Wonder Merge – Match 3 Puzzle Mod Apk


Save a World of Wonder by merging and collecting magic eggs and creatures!
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June 30, 2022
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Wonder Merge – Match 3 Puzzle Mod Apk

Travel to a global of Marvel, use your magic to heal corrupted lands, turn into pals with wondrous, improbable creatures and merge in combination your very personal fable island in the number 1 merging and gathering sport: Surprise Merge.

Surprise Merge – Fit Three Puzzle Mod Apk apk mod

For hundreds of years, the mystical Sky Meadow flourished, till the selfishness of its population created a corruption of the land. Now, all creatures have to return in combination to heal the land and undo the curse. Matching and merging Three or extra pieces uncovers the evolution of every, merging eggs is helping with accumulating dragons and different creatures, and freeing your merging magic heals the corrupted dragon lands and turns them right into a magic paradise!

Marvel Merge – Fit Three Puzzle Mod Apk apk mod 2022

Step into the merging video games of Surprise Merge!
⭐ Merging uncovers the evolution of never-ending magic pieces!
🥚 Merging eggs provides them the evolution from eggs into unbelievable delusion dragons!
🐣 There are dozens of magic dragons and creature evolutions for gathering!
⭐ Stay merging and amassing evolutions to develop and evolve your magic sport land!
⭐ Within the Surprise Merge recreation, merging is totally loose! You’re unfastened to merge when you wish to have and loose to merge eggs or dragons for accumulating with out paying a cent!

Marvel Merge – Fit Three Puzzle Mod Apk unencumber

The therapeutic of the Sky Meadow is to your fingers; egg merging, dragon gathering, creature evolution – all this and extra is for your energy to avoid wasting the land.


40 comments on "Wonder Merge – Match 3 Puzzle Mod Apk"

  1. C H says:

    In my last review I mentioned that for some reason my houses disappeared after I closed the game. I figured out the issue! For some reason, half of my stuff was put into bubbles and was spawned into the very bottom left corner that I never thought to check, since no land is down there. I hope this can help solve the problem for anyone with similar issues of things disappearing! Now that I figured it out, I love playing this game! 😀

  2. mandie crow says:

    LOVE this game! Only thing I would add, so far, is a way to lock, and unlock, the position of the map. To make it easier, when merging items. Still loving this game. It takes awhile to learn what you are supposed to spend everything on. No ads, unless you want to wake the creatures up early. They do sleep a tad long. Very relaxing, and addictive. Still loving this game. It does take a tad long for the island to come back. Unsure why it needs to be so long.

  3. Violet Dragon says:

    It’s fun, but the bugs really ruined it. You can spend forever trying to get something, and when you close the game and go back it’s gone. It’s a really buggy game and kind of flat. It would be nice if there was a way to turn off the auto merge and if the developers would fix the bugs. I had several statues that were really hard to get and when I closed the game and went back in they were gone. Spend your time on a game where your hard work actually pays off…

  4. Becky H says:

    I would give it 5 stars, but it’s glitchy, which is a tad annoying. But, glitches aside, it’s fun, a bit like Merge Dragons, or Merge Magic. The creatures are way cuter in this game, though. I would really like having the ability to lock the screen, to make it easier to merge. Also, it would be nice to have an option for turning on merge 5 only, so there are no accidental merge 3’s.

  5. Dana Groves says:

    Addicting! The animals are cute! Everything is merge-able. Everything is free so far with the option to buy. I uninstalled/reinstalled only because once you get to know this game you wished you would have done things differently in the beginning. I love that you can get so into this game! I read the reviews and some players complain that it gets boring waiting for the animals to wake up. But actually that gives me a stopping place otherwise I would never get anything done at home!

  6. shy moonbeam says:

    On my phone, it works great. Occasionally an item will bug a little and vibrate or be off center, but nothing major. However, when I try to open it in bluestacks on my computer, creatures won’t harvest, items disappear, things are 2-5 squares off and won’t merge, just everything breaks. My eyes hurt after playing on my phone for a while, so I like to use my computer, but this app is unusable in an emulator.

  7. Jessi D says:

    Was fun for a bit but is honestly really annoying. Unless you spend money, this game is only playable for a few minutes at a time. It takes forever for islands to load and the land you are in unlocks in the tiniest of sections. On top of that things keep disappearing. I have been leveling up plants and stuff but they would disappear after some time. This makes the game rather tedious and unenjoyable. It is a rather aesthetically pleasing game, but that’s about it.

