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CarX Drift Racing is REAL DRIFTING and RACE SIMULATOR, burn tires on asphalt now
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CarX Technologies LLC
March 1, 2019
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CarX Drift Racing Mod Apk

THE MAXIMUM SOUGHT AFTER GO WITH THE FLOW SPORT EVER Greater than 30,000,000 other people world wide downloaded CarX! Caution! Watch out, this utility would possibly draw in you on many hours, don’t disregard to have a leisure a minimum of each Forty mins!

CarX Waft Racing Mod Apk apk mod 2022

– CarX Flow Racing will provide you with a novel revel in within the dealing with of game vehicles by means of the straightforward and the intuitive method
– In the event you love to float, get in a position to spend many hours taking part in this recreation
– Use separate handbrake button to start out drifting
– Paint donuts burning tires
– Animation of the deep smoke whilst drifting

CarX Glide Racing Mod Apk free up

ESSENTIALLY THE MOST LIFELIKE CELLULAR RACING RECREATION – Insane feeling of tough recreation vehicles
– Distinctive riding on other surfaces – asphalt, grass, sand
– Racing on prime detailed tracks
– You’ll customise your dealing with scheme
– You’ll choose other setups for each and every automobile – Inventory, Turbo, Racing, Waft – You’ll exchange colour of your automobile and discs
– Reside cameras and replays
– You’ll add your very best replays to youtube

CarX Waft Racing Mod Apk mod apk

– Win cups and earn cash – Liberate Forty game automobiles and new tracks
– Ghost Mode for competing along with your easiest race

CarX Go with the flow Racing Mod Apk apk mod new

– Compete with your pals and beat international data – Time assault racing mode with international score

CarX Glide Racing Mod Apk apk mod

– Authentic engine sound for each automobile – Simulated turbo sound and the blow off valve!

CarX Flow Racing Mod Apk apk

ADDICTIVE SONG NEW approved sound tracks

CarX Waft Racing Mod Apk

– Your CASH, unlocked automobiles and tracks are stored in your instrument DON’T DELETE sport sooner than you replace it, or your entire development shall be MISPLACED!
– To make sport run sooner shut all any other programs in job supervisor [double click on spherical button and drag every other packages upside]
– LIKE for information and updates
For those who love to play high-end racing video games, get in a position to spend many hours taking part in CarX. Revel in your time with CarX Float Racing!


40 comments on "CarX Drift Racing Mod Apk"

  1. Alechia Aerlene says:

    Great game, im having some issues though. When i try to go into multiplayer modes, the login process gets stuck in a loop, and it never signs in. I also found that in time trial mode, the steering is completely different, i could turn all the way right very quickly, the car will drift right, then INSTANTLY turn full lock to the left. Doesn’t matter what car i use.

  2. Brilee Sabrina says:

    So, I’m not sure on how to put this, I know. That when people look through and see this review they might understand. But. I recently downloaded this game because I heard it was fun And Enjoyable, don’t get me wrong It is a really fun game, with partially good control settings. The ads… The ads are ok not to many pop ups, it’s a good system, but there’s cars that I would like to have like the lone wanderer and the GTR 32 and the DeLorean, but it’s a little hard to make the cash in the game, so I decided to watch ads to gain money to get the money, it was working for a. While but now it doesn’t. And I’m not happy, don’t add. The option of watching an advertisement to get money if its not gonna work. Terrible.

  3. Jolene Ernestine says:

    By far the best racing game I’ve ever come across. My only problem is the UI when adjusting setup parameters. It would be a lot better if you could input the values via a text box or number pad as well as the slider so you can have the exact value you want rather than hoping you can get near what you want.

  4. Adny Criseyde says:

    This game is fantastic aside from the fact that it is riddled with micro-transactions. Approximately every 30 seconds in a menu you will receive a pop-up of a new car for (blank) $USD. While this is an inconvenience and mildly irritating, the gameplay is where this app truly shines as a whole. It is a bit of a grind if you refuse to pay, but the game is hard to put down, so achieving your goal seems to happen in no time. 4/5 would recommend.

