GT Racing 2: real car game Apk Download New 2022 Version*


Automotive with A-list cars for a racing experience journey
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October 29, 2021
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GT Racing 2: real car game Apk Download New 2022 Version*

Leadership: most likely the most efficient hand-held racing simulation

GT Racing 2: actual automotive recreation Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod

• The richest hand held racing simulation recreation this 12 months: Seventy one approved vehicles on Thirteen tracks, together with the true Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.
• A very good selection of actual automobiles from over 30 producers: Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, Dodge, Nissan, Audi, Ford, and extra.
• Take a look at your riding abilities via finishing 1,Four hundred occasions, together with Vintage Races, Duels, Knockouts and Overtakes.
• 28 new demanding situations every week: beef up your riding abilities & possibly win a brand new automotive without cost.

GT Racing 2: actual automotive recreation Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod 2022

A deeper riding sensation

GT Racing 2: actual automobile sport Apk Obtain New 2022 Version*

• The brand new physics style gives probably the most real looking automotive dynamics ever presented in a hand held sport.
• The solar isn’t all the time shining in GT Racing 2: Our tracks have other instances of day and climate prerequisites.
• Race your approach via opting for from amongst Four other cameras, together with a panoramic inside view, and banquet your eyes on actual automotive designs.
• No restore occasions or restore prices. We gained’t make you wait or pay to race in an tournament once more.

GT Racing 2: actual automobile recreation Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* release

Enjoy the experience solo or in multiplayer

GT Racing 2: actual automotive sport Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* mod apk

• Compete with your pals or with actual gamers from everywhere the sector. Earn the quickest time on each and every race in multiplayer.
• Sign up for groups to play with different drivers and achieve not unusual objectives.
• Activate Steerage & Braking Help to stand up to hurry in a flash.
• Tweak your efficiency within the storage with lots of customized choices.

GT Racing 2: actual automobile sport Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk mod new

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GT Racing 2: actual automobile sport Apk Obtain New 2022 Version* apk


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40 comments on "GT Racing 2: real car game Apk Download New 2022 Version*"

  1. Teddy Rawlins says:

    It was a good game but I think Gameloft abandoned it, the updates quit coming and it got kind of boring. It had beautiful graphics and it never lagged, there wasn’t many ways to modify the cars and you had to pay money for almost everything if you wanted to actually win. Most the cars were real money of just so expensive they weren’t worth buying.

  2. Charmagne Joleigh says:

    nice gameplay, exciting challenges and events, cool music, so i can’t get board, i havent tried the online events and multiplayer challenges but i’m sure it would be awesome, the events are easy to win, the only thing i dont like about the game is that it takes too long to upgrade a vehicle, mechanics are hard to find, and the cars become very expensive as the levels progresses.

  3. Tobey Franklyn says:

    The ads are outrageously annoying and crashes the game several times. I mean, really? Ads in the middle of a race? And everytime we go back or advance to another screen, this spinning ball just pops up, then changes orientation from landscape to potrait, JUST TO SHOW THE AD. I know you guys need to show ads to make those papers, but at least do it in an honorable way, for example: the “watch ads to get cash” is fairly enough. Please remove the annoying ads and I’ll give you more stars.

  4. Elson Arville says:

    Just awful execution of what could be a great game. Nice to see an accelerator in the game, driving is pretty good, just too many ads, Facebook login to a pint of blood and I still didn’t get my progress back. I received what might have been the money I had, but not the in game progression (cars, stars, events, etc.) Not to mention the issue with trying to download and install (waiting on wifi…).

  5. Arlenna Sherwood says:

    Disappointed. Not horrible, not up to potential either. I have excellent wifi at home. Every day I get races that freeze mid race. Almost every day I get races that glitch in super fast mode. For a game that puts adds up for every single switch of screen or car, I’d expect at least to be able to win or loose on my own without glitches doing it for me. That said, the potential of this game is huge. Enough so to keep me checking in. Dont expect cash purchases while pushing ads every 30-90 seconds.

  6. Vannes Parker says:

    It has been almost 7 years, and we still have cars modeled incorrectly. The vehicle labeled “BMW M2” is in fact a BMW 235i, yet this has never been updated. Even the top speed and acceleration specs are more closely resembling those of a BMW 235i, and not an M2. In terms of game play, it is hard to fault, but this glaring error becomes more annoying as time passes without this being fixed.

