CSR 2 – Drag Racing Car Games Apk Download New*


Car Racing Games with Furious Drifting! Race in a Fast Driving Games Simulator!
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November 16, 2022
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CSR 2 – Drag Racing Car Games Apk Download New*

CSR2 is an actual riding simulator that delivers hyper-real drag racing to the palm of your hand. In its Third iteration after CSR Racing and CSR Classics; CSR Racing 2 is a smart cellular drag race sport enjoy. With thousands and thousands of gamers thus far and in depth partnerships with the world’s main automotive producers, this actual automobile racing recreation is an improbable using simulator for motorized automobiles lovers.

CSR 2 – Drag Racing Automobile Video games Apk Obtain New*

Compete with gamers the world over to your customized constructed automobiles together with Ferrari SF90 Stradale, McLaren Senna, Bugatti L. a. Voiture Noire and extra. Race warring parties in real-time using video games demanding situations. Crew up with pals to shape a workforce and song your rides for max pace! Unfastened automobile video games don’t get extra actual than this! Sign up for the membership and obtain an incredible loose vehicles recreation and get racing now

CSR 2 – Drag Racing Automobile Video games Apk Obtain New* apk

Sing their own praises automotive racing video games and automotive play cars for your large warehouse storage – CSR 2 options formally approved cars, together with Porsche, Aston Martin, Lamborghini, Pagani Koenigsegg, Toyota Supra Aerotop, Nissan Skyline GT-R (R34 NISMO S-tune), Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE NASCAR or Mercedes-AMG F1 W11 EQ Efficiency #44

CSR 2 – Drag Racing Automobile Video games Apk Obtain New* apk mod new

MARKETING CAMPAIGN MODES – ELITE TUNERS AND LEGENDS Go the end line in a single-player drag race throughout surprising race classes. Pass cruising and paintings your means from Junior Dragster to Best Gas through beating most sensible boulevard racing crews within the town

CSR 2 – Drag Racing Automotive Video games Apk Obtain New* liberate

Take racing automobile video games to the following stage with “Elite Tuners”. Hundreds of auto using simulator and automotive customization choices to be had: from engine, tires, rims, traction, grasp, full-body wraps, and extra. Upload underground automobiles and bikes video games favorites such because the Toyota GR Supra or Nissan GT-R (R35) or the McLaren F1 in “Legends”
Hit the asphalt in a velocity race in opposition to combatants, or rally to the street in a drag race in opposition to your mates. Really feel the actual racing enjoy as you burst out of your staging beams, and burnout down the lane in classes from North The usa or Europe in drag racing video games! Beat visitors in those gasoline dragsters throughout brief distances in motor game racing video games

CSR 2 – Drag Racing Automobile Video games Apk Obtain New* apk mod

• Automobile Customise: In CSR2, Acquire one of the maximum iconic automobiles from the 60s, 70s, 80s and sure, the 90s! Customise your journey to seek out the auto you wish to have to climb the hill to your highest racing enjoy. Pass racing publish middle of the night on this loose using sport
• EASIEST AUTOMOBILE VIDEO GAMES: Improve this unfastened automobile sport through restoring your rides to their former glory within the Legends workshop as you opt for pace • Use vintage vehicles to take down an intense unmarried participant marketing campaign • TOWN AUTOMOBILE RIDING: Tear up the street, mile after km, with speedy, recent automobiles in unfastened racing video games for boys or women • Get the actual automobile flow video games revel in with AR mode. In those loose video games, revel in what it’s like to take a seat in any such motor racing vehicles •Furious Drifting: Grasp oversteering, reverse lock, oversteers and countersteering to transform a drifting video games, parking video games, and automotive parking professional •Tune Automobiles: Customise your sizzling wheels, carry them to the monitor in a contestants race and turn out who’s the most efficient sports activities automotive driving force round in unfastened automotive video games •There isn’t any restrict on your 3-d tuning of those epic automobiles; with a variety of paint, nitro, wheels, brake calipers and turbo choices; you’ll make a fearsome insurrection glide racing automobile, or a humorous automobile •Get within the highway using race sooner than different on-line automobile video games •No Wifi Video games: Play those offline automobile video games to grasp Nine 2d vehicles anyplace you move