  8. traci cole says:

    The game is pretty fun, and there aren’t any ads, it also doesnt force you to buy gems to win which is a plus, the only reason I’m giving 2 stars is because the game will not save. There’s an option to save to the cloud, it doesn’t save your game exactly where it’s at, it will save your progress from 30+ minutes prior so if you’ve spent a long time trying to collect objects to merge to make a level 6 tree for example it’s a waste because the next time you open the game all that progress is gone.

  9. Marjorie St Clair says:

    I like the game, but there seems to be a many glitches. It doesn’t always save progress. The special “Sweets….” game has made me start over 3 times, so I’ve given up on it. It often won’t connect to your server. It’s very disappointing as the game has much potential. If these glitches get fixed, you will have an excellent game!

  10. Gen Tripp says:

    I wanted to say that I found this game very stressful and the music was extremely annoying. the need to buy diamonds was almost essential and it was just really hard to have enough space. I found a lot of other merge games are less stressful and easier to handle. Maybe some people find this real relaxing but I found it extremely stressful. it was like you can never put it down. I might even call it like it would be a little bit unhealthy for me. I would try some other games before this one. ☹️☹️

  11. Zander Logan says:

    Intially this game was great. Then they did an update and it crashed. I lost a ton of progress. I messaged the developer via the game to report this issue. I had zero response. So I stopped playing for a couple months. Today I picked it up again and the game continually crashes and/or freezes resetting your progress. I deleted this game!

  12. Ascyndaeon Haskaros says:

    I would have to say this is a really good merge game. Way better than Merge Magic by leagues. Not even any ads, seamless experience, totally respect this game. The only thing I don’t like is the fact you start to get so much clutter, especially when you start getting the plants that spawn mushrooms and cactus things and such and you have to spend 20 minutes figuring out what to merge. And I guess the animals can be annoying harvesting. Overall though great game! Somewhat addictive time spender.

  13. Robbie Hudgens says:

    Love this game! I don’t really have any disposable income so most games I quit pretty quickly because you need real money to advance. I’ve been playing a couole of months and I’m able to keep advancing. It may take longer but so far I can get there. There are 2 things I’d like to see change. 1 is not losing a Life Essence if clicked when there are no Barren Lands. I lost a few big ones trying to move things around or trying to click a floater. 2 maybe a way to use coins/pearls to buy diamonds.

  14. Violet Poowel says:

    Of all the merge games I’ve played, this one is the most smartly executed! It’s very cute, the graphics are smooth without chugging more than the occasional chug on my old old phone, and the events are finishable without paying out an arm and a leg!! Give this a try if ur looking for a nice, fun merge game experience! The only suggestion I have for the team is the ability to lock creatures into merge 5 only, but that’s a miniscule part of the experience!

  15. Felicia Luo says:

    fantastic game! the graphics are smooth, the creatures are beautiful, and in-game currency is relatively easy to obtain. however, some of the creatures will vanish after they harvest, only reappearing after they drop the item. occasionally, creatures will even emerge from homes invisible. creatures will also pop out even if there is still time left on the home timer, which both crowds the board when they randomly harvest whatever’s closest and stresses out the player. if fixed, 5 stars for sure!

  16. Shadow On The Full Moon says:

    It is really fun. I enjoy it. I like that unlike the other merge games there isn’t a limit to the coins and pearls. So you can keep collecting and not have to buy and upgrade for storage. However I HIGHLY recommend adding an option to turn off Auto harvesting. Especially when the islands filled up. It’s difficult to clear it all up with the creatures just adding more to the pile.

  17. Margaret Kaja says:

    So I play a lot of these merge games. (Idk why I do but I do) I like this one a lot because there’s not a lot of wait times. Instead of waiting on energy refills to play one level, you get the mini land that gives you all the goodies instead of a few. I really like the events also because it’s easy to make progress and not feel like you are spending a lot of time doing it. It’s easy and fun and the creatures are cute too.