  7. Neely Melloney says:

    Addictive, good. But the problem was Mount Rainier. I tried my hand on the Clio IV RS and the Laguna on Mount Rainier, I had too much problems. I suggest you all make the turns in the beginning more easier to do. And also program the bots to not follow the arrows. I also had problems when the graphics had beconme too real and the cars were too fast

  8. Ernestene Raybourne says:

    Good game and excellent graphics, but consider minimising or compressing your update size when needed. This can grant most users the afordability. Equally, the cars drag a lot when moving or turning during race matches. All cars shouldn’t have the same engine sound, unlike “real racing 3”. I believe you can fix this. All the same, great job guys!

  9. Jepson Ronda says:

    Its good game except for two things. The game randomly speeds up randomly, like it got hit by lightning or something (if you catch my drift). Please fix that. Another issue is that i cannot sign into Google, please resolve that as well. Otherwise its a great game, if anyone is reading. I recommend it. In fact i find it to be better than Real Racing 3. 😉

  10. Linley Twins says:

    Electrifying and adrenaline pumping game. Nice graphics, great design and concept. However, as one progresses, the images start seizeing/hanging. I have freed my phone memory several times but issues persist; perhaps it’s a developer problem. I hope this problem can be fixed and make this game a complete awesome experience one can ever hoped for.

  11. Cescelia Ashton says:

    Great game with great graphics and variety of cars, but the steering sensitivity is a little too touchy. I was at zero without steering assistance and I have to jerk my device around to keep straight, crashing into my opponents and going off-course. Even if I increased the sensitivity, the slightest turn would send me to the wall. Also, I have the same problem about the game going twice as fast sometimes.

  12. Mowgli Jonty says:

    Now I play this with my new device, and it’s alot smoother gameplay than to my previous crappy phone. It just a little bit weird, because some games if have bugs the gameplay it lag too much. But this one the gameplay run too much faster like a speed of light. Anyway, I really like this game it’s mixed of simulation and arcade race. Well it’s like a Asphalt in a circuit race. Just add more cars in the future, or even race track. Pretty nice gameplay I can say.

  13. Morwenna Raleigh says:

    Great racing game, real cars, modern and vintage, good balance between simulation and arcade. Technically superior, graphics, sounds… A bit too hungry for cash, though, so be prepared to grind for hundreds of hours if you don’t want to spend real money. And, yeah, a lot of cheaters exploiting glitches in tracks (“shortcuts”), and getting 50 seconds lap times where it takes around 1:05 for well versed drivers seem to ruin it for everybody. Apart for that, a nice overall gaming experience.

  14. Anston Cliry says:

    I used to play this a good deal on the Google Nexus Player (remember that device?). Before my progress was completely wiped out, I thought this was a very decent “simcade” (some people hate that word) racing game. A certain configuration I discovered made the RWD cars handle better than default. Great looking graphics and fairly okay music make this a fine game. It has a decent car selection as well. This is not the best mobile sim racing game, but it is far from the worst.

  15. Brian Smith says:

    Well it’s not bad, but it’s no Gear Club or even NSF. The graphics are pretty good, but man-o-man those controls are absolutely brutal. I’m using the tilt control with accelerator and brake option like I do in all of my mobile racing games. It seems like I barely tilt to the right and woah! I have to immediately do a left correct for oversteer. Pretty much the same for tilting slightly left. The game needs steering calibration or something. I don’t think I’ll be playing this one too long.

  16. Amandeep Singh says:

    The resolution of the graphics is good. Sound effects and music are fine. But I do not like the game as certain functions are not responsive especially at turnings and the driving experience becomes unrealistic. The game lacks drift feature that not only makes the game more enjoyable but gives a realistic experience as it is associated with real drive also. Absence of nitro feature also makes the game lesser enjoyable. Instead of a library of various brands there should be a gallery of cars.


    This game from my gameplay experience is absolutely awesome including the graphics and sound but the controls are kind of hard especially when you are turning. I have to slow down a bit for me to have a good turn maybe the ability to be able to drift might make the game to be realistic. But overall the game is really awesome and I recommend you to download.