CSR 2 – Drag Racing Automotive Video games Apk Obtain New* mod apk

Will have to be 13+ to play this automobile recreation. CSR Racing 2 is loose to play, however it accommodates pieces in the stores for actual cash. You’ll be able to toggle those purchases on/off within the “”Restrictions”” menu for your tool

CSR 2 – Drag Racing Automotive Video games Apk Obtain New* apk mod 2022

To forestall unauthorized purchases, choose “Set or Exchange PIN” from the Google Play settings menu, create a PIN, after which permit the “Use PIN for Purchases” choice. You are going to then be required to go into your PIN earlier than each transaction.
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40 comments on "CSR 2 – Drag Racing Car Games Apk Download New*"

  1. Saint Damien says:

    Fun game. Definitely one of the better drag racing games imo. The only gripe I have, and it’s big, is to get ahead and move up in the standings, they make you buy everything. And the packages aren’t always cheap. Grinding through levels takes way to long. So quit trying to swindle us outta money and make grinding through to move up somewhat easier. Again, other than that it sa fun game.

  2. Scott Cahill says:

    I would say the graphics are very nice. Lots of customization and options for cars. It’s a micro transaction filled fun game. But I find it a bit unfair when racing up against story bosses an the like. You get to race em 4 times for their car and on the last race you don’t get to upgrade your car and they get a huge boost to their vehicle. Furthermore the super nos that’s offered to help you costs real money not in game currency. It kinda forces to pay to win.

  3. caleb bayne says:

    This is my favorite drag-racing game- when it’s actually running. It’s well thought out, engaging, and has the best graphics this side of Forza, but it’s the glitchiest game I’ve ever encountered. The updates fix one bug while introducing another. Doing a little research reveals most issues are long-term and ongoing as well, and come on. Of course every app developer is going to claim they’re on top of each issue but seriously, if they really had an interest in fixing them they could’ve by now.

  4. Doug Gummo says:

    I’m changing my review to 1 star as the game had crashed multiple times so I had uninstalled in hopes it would fix it, it did not, I have sat on the loading screen for over 10 minutes, uninstalled and reinstalled 2 other times, on this last attempt I have been on the loading screen for over half an hour and getting push notifications from the app as if I wasn’t on the game. I am beyond frustrated with the the fact that a game that is almost 4 gigs doesn’t even work. I don’t recommend.

  5. TIM Perry says:

    I have been playing this game pretty well since it came out with exception of the last 6 months. Took a little break from game because of all the bugs and glitches. I recently decided to give it another shot since it had been awhile and I’m sorry to say it’s just as jacked up as it’s ever been which is truly sad because the game has awesome graphics and tons of cars to obtain. I hold no hope at this point that NM even cares lil own plans to fix gameplay issues.

  6. james zompetti says:

    Csr2 is the best of the drag racing games currently. It is a pay to play game but there’s plenty to do as a free beginning player. Its not perfect! Yes, the game has bugs! Sometimes updates fix issues and sometimes they create more but, I always come back. It’s fun and a good time suck. For the more experienced players I wish there was more to do between special events. Once I blitz through an event there’s not much to do other than live races. ALSO GIVE US A WAY TO ORGANIZE GARAGES!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Brendan Speer says:

    I used to love this game but as of the last week I can’t get into my account. It keeps making my start over from the beginning. 33 garages 4 years and all progress lost. I’ve tried contacting player support and no response. Almost two months have passed and still no resolutions. There was a resolve for a little while. But now I’m back to having to restart my game daily with no ability to get back to my original game. Plus those little red semi circles in the upper right corner will not go

  8. Adam Edgeworth says:

    Great game overall, though too much “pay to play” and “pay to win”. Many events require you to purchase a specific car to participate, so I just skip those. Some challenges impossible due to AI opponents having much higher tier and more advanced cars than what we are restricted to. Still, great game – can be very addictive when there are multiple ongoing events to race in. Need less pay requirements and better matchups for showdowns – can’t believe 99% of racers really have maxed out cars.

