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Global Server is on. Compete with players from over 100 regions.
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May 28, 2021
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Armored God Apk Download New*

Global Struggle wages as of late! Avid gamers from over One hundred areas are difficult you.
Christmas Birthday celebration: New Model is Coming! Most sensible Three Gamers in Cross-server will transform Bosses. Their unique show and gear will likely be duplicated. Dare you problem them? Cross-server Bosses can be refreshed at Eight:00. Ranked most sensible Ninety nine in harm score to achieve massive rewards!
Equip godly Armor and journey Epic Mounts to overcome the sector!

Armored God Apk Obtain New* mod apk

✔ Large PVP Battlefield for World Combat ✔ New Play Mode: Cross-Server Vanhalla Problem ✔ New Device: Wings Leap forward ✔ New Eudemon: Tiamat
✔ New Tournament: Upgraded Honor Badge

Armored God Apk Obtain New* apk

Warriors, please learn the directions sparsely:

Armored God Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

❖Global Server Gamers from over One hundred areas have accumulated round. Gamers can compete with every different and shape Legions to problem other Bosses and Dungeons!

Armored God Apk Obtain New*

❖Top Gears
Gears shall be some of the efficient pieces to extend fight energy. Gears like Wings and Soul Weapon may also be received by way of Boss Demanding situations and Dungeons.

Armored God Apk Obtain New* unencumber

❖Eudemon Device Over 50 sorts of Eudemons with Stage 6 final shape. Eudemons can mix with each and every different and sign up for in battles, offering large further struggle energy.

Armored God Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

❖Transform Device Gamers can change into into paperwork like Holy Mecha, Pink Orge, Apostle or ‘Night’. Injury can be higher via 500 P.c after reworking.

Armored God Apk Obtain New* apk mod

❖Cross-Server Legion Struggle Sign up for in a guild and rally with different gamers. Unlock your enthusiasm for PK in large maps. Develop into the highest participant to be admired by means of the arena.

❖Item Marketplace Merchandise Marketplace with top stage of freedom. Change pieces with different avid gamers now. Industry the Apparatus
❖Let’s Tame the Mounts
More than one Epic Mounts may also be selected. Mounts will accompany avid gamers to move endless darkness and bear other demanding situations.

❖Final Struggle with Titans Problem epic Titans and expel the Darkness. Are you in a position?

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40 comments on "Armored God Apk Download New*"

  1. Alisse Jered says:

    Ridiculous Auto- Everything game where you dont get to do anything. If I wanted to watch a cartoon, I would turn on a TV. This is just another lazy developer, who thinks that gamers dont like to do anything but stare at a screen. Developer: Try looking at REAL rpg games, like WOW, or Diablo. We want to be able to move our Characters! (There is also an EXCESSIVE amount of notifications. I’m getting at least 3 per hour on my phone. Did you think this was a good idea?) Uninstalling. quick.

  2. Percy Averill says:

    Overall the game play is amazing, the leveling up system is quite fast to start with but after level 75 it starts to slow down and become very challanging in some parts. I would add in more character options however to make it more of my own character but that’s just my personal preference. You can choose to be a pay player or a free player which is also great.

  3. Collyer Natashea says:

    I like the game. The main reason I’m giving it 5 and not 4 is cause I get “exclusive rewards” 😅 But I do like it. The art is good but the hair and face on females look a bit weird and the head doesn’t look exactly right with the clothes. The head looks too small. And I wish I could rotate the screen to see more. But it’s good so 4.5 stars is my new rating.

  4. Ellenweorc Michelyn says:

    Great Game with only a few suggestions. In the beginning through first gwo chapters it pretty much plays itself. with no way to turn it off. as you begin the third chapter you can turn it off for each individual fight. my biggest and really only complaint is there needs to be a setting where you can turn it off for good. not Auto pathing but Auto fighting. it is a serious pain to have to turn it off every single fight. other than that the game is a home run!!