  5. Bryon Brittany says:

    Update: problem has been resolved, great game! I NEED HELP THEN THIS WILL BE 5 STARS! or at least 4 if you guys reply and I still can’t fix this problem. First I would like to say that this is a great game and that it is very fun, well rounded and realistic game with large maps that you can go off the tracks and just explore in practice mode. BIG PROBLEM: I am not able to enter shop or log in to facebook to store my progress. I am able to participate in multiplayer, events, and get the pop up advertisements to buy cars but no matter what I do when i go to the sore I will get this error message “please check your internet connection you must restart for these changes to come into effect”. THis is rather irritating and i can’t find a solution anywhere. phone specs: S9, running latest android os Aloso one other little thing: It would be nice if damage was a thing in this game because that is the only realistic thing missing but maybe a setting where you can decide if it affects performance or just cosmetics. Thank you guys so much sorry to leave the bad review just had to get your attention.

  6. Collin Jonna says:

    This game is stuck between a crisis of racing, or drifting. 2 completely different sports, and honestly during the game I didn’t think the car even knew. Trying to activate and hold a drift most of the time the car would fight back even upon a handbrake pull, and would gain grip full throttle around a turn, it just would not spin enough. Around other turns it would grip than just randomly start to give a powerslide but it never lasted. The cars dont feel very natural, if your full throttle as soon as you spin these cars should feel like they are spinning. Graphics are great for a phone game, many different angles, so I will give it that but hate how they force you in a Miata… Seriously? Why not a higher power car that can hold drifts through these long tracks like a 350z or something. Lastly your steering assist off is a MESS of a game mode, never have I been in a car all traction control off, a 240sx especially and the car cant even stay straight for a minute. The car just acts like its so heavy and carries this tremendous amount of weight transfer, you straighten up and turn, now the car isnt drifting, your out of control… (seriously). I think its a good game but the physics behind it are somewhat a problem. Maybe better cars fix the problem but for now with 3 cars bought I give it a 3 star game.

  7. Tomlin Waymon says:

    I think from the first time i played this back in 2015 to now, i was very impressed with the improvements. I suggest that the carx team should create upgrades from different body kits, different internal parts of the car, an option if we want it lowered,Gear ratios. Im really a big fan of racing simulation games. I can say that this game is number 1 on my list. Good job carx team!

  8. Gyo Claegborne says:

    Honestly really fun. Not for weak phones. Recommended to turn off wifi and mobile internet so you don’t get any notifications cause it’ll make this games fps drop into low single digits making it impossible to control the car. Trying to press “restart” is a royal pain in the ass and rarely registers that you tapped it on the first or second tap.

  9. Kitt Severin says:

    Great game, have been playing for a few years now and still love it, I only have a few suggestions. I really think a good rallycross track that’s 1/2 dirt and 1/2 asphalt would really add diversity and also allow a few, already available vehicles, to show true potential. This would provide players with a refreshing change as well as new challenges, not to mention the opportunity for a new event mode with a decked out rally car as the prize. Make it interesting enough start, and worthy of return

  10. Fancy Delavan says:

    Great game and realistic drifting! But not enough upgrades and mod to vehicle. No hundreds of body styles, no engine upgrades of all types, which is a lot of parts in engine, no nothing, just race type upgrade and buying tires…that’s it, zip zero nada, nothing else. I would give 5 stars for great gane and realistic drifting, but 1 star for lack of upgrades and mod.

  11. Dixie Grimm says:

    it’s not bad… it’s just that the competition (Drift Clash and FR Legends) is so much better. if you turn off assists it’s uncontrollable, and if you have assists on they won’t let you turn sharp enough and always hit walls, it’s not much fun just frustrating and annoying. the graphics are just ok, not bad, but not great either.

  12. Donie Codi says:

    seems like a good game up to this point. there are some definite great graphics, not enough car customization. can change suspensions cant change wheel sizes cant modify motor, cant tune the vehicle which if your drifting or reaching out went kind, this is usually the most important aspect of the game modification of your vehicle to be the fastest.

