resources seems impossible. I worry that if I buy stuff I won’t get anything for my money. Adjust things so that I can enjoy playing free and then I will buy stuff as well.

  35. William Dotson says:

    Until the crashing gets fixed, however it may get fixed. I keeping my review at one star, if I ever get to play the game, I will increase my rating if it’s worth it to wait for a patch to fix the constant crashing during downloading of the game resources. Edit: I did, it only worked for a bit then started to continually crash and how exactly am I supposed to share this info if I’m trying to install the game’s resources.

  36. Shawn Kutschker says:

    Been playing since launch. Another gacha game with the same struggles. The art style is great, gameplay is stylistic, and has been relatively generous lately. However, it is like many in that you hit a progression wall. The game is generous with stamina, but the primary resources you need to enhance your AGs is a struggle to obtain and too many other random resources. One feature that is needed: Auto completing. Auto battle is nice, but you still need to suffer through the battles

  37. Dr.3am says:

    Really good game, very f2p friendly. Some bugs after opening the game from a offline farming session. I have screen shots to share if needed. Also some text issues explaining skills wrong. Regardless I love the combat and all units are usable across the different game modes, allowing you to pick your favorites. I also like how fast I can raise my units.

  38. Peter Bartlow says:

    So this is the second time I’ve downloaded and played this game. This time I’m on a newer device than previously and yet.. it still runs terribly. It lags on pretty much every menu, gameplay freezes in combat for seconds at a time and it still crashes after a few minutes of play. I don’t recommend this unless you’re on blustacks or a powerful tablet. Beautiful game though with a very solid game play loop. Love all the characters.

  39. Chris Chaos says:

    I’ve only been playing about 4 months,but it’s very obvious that there are no new players and inactive guilds and too many new units introduced. Not to mention the overpowered enemies at every turn…I haven’t moved the story mode in 2 months due to lack of characters needed and garbage drop rates in for everything. Could’ve been my favorite, just another sparkle and fade…💴💸

  40. Joshua Novakowski (Cthuluclutist) says:

    Art, music, and game play loop are good. There’s too heavy of a reliance on the speed stat and action bar manipulation and will need to be changed somehow. Maybe a penalty to atk or crit chance? When you hit 6-10 in the story, there’s a ridiculous leap in power you need. Also, it feels like you’re getting slowed balled in the gacha system in how often you can pull. Most games will allow to pull 10 characters about every week and probably should be thought about in this game.

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