  18. eli peters says:

    Audio needs sweetened. Handling isn’t terrible but some response times seem to lag. Maybe allow a little more performance abilities like tune settings. I.e. tire pressure, turbo psi, cosmetics ,maybe even tire wear. I rate 5 because I’m a Gran Turismo nut. the tracks are well laid out. Being in control of the car by turning off the assists. I can’t stand to have the car stop itself. .what’s the point of ME playing then ya know lol More can bevdone here, but it’s definitely fun. Best MobileSim

  19. Fahmi Anwar (Ami) says:

    Everything else is great except for the control. I don’t use gyro often to control the car so i chose the “Tap the side of the screen to steer” control, because it is easier than the steering wheel control. But it comes with it’s own difficulties like the brake that is disturbingly placed on the middle of the screen and can pretty much affect steering sometime (can’t steer). If only there’s a control similar to the steering wheel one but it is an arrow instead, that would improve this game.

  20. Newtomic says:

    Excellent graphics and great sound for a mobile game, but not having a proper scheme to drive with touch controls kills it make a scheme fully customizable with accelerator, brake, handbrake, turn, etc. the actual scheme are all bad! And no I’m not going to play with a controller, for that I play way better games on PC. The Always-Online-DRM it’s a bummer too. (please note that I don’t see any ads)

  21. Kirin says:

    The game is pretty impressive and challenging that’s what I like about it. True the controls are difficulty but I’m used to them now. What I don’t like about the game is the visuals are dull when you playing race events, the details are dull but when you viewing the cars you wanna buy they are so greatly detailed, so please add the same detailed reflection and shine that we see when viewing cars in our garage and shop(This game has potential to compete with Real Racing)

  22. Josphine Ontita says:

    Sharp graphics, very, very good game. The reason I hold back the one star is you cant steer further than 30* degrees, and that denies me a very important racing aspect. Also assisted braking is almost like a cheat. I can overtake on a straight track with assisted braking on but hard to do the same with it off. It should be like that on bends. Otherwise a smooth game.


    I wish there’s a higher graphics but i think it won’t because of the mobile system,but it’s all good ,you can keep grinding some coins,i recommend to play it… After a few minutes of playing the game,after my race ,it suddenly crash my game,it turned black screen and returned me to my home,my phone it’s good at graphics and all my performance is good but this game the only one crashes

  24. Raghajyothi says:

    It is very good… Especially the interior camera gives you a premium driving feel and I would strongly recommend installing it. (After all it is a Gameloft creation, what could go wrong). The only problem with it is that it you choose the steering wheel control… The moment you touch on the side the steering turns and is not proper. I would recommend the touch arrow controls or if you sir straight and play obviously the tilt control as it is the most convenient. Hope this review helps you.

  25. young Dz says:

    Best car racing game I ever came across, graphics, controls setup all are on point, but as you go to a higher classes or level it becomes a bit difficult to buy car’s, and the upgrades take so long once you hit higher classes or levels. And maybe if you can add more laps in the classic races, instead of only 1 or 2 , maybe 4 or 5 will be better.

  26. Latha Peethala says:

    First of all, I don’t understand why people hate this game just because of it’s sim-cade graphics. Gameloft has done a good job with the physics of the game and the quality of such a game coming from 2012 is just so underrated. The physics of the game is sim cade and is easy for beginners. New cars and new locations can be added too. Recently, there has also been a big in which the game runs in 2X speed. I hope the devs take care of this issue

  27. Michael Witbooi (Smokie) says:

    Playing the game for the first time you tend to struggle with the steering of the cars, but the more you play the easier it gets . The graphics are very good +great rewards on some of the track events. I recommend this game to anyone who wants to play it. Try it you won’t be disappointed.PLEASE the cars are expensive and the upgrading time for stages 2 till 5 is to long,but it’s a great game

  28. Amiel John F. Mercado says:

    I love this game, but there seems to be a new bug that makes it kind of unplayable. Halfway through a race, the game would suddenly speed up. Every animation both in the pause screen and the race is all of a sudden twice as fast. I’ve looked it up on youtube and found two other people having the same issue just yesterday.

  29. Manuel “that one sicilian boi” says:

    Superb! Perfect for low end devices, amazing driving, nice car collection, meh upgrades(too expensive). Sad some good soundtracks have been removed, but the game doesn’t struggle to be good, in fact I love it! Last thing: there are some minor bugs like the car that speeds when I press nothing or that it has revert steering commands and I have to go to the controls thing and manually change them over and over, luckily it happens rarely but it’s seriously annoying. In the end, it’s a good game.