  9. Daniel Bole says:

    I started playing this game 6 years ago. This game gets played whether any others do or not! This game is so awesome with its realistic graphics! The game play is intense, the controls are easy, and most of all, the game is just FUN! There have been many events to challenge your knowledge of how the game is played, by letting you buy cars, upgrade and tune them and, on some cars, add elite parts to them! Give it a try!

  10. Jason Williamson says:

    It’s a very interesting game. From time to time (at least once every two weeks) you’ll come across bugs and glitches. It just depends on the season and and how well they built the program in its entirety. The major aggravations are the screens that pop up strategically trying to encourage you to buy keys, packages and coins. Overall it’s a competitive games. Play it long enough and you’ll catch on to the “scheme” of the games intentions “. Like fixing two wounds with one bandaid.

  11. Jeff Cooley says:

    I like the game but all the events use a specific car and unless you are rich and can just throw away money for upgrades you can’t play for very long. And then the game doesn’t give you enough resources unless you pay. If I keep playing I will end up divorced for spending so much. The game could be so much better. The developer needs to fix the online cheating. During the showdown I get matched with cars that I pull ahead of and then they fly past so fast it’s a blur only to beat you by .2 sec.

  12. Nick says:

    I enjoy the game. But some things feel very pay to win, I have a tier 4 almost maxed just some 6 tier parts and I still can’t win. To customize to new stars also very difficult to achieve without buying. You’ll be there a very long time, months trying to save. Otherwise dynamics and game play are awesome. Events are cool. Etc.

  13. Nina Pello says:

    Love it right off jump street. Played a bunch of racing games, but never drag racing. It’s cool that you upgrade your cars your self. Don’t know anything about cars, I’m really just winging it as I go. One of the best addictive games highly enjoyable and fun. Thank you for making your game, love the graphics and details on the cars.love it

  14. Dennis Tinker says:

    Been playing CSR2 for quite a while now. Still one of the best racing games out there. But, lately they have been having way to many technical issues and not fixing them. Getting frustrated because they won’t compensate you for the issues. They are becoming greedy finding more ways to force you to spend money if you want to continue playing the game. Wake up ZINGA or your going to lose long time paying customers.

  15. josias lopez says:

    Great game and graphics, but I am not a big fan of the rare cars that can only be obtained randomly with keys for a specific event and and it makes it really hard to enjoy the game, If they can make car buying with the keys for the specific car that we need for the the event that be great instead of getting our hopes up in the rare “import tab” and tease us to buy the keys to just get another car.

  16. SergeantKoala says:

    I don’t hate it, honestly my third time downloading the app and the second time where I know what I’m doing. I Will say, however, there are area few places where improvements could be made and ill keep it brief. Only give us S6 upgrades for cars we own, reduce or get rid of imported product times. Lastlty, i wish the sounds were more realistic for certain cars, a super snake should not sound like a super car, it has a gutty exaust and that’s why I spent 30 bucks for it, because it’s my dream car

  17. Willie Novotny says:

    Used to be my favorite racing game. No more. Now it sucks. Optimized cars used to win, now can only win with extra pay for play upgrades. I actually spend money on games but you can spend $100 on a car and still not win. Also the change a couple years back limiting design options sucks. I’m out. Would have kept playing and spending money.

  18. Nagy Family says:

    I’ve upgraded the first day Race Pass was available for $9.99. Immediately the pass didn’t work even though the upgrade showed. 1.5 weeks later support is still giving generic responses and still refuses to refund my money or provide a working fix. Over it. I really played the game almost daily and spent about $10 per week for the last month on it. Way to kill your revenue stream. Over constantly doing the same tutorial to reboot the game play a race and do it all over again.