  18. Terasa Cooper says:

    It’s my absolute favorite of all the merge games on the app store but it’s so full of bugs. I recently got a new phone and when I downloaded it again it’s done nothing but glitch. I tried to connect to Google play and the whole screen starts flickering. And if it’s not that it closes after doing 2 tasks. I’ve done everything to try and fix it but nothing works. I had to uninstall. Edit to add: I redownload it to make sure I had the newest version and it still doesn’t work

  19. Luna Fury Empire says:

    I deleted 1 star im very sorry. Yes it deserves 5 stars. I have a few issues. When i zoom out it lags very bad and freezes here and there. It lags when i go to discover new creatures stone creatures. I also miss the bug where we could merge the life trees more the once or three times it used to let us tap as many times for creatures to harvest them. All in all its a really good game just tiny issues. Also the ads to skip task or to change statues doesnt work for me anymore and i have 5 bars.

  20. Pamela Blalock (pamkhat) says:

    This is the first merge game that feels good to play. It doesn’t really waste your time and progress always seems meaningful. I think the reason for that is that there are no limits on resources. Currency like gold and pearls don’t require an extra step to up their cap like in other merge games. If you’re patient enough and merge coins or pearls to their max variant you get all those coins and pearls instead of losing out because you’re at the cap of coins or pearls. Not to mention, there are two in-game currencies that purchase different things. That gives you options the other merge games don’t. The island mechanic is nice because you get to do little challenge levels without leaving your meadow which is something I like. The events are NOT too often (which burns me out) and I’ve maxed out every one I’ve attempted so far with no money shortcuts. There are ads, but you choose to watch them! This is just, by far, the best merge game there is. The creatures are cute, the gameplay is fair, and, most of all, it’s fun. My only criticism is that I wish I could see my creatures in like a collection book. There is a book that pops up when you first discover something, but I’d like to be able to look at that whenever.

  21. Kate D says:

    I really enjoy this game. A lot of merge games get to a point where it is so slow going that I just give up. Yes, it takes a while to do some things but it seems like there’s always something new to discover so it holds my interest. This is also the first merge game ever that I actually completed an event. Most are impossible without spending huge amounts of $$ which I refuse to do. Ads are minimal and entirely optional. Definitely recommend.

  22. April H says:

    Really love playing the game. Only problem is when you go to the store, it glitches and then app closes. When I open it back up, I’ve lost all progress and if spent pearls, you do not get the pearls back and what you spent on is no longer there and have to repurchase. I will be more than glad to rate a five star after the issue is fixed. Love this game and would recommend to anyone!

  23. Ali Harris says:

    I love this game! I’ve tried other merge games, but this is the only one that’s kept me. My favorite things: forgotten islands incorporate into the main world, so I always feel I’m making progress; they come every 3 hours, so I’m never worried about wasting time. Controls feel good and currency feels really accessible! Feels like the game wants me to play. In the future I’d like to see the sort of full item cataloge other games have, not only individual “merge lines”. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  24. girl in a bøx says:

    Pretty good merge game to turn to if you’re done with playing the more popular merge games. Your main island is where the levels appear ..so that means you don’t “leave”, no repeating levels either. There is another place to decorate, sort of like a showcase of the creatures you hatched and leveled up. I’m getting to a slower part in the game but still dedicated!!

  25. Mandi Higgins says:

    When I originally downloaded this game I really enjoyed it, it quickly became one of my favorites. However, since the last update it frequently crashes, and when it does crash it resets the last minute or so of gameplay. Which means that if I recently made an in game purchase, I lose all the bonuses from that purchase. Which is what just happened. I don’t have a lot of extra money to spend on games, so it’s rarethat I do. And it really sucks when I don’t even get the benefits of the purchase.

  26. Nicole Holbrook says:

    Trying to summon an island and the ad to watch to do that says error while loading the video. Also says “there are currently no ads available or your device is offline” my internet connection is perfect and I updated the game and also restarted the app and my device a couple times and still won’t work. Also can’t watch video for the daily bonus blimp. Otherwise I love this game. Once issue is fixed will change rating to 5 stars.

  27. Charlene Losser says:

    I would rate this 4 stars but part of it has been broken for several days. Once you restore an island, it takes 3 hours for the next one to appear unless you watch a video which is the part that is broken. The game is fun when it works. It’s a bit boring because you never do anything but restore your main meadow and the islands. No levels to play. Waiting 3 + hours for something new to pop up is way too long.

  28. Kate Devine says:

    Really enjoyed this game when I first started playing but as with 95% of other merge games.. I need a ridiculous number of creatures to open the next spot of land. I’ve pretty much run out of space and when I finally do open new land it’s barely even worth it as it’s maybe 4/5 spaces. It’s taking months to get enough creatures, and that includes playing the events. They do have good customer service though, as an issue i had was resolved quickly.