  5. Cully Bin says:

    easy grind typical MMORPG. great graphics. still new so the players are very limited. wayyy too many servers honestly. However, I’m eating 5 stars simply because of all the addons and I actually enjoyed it. my little Eudemon reminds me of Final Fantasy, it’s pretty fun as well. the grind gets a little hard around level 100 but it’s worth it. I just wish it was more MMO, that’s ALL missing, a massive server merge is definitely needed. last but not least, it’s not really buggy or anything. enjoy!

  6. Shelly Caldre says:

    The rating is something very important to the community and is ridiculous create an achievement if you rate 5 stars. besides, the connection is unstable and the game is executing bad, with almost everything not working, I already uninstall and reinstall the app and still have problems. The game is very nice and worth to try.

  7. Rock Tatum says:

    Was hesitant at first as I didn’t think it looked the best. But after playing it for a while, currently level 122. It is really enjoyable and really rewarding, it’s really not like most of the rpgs where you get to a certain point and it seems like there’s nothing you can do without paying. So 5 stars from me as it is rewarding, fun, and doesn’t get boring and slow after high levels, of course it slows down after around level 75 but it keeps a good pace to keep you interested.

  8. Sharyl Sharalyn says:

    The game it’s great. But the app it’s very hard to use. The buttons are too much tiny. the game screen it’s congested with little buttons. And tap them is very cumbersome. The story’s dialogues are too fast for read them. The labels in buttons and items have a so tiny font that even in a 6.1″ smartphone can’t be read. There’s too many loading screens and login the game is sluggish. This game need to work it a lot in the interface. I hope that you do it because I like it. Then I’ll play it.

  9. Weslee Pasco says:

    Nice & easy gameplay! mobs respawn fast and game offers off-line grinding. Loot system is ok and not too cumbersome. Game does not require considerable rl payments to progress. Having said that, if you choose micro transactions, you get a competitive advantage (VIP lvls with benefits, etc). Graphics need improvement & has poor class selection (only 2, non customizable) hence 4 stars.

  10. Dariell Jerline says:

    haven’t played much but opinion could change. whenever you upgrade or unlock something new it opens up a co frats screen for that item that you get stuck on and have to manually close the app and reload to continue playing. very annoying feature seeing that it’s happened like 4 times within the first 5 mins of playing.

  11. Ardel Walbrydge says:

    People complain about this game playing itself, and it does for the most part, but old folks like me LOVE that. We can barely use a phone, how you expect use to memorize all them buttons on that screen??? And you dont HAVE to pay. There is an option but you dont need it to be successful. Thanks for making a great game.

  12. Meldon Francenia says:

    I love the art, as a game artist & animator, this game is visually stunning and has some amazing effects. There’s plenty to do and a lot of action. The only thing I would say is that it would be nice if I could change servers and not have to worry about restarting a new character but other than that, if you’re after a game that is packed full of action, stunning visuals, easy to learn character/skill base and ready for hour upon hours of gameplay, look no further!!!

  13. Raydon Ailith says:

    Ridiculous! WHY have a function that plays the whole game for you?? Thats not a game at all. I got 35 levels in the first 5 mins of playing without touching the screen. No tutorial, MESSY, CLUTTERED hud. This is ludicrous. For the half a Gigabyte of download data I expected more. SURE, it LOOKS pretty, but who cares if everything autoplays for you? And the 56 MB patch means one of 3 things: the game was extremely polished upon release, the game is still very new, or the developers are AWOL. 0/5.

  14. Hart Wynfrith says:

    Didn’t even play it for 10 minutes and got to level 30 with crazy looking gear. Like its cool looking and all but I was just confused. The game just played itself so there was no control at all and I don’t even know what the story is because I can’t even move my character in my own even if I wanted to. The only “mini map” you have is a pathfinder which automatically moves you places. Combat is okay like every other hack n slash game but really hands off. Just disappointing.

  15. Anora Dionne says:

    Can’t explore or play at my own pace since the game automatically does everything for you if you’re idle for a few seconds. Items are equipped automatically, quests are done for you, can’t even look at the settings without the character interacting with an NPC. The UI placement is messy, with icons taking up the centre of the screen. I feel like I’m watching a gameplay rather than actually playing the game.