  13. Titty Fleuretta says:

    I like it, controls are simple but doesn’t mean it’s not challenging to master, graphics are excellent, and car sounds are almost on part. Only real gripe is that i personally like the sound of a turbo or supercharged V8 when I’m driving one but some of them really don’t sound like it, they sound like a vacuum with a 🦃 caller blowoff valve please fix.

  14. Lloyd Edit says:

    This was the first game I downloaded when I first bough my phone in 2016. I’ve put real money into it which I don’t mind. I would’ve given it a 5 star rating when I first installed it, however I’m glad I waited before I did. The game is bang on brilliant. What isn’t brilliant however is the fact it keeps freezing for a couple of seconds during my drifting races. It might not seem that much but it always makes you lose your drift points. The scoring system also needs work.

  15. Bayard Sabrinah says:

    was a great game when I started playing, now its extremely bugged and glitchy. when you start a race you get no controls countdown or nothing shows up, your driver just drives straight into a wall and spins around… you can hit back then hit resume, and youll get a countdown, along with literally every display or title stick on the screen, which dont go away. it will allow you to finish the race but you receive zero coins, or points.

  16. Anwill Darolyn says:

    one of the best, if not the best driving/racing/drifting games out there! controls are phenomenal, graphics is unbelievably good, and as for the gameplay i have no words there’s drifting mode, time attack, training, multiplayer and events! it basically has it all. If you’re a car fanatic and especially a JDM superfan i reccomend downloading and trying it out.

  17. Bailey Brooke says:

    It would be five stars if the turbo sound would actually register after every rev and shift, that’d be cool to have back. Not quite sure why it’s not there anymore, and it’s been like this for a while now. Also, a Racing+ setup option on every car would be super cool, or at least some cars like the Challenger, cars that have a weak horsepower ratio on a normal Racing setup. Other than that, it’s a game I play daily, very stable and rare graphics.

  18. Hendrix Blondelle says:

    A great drifting game. Something i’ve been looking for in a long time! Great graphics, controls are spot on, easy to learn, great options of tracks, great car options and huge customization range. The multiplayer is also amazing. I just wish that it’s a bit easier to get currency in the game or maybe make the upgrades less pricey. Bigger drift sessions should get you more money and fans. But overall it’s what i’m looking for in a drift game. Kudos to the developers!

  19. Welby Kayli says:

    This game is phenomenal, from the cars, to modes, to just pure replayability. Takes time to master (I haven’t yet) but one complaint is tuning as most players don’t know what they do, a tutorial explaining them would be nice. And please fix the class 5 silvia, I couldn’t for the life of me get it to grip in the racing set up no matter the tire pressure nor the thickness.

  20. Jocelynn Dayner says:

    Played this on iOS ages ago when this game had only a handful of cars and tracks and the only tuning you could do was buying the different setups, great game then and it still is. My only issue is if you reinstall the game too many times, you lose all your tunes. The cloud save/Facebook login is really basic as it only saves progress and purchases. Customizations and tuning is lost after a couple of uninstall/reinstalls. Minor issue to keep in mind.

  21. Muhammed Esa says:

    I used to play this game about 2 years back, always offline. Now that we got wifi and I can participate in events and multiplayer, I think a review is due. The game is perfect. Premium currency is easy to get, the graphics and physics is awesome, and it’s overall just a really good game. Need to try the sequel now, I hope it’s just as good 🙂

  22. Julian Rey says:

    This game requires some serious skill. The learning curve is pretty harsh but also fun at the same time. Lemme tell you when you get an awesome drift the experience you realize the frustration was worth it. FYI I use the arrow controls There are micro transactions and it’s a bit p2w but not overwhelming, you could buy the best cars and tunes and still be trash

  23. Sassy The Sadsquatch says:

    Been playing the game on and off for years, once I got all the cars years ago I stopped for a while and restarted after the latest update and the game is incredible. Online and offline run exceptionally well and every feature is pretty bug free. As the game stands it’s definitely 5 star worthy. The ability to customize cars is good, but the only addition I can think to add is Vynals and car skins. While some cars have them others seem relatively bland with the colour options there are.

