Drift Max World – Racing Game Apk Download New*

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Sep 13, 2022
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Drift Max World – Racing Game Apk Download New*

Welcome to the next step on the evolution of the acclaimed drifting game collection Drift Max! Throttle up and glide throughout first-rate actual existence locations (Brooklyn, Moscow, Dubai) from around the globe in Drift Max World, a modern float racing recreation from the creators of the mythical drifting video games – Drift Max and Drift Max Pro!

Featuring decked out glide motors, hardcore adjustments and pilot customizations, Drift Max World is right here to test your handbrake drifting ability. Choose your pilot, alter your waft racing automobile, choose both the outside or indoors view, and begin drifting! Perform wonderful stunts, burn the asphalt and revel in this beautiful drifting recreation! The global of waft racing awaits you!

– Drive beautiful waft vehicles
– Race in global well-known cities
– Customize and modify your dream car
– Career Mode
– Quick Play
– Choose your pilot and outfit

– Full-frame decal kits.
– Two-tone and matte paint shades, crazy graphical racing decals.
– Headlight colors.
– Door and hood stickers.
– Rim model and colour.

Drift Max World – Racing Game Apk Mod

– Caliper colour.
– Wheel (Camber) perspective.
– Suspension height.
– Spoiler fashions.

Start your float racing journey and take a look at your drifting abilities through tough float race missions and earn terrific rewards including custom waft racing vehicles.


40 comments on "Drift Max World – Racing Game Apk Download New*"

  1. Katlynne Barda says:

    It was fun up til season 5. Five races from that BMW and suddenly the cars are too sketchy wanting to slide all over the place. The computer decides to not award points unless I’m literally grinding the wall. Three quarters way through the score and suddenly my entire score was wiped clean. The computer shows the cars as having handling, but doesn’t control the cars steering as they will suddenly slam into a wall or my directional pad quits!

  2. Phyllida Merrill says:

    The game is wonderfull.i love the realness and the graphics.but i think u should update the speedometer in the cockit to actually work.and u should also add a feature of chosing weather lights on or off.either than that i think the game is amazing

  3. TheInfamousWakaKellner says:

    The game is good but I don’t think I’d like to be stuck on Season 12 Track 8 because there are only two laps. Please fix this as soon as you can because I really want to keep playing this game.

  4. Jean-Carlo M Beukes says:

    Game keep malfunctioning, exiting the application. Career mode makes it crash and you’ll have to open the game after every race since it goes out by itself.

  5. Josh Talent says:

    Well the game is good but how come the last track of season 20 when you finish it just freezes or stuck on a blank blue screen to say the race is finish but cannot review the results..?

  6. james ndama says:

    Good game.to make the game look cool.1:add cars and not just cars, cool cars like hyper and super and muscle cars😎.2:add some new tracks .3:some vinyls any paints would be really awesome if they are added.4: looking forward to new seasons.5: improvement of more graphics.6: IMPORTANT.YOU can upgrade the cars and change the cars appearance like the front,rear bumper,tail lights, mirrors,sideskirts and more.last but not least,you can race with other people and also multiplayer where u make a crew

  7. Patricia Williams says:

    I like the graphics and the drifting sensitive are amazing this is the best game ever i played and you made. Lol. You should make more drift games like this. Please make more games

  8. Krish Bhagwandat says:

    good game overall but there are some things that i think that could give this game more popularity -how about system that you can choose the position for your decals and stickers -and also a custom controller option in which you choose or make a controller of your liking _and also a lan hotspot multiplayer mode for drift racing thank you and please consider the suggestions

  9. Adrian Francis says:

    Very good game, only thing is that you do get different missions, but its always the same courses in all the stages. The most challenging mission would be having to drift for 65 seconds on a short course, where you only have to do 2 laps and a time period of 1m30sec with cars that can do it in less than 60 seconds and still be able to finish with a top speed of +-75mph to get that bonus, lol that was FUN!!! But all in all, I love this game. First game to stay on my mobile for a very long time.

  10. Sthembele Sibiya says:

    Great game I enjoy it very much the cars the graphics and the controls r amazing it like a double to Drift max pro you should download it.WELCOME TO THE DRIFT WORLD.

  11. Avipsu Pathak says:

    One of the best drifting games I have ever played. I have read some comments that the car is not controllable. It is a fully controlled game only for those who loves to drift and know everything about it. The best experience ever felt.

  12. Josh Phillips says:

    I really likev the cars and its not too hard to get money and its fairly easy to control the cars but please add the option to customize the cars e.g new bumpers or remove the bumper besides that, its the greatest FREE car game ever made

  13. Warren Gregory says:

    Good game, but than finished game it went onto a still screen saying race finished but doesn’t leave still screen. Not giving me any rewards for finishing final race. Needs to be fixed and only than will I give more than 3 star….