  16. Kaylynn Kurt says:

    This is hardly a well made game. Its hailed as an RPG, however it is one you can start and walk away from. It battles automatically and can’t be turned off. In all sense it’s an idle game that all you do is watch it p,at itself. Hate these kind of games. I’m uninstalling it from my tablet. De Vs need to change the category this game is displayed in.

  17. Jaklyn Isolde says:

    Is quite fun, and even though there is a pay to play vibe to it, you can still reach the upper ranks through sheer effort. That being said its enjoyable. The only thing I would like to see is more options in the settings to turn off some of the auto features, and the ability to turn off the dialog timer when talking to npc’s.

  18. Briseida Wichell says:

    Don’t understand the high rating. Spent 5 minutes in the game and didn’t do anything. The entire game is fully automatic and I couldn’t find any way to turn it off 😡. Talk to the guard… automatic.. Kill the spider… automatic. Equip sword.. automatic. BORING !!! All I did was tap to advance dialogue. Totally worthless game.

  19. Tanielle Isen says:

    I really like this game! The gameplay is phenomenal! I really like the options of being able to play controlled or totally AFK. Grinding is as fun as can be because, it’s actually fairly easy to level up and get great loot, but at the same time it isn’t so easy you’d get bored fast. I HIGHLY recommend this game to anyone who like MMORPG style games. It reminds me a little bit of Path Of Exile… Just not as brutal lol!

  20. Edlyn Kenyon says:

    After update, I’m unable to log in. To be more exact, I can’t get past what I’m calling the blue screen of death. I uninstalled, reinstalled, cleared both cache and storage, restarted my phone, switched between wifi and data, and still nothing works. I get to a point where it asks for permissions, then straight to the blue screen it goes and won’t go any farther. Please fix this as I truly enjoy the game.

  21. Mylo Kaise says:

    Beautiful graphics. Cant play half the time. Slow loading is constant. I have plenty of ram and space the devs need to have settings to fix loading issues less graphic speed. Also has lame rewards cant use half the stuff unless you spend money. If it didnt run so slow it would be fun. Has potential if fixed. Uninstalling.

  22. Millard Halee says:

    This game needs performance improvements big time. I think that all the flashy effects are causing my tablet to run the game and a fairly low frame rate. I’m on a good tablet and it shouldn’t run as bad as it does. Maybe have options to lower the graphics quality and all the the flashing icon effects? Is anyone else having this problem? I will, stop playing until a fix happens if any at all happens.

  23. Stephney Kailyn says:

    All I ever wanted in a level up RPG. Great graphics and seamless page swapping between inventories, current fights, communication and activities. Guild system very effective at keeping leeches off. Plenty of areas where you can improve and customize. You can go far quite smoothly even if you just shell out a little cash to appreciate what the developers made for your enjoyment – the tip you gave to that waiter with a fake French accent will go a very long way in this game. Well recommended !

  24. Ica Ely says:

    Hi pls let the team know to consider adding option to break down items/pets/repetitive eudomons/stones, etc that we dont need or want anymore just like the option of breaking down the gears we dont want. Its just taking up space and takes forever to scroll down to look at items. Pls add feature and fix bugs. Overall i love the game play and its not too hard for me to play as i multitask alot during my busy day. I love the graphics and the wings. Ty

  25. XxMascolinoxX says:

    Barely played the game for a few minutes and already uninstalled it because of something so stupid as having auto “pathfinding” on all the time. It wouldn’t allow me to go in the settings or anything else because it would just kick me out every 5 seconds when my character arrived at the destination it was heading to. Couldn’t find a way to turn off auto pathfinding so I uninstalled. Maybe it has it maybe it doesn’t, idk I could find it with the 5 second window the game gave me.

  26. Teresa Castillo says:

    There are quite a few bugs in the game. Especially during cross-server events. Either it loads a black screen, freezes, or kicks you out. The rest of the game play is laggy and takes forever to complete the actions you press. Most times you have to spam just for it to open up a chest or go into dailies. The game also becomes boring fast.