  29. Kristina Thomas says:

    I really like this game. I love the islands that pop up. They are great for storing anything in bubbles that you don’t need at the moment. I would have given 5 stars but wish we had the option under settings where the creatures only harvest what I choose. Other merge games have that option which is helpful. My guys tend to overwhelm the map at one time which makes it difficult sometimes.

  30. Nerdy Grandma says:

    This game is similar to other merge games but I’m super loving that instead of having levels to complete to unlock more eggos, there’s islands that pop up in the main area. There are a bunch of trees to work thru which is nice, but a lack of space is a big thing. You can keep stuff in bubbles but it makes everything look super cluttered. If we could turn of creature autonomy so they don’t harvest a bunch of stuff, wasting space and their energy, would be awesome.

  31. halibel says:

    The graphis are good. Game play is smooth. The major downside is there is no other way to store items other than to put them into a bubble. Once in a bubble they are all gathered in the center and then it needs to be sorted for later use. Then when needing to use it you either remember how many of each item you have or you have to move the bubbles to count them. There needs to be another easier way to store and organize things. I spend hours sorting and resorting and that is not fun at all.

  32. roxanne Bolden says:

    Update: The issue was fixed quickly. Usually I love this game. It’s very relaxing, however like someone else said past few days I can not watch videos to get extras like calling an island early or the star power from event was completely wasted cause I couldn’t watch the video. I got the same message as the other person and my device is 100% online. I’ve tried force closing app, restarting my device and other things but nothing worked.

  33. Joyce Shew says:

    I usually love this game and would give it a higher rating… but for the past few days I can’t watch videos to get the daily diamonds or the extra items in the market that you can buy with pearls. Now I can’t use the star power in the event by watching an ad. Says I am offline or no ads available. My device is definitely not offline. Edit: The problem was finally fixed! I really do love how there is so much to do but sometimes doing the same thing like a million times can seem a bit monotonous

  34. Melody Rose says:

    I don’t play many mobile games very consistently anymore, but with this one I certainly do. It’s a lot of fun and isn’t too hard. I especially love a few features where the little critters will bring whatever they have collected to where some already are. or whenever you tell one to do something, it continues even when the task you have told it to do has been finished. 4 stars for a couple of things I’ve noticed are a little off, like how hard it is to collect diamonds. Very good game anyway.

  35. Jessica S says:

    I like this game a lot but I wish there was an option to pause the creatures, because they keep collecting stuff and filling up the map so it gets overwhelming and I can’t see what I am able to merge. Can you guys please make an option to pause the creatures so there is a way to organize the land without new items being put down every ten seconds.

  36. Alex Buckley says:

    it is actually… surprisingly fun. at the point I’m at now in the game, I haven’t felt an explicit need to spend money in order to continue playing – in order to get extra things to make it easier, sure, but actual progression isn’t locked behind a pay wall (so far). not only this, but there are tons of things to do, even when the “energy meters” of the game, your creatures, are depleted. it’s not bad.

  37. D.K. Authords says:

    Best Merge Game By Far! I don’t have to wait a severe amount of time to continue playing because there are multiple features and events that help. Ads are optional for bonus items and time skips, and much more enjoyable than mandatory ads. Great graphics and creativity. I’ve played quite a few merge games and this one takes the cake! Kudos to everyone on this team! I will continue playing for a long time!

  38. Brynisha Ayelabola says:

    Game was boring at first, not much to do and as time went on, it became too busy and I can’t even keep up. Games are supposed to be relaxing somewhat. This is too stressful. Should be able to pause the creatures too bc when you’re trying to straighten out the land, they’re making it worse when they keep on collecting random items.

  39. Katie Knight says:

    This is the superior merge game. Easy to bubble. Built in magnet. No huge paywall. You can literally play for hours with no pressure to buy things. The events are actually doable and don’t require you to either make purchases or play literally all day and night to finish. It is a wonderful game. Much better than the alternatives.

  40. Cristy Hamm says:

    This is the best merge game I have ever played. I have played many merge games. The top 2 I played for the last 3 years is Merge Magic and Merge Dragons. Both were fun at first then prices kept raising even during the pandemic which angered me. Progress came to a boring stand still and all events where recycled and repetitive. This game is fresh and jammed packed with cool creatures and awesome quests. I don’t feel pressure to pay to progress. I haven’t be able to put it down. 5 stars!!!!!

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