  14. Maddog M says:

    I just started playing this game. I really like it you can Really customise your Cars all kinds Of underbody lights very cool easy controls lots of fun Definitely a 5 star game for me

  15. Lukas says:

    This game is trash, because my very good progress was straight up deleted even though, i played the game yesterday. I’m warning you after some months you will get your progress deleted. Edit: I had all of the cars.

  16. Brandin Smith says:

    This is a pretty good game the only things that I don’t like about it is that there aren’t a lot of American muscle cars. I would rather drift a muscle instead of a tuner. The other thing is if you prefer arrow keys like me then I don’t like how it counter turns automatically but other than these two things this is a really good game

  17. Kamogelo Hlatshwayo says:

    Its an amazing experience playing the game the graphic is so cool the car’s the modifications are awsome but I only hate that there is no racing just u driving

  18. Troy Blair says:

    Freezes at end. I’ve beat the same track 10 times and freezes every time.. this is obviously an issue because several have same problem as seen in reviews…developer’s are you going to fix it continue to ignore?

  19. Kgonego Mahlakoana says:

    This game is bad,the graphics are not good plus the cars are uncontrollable.please fix this because it could be a really great game.

  20. kn1gh7!! 3la3heR says:

    great game to much money in game to be spent though and I am a kid but another problem is that you don’t earn enough in game cash to spend but overall an excellent game to play and great service only a little bit of lag but still playable

  21. ROCKY KHAN says:

    I gave five star because Finally the best drift game ever is here….no doubt …and some free style maps are also available thats the best part bcz of no time limit… thanks team really good work.

  22. zack shuler says:

    It’s a great game with all kinds of customizations unlike all the other car games but their is ads after every race I do. If u could cut out the ads I’d give it a 5 star

  23. KurøGami says:

    What the heck steering wheel is that, don’t know about the physics but if you like that auto drift feeling go for it. Also where are the car upgrades, like performance parts and such. I don’t know how to feel about this, it’s good but it sucks

  24. Rhulani Jamela Mayimele says:

    Great drifting game, graphics are awesome, it’s just a bit challenging when It comes to edge drifts

  25. pranav vishnuduth says:

    I love the drift max series and honestly drift make pro is the best cause it got better over steer but that’s it drift max world is super dope with good controls and I just adore the game ….. 5 stars

  26. Eliah gh says:

    Me favorite drifting game of all time it have really nice control really nice wallpapers and spoilers and tires and LED lights at the bottom and I would really recommend this game if you like drifting games.

  27. Madhu Madhu says:

    This game is good but one problem in the game, i will try to race but in race just 20 minutes my car will be out of controled. I will request the developers.

  28. Ailton Lucas says:

    The graphics: awesome, even though you have a bad device, works. Just the control is a way “easy”.

  29. Janssen Andrei Cavilleda says:

    Can’t save my progress!! I watched 32 ads for the mustang car or whatever it is i don’t know what it called but im really dissapointed when I download again this game my progress loss!

  30. Angelnrob Mohr says:

    it’s a good game but takes so long to be able to modify my car due to the level unlocks for each category of customization options

  31. Kevin Makousky says:

    It’s a fun game and I like racing games that give me a challenge. But every time I pause the game it makes me watch an ad and after so many ads it’s annoying. When it comes to customizing on the game you can to a point but it would be alot better if the was an option to choose the body kit on your car, the size of your rims, and be able to customize the inside of the car with a stereo and lights

  32. Krisha Olaco says:

    If you pause the game you’ll get bombarded with ads idk why but I wish ads never existed or games like this will spread around the world, just pls clear out ads of this game it’s going to ruin creator’s feelings because of being hated and making games with TOO MUCH ADS remove them right now or this game will be lost forever!

  33. Arkansas says:

    it’s a cool drifting game I use the drifting stick thingy it makes it easier to play

  34. IBRAHIM IDRISA says:

    I love this game because Drift Max World doesn’t require an internet connection this game is offline…

  35. robbie lister says:

    Best game you only have to turn wifi off and you won’t get ads best game ever cus I loved drift max pro drift max city and drift max😁

  36. Yash Sanjith says:

    nice game but add more graphics pls

  37. Sikander Khan says:

    best drift control best graphics

  38. Holly Simmons says:

    This game sucks it’s the graphics are so bad

  39. Heart break Kid says:

    Ive been playing this game for about 15-20 mins.My biggest issue so far is the incredibly bad autocounter steering. I can’t even keep car in a straight line when need be. Feels more like sliding around on a frozen lake even on concrete roads. I Haven’t even seen customizing options yet but I can already say I’ll be looking elsewhere.

  40. Nathan Torres says:

    great game (let go of my family please)

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