  27. Sara Llewellyn says:

    Let me count the ways how this fails at being a game. With two classes to pick from, there is pretty much no variety to offer. And at that, this game plays itself, following a linear “story” where the player’s input is not required. Have game developers truly lost sight of what it means to actually have a game worth playing?

  28. Reyes Baez says:

    👍 and fun game so far, just started playing a few days ago. Servers can get a little lagging at times, while going thru menus sometimes. Im playing on Samsung Note S10. It’s free to play you can upgrade your characters freely. They do offer micro transactions to upgrade your characters gear, weapons, pets and more. Allowing you to progress faster in the game.

  29. Janice Turner says:

    I am enjoying it so far. Has best bang for buck by far I have seen in a game. Seems many are f2p and doing well too. Just please fix the lag! With everything being auto, when you open a window to upgrade something and your auto completes something in the main game the pop up for completion almost always freezes the game for a few seconds. Gets frustrating. Fix that and it may be one of the best games I have ever played.

  30. Oliver C says:

    This had barely any classes and Customization. This game didn’t allow explore the world without the game taking over within fight and going to each quest. I would like to said I love the game but with no settings to be able to control my characters and other features. This is not a game it just a video.

  31. Praveen Kumar says:

    A brilliantly created game gone wasted. To be absolutely honest, this game offers everything that a gamer wants (and does not want). It has splendid controls, excellent graphics and an amazing set of characters with unique skills. But there are two bad things that I noticed. First is that this is a big pay-to-win game. You will get powers without topup but u can’t beat those with topup, they are at the top. Second is connection problem. Sometimes it automatically disconnects.

  32. Santos Pacheco says:

    It’s more of a movie, sometimes the timer runs out before you can finish reading what the people have to say, and it’s all automatic, you can automate it by moving yourself but if you open your gear or your collecting stuff, it’ll switch to automatic and the game will be going on without you.

  33. Janet Oz says:

    Beautiful graphics. It has dungeons and quests like older RPG games but automates grinding with auto fighting. I can work on strenghting my character instead of fighting all the time. It seems to take a lot of resources and drains my battery. I’ve experienced lag. Worth downloading and giving it a try.

  34. Maris Zemlickis says:

    Fully automated game, I found it cool at beginning, but later it became a bit boring. Cool graphics, good looking game. But at the end of day another money hoovering thing! I don’t recommend, better play PlayStation!

  35. Andrew Heron says:

    The game just keeps randomly crashing that’s the only fault that I keep having and it’s been numerous complaint about constant game crashing and I just opened a new server and it’s crashes every 5 minutes.. It’s a good game but the crashing just makes it a pain the deal with🤏🤏.. Please review this and fix this bug immediately thank you…

  36. Jophil Tandoc says:

    It’s been almost 2 weeks and they still can’t fix the shapeshift button. Other players are able to activate their demon kings even lower levels so they can easily beat or outplay you.

  37. Bob Boberton says:

    Game will lose connection to server and take to you back to log in and will lag and stutter during transitions. I have reliable internet connection with enough speed to play other games of this same genre. Overall I do like it but the above problems prevent me from playing. Will try again in the future to find out if these issues are fixed.

  38. Mikey Mike says:

    Good game when it works. Haven’t been able to log in for about a week. Edit: it’s been about a month and I still can’t login. It was so random that the app stopped working when I got to player rank 38 on the server. I’ve tried emailing and sending feedback, they don’t seem to care. Pretty disappointed as a customer.

  39. Sk Seller says:

    First of all I was gave you five star rating because I like this game and everything. But now this is the wrost decision of me. I invested money but what’s the point of investment when lower one could easily beat you??? What’s the point of power then if you could beat by lower ones even your attack defence else are higher than his/her. No one there to help as a Customer care. 10 to 15 days past out still not respond from them. Full of lags, glitches, hang or stuck. I’m pissed off.

  40. Jahna Bruni says:

    This is not a game, it’s a movie. If you don’t intend on playing anything then this is the game for you. Just start it up and kick back. Everything will be done for you. Everything is auto: walking, fighting, talking. If I wanted to watch a movie I’d just download Netflix. Please do better than this. I give it 2 stars because the game does look very beautiful, otherwise would have given it 1 star.

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