  24. Tony Pannell says:

    It’s a pretty fun game I came to it after playing the second version first but I like this one almost as much.. are you at the three stars because there’s an occasional glitch here and there and it would be nice to have more options as far as upgrading and modifying the cars themselves also the layout isn’t always as clear as it could be but even designing that would be a challenge for anybody so realizing that I’m upping my review to four stars

  25. Max Fyne says:

    This game is great and I dont think ive ever enjoyed a mobile game this much. Progressing is achievable yet challenging and the gameplay is great, the only complaint I have is how there are so many vehicles and tracks that require gold to buy which is very difficult to build up unless you spend real money. Besides that, this is the best mobile racing game I have ever played. I do not recommend the 2nd one however, progression is extremely difficult without spending money.

  26. Tom Nathan (Takumi) says:

    The game is fun, although there bugs like lowering the graphics make some texts like [example_example] appear. The color customization is very limited, it should have more colors or a slider thing to choose what color you want. They are expensive if your car is expensive and same for the rims which is not nice. Probably a decal customization would be nice also. The service for the upgrades are too expensive and must be paid using coins (the one that is many) and not cash. (gold?)

  27. Masekela Isaac Maake says:

    I casually play this game though I’ve known it for years. Every time I install it, after some many months, I pray that some issues I have always noted were fixed, but it always disappoints. Don’t get me wrong, the game offers a unique experience but I have always noted some few issues. Where to start? 1. You cannot drive the cars without steering assist. When the steering assist is enabled you cannot turn the steering wheel fully at some speeds or gears, even when taking a fast corner or curve at gear 2 the car limits the steering wheel. This is so irritating!!!!! Please fix this as it does not allow the player to fully test the limits of the car and hinders the player from trying new techniques to improve their lap times, this makes the racing mode so frustrating at times because the only way to improve your lap times is to vary your timing when applying breaks. 2. Some cars are so confusing to drive e.g Toyota Supra. You choose the racing mode, but the car drifts all over the place. When initially moving the car, it keeps spinning the wheels, drifting side to side, and not gaining speed hence not going anywhere.. Please get the driving mode for each car right! 3. The double penalty for going in the grass and the sand. If I end up in the sand, why also punish me by adding more time to my lap time even though I am stuck in the sand and my car is struggling to come out? Doesn’t make any sense, it kills the game for me. I think a penalty should be applied when a player enters certain parts of the track and if doing so may give the player an advantage, not when stuck in the sand. 4. In multiplayer, why is it that different cars get different drift points? If you cant drift, you cant drift! improving drift scores by driving a different car but the drifting technique and skill of the player is still the same! Or maybe a players with a car in a certain class should compete with players with cars in that class. 5. The multiplayer. Please if I win in a multiplayer challenge, I must not loose the “fuel”. To me, it does not make sense and kills the spirit to keep competing. please display the player scores and their cars or maybe the class of the car ,so that I may challenge someone within my level or reach especially in the race mode (time trial) competitions and multiplayer drifting challenge. 6. The body kits. I also agree with many reviews here that the cars must have body kits.

  28. Robert Vivian says:

    Best mobile drifting game I ever had, controls are easy, graphics are amazing, great cars and tracks, and many different settings for a better experience. I would highly recommend this app, you just can’t find anything else like it. One big issue, do not spend any real money on this game, I made the mistake of spending $10 for a car that I couldn’t use for any online events to boost my in game earnings. And there doesn’t seem to be any refunds at all, so don’t get yourself into spending money.

  29. Letty Beee19 says:

    This game is very very fun to play and I love almost everything about it including the graphics,car movements, online multiplayer,events etc… It shows that the development team takes this game very seriously. But I feel like it’s lacking one thing that could be fixed with an update and that is more advanced car customization… please do that…

  30. Clinton Ezeh says:

    I enjoy realistic sim racing. This game is as close to a simulator as it gets. The title may make you think that jts a drifting game, but it’s more than that. It’s quite sad that it’s not being updated anymore. If you enjoy sim racing on mobile, then this is the game for you. I hope the devs don’t abandon it. It still has great potential as a sim racer.