  19. Frozzy says:

    This isnt a game issue but it could be fixed. For somebody like me who doesnt know a whole lot about cars, having random buttons like t1 or t5 not knowing the difference can be confusing. I recommend making the game a little easier to comprehend and figure out what each button means without having to search it up online.

  20. Flamboyant Fire says:

    Amazing game. I think prices are well placed but I think prize money should be a bit higher. The only problems I have are 1). The car noises are unrealistic, and 2). During showdowns, the rocket bunny is always the most ridiculously fast car but it’s extremely difficult to get and it gives an unfair advantage.

  21. Thomas Stacy says:

    The game is setup for us player’s has start paying for crates and junk from the very start. Don’t take my word for it try to play one event and be successful in the event without spending $200.00 to upgrade the car. The prices that they charge it gets close to the fact I don’t think they have a clue how much they should be charging. Way to much. They have talent in the graphics but I’m ashamed to even put down the price I have paid for this one showdown. Still missing a stage 6 part.no more!!!

  22. George Felder says:

    Good game it crashes alot please fix. I see you have not fixed the crashing yet I am really tired of struggling because I have tried everything to fix it and no change, that’s a very big dissapointment. I am about give this game up, nothing works that is suggested to fix the problem of crashing online. I can’t even start a race without it crashing 5 seconds after, I hate to get rid of the game because the poor performance. This ridiculous the online crashing is very annoying

  23. Dan Hardin says:

    The ability to tune your ride as in your own driving quirks is awesome and they have put this episode together flawless . I also love 3 and classics. I need my old real muscle cars. Thanks CSR for keeping the rest on their toes. I love the Fast and furious edition I’m digging this game already but now I’m going back to the beginning and starting all over so it should be interesting I know I love it. I need more space. This is the best hands down. Ally are good but this sets a hard road out

  24. Jackson Murphy says:

    The game is decent. If I had to pick one or two things that aren’t the best it would be upgrade price for vehicles once you get to t4 and t5. It costs so much and makes it hard to progress. Second, the cars that are needed to be able to compete either cost money or are stupidly hard to get because of odds in crates. This game is super laggy and it always has been. Major bug that doesn’t ever seem to get fixed.

  25. Rick Marx says:

    I was really enjoying the game until something happened and I lost all my progress. Had to start over from the very beginning which is extremely frustrating and made me quite angry. It’s also very expensive to become and stay competitive. The “permanent freshness” is very annoying. If you have a car you should be able to customize it. I could go on but am limited to a 500 character review. Save yourself a headache and alot of money, don’t install or uninstall.

  26. Rob A says:

    simple: Drag race. customizations= endless. There is some skill to timing and tweaking launches and gear changes. Slow performance when I go back to the app I have to force close and restart it. Some events are impossible to finish or impossible to finish without purchase. Also there are too many pop-ups for purchases throughout the game that mess with the flow. Every time your fuel meter gets down below 5 fuel pips they prompt you to watch a video. Purchase probably won’t change that. Pay2win

  27. Miguel says:

    Cash grab. Everything about this game is just asking you to spend real money. From crates to upgrades. I’m talking like $50 for a vehicle. Too many ads in every loading screen they hit you with a video ad. The graphics are great and that’s about it. Can’t expect much from a game that’s meant to be on mobile but for as many in game purchases they should at least remove ads. 🤷‍♂️

  28. Cameron says:

    From 5 to 1 star. It’s fun and addicting but there’s about a $20 pay wall everyweek to buy a car you’ll only use for that event. Not to mention all the cheaters in multiplayer/live events that make it impossible to get rewards. This game also has fake difficulty. I played it alot last year and could not beat any of campaign races came back a year later and now they are easy, using the same car. If they don’t want you to progress then you won’t.

  29. James Carneal says:

    Keeps me entertained and busy have to think about things. I enjoy it. Game is geared to make money which I can understand but a bit to greedy. Items you buy to win a challenge doesn’t always meet that challenge pressing you to buy more. That’s where you have to think and be patient until the next time or just let it go. I do like it but it could be a little more balanced.

