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Win all stages of the Rally Championship and become a Legend
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December 7, 2022
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CarX Rally Mod Apk

Download CarX Rally totally free to take a possibility to grow to be a legend of rally racing. Take your favourite automotive anyplace you need and experience going off-road.

CarX Rally Mod Apk apk mod 2022

What to anticipate? Move from level A to indicate B however don’t leave out any test issues at the manner. You’ve were given to be courageous sufficient to get to the tip of the race.

CarX Rally Mod Apk release

Comes with this recreation:
– True-to-life physics of a rally racing automotive. Select whether or not you’d love to flow or get a complete grip
– Championships. 35 tournaments for normal or muscle vehicles – All kinds of automobiles to select from which caters to each driver’s style – Music your automobile as you wish


40 comments on "CarX Rally Mod Apk"

  1. cameron coffey says:

    So the graphics kick ass nice job. The cars choices suck… Takes forever to load up a one track. And when i get to the rwd part the car is so hard to control. Its a lil too realistic to be a phone game. The controls are impossible to use unless a gamepad is usable. Otherwise some traction control ,stability control ,and abs should all be added to this game. I like this game but i simply cant play because of these issues.

  2. Edore Oseragbaje says:

    This game is very visually appealing, but the UI feels unfinished and rushed. I wish there was a larger difficulty curve with thinner tracks, longer races, and sharper corners. The UI could use some polishing, like smoother transitions. But overall, the game just wants your money, you need to buy coins to progress faster in the end.

  3. Novice Motor Head says:

    I love the game, but it feels very bata or even alpha due to a few things. 1: the auto steer! Its great for the drifting games but I would be nice to be able to shut it off so the player can drive how they want. Also I had problems with it messing up a few corners for me. 2: the buttons! I would like it to be able to move the gas pedal and other controls. I have a larger phone and the gas pedal is a little uncomfortable. But other then that I love the game and can’t wait to see things progress!

  4. Alexander Brown says:

    For what its worth and the time it took to make it, the game is very good. The graphics are fine and even the trees and signs are interactive when you run into them. The only problem is the general racing physical of the game is similar to the car x drift racing game. The rally cars seems to want to slide at corners that extend and are not sharp. Also the map kinda misleads the player going into some of the corners. There also isn’t multiplier but I expect that to arrive in the next update.

  5. Jett Purvis says:

    I do thoroughly enjoy this game, but there are some things that could make it better just like everything else. First you need a slightly grander map design, I like what you got but I like what you could do better. It needs diversity and it’s lacking in it. I would be fine with the way the cars handle now but you need to have tracks to compliment it; more turns, more height and elevation change. Maybe even something that would further compliment the physics like snow or ice. Please don’t give up

  6. Eric Thomas says:

    For a game so early in its life, its good. And its not covered in ads so thats a plus. So far i have enjoyed it but it is definitely not perfect. Tracks could be longer and some of the cars seem pretty expensive for what you can earn. I would like to see some customization like with their recent drift game and maybe a livery editor. If you enjoy the Dirt games you’ll love this one.

  7. Shadow mozez says:

    The terrain looks bland at the start and I would love to see more cars to be attained by regular credits. I would also like car x 2 assist here and a bit easier to slide a car, and a co driver would be a bit better as im used to the co driver when rally racing. Without it and just having a map kind of makes it feel werid. Good game and can’t wait for improvements.

  8. Tango says:

    Pretty good graphic, but need to add arrow for steeling. Not sure if it has controller support, but would be nice to add Xinput if it doesn’t. Sound needs work. Physics is little too arcade. Recovery is way too soon, it happen when only little off the track or before hitting something. It needs to be able to crash, this is a rally game, without crashing it’s no fun.

  9. Brady Hudson says:

    Game is awesome! If you’ve played the drift version then you’ll like this. Hard at first and takes time to upgrade your car to make the times but worth it for the upgrades. Handles and controls good. Wish there was a better way to adjust gearing and customize your car but all in all good game!. I really do wish they’ll take off the assist shifting on the first races even though you turn assistant off. only way to race with manual is to rerace that race to be able to shift on your own.

  10. Oxidized Olive says:

    Not bad. Not bad at all. Physics are pretty good for a mobile game, as is overall game play. Only real complaint is graphics, but that’s not a huge deal. If you’re a fan of racing and understand how rally racing works, this game is pretty good, although it may get frustrating for those who don’t understand what oversteer and understeer is…

  11. Nicolas Pharr says:

    Awesome rally game, really fun and challenging physics, but still easy enough to understand. My biggest problem with the game is the inclusion of currency, making the pay to win factor take over, which is something I don’t like in mobile games. But other than that awesome game.

  12. Mandeep Singh says:

    The graphics are very…. early 2000, original carx drift racing had better graphics imo. The physics arent bad and feel like a rally car, I like the mini map with the color to indicate turns and line to drive on. Great concept with great potential, but not happy with what was delivered. The analog throttle is useless, everything from the drift racing game needs to come back in terms of control. This needs bigger maps, better graphics.