  31. Steven Garland says:

    Eh,the graphics are good,better than the 2nd one. But the 2nd one is better overall. My steering continuously doesn’t work while in drift mode. Practice it works fine,but thats it. Not being able to put body kits and stuff is a big buzz kill for me. Haven’t decided if I am going to keep or delete.

  32. World Art says:

    Carx drift racing is the best game I have played so far. graphics and physics are both very good, but when are you guys going to bring an update there are things that needs to be done on the game example, the car mirror, the driver doesn’t even touch the gear, need to add ultra HD graphics, the car needs to have details in it like suspension and so on.try to make the game even more realistic , that will really help get 5 stars , people around the world will love that please work on the game

  33. Afilia says:

    1 major factor that impacts the game gameplay is the drift combo. It’s a constant occurance where I drift normally fine but somehow I lose combo. And I’ve notice it’s in a particular section of each of the map that’s making me lose combo repeatedly. Please fix this bug eventhough you are mainly focusing on cxd 2. The facebooks connect isn’t working. Please add other alternative saving method like Google play? I’ve made decent amount of progress and I don’t wish to lose it because of this issue

  34. Thomas Montoya says:

    I like this game , i would say that as drifting goes, it is exactly what it should be. What could make the game better? I would say customization. If i could choose what parts both performance, and visual, this would boost this game way up on the list. Also, if it is not too far of a reach, a open world/city option? That would be way cool. Maybe some challenges? Maybe achievments? My overall rating is “very good Later being may 28th 2022, still a good game

  35. Kameron Myles says:

    Drifting side is amazing, the time attack however, sucks. What is the point of spending so much time to try and get your car to be the best, when the ONLY time your car turns semi properly is when you have auto brake on. Very frustrating, feels like a waste of time. On top of that the game will freezs half the time while playing, which will cause a loss in control and/or speed. A game that was once very relaxing now causes me to want to break my device. Please, f, fix

  36. Hayden Spires says:

    Best car game available on play store. Played for a while and got loads of cars, tracks and upgrades my only problem is after re downloading the game I am un able to log in via Facebook to re gain access to the progress i made. Is this a bug or has this feature been taken away. Tried deleting and re downloading the app but I’m still having the same problem.

  37. muneer Al-riyami says:

    to be honest, i wouldnt say its bad nor good because its exellent but the drifting physics arent perfected so i would say that you should add a drift-support thingy in the setting because it can sometimes get really out of control, so… i suggest doing and also the camrea type and angle,.. you know? aometimes when i play this game the cinematic mode isnt perfect after all but the problem here is that sometimes when you go too far it blocks the screen so you arent allowed to see the car thats it

  38. Heart break Kid says:

    CarX Tech, thank u so so much for this great game. WoW!! u actually know what drifting is. I’ve wasted alot of time and data downloading some real sorry excuses for drifting gms from other devs, In which cars feel more like flopping fishes. Slipping and sliding all over the place. Really bad physics, couldn’t even keep car in straight line or strange controls that I’m not used to. But I this one is gold. Pls add more customization options. Body kits, rear wings, decals all that good stuff.

  39. Raffy Castle says:

    Great mechanics, physics are realistic I do say the car in time attack and in general does tend to have lots of Understeer but it’s still a great game and all the gold trophies on time attack are still possible. Drifting always is great and yeah nothing negative to say besides the understeer nature of the cars but that doesn’t affect the marks in my books

  40. Jazib Ahmad says:

    This game is phenomenal. It never disappoints. The car sounds, the physics, the graphics and the tracks are just amazing. I’ve noticed that the game doesn’t have a lot of supercars. I love the R8 and the Lexus LFA and I get that this is related to JDM, but don’t you think it would be better with more latest supercars? I mean you could like update it with the new R8 or maybe consider to add other new supercars, like the Huracan or the LaFerrari. This could really be a game changer.

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