  30. Jordan Keshun says:

    The bugs and all the issues are finally fixed and the game works great. I still have issues with purchasing some cars . I missed out on the nsx rocket bunny. It’s blue 💙 with 5 purple 💜 stars. Please make it to where we can purchase this car again. This game is so fun and I’ve been around since the game has started. It’s been a great game since

  31. Michael Vozel says:

    I’ve loved CSR2 for years, and have a good experience over all, aside from crowded ads that I would happily pay to not have to experience, i think the RACEPASS aspect of the game is really cool, but the icons for the universal parts don’t seem to match the theme of CSR and the race pass menu is all squished and lame.. as a feature I love it and think it’s great but I wish you guys will revamp the menu soon and make it look cool and less tacky. Universal part logo in upgrade screen is ugly. 9/10

  32. Nathan U says:

    Cool app. VERY realistic visuals. BUT that’s about where the good stuff ends… I understand businesses need to make $$$ to survive. That’s ultimately their purpose. However, requiring at least $20 just to “own” a car that you’ll only use for one week… is a rip off. Over the course of a year one could easily spend over $500, maybe $1,000… just to keep up with these “time limited events”. TLDR this game is great eye candy, but a money pit… and uses gambling tactics to draw in more $.

  33. Sam “Wise” Dozier says:

    Very Addictive so I’m not going to recommend this game to people with addictive personalities like myself. its a great game with excellent graphics, cars are very realistic and you won’t be disappointed in those apects however unless you have bookoos of 💳 $$$, you’ll get yourself in deeper and deeper the longer you play..for that reason only I’m dropping it down to 2 stars cause you can have fun without paying for it as well. If developers could make it a one-time annual fee, it’d be ideal

  34. Patrick Kenney735 says:

    Nice game until you get to the boss levels where you HAVE TO make in-game purchases to be able to win the boss cars which is total BS. We already play the game long enough to get to the boss levels and then you make us buy certain upgrades for our cars to be able to win the boss cars, which is totally uncalled for and upsetting. I am changing my rating to 2 stars because of that alone. To bad I was enjoying the game until that point.

  35. denis cool says:

    Nice graphics. free to play, unless you want to be on top of other players. Some events are just for people who don’t mind to pay. Progress is getting easier with time, don’t expect to beat bosses in few weeks, takes ti.e to collect all the parts for cars. Over all you can pick your own strategy – pay and progress faster or keep playing daily for 2-3 hours. Pay for gas or watch commercials.

  36. Luis Diaz says:

    The game is NOT pay to win. And its not a game where you’ll be a top player in a week. Sure, you CAN buy the car that you need for an event in the store for real cash, but the truth is you absolutely DONT HAVE TO. With enough time invested you’ll have the IN-GAME currency you need to get the cars for events. This game is a long time grind, but I’ve never spent a dollar on it and I get new top tier cars every season. The game is a GRIND. But you can do everything for free if you’re just patient.

  37. Chase Corona (Mix Drifter) says:

    100% great game for drag racing. There’s a recent problem that I keep running into that I’d like it to be resolved soon as possible please, & that is whenever I click on Lizzy’s legend three car races. It just makes me endless load it. I tried reopening the game and click on it, but It does the same thing every time I click on it.

  38. Nicholas Omega says:

    Its a good game, but lots of stuff that cost lots of money, I would make it a little easier to earn keys without spending cash on them, but other than that, its a good game. One other suggestion I have is that you should distribute more blue elite parts so people can finish their elite tuner cars.

  39. CloudyProfessional Playz says:

    Love the graphics, love the racing style, there is a reason why this is one of the most downloaded racing games on google play. It is really fun and realistic and there is barely any ads. I also like that the events can give you lots of loot for beginners, so it is really great to know that it is beginner friendly. 10/10.

  40. J. R. says:

    Graphics, vehicle choices, events are all 5 stars, but where this game really sucks is in the money grabbing. You can’t progress without paying for credits and at times even trying to win credits (like blue ones for the tuner challenge) is not even remotely possible. I get that you need to make money, but your killing the game play.

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