  13. Julian F says:

    Latest update just made this game one of the best racing games available. It has the most tuning options I’ve ever seen (on mobile), the physics are better, and the graphics have been improved. The GUI is great now too. The one issue is that in free ride, you still can only use cars you own. Other than that, adding a few more cars and tracks would make this game 5/5. Edit: Played a bit more and the physics could still be better. That and there is no interior view of cars.

  14. Drew Purifoy says:

    Difficult to get the hang of it at first, but a very challenging game, which makes it rewarding when you make it through. I feel like I’m grappling with real-world physics. It helps to adjust the steering settings (increase sensitivity, decrease linearity). Also, you get infinite restarts with few ads.

  15. Ezequiel Loveless says:

    I love this game. It is very realistic and graphics and controls are up there, too. However, The only problem that I see here is the cost of the cars. Oce you buy the Colt and the Mk1, the cars are basically over a million dollars, and are almost impossible to get unless you play every day and every stage for 1 month (estimation). If the car prices were lowered, immediate 5 stars

  16. Blake Brown says:

    Really excellent game. Very realistic movement on the car on different surfaces, ability to adjust things like camber, toe, shock rebound rate, etc. It’s not required, though. Devs – I would LOVE to see PS4 controller support in the future. Also, a tutorial of some kind on how to ‘read’ the turns would be helpful, in regards to the numbers, etc.

  17. Lemuel's Google Account says:

    I just tried it and the first thing that immediately jumped at me is that, where are the co-driver pace notes? The car handling and everything was pretty dang good, but the lack of pace notes is the one that is holding the game back. It’s hard to drive when you have to rely on your peripheral vision to see the colored line that is put instead of an actual pace note.

  18. Connor Jonas says:

    I am in love with this game, it is just sooo fun to play the game. I love how the car just bounces on bumps and it is so satisfying to finish races. I also love how the engine sounds. I would love if you could just go adventuring instead of just going on “free mode” trails. Another thing to improve on I think is to make the cars a bit cheaper or to get more money when you finish races or challenges er somethin.

  19. Ashton Padilla says:

    Early development was great. The first 3 events didnt (still dont) afford enough credits to purchase any of the cars required for the 4-6th event. In early development I thought it fair and paid for a mid tier car which I used to complete the campaign. Now the game has progressed, the devs reworked the last 2 events making it impossible to (re)complete with a mid tier car. A top tier car cant enter the 4th event. This forces you to spend at least $30. No longer F2P, only to instal. +A lot of Ads

  20. Camden Hill says:

    Really wanted to like this game, but the upgrade costs and car purchasing costs grow exponentially higher than your race rewards. This is clearly set up to persuade you to purchase absurdly priced car packs for a simple mobile game. I put hours into this game and ended up losing interest because of it’s ridiculous grind. I have no problem with paying for content when it’s priced accordingly, but this game just doesn’t get that right.

  21. Douglas Thompson says:

    Cars you want to buy are hard to save up to but the first car is still pretty responsive and the infinite stages due to procedurally generated courses make for a unique drive (with similar looks) every time. Handling is the best I’ve felt in any mobile game and the controls are customizable. I wish there was an actual pacenote/codriver system in place for the randomly generated stages though. I hate the minimap.

  22. Jimmy Haga says:

    For a phone game it’s really good. I love it and it’s enjoyable. The only suggestion I have is the Numbers like L/R 1-9 is backwards. 1 is usually the tightest and as the numbers get higher the corners get wider. Also I think a co-driver should be added like text speach telling us the next turns. That would be better then having us look at the mini map and take our eyes off the track. That’s all. Really good variety of tracks and Cars. Love it.

  23. Jonah Cottrell says:

    It has a lot of potential but it is so buggy right now its practically unplayable. Just to finish the 5 E license courses i experienced 4 crashes and had to disable tutorial 3 times it just kept turning itself back on. If you can get into gameplay it controls quite well for a mobile game. Id like to give a better review but i cant really play the game if it crashes so often.

  24. RCNK says:

    Best mobile rally/car game out there! Physics are absouloutly mind blowing for a free game. The car tunes are fully customisable, including camber, spring hieght, hardness, etc. They even shoved a damage model into the game, which isn’t like beamng or whatever… It’s something. The only concern is that after you get the BMW car, the game becomes pay to win. I haven’t found a way to get past that point. Maybe u could grind for like 2 years and eventually you’ll get the 2 million credit car.

  25. Mobile Tom says:

    Impressive for a mobile racing game. It kind of suffers on older phones. The controls are super sensitive. So it is only really playable if you turn it down. For a bit it would crash after each race. But after a bit it stopped doing that. So I almost gave it a bad review. But, I can feel the bumps a bit with the vibration it does with the phone.

  26. Korbin Coffman says:

    Great all around game has a few bugs here and there and crashes on the occasion but that could just be my phone and not the game, love that they finally added the feature to use a controller makes the game that much more fun to play. Wish they would make it to were you earn a little more rewards for each race the cars and parts are expensive and it seems the only way to really make progress is to make the in game purchases which are also expensive in themselves.