  30. C.O.C. Oguibe says:

    Very nice game – the landscape, graphics, physics, design and overall car choices. But unfortunately, there is a bug that would always prompt me to use external control (joystick), everytime I will have to go to settings to select “none”. Again there is no means of contacting the developer. Also vehicles don’t upgrade at once, one have to wait for the other to complete upgrading.

  31. Rollout Robot says:

    Loads of fun! Only that the courses reminds me so much like the Asphalt series. Recycling maps perhaps? Nevertheless, an almost perfect game, much better than that “other game” where they say some players are cheating, and they tolerate it. If there are any changes I would suggest, is that I wish the Grid Display showing the inventory of cars, should also indicate which cars are still being upgraded.

  32. Ryan Huxham says:

    Overall it is a very good game. No lag on multilayer or campaign. The in car view is optimum, including details such as the radio to all the other controls. The interiors also replicate the real life versions on the cars. But when on interior view, the windscreen can become blurry. If this is to demonstrate reflection it is a very bad job. Fix this and it will be a 5 star review.

  33. Harlequin Fox “goth maid boy” Bellatrix says:

    Almost real racing level just needs a few more car makes such as porcher and maybe a few additional cars per maker as well. And less ads they are annoying at times. Also needs an update as well. The game plays well and thankfully there is an option to turn off the auto acceleration which really is a blessing as its is one of my pet peeves in game auto anything.

  34. White84 says:

    The bug is rather insane, everything just begin to be so fast paced I can even race properly. Please fix the bug, it’s rather too early for me to quite the game because I was totally enjoying it till this bug showed up. Also, let the upgrades be instant, I don’t usually like waiting over thirty minutes for an upgrade to be up and working. Aside from all this, I’ll just the app a three-star rating hoping that the game will get better soon.

  35. James Oliver says:

    As a long-time gran turismo player, I recommend this game to others who love gran turismo and need to play it on their phone. Playing in first person view is amazing and really increases my desire for VR sunglasses. The phone really does feel like a steering wheel. Just wish I could sense that feeling with a larger screen and a thicker controller. But that all goes with a console and enhancements I cannot afford. This is going to be my go-to racing game for a long time. Thank you!

  36. B Man (The17BMan) says:

    Is it so hard to have a normal steering wheel option? You know, where you steer with either a wheel or slider and have control of both the throttle and brakes. I can’t play with tilt steering or button steering. And the only wheel option there was is where it automatically accelerates and all you have control of is steering and brakes. I’ve been trying all kinds of racing games and the control setups just kill most of them for me.

  37. Uba Chijindu says:

    Good, really good. You know, this reminds me of what games should REALLY be like. Enjoy online multiplayer, but still feel free to go solo, OFFLINE, anytime. Can’t fight developers to do that anyway. But the game IS good. Consider making more of offline games that are actually good, Gameloft. You’re big enough for it. Also, when retiring this game from stores, consider giving out a thousand coins and tokens so players can enjoy. I love this game already. Thank you!!!

  38. Biswarup Ghosh says:

    Controller switches to external controller after every race! Am using Xiaomi MI 11T pro and either while starting a race or after finishing a race, the touch controls on phone stop responding because the game automatically switches to an external controller. Have to manually go to settings and then change the controller to none, and repeat the process for the phone touch controls to actually work.

  39. INFO TEKKEN says:

    Developers, I loved the whole game… I liked how you guys added high-resolution textures for the road… But the reflection of the car’s body and windshields(rear) should be different… And other things besides the road like skies, structures, hills, clouds etc should be improved to give equal graphical quality throughout the whole track… And also cars don’t get darker when it is in dark places like tunnels… The car sounds can also be better… You guys should work on fixing that too… An

  40. Thomas Campbell says:

    Aaargh!!! Whose brilliant idea was the large banner ads at bottom center screen? Do the devs not even know where unimportant little buttons like Upgrade Car, Select Car, and Start Race are? On their own app?? Also, gameplay becomes extremely jerky when ads are up. Decent game otherwise, for the first couple levels. Then it becomes just another pay-to-play-or-grind-for-ever kind of game. Too bad, it could be great. As it is, I’ll probably uninstall soon.

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