  27. Riotman06 says:

    Very well made rally racing game. Lots of customization for cars and unique stages make for a great gaming experience. There are ads but they are not overdone. I would recommend this game if you are into racing games. It’s impressive even for mobile and there are many graphics options that allow you to get the most out of your hardware. Give it a try.

  28. Jean Claude Vanderfield says:

    Fantastic job on this Rally Racer! Love it! May suggest a couple minor things. 1. The dust following the car is too dense and kind of looks like dirt following Thigpen in Charlie Brown, it too much obscures view of the car from behind camera, can it be thinned out so as to keep realism, but reduce the abrupt disappearance of the tail end of it? Also, it would be great if fauna level and draw distance could be on like a sliding scale so we can tailor to individual devices and preferences.

  29. Slay Hellyeah says:

    Play with onscreen buttons or onscreen steering wheel – impossible + can’t turn off “steering helper” with rotation steering – impossible to play too. Good graphics, good tuning, good performance, good races but very bad steering. Just add “turn off steering helper” button to all types of steering and game be very good. Only 2 stars, very uncomfortable to play now.

  30. Sam Hogsden says:

    As far as fun light simulators go, this game has a fantastic grip on what it needs to provide. After you play for 2 mins, you can see clear as day the thought and effort put in. The physics are what I dream of in a game like this; ther are no words for it, download it and see. The weight of the cars, the range between them all, how they feel, tunability… Creme de la creme! Cleverly designed maps, weather options… Not enough space to credit this as I’d like. Can’t wait for multiplayer.

  31. Josh Ferguson says:

    Pretty good, a bit repetitive and it feels like I can only progress due to the battle pass without grinding a whole ton. I wish liveries could be switched between cars, an example is I want the castrol logo from the corolla on the modified version. The physics are pretty good for a mobile game, although a little twitchy and light and occasionally cars understeer weirdly, even on tarmac, although this could be me not transferring the weight properly. Engine sounds are okay, I really the inline 5

  32. Alexander Sergeev says:

    Actually a decent rally game. Doesn’t look like a p2w game. Tuning prices are affordable and physics seems realistic. Accidentally found the game after long hours of playing RR3. So far I enjoy the game a lot. 6 months update: the longer I play, the more expensive the upgrades and cars are. Game requires a lot of grinding. But daily challenges are still entertaining.

  33. Grayson Beckett says:

    Great game. The graphics are decent and the car mechanics are good. And I would like to thank the devs for adding controller support. One small bug, I had to reinstall because it did not register that I got the E license so I couldn’t continue.

  34. Mr Genuine says:

    Almost everything is very good about the game except for the controls. The tyre grip are terrible. In corners car slides like a hovercraft or boat. Fix the tyre physics/gripping and this game will be excellent.

  35. maikurorensu says:

    The new night lighting is horrible, I couldn’t see the track at all which is very hard to navigate especially with the high speed cars. Please do optimize the game especially on the terraform loading screen, it crashes sometimes. Anyway the game is amazing especially the controller support.

  36. Coal says:

    The game is alright. But there are some problems like no co driver, game being super laggy on low settings, environment seeming rushed and unfinished, lack of a sense of speed and danger, no pace notes, no turbo, antilag, or blow off valve sounds, car sounds can be improved, and crashing is boring. Some suggestions I have are camera shake at high speeds, motion blur, detailed damage system, and more iconic rally cars.

  37. Tom Houghton says:

    This is a great game really good, great fun andfeels very realistic. Only thing is there’s a small bit of audio lag when playing with sound, so engine sounds on a gear change happens very slightly after the buttons actually pressed. Threw me off the first time

  38. MrSisterFister says:

    shockingly bad for a CarX game, terribly optimized. most racing games i can play smoothly at medium graphics. rally still has really bad frame drops at the lowest settings. this combined with the input lag makes it near impossible to stay on straights going faster than 80kmh. sensitivity settings have no noticeable effect on gamepad, it’s always overly sensitive. physics are unrealistic, feels like the road is made of plastic and covered in baby oil

  39. Justin Duncanson says:

    This game is great rally game but it could do with some improvements. Like: Putting a free practice with all the rallys and pick stages especially the ones in career or online like in wrc 10 or generations with that i would also like to have multiple tune preset where you can save multiple tunes when you start any stage you can pick a tune from your preset. Would also like more rally cars, snow rallys, rally with different surfaces eg. Stage with tarmac and dirt together & improve car interiors

  40. Danny D.A.T says:

    I like how this game is full of intense action however, the cars are too expensive and from my experience in the challanges, very hard to drive . I mean the evo is impossible to mangle in the gravel considering it wants to kill you on every turn with its twitchy handling ,the subaru as well but its a little more bearable. So please fix that and also add some more cars I mean c mon the rally world is more diverse than that for example, other rally games have the older subaru and evo 🤓

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